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FL - Former Haven Police Officer (Paul Bryant IV) gets 5 Years For Having Sex With Prostitute While On Duty

Paul Bryant IV
Paul Bryant IV
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What do you know, yet another cop from Florida busted for a sex crime. Question is, will he be on the sex offender registry for life? We doubt it!


By Jason Geary

BARTOW - A former Winter Haven police officer was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison for charges related to having sex with prostitutes while on duty.

Circuit Judge Catherine Combee also ordered Paul Bryant IV to serve five years of probation following a hearing that included testimony from Winter Haven's police chief and a former “working girl.”

Bryant's arrest last year was the result of a three-month long investigation by the Winter Haven Police Department and Polk County Sheriff's Office.

Bryant, 30, had been a member of the police department since August 2009 and earned an annual salary of $41,080. He resigned after his arrest in December.

David Lopez, a PCSO detective who helped investigate the case, said he questioned Bryant and he initially denied the allegations.

When confronted with evidence, he admitted to his actions, but he didn't show remorse, Lopez said.

He was more concerned with his face being plastered across the news,” Lopez said.

Bryant pleaded guilty in August to false imprisonment, disclosing confidential criminal justice information and three counts of soliciting prostitution.

At Thursday's hearing, one woman testified that she is no longer a “working girl,” but she was at the time that she had sex with Bryant.

She said Bryant asked her for sex while on duty, and he was wearing his law enforcement vest, badge, radio and handgun.

I didn't want to go to jail,” she said. “I was scared so I did what I did.”

The woman said she was “devastated” by Bryant's actions.

It's really bothered me to think that a police officer would do that,” she said.

She was asked why it made a difference to her since she had sex with other people for money.

Because police officers are supposed to uphold the law,” she answered.

Winter Haven Police Chief Gary Hester testified about the importance of law enforcement agencies working to maintain the public's trust in them.

It's absolutely essential,” Hester said. “The authority that we have is granted to us by our citizens, and it's painful anytime a member of the law enforcement community violates that trust the citizens place in us.”

Hester described such incidents as having the potential to drive “a wedge” between officers and the communities that they swore an oath to protect.

One prostitute testified that Bryant told her that he could be her “friend on the street” and even warned her to “take the day off” to avoid a prostitution sting.

Any officer who leaks information about undercover operations can place the safety of fellow officers at risk, Hester said.

That's kind of the ultimate betrayal for a sworn law enforcement officer to potentially place a coworker and fellow officer at risk because of them leaking information on an undercover operation,” he said.

MN - Creating Flexibility in the Sex Offender Program

Video Description:
Senate Health, Human Services and Housing Committee Chair Kathy Sheran, DFL-Mankato, explains her bill that would alter Minnesota's sex offender program to create greater flexibility in treating sex offenders following their incarceration.

OH - Sex Offender Halloween Ban - Just the usual yearly mass hysteria!

FL - Child sexual abuse survivor becomes advocate to protect kids

How is it that all these victims of sexual abuse are now all of a sudden regarded as "experts?" Just because you have been victimized that doesn't all of a sudden make you an expert. This media outfit should be talking with true experts, not Lauren Book! And he claims he read her book, well, we would be willing to bet he did not.

She also refers to sex offenders as pedophiles and that "every square inch of the US has one pedophile," which is pure BS! True pedophiles are rare, not the norm, and just because someone molests a child, by definition, doesn't make them a pedophile.

If you want to see how her "
protecting kids" has been implemented in Florida, just see these videos.

She is pretty much on a vengeance campaign to punish ex-sex offenders due to her abuse, in our opinion. Educating kids is one thing, but to continually lobby for more draconian laws against ex-offenders is another.

Predators do not always target children like she alludes to!

Nothing but pure fear-mongering and disinformation, as usual!

VT - 2 more Rutland cops (David Schauwecker, James Tarbell & Craig Petrie) accused of watching porn named

Rutland city police department
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By Ali Freeman

RUTLAND - A Rutland City Police officer faced criminal charges for watching porn on the job in 2010. But a recent internal investigation revealed that two other officers did as well.

After a three-year battle between the Rutland Herald and the city, the Vermont Supreme Court ruled Friday that the internal investigation must be turned over. WCAX News has also obtained those documents and a current sergeant was listed for downloading thousands of pornographic images at work.

"Looking at pornography on duty as a Rutland City Police officer is a very, very serious matter," Rutland City Police Chief James Baker said.

Baker says this type of misconduct is not tolerated at the Rutland City Police Department. But recently released internal investigations show that before Baker's time in the PD's top spot, three officers were caught watching porn on the job.

In 2010, an officer was caught with porn on duty and criminal charges forced David Schauwecker out of the department, and brought the details to the public. But that was just one of three Rutland police officers since 2004 who have been caught with porn at work.

