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VA - Former police officer (Christopher Roush) guilty in Newport News exposure case

Christopher Roush
Christopher Roush
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By Peter Dujardin

A former police officer was found guilty on Thursday of 12 misdemeanors in an incident in which he exposed himself and performed an "obscene sexual display" to several people passing by his home.

Christopher Roush, 42, was acquitted of the felony count of taking indecent liberties with a child, for exposure to a 14-year-old passenger in a car that passed by the Harpersville Road home at about 9 a.m. on April 7.

Several people testified they saw Roush standing "completely naked" in his front doorway, in view of the passing traffic. Several witnesses testified that he appeared to be masturbating with one hand, while holding the glass storm door open with the other.

One woman testified she was driving to a yard sale, with her 14-year-old daughter in the passenger seat, when she saw Roush. She said she screamed, then did a U-turn "to try to see the address."

Officer Thomas Gamache Jr., who was dispatched to the home on various complaints, testified that he saw Roush standing naked in the doorway, then closing the door.

Gamache said he was soon let into the home by Roush's roommate, who led him to Roush's bedroom. Roush didn't immediately answer, but soon came outside and began "belligerently" yelling at Gamache to get off his property.

Roush — who lost his job over the incident — testified Thursday he had no recollection of what he did. He testified that he came home from work at 1 a.m. after working the night shift, and "started to drink liquor."

"I woke up the next afternoon," he said, and when his roommate told him what he had done several hours earlier, "I didn't believe him." But hearing the litany of witnesses before him Thursday — including the wife of a trusted police officer friend — convinced him he had done it, Roush said. "I just don't remember it," he said.

Roush said he's in treatment for a severe drinking problem and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of several incidents, including his on-duty shooting of a pit bull 17 days before the April incident. The dog had to be euthanized.

He was also the first officer who responded to the grisly 2011 homicide scene in which a Newport News man stands accused of killing his wife and her three children.

In early 2010, when Roush was known as Christopher Miner, two juries acquitted him on charges that he had sexually assaulted two women in 2009.

Roush's lawyer, Robert W. Lawrence, asked Circuit Judge Ted Markow to throw out the felony charge involving the juvenile. That request was made on the assertion that Roush didn't know he was exposing himself to a minor, and had no "lascivious intent" in doing so.

Lawrence also asked Markow to "withhold a judgment" on the misdemeanors until after the judge had a chance to see psychologists' evaluation to see "what he was going through at the time."

Markow, a retired judge from Richmond sitting in on the case, agreed to strike the felony indecent liberties charge, saying that part of the case wasn't proven.

But the prosecutor, Suffolk Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Wiser, argued against withholding a judgment on the seven counts of indecent exposure and five counts of making an "obscene sexual display."

Wiser said alcohol use doesn't excuse criminal behavior, and the judge needed to enter a factual finding. While the idea of withholding judgment was "appealing," Markow said, "I don't think I have a choice other than to find him guilty."

After the hearing, Roush apologized to Assistant Newport News Police Chief Joe Moore, who attended the hearing, for "embarrassing the police department." "I appreciate the apology," Moore replied.

Roush will be sentenced May 1.

OK - Muskogee police officer (Mark Vernon Ridley) arrested on assault, kidnapping complaints

Mark Vernon Ridley
Mark Vernon Ridley
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MUSKOGEE - A Muskogee police Officer was arrested on accusations of assaulting, kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman at his home in Oktaha.

Mark Vernon Ridley was arrested late Wednesday, Muskogee County Chief Deputy Brandon Caster said.

Ridley, 39, was a 17-year veteran of the Muskogee Police Department, and had recently moved to Patrol Division after spending time in investigations, Cpl. Mike Mahan said.

Ridley is jailed on complaints of assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm during commission of a felony, kidnapping and sexual assault, Caster said.

Ridley had been placed on administrative leave in December, Mahan said, after allegedly assaulting the same woman then. A protective order was placed against him Dec. 18, then dismissed Jan. 14, according to court records. Another protective order was filed against Ridley on Wednesday, records show.

Authorities have not said whether that filing prompted the alleged assaults.

Mahan said Ridley remains on administrative leave.

The protective order filed against Ridley in December alleged that he sexually assaulted the same woman. Mahan said MPD requested the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation handle that case, and they submitted their findings to the Muskogee County District Attorney’s Office, who in turn called in a special prosecutor from Delaware County, to ensure an impartial investigation.

Caster said Wednesday’s incident allegedly began near Muskogee, and ended in Oktaha.

MO - Former cop (Richard Calvino) pleads guilty to sexual acts with a minor

Richard Calvino
Richard Calvino
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Less than 24 hours before going to trial, a former police officer pleaded guilty to engaging in sexual acts with a minor while he was on the Osage Beach police force.

Richard Calvino entered the guilty plea Tuesday afternoon before Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Hayden.

