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FL - Senate panel votes to create absconder "strike force"

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This is just another politician trying to make a name for himself by exploiting registrants and fear. You have probation, parole and police officers who need to do their jobs, enforce the laws. You don't need another law to create yet another "strike force" to go after those who are not obeying the draconian and unconstitutional laws!


By Bill Cotterell

A Senate committee swiftly and unanimously approved legislation Monday to create a statewide "strike force" to hunt down sex offenders who don't register with police and submit to required supervision.

Sen. Aaron Bean, R-Jacksonville, said there are 746 registered sex offenders who have absconded from parole supervision or other law enforcement oversight.
- Woah, when did Mr. Bean start making laws?

"We just don't know where they are -- or, more importantly, where they are going to strike next," he told the Senate Criminal Justice Committee. The panel voted unanimously for his bill (SB 1416, PDF) that sets up the task force.
- Oh come on... Sex offenders have the lowest recidivism rate of all other ex-felons, but that doesn't stop politicians from fear-mongering now does it?

Attorney General Pam Bondi would chair the team, with Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey serving as vice-chairman. The heads of the Departments of Children and Families, Parole Commission and Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles would also serve on the task force.
- So what does Highway Safety and motor vehicles have to do with this?

Bondi would appoint two sheriffs, two police chiefs and one state attorney to the panel, formally known as the Sexual Predator and Sexual Offender Absconder Strike Force. It would have a $101,000 appropriation to start its four-year work.

The task force would coordinate efforts of city, county and state law enforcement agencies to locate absconding sex offenders, who are required to register with local police when they get out of prison. The state would work up lists of known absconders and maintain them with all police agencies.
- You already list absconders on the online sex offender hit-list, so why do you need another list?

Bean's bill now goes to the Senate Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriations Subcommittee, then to the full Appropriations Committee. A companion House measure (HB 1105) by Rep. Janet Adkins, R-Fernandina Beach, is has cleared two committees and is pending in the House Judiciary Committee.

FL - Councilman responds to "Camp Convict"

The laws that are creating homeless camps like this are by politicians who do not have the balls to obey their oath of office to defend the Constitution and the rights of others. I'm sure Ron Book, or the "Homeless Trust", will step in, shut the camp down, and it will just move somewhere else, just like it's been done for years. Warren Jones has no clue about how registrants are treated. The homeless shelters won't take them in because they are also scared of the negative publicity. The man interviewed at the end has no clue how hard it is for registrants to "move on."

Video Description:
We showed you this place that some call "Camp Convict," where former prison inmates are staying in tents. They say they are limited to where they can live because of the types of crimes they committed. We talked to a city councilman who's concerned about the camp.

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FL - Anti-sex offender playground recognized

Park swing
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By Frank Fernandez

DAYTONA BEACH - Keeping children and neighborhoods safe will be the topic of a press conference on Wednesday at a playground built to bar sex offenders from the Bayberry Lakes neighborhood.

Lauren Book, a survivor of child sexual abuse at the hands of her nanny, is stopping at the playground from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Wednesday as part of her fifth annual “Walk In My Shoes,” a 1,500-mile trek to raise awareness about child sexual abuse, promote laws to protect children and help survivors heal, said Claire Vansusteren, communications director for Lauren’s Kids.

They created this park specially to keep sexual predators out of their neighborhood,” Vansusteren said. “That’s why we wanted to walk through that particular neighborhood to raise awareness and pay tribute to what they have done.”

The playground in Bayberry Lakes combines with a state law prohibiting sex offenders whose victims were younger than 16 from living within 1,000 feet of a school, child care facility, park or playground, and a city ordinance that bars them from 2,500 feet from such a facility.

The playground is on Cinderberry Lane between Thornberry Branch Lane and Bayberry Lakes Boulevard.

Book will be joined by Assistant State Attorney J. Ryan Will, who came up with the idea for the playground.