Thursday, March 6, 2014

PA - Retired cop (Walter Sasse) arrested for sex assault of teenager

Walter Sasse
Walter Sasse
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A retired police officer has been arrested on sex assault charges for a relationship he allegedly had with an underage girl.

Walter Sasse, 75, a 20-year Philadelphia police veteran most recently assigned to the mounted unit, was charged with nine crimes including unlawful contact with a minor, corruption of minors, sexual assault and indecent exposure. He was arrested last night and freed today after posting 10 percent of $50,000 bail. A preliminary hearing was set for March 25.

Court records show the alleged assault occurred on June 1, 2011. But a police source said the charges stem from a long-term relationship that started when the girl, who he allegedly met at a horse stable, was 15. A police spokeswoman said she had no details and referred questions to the special-victims unit; a supervisor there has declined to release details.

After his retirement, Sasse managed Courtesy Stable in Fairmount Park. According to an online biography, Sasse is a U.S. Army veteran who worked in Philly's mounted police for 18 years and has ridden with its show and drill team.

GA - Albany organization lobbys for ex-offenders

Dr. Charles Ochie
Dr. Charles Ochie
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By Nicole Rosales

ALBANY (WALB) - Albany Second Chance hopes to bring attention to the hundreds of people in Dougherty County who are having a tough time creating a stable lifestyle. Members say its partly because a their criminal record holds them back.

President of Albany Second Chance, Dr. Charles Ochie, feels the meeting will allow them to communicate to lawmakers how important it is to address the issues that ex-offenders face. He says it's not only a member's concern but a community concern, because it involves the safety of Dougherty County citizens.

Dr. Ochie feels in order to get to the root of our crime problem have to find a way to break the cycle. They hope to bring awareness, generate a support system and develop solutions to get those previously imprisoned back on track.

"We try to get them back into the community, find them jobs, connect them with their families, with the church, so they feel they are part of the community again," Dr. Ochie said.

Vice President, Dr. Patrick Ibe, says some of these people are family men, brothers and uncles, they have paid their dues and need to be given a chance.

Albany Second Chance says that is what they will be fighting for during Thursday's meeting at the state capitol. Members feel grateful and are excited for the opportunity to be a part of something that is very important to them.

FL - Miami: Sex Offender Panel

Florida ACLU
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Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 5:00 pm

Books and Books
265 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134 (Map)

Books and Books - (305) 442-4408

Miami-Dade County’s sex-offender residency restrictions raise fundamental questions concerning the protection of both civil liberties and public safety. Join us for this important discussion, moderated by CBS4′s Jim DeFede.

Our panel will include:
  • Marc Sarnoff, Miami city commissioner
  • Dawn Thompson, assistant executive director, Kristi House child advocacy center
  • Gail Colletta, president, Florida Action Committee, an organization seeking evidence based reform of policies for managing sex offenders in the community
  • Eric Imhof, psychologist who specializes in the assessment and treatment of sex offenders
  • Jeanne Baker, cooperating attorney on cases challenging sex-offender residency restrictions, ACLU of Florida Greater Miami Chapter

GA - Program brings topic of sex abuse to classrooms

Education is the key!
Education is the key!
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This is what should be done in all schools across the country, not just this county. Education is the key to helping put a major dent in sexual abuse, not fear, exploitation and hysteria.


By Troy Washington

THOMASVILLE (WALB) - Experts say 90% of children who are victims of sexual abuse know their abuser and 60% are abused by a relative or trusted family friend.

School leaders in Thomasville city schools are working to protect kids from the horror of abuse.

The Thomasville school system is working to prevent child abuse. They've got everyone from teachers to custodians on board.

"It hit home more because nothing is more precious to you, than having your own child, you think about that child and you think about that child's safety 24 hours a day," said parent and educator Ashley Martin.

The chances of a child dying in a car wreck are 1 in 84, but experts say the chances of a child being sexually abused are 1 in 4 for girls and 1 in 6 for boys.