"The situation was investigated, a punishment was assigned, a punishment was served and the case was closed," Rutland Police Commissioner Larry Jensen said.

Although the three investigations happened under former Chief Anthony Bossi's watch, two of the names have just been released for the first time. In a lengthy investigation, current sergeant-- Det. James Tarbell-- was front and center in the first investigation in 2004. The investigation reveals that a computer tech was trying to fix a glitch on Tarbell's computer in 2004 and stumbled upon pornographic images. It goes on to say that Tarbell downloaded 25,000 graphic images, 94 explicit videos and several images of possible child pornography. But that couldn't be proven because the ages of the females are unknown. So, no criminal charges were filed.

During questioning, Tarbell said he was only looking at the images for research and he doesn't get "…any pleasure from that, and certainly nothing that I did for my own gain."

He explained: "Look at the setting... If I was going to be doing this I think I would be doing it in my home, in my own computer with nobody else around... I did it here because it is a controlled environment and I had a goal in mind. Not my own personal pleasure."

"He accepted his punishment, he moved on, and since 2004, I know of nothing that Sergeant Tarbell has done that would rise to a level of discipline within a department. He has had a spotless record for nine years," Baker said.

Tarbell was suspended for 10 days without pay. A separate investigation in 2010 revealed that animal control officer Craig Petrie was also caught emailing and downloading porn at work. He, too, was suspended without pay and retired earlier this year.

Chief Baker says this misconduct isn't excusable, but these officers cannot be punished twice. What is important now, he says, is to look to the future.

"This is very trying times. This police department has been through a lot in the last 10-15 years. I feel bad that it is coming out on my watch. I feel bad that the members of the department have to go through it. But as I said to the sergeants today, it's time to lead," Baker said.

Baker also says that contrary to other media reports, Tarbell was not promoted. Last year, he was transferred to the BCI unit, but it was a reassignment, not a promotion.

WI - 13-year-old sex offender

Video Description:
A state appeals court announced Tuesday, a 13-year-old Shawano County boy must register as a convicted sex offender. However, the public may never know who or where he is.

INDIA - Girls lodge false cases to escape parents’ scolding

Rape cardOriginal Article


A city court has expressed concerns over the growing trend of girls fabricating false rape cases despite having eloped voluntarily with their lovers.

Acquitting a man of raping a woman by deceitfully making her believe that she is his legally wedded wife, the court said girls voluntarily elope with their lovers but to escape their parents’ scolding they lodge false cases.

They (girls) voluntarily elope with their lovers to explore the greener pastures of bodily pleasure and on return to their homes, they conveniently fabricate the story of kidnap and rape in order to escape harsh treatment by parents. These cases tend to trivialise the offences of rape and undermine its gravity. A girl of this age group (19-24 years), even if belonging to a rural area, cannot be believed to be not knowing how the marriage is performed or what are the essential ceremonies of a marriage,” said Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat.

The police said that in 2008, the accused in collusion with his brother, had taken photographs of the alleged victim in objectionable position with him to blackmail and pressurise her not to take any legal action against him.

When the 24-year-old woman pressurised him to fulfil his promise of marriage, he took her to Jammu on the pretext of marrying her and applied vermillion on her forehead and made her believe that she was his wife, the police said.

He maintained physical relations with her by making her believe that they were husband and wife. The accused had also assaulted the girl, the police added.

The court, however, said this kind of marriage is usually resorted to when the boy and girl are in love with each other and their respective parents are against their alliance.

The conduct of the girl in accompanying the accused to Jammu for court marriage demonstrates that she wanted to marry the accused but her parents were against this marriage. Her longing to marry the accused appears to be only out of deep love and not on account of assurance of marriage by the accused,” the court added while acquitting the man.

The court also said that of late it has observed a trend where the girl says the boy took her to a room, applied vermillion on her forehead, put garland around her neck and declared that they are now husband and wife.

Then they indulge in sexual intercourse with each other, with the consent of the girl and later on the girl alleges rape on the false assurance of marriage. This is a very disturbing trend. The girls in such cases are mostly in the age group of 19-24 years, thus, mature enough to understand the consequences of their acts and not so numb to get carried away with any representations of the boy," the court said.

"'s okay to bully sex offenders, isn't it?"

Mob mentality
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Bullying is very much in the news right now. My friend Marie over at Notes from the Handbasket posted a brilliantly done piece today.

And someone called Scoot at wrote a most thought provoking piece about bullying.

These are the jewels gleaned from his piece.

"It is imperative for every parent to teach their children the coping skills to deal with bullying. The first simple lesson is that nothing anyone else says to you, or about you, can actually change who you are."

