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Mother Dying of Cancer Gives a Godly, Life Changing Final Speech

This touched our heart and we'd like to share it with you. May God bless you all.

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Just 4 months before passing away to a terrible fight with cancer, mother-of-two and wife Rachel Barkey stood before a large audience to deliver some of her final words. What she has to say about death and Jesus is so powerful, you will never be the same after watching it. This is one of the most inspirational women you will ever meet! (Web Site)

Sex Offender Laws: Collateral Consequences - Killings and Murders

Bloody Murder
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Our specialty, what Lawmakers have ignored. Collateral consequences of their laws. So far 432 deaths without counting suicides and related deaths, and we are still counting!

Sex offender laws! The cry, protect the public! Lawmakers fail to consider the collateral consequences of their laws before enacting them. Protecting the public should not mean excluding prior sex offenders, and their families, which may well be further punishment. Today's sex offender laws place former offenders, no matter what their offense level was, at a greater risk of being killed or murdered. We have documented when that has occurred, 432 times!

Changing burdensome laws, politicians and the media, all voices behind growing incidents of violence towards former sex offenders. These voices unknowingly manipulate the public into a -nongovernmental force- mind-set seeded by "sex offender" (like now defunct CIA mind control experiments). The public then declares war on those labeled "sex offender" in ways that disorder their lives, and makes lives a burden often dangerous. Many are driven over the edge. All a grand scheme to evade constitutional protections? Constant media and political attention influences the public? We believe so! Now our research. Readers can form their own opinions!

Figure-1a: States w/Deaths and No. of Deaths:

Daily we reviewed news articles for reports of deaths, suicides and vigilantism related to sex offenders or offenses, documenting those in our blogs. We do believe there are many more articles not published. In addition, folks close to our project alert us to those they find. Frequently we gather more than one, and other credible sources, so we have as complete a story as possible in our blogs. It is important that readers understand our definitions they are all explained in our definitions section (link below).

We must point out that, to our knowledge there is no other research which has delved into this topic, especially with so many unknowns and limitations. Given the uncharted waters of this research we hope it is instrumental and influential for future researchers with similar aims. This report comes with a caveat, traditional norms and definitions may not apply, nor reveal subtle nuances specific to this population. Some may dismiss or distinguish these nuances, but an open mind is necessary in uncharted waters.

OH - Cincinnati Police Strip Search College Girl abuse of Power?

Police - To serve and protect?
Video Description Excerpt:
Please remember these police officers knew the TV cameras were running & they acted this way. Imagine what they are like when nobody is watching

Should this girl have been strip/cavity searched over this? What exactly did she do wrong? In my opinion this is an abuse of power by Cincinnati police officer Brent Eve & Michelle Ball and should result in disciplinary action. Including retraining of the officers involved & loss of rank. Listen carefully at 4:20 - 4:47 and the comments/tone of voice at 5:14. A police officers job is "keeping the peace," it's not discipline or corporal punishment of citizens. I believe this girl being arrested & strip searched was basically punitive. Even the courts ruled against the officer. It was not "obstructing official business" reduced to a $105 fine.

Girls Talk: The Sexualization of Girls

Boys are also sexualized! What about them?

Video Description:
APA's Public Interest directorate invited six middle school girls to sit down and share their thoughts about the images of girls they see all around them and how they feel about the way girls today are portrayed.

AUSTRALIA - Leading Law Firm Publishes Brochure For People Facing Allegations Of Sexual Offences

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We no nothing about this law firm. We are just posting this here for those from this country who may be interested.

The extreme reaction of the public against those who have allegedly committed sexual offenses is understandable. Compared to all other known criminal acts out there, sexual assault is considered a very grave invasion of the physical, psychological, cultural, social and even spiritual identity of the victim. For many people, using sexual force is a crime of power, violence, threat and intimidation. But a leading law firm specializing on criminal cases believes that sexual assault allegations have a very complex nature.

This law firm has years of experience handling criminal cases, and their exposure to the people involved in these cases has showed them the other side of the coin: the side of the accused. According to them, the clients they have handled and the studies they have made regarding this type of cases showed that being accused of sexual offences can be one of the most distressing and disturbing experiences an individual can face, most especially if the claims are unsubstantiated or simply untrue.

The lawyers also observed that the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” is non-existent; once you are accused you are almost automatically considered guilty. Legislation such as the Sex Offender Registration Act allows the public release of the register to the community and enables officers to keep tabs on the activities registered offenders for a long time – or even for life. Without proper legal counsel, an accused person can suffer from long-term social stigma and difficulties with career and life opportunities.

In their brochure (PDF), they outlined some of the prep work that an accused can do to help establish their credibility in court. This includes collecting evidence-based data through private investigation, social media, computer and telephone records, and bank information; getting legal representation when you appear before the Royal Commissions; and learning about what to expect when you stand in trial. The 32-page document also discusses relevant laws in simple yet comprehensive terms, and provides practical tips such as investigative techniques during the pre-interview and interview, as well as a detailed explanation of what will happen in court.

