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Once Fallen on Dr. Drew, April 7, 2014

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Once Fallen on Dr. Drew On Call, discussing whether "sexually violent predators" can be cured. I personally feel this was one of my best interviews. I am on starting at about the 2:30 mark. Aside from the one ignorant statement from the redheaded woman, whom I corrected, it went fairly well. What I didn't like was how every time I spoke, they put that scary mugshot up; people would likely focus on that while I spoke. But at least they posted my link.

WI - Man (T.J. Robert Hunt) convicted of setting sex offfender’s house on fire

T.J. Robert Hunt
T.J. Robert Hunt
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How many ex-offenders are going to be harassed, beaten or murdered before the online hit-list is taken offline and used by police only?


STURGEON BAY - A man who didn’t like that a sex offender moved into the neighborhood, so he set that man’s home on fire, was convicted Thursday.

T.J. Robert Hunt pleaded no contest to arson, according to online court records. Three other counts were dismissed.

Sentencing is scheduled for July 14 in Door County Circuit Court.

Hunt and Justin Baker set fire to the residence of _____. _____ was convicted in Michigan in 2009 of 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Assault, according to the state registry. Authorities said the two cited _____’s sex offender status as the reason for the fire.

Baker returns to court April 29 for a plea hearing.

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FTC Sues ‘’ Over Alleged Consumer Deception

John Fanning
John Fanning
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By Jenna Greene

The operators of the website were sued by the Federal Trade Commission today for harvesting personal information from Facebook to designate more than 73 million people jerks or nonjerks, then falsely claiming that consumers could revise their online profiles by paying $30.

The site seemed to have it in for lawyers—the current top headline on is “Pillsbury Law Firm FIRED for Wrong Advice,” followed by “Attorney a Jerk” and “Sheppard Mullin Richter Hampton a Jerk for Bad Advice.” The site provides no further details of the jerk allegations. (A spokesmen from Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman declined comment and a Sheppard Mullin spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.)

According to the FTC’s administrative complaint, Hingham, Mass.-based and manager John Fanning from 2009 to 2013 operated the social-networking site where users could create profiles of other people using the “Post a Jerk” feature.

Although Jerk, LLC, claims that its website contained only user-generated content, respondents actually created or caused to be created the vast majority of Jerk profiles using information from Facebook,” according to the FTC complaint. “Respondents earned revenue by selling ‘memberships’ for $30, by charging consumers a $25 customer service fee to contact the website and by placing third-party advertisements on Jerk.”

The site featured user profiles with buttons underneath, where people could vote on whether the person was a jerk or nonjerk. The profiles also contained comment fields, where people wrote things like “Omg I hate this kid he’s such a loser.”

According to the FTC, an estimated 24.5 to 33.5 million profiles contained a large photo of the person, and about 2.7 to 6.8 million Jerk profiles contained a photo of a child who appeared to be under age 10.

In a March 2013 petition to quash the FTC’s civil investigative demand, attorney Maria Crimi Speth, a partner at Jaburg Wilk, in Phoenix, wrote that children under 14 are prohibited from using the site, and that if a child’s profile is brought to the company’s attention, it is removed.

In the petition, Speth said that “in 2012, only had 22 people subscribe to its service and its total revenue was approximately $3,000.” In the same petition, she also said that the site has almost 100,000 visitors per day.

The content in profiles often displays information that is publicly available in a Google Internet search as well as newly created user-generated content,” she wrote. She did not respond to a request for comment.

The FTC disputed that the information in the profiles was public. “Numerous consumers have complained that photographs and other information about them on Jerk were originally posted on Facebook using controls that enabled users to designate material for dissemination only to a limited group, and that the information was not designated for public viewing,” the complaint states.

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TN - Former officer (Dennis Mills Jr) charged with child rape once worked in child unit

Dennis Mills Jr.
Dennis Mills Jr.
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The personnel file of former Knox County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Dennis Mills Jr., 43, shows during his career at the sheriff's office he was assigned to fight crimes against children.

He is in jail now, charged with raping a child.

In July, Dennis Mills, Jr. would have reached 20 years of service with the Knox County Sheriff's Office. But Tuesday, his former co-workers and investigators with the TBI arrested him.

A grand jury indicted Mills on seven counts of rape of a child, rape by an authority figure, and incest. Court documents shows the abuse lasted for a year before the child came forward in early March. That's when the sheriff's office placed him on administrative leave and TBI launched an investigation.

Records show Mills started in corrections at the Knox County jail and worked his way up to patrol. In 2000, he worked on the juvenile crime task force- a unit that investigates and arrests adults accused of abusing children. The unit also works with children to reduce the number of juvenile crimes. One supervisor wrote Mills is "One of the brightest young men I have ever worked with" in an evaluation.

When the sheriff's office terminated him Tuesday, he was a lieutenant in the warrants division who consistently scored above average to average on evaluations.

Knox County Sheriff "JJ" Jones requested Mills be moved out of the Knox County Jail to avoid any favoritism. He's being held in the Blount County jail on a $250,000 bond.