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CA - Living with 290: Traveling to Cabo San Lucas - Denied entry into Mexico

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My boyfriend and I traveled to Cabo San Lucas as we do every year. After several scans of our passports at US airport we board the plane. He’s is a RSO from 20 years ago which was a *** deal to begin with!! We land in Baja head to Mexican customs we are pulled out of line taken into this little room where they proceed to tell him he is not allowed in the country... They fill out all forms escort us with 5 armed guards back to the same airplane we just arrived on and sent us back to USA.. What the hell is going on? When we arrive to US customs they say have a nice day and they have heard of this happening more and more?? What a way to ruin a 10 day vacation!!!

Got off plane and flew to Hawaii for the week would rather spend my money in the USA anyway!!! As far as I am concerned its over priced there anyway Americans are not safe and they can make rules up as they go!!! Take Mexico and shove it where the sun don’t shine...

TX - Former Police Officer (Daniel Jaramillo) Arrested for Sexual Assault

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Former law officer is in jail accused of sexual assault. 34-year old Daniel Jaramillo a former officer with the Orange Grove Police Department, was arrested in Alice Friday.

Jaramillo is accused of picking up a woman he saw walking down the street taking her to a hotel room and sexually assaulting her. Jaramillo was also wanted out of Nueces County on a theft charge.

TX - Dallas Police Officer (Oscar Araiza) Charged With Sexual Assault

Oscar Araiza
Oscar Araiza
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The Dallas Police Department announced that it has arrested and charged one of its own officers with sexual assault.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown has disciplined Sr. Cpl. Oscar Araiza during hearings on Friday.

According to police, on Oct. 6, 2013, Araiza was off-duty at a bar in Dallas when he unintentionally met a female acquaintance who was accompanied by another woman. All three decided to leave the bar and later drove to Araiza's home, police said.

Araiza's friend decided to leave and left the other woman in the home, according to police. When she woke up, she found herself being sexually assaulted by Araiza, according to police.

The woman stated that she did not consent to any sexual contact with Araiza, police said.

An internal affairs investigation determined that Araiza engaged in sexual conduct with the woman without her consent.

Araiza has been terminated. He had been an officer with the department since 1995.

He was arrested and charged with sexual assault.

OH - Attorney General Mike DeWine is freaking out again - Sex offenders living in nursing homes

Hey slow down, I want to molest you!
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A friend of ours mother worked in a nursing home and she said many of the people in these places have very serious mental problems, some walk up and down the hall all day screaming "Come here, Come here, Come here," to nobody at all. Attacks of all kinds happen all the time, and many patients walk out the front doors to roam the streets. The people in these places are sick, mentally and physically, this happens all the time, it's nothing new, and something a law won't fix.


By Tom Meyer

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, they may be living under the same roof as a sex offender -- and have no idea that they do.

An exclusive Channel 3 investigation found 29 sex offenders living in 16 nursing homes in Northeast Ohio. Two of those nursing homes -- one in a small village in Summit County -- had up to four convicted sex offenders living in them.

"You would not want to live in a nursing home or have a loved one live in a nursing home with a registered sex offender," says Mike DeWine, Ohio's attorney general. But many people do, and a loophole in Ohio law means they don't have to be, and aren't, notified.

While the law requires that neighbors of sex offenders are notified by their local sheriff's office when such a felon moves onto their street, the law does not require similar notification for those who actually share the same address.

"It is a well-intended law. It works many times, but there are certainly some holes in it," DeWine says.

The presence of sex offenders in nursing homes is something that occurs in urban, rural and suburban areas.

Kathy and Romolo DeBottis of Sheffield Lake had no inkling that three sex offenders listed the Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Avon as their home. Kathy's father had lived at that nursing home until recently.

"I feel we were deceived," says Kathy.

Her husband agrees, saying sex offenders "shouldn't be in the mainstream population. If they're in a nursing home, they should be in a separate wing."

In Peninsula in Summit County, four sex offenders listed Wayside Farms as their nursing home. In Cleveland, four sex offenders called University Manor on Ambleside their home.

That was news to a young resident there.

"I should know," said the woman, who is confined to a wheelchair. "I'm a female and can't do anything."

One of the sex offenders in this facility sexually attacked a resident in another nursing home before moving into this one.

We tried, in person, to talk to administrators of University Manor and Rudwick Manor, a nursing home in East Cleveland that houses three sex offenders, but we were told to leave. One of the three offenders at Rudwick Manor had committed a sexual crime against his home health care worker before he moved in to this facility.