"We now live in a society that has developed the collective belief that we have a right to go through life and not be offended by anything or anyone. There will always be things that offend us in life and no one should expect, or demand, a world that is free of things we find offensive."

"Our quest to achieve a politically correct society has contributed greatly to the idea that we have this right not to be offended. Younger generations have been protected and coddled by their parents’ generations to the point where they are no longer taught the emotional survival skills we learned."

These are tidbits that may more appropriately fit with the philosophy, with which I totally agree, of another blogger friend, Lenore, over at Free Range Kids.

But I started with the Handbasket Notes, and there I will return.

Those who are registered sex offenders, their children, and their families, know first hand about bullying. It has been an element in the suicide of many a person who is accused of a sexual crime or who was on the public registry and found life intolerable. It has been the cause of misery, torment, property damage, and actual physical assault up to and including murder for many, many more. Research done (PDF) by Jill Levenson and Lynn University in Florida documents the extent to which bullying of registrants and their families has gone.

UK - Junior doctor (Hannah Farnsworth) who lied about being dragged into hospital toilets and raped says she made up claims 'so people would take her seriously'

Hannah Farnsworth
Hannah Farnsworth
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A junior doctor who claimed she was brutally raped by two men at the hospital where she worked today admitted she lied about the attacks, a medical tribunal was told.

Hannah Farnsworth, 26, alleged that she had been dragged into an office at night, threatened with a knife and injected with drugs.

The attackers were said to have tied her up with ropes, cut her with a knife and burnt her with a cigarette lighter while raping her.

But today she admitted had lied but maintained she had been the victim of two genuine attacks and had exaggerated so senior managers would take her seriously.

She told the hearing she was very distressed and upset after she was pinned down and kicked in two incidents at the hospital.

But the medic decided to 'embellish' the attacks by saying she had also been raped, sexually assaulted and also became pregnant as a result.

She said: 'The whole event was very distressing. It was a shock and I found myself more nervous, more anxious, not sleeping very well, more tearful than usual.'

'I wanted some support and to ensure I was supported I did embellish my account. I think it was a way of trying to express the distress I was feeling.'

'I didn't feel that I was entitled to feel as distressed as I did. I was worried other people might have a similar view to me, that they might feel that it was not that serious and wonder why I was not my usual self and why I was anxious and distressed.'

The medic, who qualified in 2010, added: 'I was worried that unless the attack itself had been serious that people would not take it seriously.'

The doctor, who has been in a same-sex relationship since 2005 and is expecting a baby next January, was appearing before a panel at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal in Manchester who will decide whether she is fit to continue with her career.

The hearing was told that as a result of the false complaints of rape the hospital trust launched its own investigation and spent around £10,000 to increase staff security.

The alleged incidents happened at Bassetlaw District General Hospital in Worksop, Nottinghamshire and were reported to police.

She now admits the rape allegations were false but insists she was physically attacked on two occasions, on April 1 and June 3, 2011.

She said: 'I was walking back towards the doctor's office at about 4am as it had got to a stage in the night when I was able to take a break so I was going back to the office.'

'The door had a combination lock on it and as I walked in I felt somebody's arm around my neck and shoulders and was pushed down to the ground.'

'I felt I was being held down on the ground. Somebody had pushed my head and shoulders to the ground and I felt I couldn't get away. They started kicking me.'

'I thought there must have been two [attackers]. I knew I was being held down but also being kicked to my left side, by my ribs.'

She added: 'At one point, I managed to get to my hands and knees but was quite quickly kicked back down to the floor. I felt something sharp. I felt a sharp pain in my left upper arm.'

'The kicking continued again and I did manage to get back on my hands and knees, but was kicked so that I was left facing underneath the desk to the back wall of the office. I heard the door opening and then it was quiet.'

The second alleged attack happened in the hospital car park when she was tripped and thrown to the floor before being repeatedly beaten and kicked.

When she was asked to give a full statement on July 19 after the case was passed on to the Nottinghamshire Police she retracted the allegations.

Sergeant Melanie Ball of Nottinghamshire Police, told the panel they decided not to charge the woman with wasting police time after she told them she never intended to make an official complaint.

She said: 'Fairly quickly she said she had been meaning to get in touch with us and the sexual element had not happened.'

'She maintains something happened but that she exaggerated to her colleagues. Once she said this they reported this to the police.'

She added: 'We chose not to prosecute for wasting police time.' She admits lying about the rapes but maintains certain details of the attacks did occur and denies dishonest and misleading conduct.

And she took the opportunity to apologise to former colleagues in the public gallery saying: 'I apologise for my behaviour to everybody concerned. I know it was inappropriate and I'm glad I had this opportunity to apologise in person.'

Dr Farnsworth is facing a fitness to practise hearing in Manchester where if found guilty, she could be struck off the medical register.

The hearing continues.