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UK - Woman (Lisa Yapp) accused her ex-boyfriend of rape 'in a bid to cover up shame of threesome'

Lisa Yapp
Lisa Yapp
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A woman claimed she had been raped by her ex-boyfriend in a bid to cover up a drunken threesome with two men she met in a pub, it was alleged.

Lisa Yapp, 24, showed the men naked photographs of herself then went to one of their homes where they had sex in the kitchen, a court heard. She ‘high-fived’ the men as she left afterwards.

But Yapp later turned up at a friend’s house in tears saying she had been raped.

She claimed she had been attacked in an alleyway by her former partner _____, jurors heard.

Police began a major investigation after Yapp told officers the attacker had ‘sounded and felt’ like him.

But Mr _____ had been 30 miles away at the time and was seen on CCTV on a night out with friends.

Yapp was arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. Prosecutor Andrew Wilkins told Worcester Crown Court: ‘Why she lied we might never know, it might be because she felt guilty.’

It might be that she wanted to get back at her former boyfriend.’

The court heard Yapp got talking to friends _____ and _____ in the Goodrest Tavern in Worcester on August 1, 2011.

Mr _____ told the court that after the talk turned to issues of a sexual nature, Yapp showed them naked photographs and the three went to his home.

There, she showed them more photographs before stripping off and telling them she had taken part in orgies. Mr _____ told the trial he had sex with Yapp in the kitchen while Mr _____ groped her.

I was a bit shocked,’ he told the jury. ‘Afterwards I thought, “I can’t believe what just happened”. I was a bit embarrassed to be honest.’

Yapp claimed she had been raped in an alley near her home in Ronkswood, Worcester. She told police: ‘I knew someone was walking behind me and I started walking a bit faster.’

I felt his fist hit the back of my head and he pushed my back down. He grabbed hold of my hair and with his other hand he pulled my trousers down.’ She said she had screamed and tried to fight back and claimed her attacker shouted, ‘I told you I’d get you for it.’

Yapp told police she believed the attack was revenge because she had previously made allegations of rape against Mr _____ which were subsequently dropped.

But a medical examination found no sign that she had been attacked and evidence from CCTV and witnesses showed she had left the pub with two men in the opposite direction to the alley, the court heard.

Yapp later claimed to police that she suffered from blackouts but still maintained she had been raped. She denies perverting the course of justice.

The trial continues.

VT - Former Vt. sheriff's deputy (Nick Moen) faces child porn charges

Nick Moen
Nick Moen
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By Jennifer Reading

GEORGIA - A former deputy with the Grand Isle County Sheriff's Department is facing child porn charges.

The Vermont attorney general has charged Nick Moen, of Georgia, with three felony counts of possession of child pornography.

Investigators say Moen used file sharing networks to get and share sexually explicit images of kids online.

He denied the charges Thursday and was released on court ordered conditions restricting his access to children and the internet.

Sheriff Ray Allen said Moen was a sworn deputy with Grand Isle County until September 2013 when he was officially discharged. His termination was not based on misconduct; instead the sheriff said Moen's schedule did not fit with the department's needs. While with the department, Moen worked core security, traffic details and transports. He did not serve as a school resource officer.

USA FAIR Seeks New Executive Director

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At the end of December, Shana Rowan, the founding Executive Director of USA FAIR informed us that she would need to step down as Executive Director due to health and family issues. Shana played a critical role in the launch of USA FAIR and we thank her for her fearless courage in always being willing to speak out for the rights of law abiding former offenders and their family members.

As of January 1st, we have been without an Executive Director and at this time USA FAIR is starting a search to fill this important position. This individual must possess strong oral and written communications skills and be wiling to speak publicly to the news media on the full range of issues that impact registrants and their families.

If you would be interested in being considered for this position, or would like to recommend someone, please write to Trudy Plotkin, Membership Director at:

USA FAIR had a successful first year, having our voices heard throughout the nation on numerous media outlets, exhibiting at the conventions of both the National Conference of State Legislators and the American Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers - and raising more than $20,000 from our members to support our efforts.

We are confident that we will be able to build on this success in 2014 and know that we can count on your continued support.