Calvino was scheduled for a jury trial in Morgan County on a change of venue. The trial was to get underway on Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Calvino, 59, was originially charged with sexual abuse in the first degree, sodomy, deviate sexual assault in the first degree with a victim aged 14-15, sexual assault in the first degree with a victim aged 14-15 and deviate sexual assault in the second degree with a victim aged 16-17.

Calvino pleaded guilty to two counts — deviate sexual assault in the first degree with a victim aged 14-15 and deviate sexual assault in the second degree with a victim aged 16-17. Calvino was given a suspended imposition of sentence, five years of supervised probation. He will register as a sex offender and must complete a sex offender class through probation and parole. Calvino will not serve jail time.

The charges against Calvino stemmed from allegations that date back from 1984 to 1990.

The filing of the case in 2011 came just within statute of limitations for such crimes in Missouri. Under state statute, the filing of charges for alleged sexual offenses against children may be filed within 20 years of the time the alleged victim turns 18-years-old.

The victim in this case turned 38 in 2011.

The charges were filed after an investigation by the Missouri State Highway Patrol in 2010 which began after the victim had memories resurface while undergoing therapy in Florida as an adult. She had begun seeing the therapist in May 2009.

The victim's age ranged from 11 to 16 during the time frame in question. Calvino's age ranged from 31 to 37.

During the Highway Patrol investigation, the victim had conversations with Calvino by phone, email and in person that officers recorded and preserved for evidence.

During an interview with a Highway Patrol investigator on Dec. 9, 2010, Calvino denied having any sexual relations with the girl.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges when he was arraigned and posted a $5,000 bond.

Since the case was filed in Camden County three years ago, the case has bounced from Camden to Morgan County and has been scheduled to go to trial at least four times.

Following the charges, Calvino continued to be employed with the Osage Beach Police Department until city administrator Nancy Viselli said he recently no longer had a job with the city.

Calvino was notified by the city on July 19, 2013, that, unless he could return to his job full time without charges pending against him, his last day would be Jan. 20, 2014.

Calvino's first day of employment with the city was July 1, 1981. At the time of his arrest, he was a lieutenant with the department.

DE - Sex offender restrictions ineffective

Sex offender laws are flawed lawsOriginal Article


By Paul Smith

Regarding sex offender residency restrictions:

Patty Wetterling, whose son Jacob was kidnapped and never found, posted the following statement on the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center website: “Because residency restrictions have been shown to be ineffective at preventing harm to children, and may indeed actually increase the risks to kids, the JWRC does not support residency restriction laws.”

In 2009, the Broward County Florida Board of County Commissioners Sexual Offender and Sexual Predator Residence Task Force reported they had reviewed available research about the effectiveness of residence restrictions and “found no empirical evidence to indicate that these laws achieve their intended goals of preventing abuse, protecting children or reducing reoffending.”

The Minnesota DOC analyzed 224 sex offenders released from Minnesota prisons between 1990 and 2002 who were re-incarcerated for a sex offense prior to January 1, 2006. There were only two where the offender contacted a juvenile victim at a park, and both offenders lived more than 10 miles away. They concluded that not one of the offenses would have been affected by any residency restriction.

In 2007, the Kansas Sex Offender Policy Board reported to the legislature: “Although resident restrictions appear to have strong public support, the Board found no evidence to support its efficacy.” Kansas Department of Corrections Secretary Roger Werholtz stated: “Residence restrictions don’t contribute to public safety. In fact, the consensus of experts in the field of sex offender management supported by available research and experience indicates they do just the opposite. Right now, it appears that the best alternatives are in the form of community wide education and training regarding steps that can be taken to educate parents . . .

The California Sex Offender Management Board reported that 90% of people convicted of a sex crime have not been convicted of any sex crime before. The University at Albany [New York] School of Criminal Justice reviewed sex crime arrest records from the period 1984 through 2004 and found that more than 95% of those arrested had no prior convictions for any sex crime. More than 9 of every 10 who will harm a child cannot be on any registry or regulated by your law. They feel safer though and likely won’t be as vigilant.

I know you are concerned for the welfare of Milton’s citizens, but your ignorance of the realities and facts about sex offenders and residency restrictions threatens to place them at greater risk.

WARNING: Potential scam sites - Free isn't always free!

We have noticed over the years that there are many websites out there who claim to give you "free" alerts and information about sex offenders, but in order to get this "free" report, you have to give them your credit card info and may be billed monthly for their "service."

You should NEVER have to give a site your credit card information or other personal information when the information is public and free elsewhere by the police or government.

NOTE: We are not saying this is or isn't a scam site, but like we said, why give out your CC information when it's free elsewhere?


P.S.: We do not agree with any public sex offender registry (hit-list)!


