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CA - Council expanding sex offender prohibition zones

Sex offender buffer zones
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By Mike Hodgson

Sex offenders who committed crimes against children will have a hard time finding a place to live in Grover Beach if the City Council gives final approval to an ordinance amendment increasing the size of protected areas.

The council unanimously approved the revisions on a first reading Monday. The amendment must come back for a final vote, likely at the next meeting March 17, before it can be enforced.

Currently, child sex offenders are prohibited from living within 1,000 feet of the city’s 13 designated parks, schools and day care center.

The revised ordinance introduced this week would increase the prohibition zones to 2,000 feet.

Those overlapping zones will cover almost the entire city except three small pockets at the far southern, northeastern and northern ends.

One pocket consists of mostly agricultural and industrial land east of South Fourth Street and south of Highland Way to the city limits.

Another pocket is made up of mostly vacant land south of El Camino Real, north of Atlantic City Avenue and east from the Laguna Court dead end across North Oak Park Boulevard to the city limits.

The third and smallest pocket is a triangular residential area near Estuary Way and North Second Street.

Police Chief Jim Copsey said when the city first adopted the ordinance in 2007, questions were swirling around the state’s recently passed Megan’s Law, which established a 2,000-foot prohibition zone around day care centers, schools and parks.

So the city chose to be less restrictive, adopting a 1,000-foot zone, until the validity of the state law had been affirmed.

Copsey said the amended ordinance will bring the city’s zones into line with the state zones but will have more teeth, because there are no penalties for violating the state law.

As a result, the state law is rarely enforced, Copsey said. But the city’s ordinance does provide penalties and therefore can be enforced.

Copsey said the ordinance still will not apply to sex offenders who were living in the prohibition zones prior to the 2007 effective date of the initial ordinance.

He also noted that while the ordinance will prevent sex offenders from living near parks, it can’t prevent them from visiting parks.

Keep in mind, too, that our ordinance still only affects those sex offenders that have committed crimes against children, those children under 18 years of age,” he said.

The amendment also adds a provision requiring child sex offenders to obtain written permission before entering a school.

That’s currently state law, but there are no actual penalties for that,” he said. “So if we have that in an ordinance, we can directly deal with that if there’s a violation ... where somebody shows up at a school and they’re not preauthorized, if you might say.”

Until now, the ordinance has come back to the City Council each year for review to see if any areas needed to be added or revised.

Copsey said the amended ordinance will only come back to the council if a new park is added, which isn’t likely, or there is a change in state sex offender laws.

The city’s 13 areas surrounded by prohibition zones include Grover Heights Elementary School, Grover Heights Park, Ramona Garden Park, Grover Beach Elementary School and Dandy Lion Day Care..

The rest of the list includes Mentone Basin Park, 16th Street Park, Fairgrove Elementary School, South County Skate Park, Costa Bella Park, Golden West Park and Pismo State Beach.

WA - Interview with serial killer Patrick Drum

Patrick Drum
Patrick Drum
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For more about Patrick Drum, click the "Gary Blanton" label above.

Vigilantism is a major problem and that is why the online registry (hit-list) needs to be taken offline and used by police only!


An Activist Central Two-Hour Special with a pre-recorded February 14th telephone interview of serial killer Patrick Drum inside Walla Walla Washington maximum security prison.

In June 2012, Patrick Drum, a man with a lengthy criminal background, shot and killed two men in Port Angeles, WA, and planned to kill two others had he not been caught by the police. Many people consider him a “hero” because his targets were “Registered Sex Offenders.” Drum believes this country was “founded on vigilantism” and his actions were justified. In this Special Two-Hour Episode of Activist Central, hear the shocking, exclusive interview with the killer himself, Patrick Drum.

Also joining Activist Central is Derek Logue, founder of Once Fallen and the producer of an upcoming documentary on the Patrick Drum killings. Mr. Logue will take us behind the scenes of the upcoming documentary and discuss the details about the killings you won’t hear about in the media.

Is Patrick Drum a hero, or is a monster in his own right? Tune in and decide for yourself.

I KILLED MY BFF - Cabin Fever

IN - Indiana Law Gives Sex Offenders Freedom To Live Anywhere Three Days Each Month

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The very laws are what is creating this problem. Remove the residency laws and you won't have any more of this clustering and people can live where they want and find a job.


By Rachelle Spence

FORT WAYNE (21Alive) - Wednesday's near condemnation of the Hallmark Inn left many wondering where those on the Allen County Sex Offender Registry would relocate to.

The extended-stay motel is a common place for offenders to live, since it is a thousand feet from any school, daycare, or park.

According to the Allen County Sheriff's Department, there were eleven registered sex offenders living at the Hallmark Inn.

Although the owner of the property received an injunction in the case and some residents are still there for the time being, detectives say several of the registered offenders had already packed up and left.

The above maps (see video) show places where predators and offenders against children cannot live. When all of the images are laid on top of one another, it's easy to see offenders don't have much of a choice.

While many consider the 2006 "thousand-feet" law a safe measure, one Allen County Detective says it's a big negative for those neighborhoods outside of the colored areas.

"We've got a trailer court with a ton of offenders in it. Whereas, before it may have only had one or two. Before, the kids going back and forth to school, only had to worry about one sexual offender. Now, they have twenty. It becomes a virtual minefield the kids have to walk through," said Detective, Jeff Shimkus.
- Once again a police officer making it appear as if all sex offender are out preying on children when many didn't actually harm a child.

