We are not "pedophile sympathizers" and do not condone abuse in any form! We are ex-offenders, parents, children, husbands, wives & friends of those forced to wear the modern day Scarlet Letter!

If you would like to read more about our opinions on the sex offender laws, go here, but be warned, it's very long!

The purpose of this blog is to help ex-offenders keep up-to-date on the laws that affect them, and to hopefully encourage them to speak out to help reform the laws.

We are not here to name and shame people, except maybe politicians and police who help pass these draconian laws, who also get caught up in some sex scandal, so if you see any article, that may have your name on it, or a loved one, and would like it removed, or your name blacked out, let us know, and we will gladly do so.

Anybody who commits any crime should be punished. But, once that person has done the time they were convicted under, via contract, and is off parole and/or probation, they should be able to get on with their lives without all the rules and regulations. No other criminal has to live by such draconian laws, so why sex offenders? If we must do this for sex offenders, then we think, to be fair, all criminals must be under similar rules and regulations.

By passing residency laws, you force ex-offenders into exile and away from family and social support, which could backfire. They also force offenders into homelessness and joblessness which could also make a person more dangerous than they may or may not be, by forcing them into a desperate situation in order to survive the best they can.

The online registry does nothing to prevent crime or protect anybody, it's used as a shaming/punishment tool, in our opinion, and shaming doesn't work. The registry should be taken offline and used by police only, or deleted all together. The registry is nothing more than a phone book for vigilantes to use to harass ex-offenders, their families and children.

There are better ways to help reduce sexual abuse, and that is by teaching kids in school, and parents, what to look for, how to report a person and/or crime, etc. There is tons of evidence to prove the current laws are not working and will not work, and is costing us (the tax payers) tons of money to basically do nothing, except waste money.

The media and politicians are constantly misquoting statistics and doing sex offenders injustice. Yes, the victims were harmed and violated and the offender should be punished! It's tragic what the victim and offender will be faced with, but laws, passed on emotions, have NEVER solved a problem.

Our blog was originally started by a friend we've known since we were all toddlers, and we help with a lot, on this blog. We know this person is not a threat to anyone, and we'd trust them with our own kids. One mistake, early in life, doesn't define who someone is, nor should it ever!