We left phone messages for the administrators, as well as for the administrators of the Wayside Manor and Good Samaritan nursing homes but received no return calls.

Sondra Miller, president and chief executive officer of the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, points to the fact that 75 percent of sex crimes against people older than 65 occur in nursing homes.

She knows of one couple that was married for 40 years when the husband had to put his severely disabled wife into a nursing home. A few months later, she was sexually attacked by a fellow resident. Her husband was devastated and guilt-ridden -- and neither he nor his wife had any idea she was at risk.

"I'm very concerned, because we know sexual predators prey on people they perceive as most vulnerable," Miller says, noting that sexual offenders are often repeat offenders.

Debora Smith's job is to care for those who are vulnerable -- she is a state-tested nurses' aide. It is the people in her profession who provide much of the hands-on care in nursing homes.

Until several weeks ago, she worked at University Manor -- and was never notified that any sexual offenders lived there at the time.

She and other employees should have been told, she says: "So people can be aware of who they're dealing with and know how to approach them."

Some families say they want and need to know if a sex offender lives in the home where their loved one does.

As Romolo DeBottis points out, "It's a disease that never goes away."

And his wife adds, "They'll always have that urge."

Ohio Rep. Tom Letson, who lives in Warren, is the co-sponsor of a bill that would change the law so that residents of long-term care facilities are notified of offenders in their midst.

He was spurred to the legislation because he and his family live two doors away from a nursing home. While they got a postcard telling them a sexual offender had moved in there, no one working or living at the nursing home was notified.

One of the employees there told him, "You got the notice but the people living down the hall from him didn't."

Letson put it this way: "The people who live in the building have the same right to know as the people who live in a house 40 feet away."

He said he is hopeful that his colleagues will vote for the bill's passage. Similar legislation has passed the House before, but not the Ohio Senate.

TX - 3-Day Suspension for a Cop's (Jackie Len Neal) Sexual Assault? Terrifying Impunity in TX Police

Jackie Len Neal
Jackie Len Neal
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By Ryan Kocian

An Austin police officer sexually assaulted a woman in the back seat of his cruiser, and she's not the first one he molested, she claims in court.

AUSTIN (CN) - An Austin police officer sexually assaulted a woman in the back seat of his cruiser, and she's not the first one he molested, she claims in court.

Jane Doe sued Austin, its police chief, and her alleged assailant, Officer Jackie Len Neal, in Federal Court.

Doe claims Neal followed her for blocks on Nov. 22, 2013, then pulled her over and told her the car had been stolen. Doe says she told him that was impossible, as her father had just bought it and she had all the paperwork.

Neal handcuffed her and searched the car for drugs - then he searched her, groping and fondling her, Doe says in the complaint.

The lawsuit continues: "She yelled for him to stop, and demanded that a female officer be brought to the scene. At this point, the defendant became enraged, and told the plaintiff to remain quiet. Defendant Neal continued to fondle the plaintiff's breasts and also put his hands into the plaintiff's pants. Defendant Neal then forced the plaintiff to bend over with her face in the rear seat of the Police SUV. Defendant Neal pulled plaintiff's pants and underwear down to her ankles and proceeded to sexually assault her. Upon completion of the sexual assault, defendant Neal informed the plaintiff that he knew where she lived, and that if she informed anyone he would know where to find her. The defendant then immediately exited and literally left the plaintiff in that state as he drove off."

Doe says the assault left her "troubled and discombobulated," and afraid for her life. Only after a friend coaxed her into telling what had happened did she report the sexual assault to authorities, Doe says.

The complaint adds: "It should be noted that, for reasons unknown, the dash camera in defendant Neal's vehicle was not functioning. Defendant Neal was arrested later that night and charged with sexual assault."

It continues, frighteningly: "After his arrest, defendant Neal presented himself at the residence in which the plaintiff was staying, and identified himself as 'Jack,' and stat(ed) he was looking for the plaintiff. The plaintiff's grandmother informed Jack that the plaintiff was not there, and that she was going to call the police. Defendant Neal was apprehended again by the San Antonio Police and was arrested for civil rights violations."

Doe says in the lawsuit that Neal has been charged with sexual assault, civil rights violations and official oppression.

She claims San Antonio and its police chief, William McManus, have a pattern and practice of letting police officers get away with outrages like this.

