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Harmful effects of porn addiction

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The following was sent to us via the USER STORY form and posted with the persons permission.

By Breaker:
I was charged and convicted of possession of child porn in 2009. Now I may be wasting my time but, I figured I can at least try to make some people understand as to why I did it and shed a little light on the harmful effects of porn addiction. I am not blaming anyone I made the mistake I did the time.

When I was little I had a really hard childhood with a retired marine as a father who had a big mouth and who had self image problems of his own. So enough said he took his problems out on us with verbal, emotional and rarely physical abuse. Well when you are this young you start to develop in one of two ways. One: the aggressive person who is looking for a fight and wants to hurt you cause he is hurting.Two: you curl into a fetal position and try to find some way to escape reality and that was me. My escape was anime, well as the years went on I dove deeper into anime until I learned of Hentai or animated porn. Now anyone who has seen this knows that there is no limit to hentai if you can think it it can be done. I have seen every genre of hentai known to man I think. Well my fascination became addiction.

Now this where things started to go down hill. With porn addiction you are constantly searching for something different something new and in the process you become desensitized to it. Well I came across something new something...taboo. It was Lolicon or under-aged animated porn. My father knew I was looking at it but, he did not seem to care, it was not until I told him about me being put in jail did he say and I quote "I knew this was coming" I have not spoken to him since no support no nothing. Well as I got older and my knowledge of the internet grew I learned of something call File Sharing, like Torrenting. Well this opened my world to even better porn cause it was free and it was real not that fake crap you see on pay sites. Well as I said too much porn makes you view things "that most people would vomit at" and not care. That is where I got my first look at real child porn. Long story short I got caught, convicted and now I am screwed royally side ways without lube. To anyone watching this make sure your kids don't look at this stuff it f**** with your mind.

I can't really complain I live in a state that does not have housing restrictions for me, I am only tier one which means I will be off the registry in 12 more years. I live with my mother with a very nice support group. It honestly is the mental games being a SO that get me down.

SCOTLAND - Man killed on Christmas Day was a sex offender

Bloody murder
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By David O'Leary

A man killed in an Edinburgh flat on Christmas day was a convicted sex offender, it emerged today.

It is understood that 47-year-old _____, who was found dead in a flat in Glenure Loan, Clermiston, was imprisoned for six years and put on the sex offenders register for trying to rape a woman in Uphall, West Lothian.

Officers were called to the flat at half-past midnight on Christmas Day, where they found his body.

They said a 37-year-old woman had been arrested and charged in connection with the man’s death.

It is understood the victim died after being stabbed and that the woman who was arrested used to be a man.

Police officers and forensics remained at the scene throughout the day as they searched a ground-floor flat.

Glenure Loan residents, who awoke to find white-suited forensic officers flooding their street on Christmas morning, have told of their shock.

Police officers stood guard on the building for most of the day

Mum-of-one Samantha Meldrum, 22, who lives across the road from the scene, said: “When I got up I looked out the window and there were four police cars outside. Soon after we saw some forensic officers in white suits heading into the stair. No one knew what had happened but you just knew it was something bad. Later on we heard that a guy had died. I couldn’t believe it on Christmas Day of all days.”

Throughout the day people laden with presents passed the address on the way to visit nearby family and friends.

Another local resident, Deborah Moncrieff, 50, told how she passed by the scene at 4.30am.

She said: “I was coming back from work and there was a police officer outside the door. I didn’t think much of it then but when I got I saw more police cars and knew it was serious.”

It’s horrible to think of something like that happening on the street on Christmas Day.”

Not much happens around here to be honest, there might be the odd thing or two but it’s usually pretty quiet.”

It’s very sad.”

Another local, who asked not to be named, said: “It’s incredible to think that this could happen on Christmas Day.”

A police spokesman said: “Local residents will be aware that an area of Glenure Loan has been cordoned off as forensic examinations are ongoing.”

I would like to reassure local people, however, that there is no risk to nearby residents or the general public.”

Police confirmed that a 37-year-old woman was expected to appear in court tomorrow in connection with his death.

VT - Rutland police: Woman (Marie Severance) lied about sex assault

Rape cardOriginal Article


By Elizabeth Keatinge

RUTLAND - Police say Marie Severance, who resides outside of Vermont, falsely reported that she was raped at the Main Street Park Gazebo in Rutland. Police say providing false information to law enforcement is a frequent reality.

"People lie to us all the time and sometimes that includes people who say they are victims," Rutland City Police Cpl. Sam Delpha said.

But police say falsely reporting a sex assault is rare. Police say the most common incident of false reporting is when people get pulled over for traffic violations, they'll show a fake ID or they'll give a name of a neighbor or somebody else they know, and provide their name and information.
- Well, it may be rare in Rutland but across the USA it's a major problem, in our opinion.

False reporting wastes time and money. In this particular case, Delpha says 26 man-hours were used to investigate the case, which the department says is time they don't have. The Rutland Police Department is currently short five officers.

"It can be a drain," Delpha said.

And victim advocates say false reporting hurts real victims of domestic or sexual violence, who already have the odds stacked against them when it comes to getting justice.
- Odds stacked against them?  In today's world all you need is an accusation of sexual assault against you and you are automatically guilty!

"Many times the perpetrator has control over the victim, threatens the victim that if she calls the police, he will do her more harm," said Marianne Kennedy of the Rutland County Women's Network & Shelter.

Kennedy says real victims struggle with coming forward and making a report. They often feel like reporting the crime is not necessary or that they can't report it due to their domestic situation.

"Victims tend to minimize the danger because usually they are in a relationship with an intimate partner, someone they care for," Kennedy said.

Kennedy says the Rutland County Women's Network & Shelter works closely with law enforcement to guide victims on making reports to police. But police need the time to investigate.

"Certainly we need to devote our time to true reports of crime and help the true victims," Delpha said.

False reporting is a charge that carries up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine, if the false report implicates another person.
- What about the reputation of the person accused?  Even if they are innocent people will always suspect that they are lying, and if they were to be convicted it could ruin their life forever.  Falsely accusing someone of a crime they did not commit should have a stronger sentence.

If a victim contacts police about a crime, they do not have to file a report. Police tell us that victims can always come to law enforcement to ask questions. They are not obligated to make a report if they just want advice.