CA - Appeals court rules against Orange County on sex offender law

Park Bench
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By Abby Sewell

A panel of California appeals court judges found Friday that state law trumps Orange County's regulations on sex offenders that ban them from parks and beaches.

The fourth appellate district decision reverses the conviction of _____, a registered sex offender who was convicted of a misdemeanor for violating the county ordinance after he went to a company picnic at Mile Square Regional Park in Fountain Valley in 2011. _____ had been convicted of misdemeanor sexual battery in 2010.

The county's restrictions on sex offenders, passed in 2011, were among the most aggressive in the state.

A number of cities within Orange County adopted versions of the law at the urging of the district attorney's office, and many of them also faced court challenges.

An Orange County Superior Court appeals panel overturned _____'s conviction in 2012. In response, the Orange County Sheriff's Department stopped enforcing the law, and the Lake Forest City Council voted to repeal its ban.

The county appeals panel said the sex offender law appeared to be illegal and asked the 4th District Court of Appeal to hear the case.

"_____ argues state law preempts the county ordinance and therefore his conviction is void. We agree," the appeals court ruling said.

The state Legislature has already enacted a "comprehensive statutory scheme regulating the daily life of sex offenders," and the Orange County law conflicts with it, the panel found.

Orange County's law allows sex offenders to go to parks with written permission from the county sheriff. The appeals court found that requirement amounts to a "de facto registration requirement" that conflicts with the state's existing sex offender registration requirements.

Representatives of the Orange County district attorney's office could not immediately be reached for comment.

UK - Man (Rhys Carey) perverts course of justice with false rape claim

Rhys Carey
Rhys Carey
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By Beren Cross

Less than four weeks before apologising to his victims in the Adver, Rhys Carey perverted the course of justice with false allegations of rape against another man.

The 22-year-old, whose last registered address was in Abberd Way, Calne, received a suspended sentence of nine months in prison for the offence, at Swindon Crown Court today.

On August 23 of last year, Carey walked to the house of a man, new to Swindon, whom he had struck up a conversation and understanding with over an internet chatroom.

The meeting took place under the impression a film would be watched by the pair, until this lead to Carey spending the night with the man and having consensual sex.

The day after, the men agreed to go their separate ways, though not before the victim agreed to offer Carey a lift in his car to where he needed to be.

Before Carey left the car he demanded £50 from the victim. Carey said he would accuse his victim of rape if he did not give him the money.

Carey threatened his victim with photos he had taken of him, in bed at his home, as well as with the victim’s DNA, Carey said he would have on his person following their night together.

The victim refused and there ensued a race to contact the police first. The victim logged an accusation of blackmail shortly before Carey, sat next to his victim in the car, told the police he had been raped the night before.

In a pre-sentence report, the victim said he felt faint as he was taken away in a police van, on suspicion of rape. He faced more than an hour in custody before Carey dropped his accusation, during questioning at the police station.

Carey had also been arrested at the same time of his victim under suspicion of blackmail.

Twenty-five days later, Carey walked 16 miles to the Adver’s office in order to apologise to the long list of people, who fell victim to his robberies on the streets of Swindon.

He suffers from a range of illnesses including epilepsy, diabetes and hydrocephalus which means he has no frontal lobe to his brain, resulting in him lacking the proper ability to empathise with others and he cannot control his emotions.

In sentencing the defendant, Judge Tim Mousley QC, said: “As a result of that story, [the victim] was arrested and detained. He was released when you admitted the activity had been completely consensual.”

It follows from that, you perverted the course of justice.”

In this case, it’s so serious that a custodial sentence is justified.”

If this case had gone before judge and jury the sentence would have been in the region of 12 months imprisonment.”

There is a positive report detailing your excellent level of compliance and engagement with help for your drug issues.”

In addition to your sentence I add three conditions: there will be a supervision requirement for 12 months, a medium intensity drug rehabilitation course for four months and a full Thinking Skills programme.”

The judge decided to suspend the sentence for 18 months because Carey had been complying with the terms of an existing suspended sentence since August 30 of last year.

The judge also referred to the defendant’s learning difficulties, as well as his no longer being homeless and attempts to tackle his drug problems as other justifications for suspending the sentence.