Shimkus also explains that offenders have a three night window every month that they can stay with friends or family, regardless of whether or not that home is near any of the prohibited areas.

CANADA - Former RCMP officer (Alan John Davidson), minor hockey coach, charged with sexual assault of minors

Alan John Davidson
Alan John Davidson
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By Amy Judd

A former RCMP officer and a minor hockey and baseball coach has been charged with sexually assaulting eight minors in the late 70s and early 80s in Clearwater, B.C.

58-year-old Alan John Davidson was arrested on Thursday in Calgary, Alberta.

Insp. Brendan Fitzpatrick, operations officer for the RCMP’s BC Major Crime Section, said Davidson coached minor hockey and baseball in the Thompson and Okanagan area, starting in the late 70s.

The investigation into Davidson began in November 2012, when a man came forward to Burnaby RCMP, saying in the early 80s he was attending high school in Clearwater when he had allegedly been sexually assaulted by his minor hockey coach.

Fitzpatrick said this man indicated the possibility that others on the team may also have been similarly assaulted.

Following further investigation, another witness came forward and said he had been sexually assaulted by his baseball coach.

Eight victims have now come forward citing similar allegations of assault. All of those victims are male.

The investigation then extended into Alberta and Saskatchewan as Davidson was an RCMP officer in those provinces following the allegations of assault.

He served in the RCMP for 14 years, from February 1982 to August 1996. He completed basic training in Regina before being posted to Coronach, Sask. He was then transferred to Lloydminster, Alta. in 1983, Yorkton Saskatchewan and then North Battleford, Sask. He retired in August 1996 and moved to Alberta to pursue a personal business opportunity.

Fitzpatrick said at this time they have no information and are unaware of any alleged offences that may have occurred during Davidson’s time as an RCMP officer.

However, investigators believe there may be other victims connected to this investigation. They are appealing for any other victims to come forward.

I would also like to commend those individuals who came forward after all these years, considering the traumatic nature of the allegations,” said Fitzpatrick. “A great deal of work has been done to date, however our investigation is ongoing and we respect that there could be other individuals out there with information connected to our investigation. It is important for you to please contact the police.”

To assist potential victims and witnesses in recalling memory, the RCMP has released a timeline of where the accused had lived and worked over the last three decades.
  • 1970s to 1981 – Clearwater, BC
  • August 1981 – February 1982 – Regina, Saskatchewan
  • February 1982 – December 1983 – Coronach, Saskatchewan
  • December 1983 – April 1986 – Lloydminster, Alberta
  • April 1986 – August 1993 – Yorkton, Saskatchewan
  • August 1993 – 1996 – North Battleford, Saskatchewan
  • August 1996 onwards – Alberta (currently resides in Calgary)

If anyone has any information they are asked to call the toll free tip line at 1-877-687-3377.

Davidson’s next court appearance will be April 3 in Kamloops.

MI - Officer (Deon Nunlee) on 911 call charged with sexual assault

Deon Nunlee
Deon Nunlee
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By Gina Damron

DETROIT - The woman sought help from police after reportedly being assaulted by her boyfriend.

But while police responded to the domestic violence call, one of the officers took the 31-year-old woman into an upstairs bedroom and sexually assaulted her, authorities said.

Detroit police Officer Deon Nunlee has been charged in the Oct. 30 alleged assault. Police said DNA connected Nunlee, who has been on the force since 2008, to the assault.

"I'm troubled," Detroit Police Chief James Craig said at a news conference Friday. "Certainly, this is the type of criminal misconduct that should never happen by any member of this department or any department for that matter."

Nunlee, 40, has been charged with three counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count each of assault with intent to penetrate and misconduct in office, according to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

Prosecutors said Nunlee and his partner were dispatched early on Oct. 30 to a domestic violence run where the woman said she had been assaulted by her boyfriend.

According to the prosecutor's office, Nunlee took the woman upstairs and his partner stayed with the boyfriend downstairs.

"It is alleged that when Nunlee was in an upstairs bedroom with the woman he sexually assaulted her," according to the prosecutor's office. "When officer left the house the woman reported the crime to two friends and the next day reported it to the police."

According to the prosecutor's office, Nunlee was arraigned Friday in a Detroit courtroom.

Craig called the incident is an "embarrassment." He said the incident is not a reflection of the department.

"The majority of police officers go to work each and every day ... and do their jobs with integrity," he said.

Commander Johnny Thomas of the department's professional standards bureau said Nunlee was placed on administrative duties after the woman reported the assault. On. Feb. 10, after results from the rape kit came back, Nunlee was suspended without pay.

He said Nunlee has been with the department since 2008 and previously had minor misconducts.

Nunlee is the third Detroit officer in recent days to face charges:
  • On Wednesday Officer Johnny Ray Bridges, 47, was charged with unlawful imprisonment, assault with intent to do great bodily harm, domestic violence and reckless discharge of a firearm in connection with the assault of a 31-year-old woman Monday. He has been suspended without pay, Craig said.
  • Officer Dana Bond, 41, is facing misdemeanor charges of high blood alcohol content, failure to stop at the scene of a personal injury accident and failure to stop at the scene of an accident with property damage. She is accused of driving while intoxicated and getting into an accident on Sunday. Bond was already suspended without pay at the time of the accident because she is facing retail fraud charges, accused of stealing wine from stores in Detroit.