MacIntyre Park Middle School teacher and new mother Ashley Martin says the mandatory sexual abuse awareness courses changed her entire outlook on the world.

"It opens your eyes to the different things that are out there, things that you should be thinking about, that you kind of don't think about especially with girls, but not just girls, boys too," said Martin.

That's exactly why Tiffany Oldham and Stephanie Hardy got certified and felt compelled to bring the information from the Stewards of Children, Darkness to Light training session to the entire system.

"A lot of times that kindergarten teacher, or that middle school teacher is not only a teacher but a confidant, we are often the first line of defense," said Oldham.

They say parents must get involved with the initiative. "In the past it has been a hush-hush conversation, not talked about or they've more believed in the stranger danger," said Hardy.

Bringing the topic to light is transforming classrooms into safe havens and faculty members into beacons of light, protecting the innocence of all students who walk through school doors.

IN - Where to house sex offenders? Meetings planned statewide

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RICHMOND - State officials’ proposal to temporarily house registered sex offenders at a mobile home park in Richmond has sparked a series of meetings around Indiana with local police agencies about the sensitive issue.

Wayne County Sheriff Jeff Cappa said Tuesday that the Indiana Department of Correction’s plan to place a mobile home at the Beechwood Mobile Home Park in Richmond to house registered sex offenders has been put on hold while those meetings play out in the coming months.

He said the Indiana Sheriff’s Association will be hosting a series of meetings around the state with DOC Commissioner Bruce Lemmon about the agency’s larger plan to house registered sex offenders in communities.

In Allen County, Detective Jeff Shimkus, part of the Sex Offender and Registration Notification team for the Allen County Sheriff’s Department, said Wednesday he hadn't heard about the plan.

The Wayne County sheriff plans to attend a meeting April 22 in Portland to share his thoughts about the DOC plan. He said the hope is that the DOC staff and local law enforcement officials can discuss alternatives to the DOC program.

This will give us a chance to work together and come up with some answers, instead of just having it dropped on us like it was,” Cappa told the Palladium-Item. “I think in the end, we will form a better professional partnership and work together to handle this situation.”

DOC spokesman Doug Garrison said the proposal to place a mobile home for registered sex offenders on Richmond’s northwest side sparked those meetings. He said the sheriff’s association is inviting sheriffs and other local law enforcement agencies to the meetings with Lemmon in six regions around the state.

We’ll work together to try to find housing solutions, that’s what this is about,” Garrison said Wednesday. “We’re trying to reach the broadest segment of law enforcement that we can.”

Last month, 17 state, area and local officials met in Richmond to discuss the DOC’s proposal for Richmond. The plan was for sex offenders who completed their jail terms to be placed at a mobile home in the park rent-free for two weeks while they prepare to resettle in the community.

Delaware County Chief Deputy Sheriff Jason Walker also attended that meeting to talk about a similar trial program started in Delaware County, which was suspended before plans were announced to bring the program to Richmond.

In Allen County, certain areas have attracted high numbers of sex offenders such as Dupont Triangle, formerly Northway Mobile Home Park, along Tonkel Road in northeast Allen County.

Currently, 16 registered sex offenders live in the park. In December 2011, when 9-year-old Aliahna Lemmon disappeared and was found murdered and dismembered inside a mobile home at the park, there were 14 registered sex offenders.

While the state’s proposal is only to temporarily house sex offenders while they make the transition back into communities, the problem that has created high concentrations of sex offenders in places such as Dupont Triangle remains.

Shimkus has long advocated that the state lift a rule that bans sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school, park or child care center.

If they could live wherever they wanted, we might have one or two (sex offenders per mobile home park) instead of parks entirely of sex offenders,” Shimkus said. “That would be fine if it were just sex offenders, but families move,” and parents have to worry about the people around their children.

It was unknown Wednesday whether the state plans to bring the program to Allen County or northeast Indiana or whether there is a meeting slated for this area.