Sex Offender Issues

PETITION - Stop Widespread Government Abuse of Children

More Petitions, surveys, etc

UK - Lincolnshire false rape claims highest in UK

Rape cardOriginal Article


The number of false rape claims made to police in Lincolnshire is higher than anywhere else in England and Wales.

New figures for the 12 months up to March 2013 show that 33 per cent of all alleged rapes against adults in Lincolnshire were later dismissed.

The report, released by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary on behalf of the Rape Monitoring Group, shows that across England and Wales the number of recorded rapes of both adults and children has steadily increased since March 2008.

There were approximately 6,000 recorded rapes of children and approximately 10,000 recorded rapes of adults in England and Wales during the 12 month period.

Lincolnshire Police received 110 reports of rape against adults, of which 36 were later declared as “no crimes”.

The force also received 98 allegations of child rape, with 19 per cent of these being declassified after investigations.

Detective Superintendent Rick Hatton, of Lincolnshire Police, said: “In Lincolnshire we are committed to investigating reports of rape and other sexual offences in thorough meticulous manner.”

We have a specialist unit known as our ‘Emerald Team’ made up of highly trained and motivated officers and staff.”

Thanks to the hard work put in by our partners and our own staff in the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) we are ranked number one in the country in terms of the services we commit to victim support.”

This ‘no crime’ rate reflects our ethical recording of crime. It shows that we investigate all allegations of rape.”

Lincolnshire Police record reported offences as early as we can. This demonstrates transparency in our investigations.”

If it is decided that the offence has not been committed an in depth report must be submitted. This must detail all the information and evidence which verifies and supports the conclusion that the offence did not happen.”

The report is ultimately submitted to crime management bureau supervisors trained in NCRS compliance.”

We cannot entirely explain why the percentage of rape ‘no crimes’ in Lincolnshire is higher than in other areas but we are affected by the relatively low level of such crimes in Lincolnshire.”

This means that small variations in numbers can make large differences in percentage terms.”
- So are you arresting the people who are making these false claims and putting them in jail / prison?

Chair of the Rape Monitoring Group, Dru Sharpling, said: “Rape is one of the most serious violent crimes and the impact on victims can be devastating.”

It is absolutely crucial that the police and wider criminal justice system has all of the information available to ensure that victims are being believed and the police are following through investigations.”

We will be seeking to improve on these data sets and will publish information at regular intervals to encourage and maintain performance improvements across England and Wales.”

FL - Volusia schools to parents: Not our job to notify about sex offender

Lazy slob wants everybody else to do it for them!Original Article


By Saul Saenz

PORT ORANGE - Concerned parents confronted a Volusia County school district administrator Thursday about why they were never told a sexual offender lived across the street from a Port Orange elementary school.

Sugar Mill Elementary School parents were upset with the answer they were given during a PTA meeting -- that it’s their responsibility to find out about these things, not the school district's responsibility to tell them.

That sex offender, who just last week lived a stone's throw away from the school.

He was living there legally because he was convicted before any laws governing where sex offenders can live were passed. However, parent pressure forced him to move out.

I want the school just to put out a courtesy call that lets the parents know when there is an offender that moves in newly," said Cheryl Fidler, whose children attend the school. "The school knew for a week before we did.”
- The mindless zombies also want Gubment to tell them when to go to sleep, what to eat, etc!

School district administrator Greg Akin told parents they need to find out who lives in their neighborhood using tools like the FDLE sex offender website.

But from a school district’s standpoint, it’s not a requirement," Akin said. "It’s not one of our requirements, there are rules, laws and regulations that we have to notify any parent on any offender or predator.”

He said that’s the job of law enforcement to release that information and the responsibility of parents to find out.

Where's my food?
The meeting comes after Port Orange city council members decided to move forward on a proposed ordinance that would require public notification signs outside the homes of sexual predators living in the city.
- Heil Hitler!  He loved signs and badges as well.

Tuesday night they agreed to place the ordinance on the council’s meeting agenda next month for further consideration.

The signs would also include the predator’s name.

Last week council members unanimously passed an ordinance that places tighter restrictions on where sex offenders can live inside Port Orange city limits.

PETITION - Women Against Registry demands the repeal of AWA due to collateral damage experienced by our 2.5 million family members

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There is no empirical evidence supporting the continuation of the AWA. Yearly recidivism reports were not part of the act. The dangling carrot of losing 10% Byrne Fund Grant money is no comparison to taxpayer cost of monitoring registrants for life. Once adjudicated, penalty paid and living a law-abiding life registrants and their families should be allowed to live without punitive punishments.

According to a study by Levenson & Tewksbury, children of registrants are harassed, ridiculed, teased, physically attacked and fearful. Registrants are murdered. Last year in SC the wife was murdered too.

Recidivism rate for another sexual offense is 5.3% and 80-90% of sexual abuse is never reported which is clear and convincing evidence public registries don't work but prevention programs do.

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