She claims that Neal had sex with a high school student in the police Explorer program in 2011, and again in February 2013, conduct she calls "morally reprehensible and inappropriate."

Neal was dumb enough to put some of his sexual pursuit into text messages, according to the complaint.

Doe claims Neal was suspended for 3 days after the department found out about his text messages - just 10 weeks before he sexually assaulted her.

Doe adds: "The scenario in (Doe's) assault is almost identical to what occurred in February 2013. Defendant Neal sexually assaulted a teenage girl, and was arrested for the sexual assault. Immediately after posting bond, defendant Neal stalked the plaintiff and went to her house. He was re-arrested, for civil rights violations."

"Despite having knowledge that defendant Neal had carried on a sexual relationship with a high school student, the San Antonio Police Department continued to employ defendant Neal, and merely slapped his wrist with a three (3) day suspension; not for having a relationship with the high school student, but for disobeying an order to stay away from the youth. The conduct of San Antonio Police Department regarding defendant Neal is outrageous and clearly is a violation of the plaintiff's constitutional rights against illegal search and seizures under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution."

MS - Veteran Gautier police officer (Robert Brian Hill) pleads guilty to sex crimes

Robert Brian Hill
Robert Brian Hill
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PASCAGOULA - A 20-year law enforcement officer pleaded guilty Friday to three counts of sexual battery and one count of touching of a child for lustful purposes.

Circuit Judge Robert Krebs deferred Robert Brian Hill's sentencing until March 27, during which time a pre-sentence investigative report will be conducted.

In exchange for the plea, the state opted not to prosecute 11 charges of touching of a child for lustful purposes by a person in a position of trust or authority over the child.

Hill, 47, was arrested in September 2011 on 15 felony charges accusing him of having sex with a minor or touching her inappropriately while in a position of authority.

He was indicted on 12 counts of touching a child for lustful purposes and three counts of sexual battery.

The alleged incidents, all involving a girl under age 14, occurred between March 1, 2011, and July 3, 2011. At the time of his arrest, Hill had worked in Gautier for three years. Pascagoula police assisted in the investigation.

Among those present when Hill pleaded guilty Friday was the victim and her family.

"I have a hard time trusting anyone," the victim said. "I don't know who to trust anymore. I don't know how you can hurt someone you say you love so much."

Hill worked for two years as a patrol officer in Gautier, then was assigned in May 2011 to work as an agent at the Narcotics Task Force of Jackson County. Hill remained a narcotics agent until he was placed on administrative leave in July 2011 as a result of the allegations against him.

Prior to working in Gautier, Hill was a police officer in Philadelphia, Miss. Prior to that, authorities said, he served as a law enforcement officer at agencies in Sebastian County, Ark., and in McNairy County, Tenn.

Assistant District Attorney Angel Myers served as prosecutor on the case.

WV - Former CU police officer (Randy Keith Cordle) pleads guilty to sexual abuse

Randy Keith Cordle
Randy Keith Cordle
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PRINCETON - A former Concord University police officer pleaded guilty Thursday in Mercer County Circuit Court to sexual abuse involving a minor.

Randy Keith Cordle, 47, of Athens, appeared for a plea hearing before Circuit Court Judge Derek Swope. Cordle was arrested in June 2012 and later indicted on one count of third-degree sexual assault and five counts of sexual abuse by a parent, guardian or custodian.

Cordle pleaded guilty to one charge of sexual abuse by a parent, guardian or custodian, according to court documents. The felony charge carries a penalty of 10 to 20 years in prison, a fine ranging from $500 to $5,000, or both.

In the plea agreement, the state will dismiss the other charges and not oppose a motion for alternative sentencing, according to the plea documents.

Sgt. M.D. Clemons, of the West Virginia State Police Crimes Against Children Unit, said the victim was a family member.

It (the abuse) started when she was 15,” Clemons said when Cordle was arrested. “He was in a caretaker role.”

Clemons added that the incidents occurred at Cordle’s residence, and no inappropriate behavior was alleged to have occurred at the university.

A criminal complaint filed in Mercer County Magistrate Court stated that the victim advised that she had sexual intercourse and engaged in other sexual acts with Cordle beginning in 2011 when she was 15.

The victim said the last instance of sexual intercourse happened at the Mercer County Airport in May 2012, while the previous incidents occurred at Cordle’s residence in the Lashmeet area, the complaint stated. Cordle admitted when Clemons interviewed him to having intercourse with the victim on multiple occasions, according to the criminal complaint.

Clemons said Concord University officials cooperated with her in the investigation.

Cordle no longer works for the campus police. Sentencing was set for April 15.

TX - Sheriff's jailer (Rolan Ray Mata) arrested on online solicitation of a minor charges

Rolan Ray Mata
Rolan Ray Mata
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McALLEN - A man set to begin work as a county detention officer lost his job and faces felony charges after police said Friday that he used social media to solicit underage girls for sex.

On Friday, Rolan Ray Mata went before a McAllen municipal judge who formally charged him with one count of online solicitation of a minor and set his bond at $75,000 before sending him to the Hidalgo County Jail.

Detectives arrested Mata, 24, Thursday afternoon as part of an ongoing investigation into online child predators, said Lt. Joel Morales, a department spokesman.

Using social media websites, undercover officers posed as a 14-year-old girl who interacted with Mata and was solicited to have sex with him, Morales said.

Mata told McAllen police investigators that he worked at the Hidalgo County jail as a detention officer, but Sheriff Lupe Treviño said that he was not yet an employee.

Mata had been offered a job as a detention officer and was scheduled to begin working on Monday. But upon being notified of his arrest, Treviño rescinded the offer.

IL - Sex offender murder in Parkfield Terrace draws Major Case Squad

Bloody murder
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The murder of a registered sex offender Thursday night in the Parkfield Terrace neighborhood led to a call for help to the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis.

_____, 26, of Parkfield Terrace, was found dead on the ground after the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department was called at 9:26 p.m. Thursday, Lt. George Mokriakow said. _____ appeared to have died after being shot near 159 Amelia Drive.

_____ was a registered sex offender convicted of felonies for failing to report a new address and for aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a 15-year-old victim when he was 20. His registered address was 179 Amelia Drive.

Parkfield Terrace is an unincorporated neighborhood between Centreville and Cahokia with a decades-long history of drug violence and other crime. The St. Clair County Sheriff's Department has primary responsibility for investigations and patrols of the area.

Anyone with information about the murder should call the Major Case Squad at 618-825-5200 or 618-825-5201.

NY - Sex offender laws must be toughened

Phil Goldfeder
Phil Goldfeder
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Just another politician exploiting ex-offenders, fear, families and children to make a name for himself (See this video)? This is just a placebo to pacify people and lull them into a false sense of security. The city won't be any more safe. Not all ex-offenders harm children, and this is another blanket law that treats all ex-offenders as if they do. If a person is intent on committing a crime, this won't stop them, but the fact is, most sexual crimes occur in the victims own home and family, not at some park or school.


In an effort to crack down on some of New York’s worst sex offenders, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway Park) said he will introduce legislation that would restrict them from residing within 500 feet or less from any public park with a playground.

As a parent of two young children, I understand how critical it is that we create stronger laws to keep sexual predators out of areas where our children congregate and play,” Goldfeder said. “I drafted this new legislation to ensure that sex offenders stay out of our public parks and away from our children.”

The bill would fine tune current laws by forbidding level two and three sex offenders – which, according to the state, means individuals at a medium or high risk of re-offense – from living within 500 feet of a public park that has playground. The legislation, Goldfeder said, would close the offender loophole that currently exists and ensure that all parks where children commonly play remain off limits to those convicted of sex crimes.

Current state regulations restrict sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of parks that are attached to school buildings, but no regulation exists for parks that are not aligned with schools.

The legislation comes on the heels of Rockaway parents being outraged last month upon learning two convicted sex offenders moved into the same building on Beach 116th Street – which is situated further than 1,000 feet from the nearest school but is within a few hundred feet of the beach and public parks.

On behalf of Rockaway parents, I applaud Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder for his quick action and response to our genuine concerns about the safety and wellbeing of our children,” said Irene Dougherty, Parent Teacher Association co-president of the belle Harbor School.

Dorothy McCloskey, director of the Friends of Charles Park, too threw her support behind Goldfeder’s legislation.

As an advocate for the rebuilding and development of Frank Charles Park, as well as a mother and grandmother living in the community, I believe it is not only important to make our parks beautiful, but also to make them safe and secure from adults who prey upon our defenseless children,” McCloskey said.

Goldfeder has sponsored sex offender legislation in the past, including a bill signed in 2012 that requires registered high-level sex offenders to keep their photos for the online offender registry up to date by having their photo taken every 90 days.

I will fight to ensure our families and children live in a safe community and that parents have the peace of mind they deserve,” Goldfeder said.