The overarching theme of the brochure is clear: the accused, just like the complainant, needs proper legal representation. Having a team of lawyers by your side arms you with a complete understanding of the legal processes and lets you have a fair trial. For cases that can influence how you will live the rest of your life, making timely, informed and intelligent decisions is the only way to make sure that the full strength of the law and justice will take its due course.

About the Author: Calvin John McPhee is an educational consultant. As of now, he is a freelance writer who writes articles about education, students, legal concerns and other related topics. He also visits Melbourne Criminal Lawyers Blog to find new and effective ways on how to have the best legal solution that individuals need.

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NE - FACTS Queries Patrol About Counties’ Refusal to Provide Verification Documentation

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Families Affirming Community Safety Inc. (FACTS) two weeks ago asked the Nebraska State Patrol for clarification on some counties’ practice of refusing to provide hard copies of verification information forms to registrants. As of today, there is no response from the Patrol.

The inquiry to the Patrol is in response to concern by some registrants that they are being denied documentation of their compliance. Registrants are urged to document their verification visits, particularly in view of a provision in state law that registrants sign their verification forms.

As a service both to registrants and law enforcement (we all should comply with the law), FACTS offers a downloadable Verification Visit Verification (or Triple V) form (PDF) that you may use to verify your verification visit. Even if law enforcement refuses to sign it, taking it along with you can serve as a handy aid to remembering that your verification visit is important and you need to be able to legally prove you complied. And you can indicate on the form that the sheriff declined to comply with your verification signature request. The form is flexible and also may be used to document those home-invasive visits you might be getting.

FACTS will continue to press for answers. In the meantime, you can read the now-open letter to the Patrol at Nebraskans Unafraid.

IA - Teenagers speak out about registered sex offender

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By Lauren DeWitt

DUBUQUE (KWWL) - Social media helped introduce a registered sex offender to young, aspiring models.

[name withheld] was arrested Monday in Dubuque after being accused of taking nude photos of girls in the Dubuque area.

Now, some teenagers are talking about how they felt sexually exploited during their photo sessions.

[victim #1 name withheld] had two photo sessions with [name withheld].

"I don't really know how to explain it," she said. "It was comforting but not really, because he did show pictures of nudes that he had taken of other people and would bring up how when I am 18 I could do nudes."

[victim #1 name withheld] said she had friends that were modeling with [name withheld] as well. [victim #2 name withheld] also was a model for [name withheld].

[victim #2 name withheld] was approached by [name withheld] on Facebook after "liking" his photography page. She also had friends that had gotten photos taken by him.

"In a way, I kind of got a weird vibe from it," she said. "My mom immediately sensed that something doesn't feel right, but I just kept telling her 'Oh, just ignore it, it will be fun.'"

"I thought he was a professional,[victim #2 name withheld] added."If they are professional, then they couldn't be like that. There is no way if they were a professional that they could have that type of background."

[victim #2 name withheld] said her first photo shoot was in May. She says after that, [name withheld] remained in contact with her.

"He would talk to me daily," she said. "Just the simple saying, 'good morning' and 'good night.' I just thought, 'He's not trying to do anything.'"

[victim #1 name withheld] said [name withheld] also remained in contact with her.

"He used to 'Snap Chat' a lot of us -- that's how he would remain in contact with us," [victim #1 name withheld] said.

[victim #1 name withheld] said she would never respond to those Snap Chats. When she found out [name withheld] was arrested, she was shocked.

"I felt disrespected and disgusted because I just couldn't believe it," she said.

Anyone with information pertaining to [name withheld] is asked to contact Dubuque Police.

INDIA - Women filing false rape cases should be prosecuted: Bombay HC

Rape cardOriginal Article


Mumbai - The Bombay High Court has observed that women, who file rape cases in a fit of rage to fix their partners and later withdraw complaints, should be prosecuted.

Justice Sadhna Jadhav remarked that of late several cases were coming before the High Court in which victims have filed complaints alleging rape and contending that they had entered into relationships after being promised marriage.

In a relationship between consenting adults, sometimes such complaints are filed in the heat of moment and withdrawn later. This has become a trend and sends wrong signal to the society, the judge observed on Wednesday.

The court cautioned the police to be vigilant and hold an initial inquiry to find out whether the rape complaint was genuine or not, before registering the case.

The judge was hearing an anticipatory bail plea of [name withheld] (35), who admitted that he was in relationship with a 42-year-old central excise inspector. He pleaded that he was falsely implicated and the case was causing him harm and agony.

Both of them had met through a social networking site and came close to each other after joining the Art of Living meditation course. The woman alleged that she was raped by [name withheld], who had promised marriage to her. However, he married another woman and she felt cheated. Hence, she had filed a rape complaint in R A Kidwai Marg police station.

The judge granted anticipatory bail to [name withheld] in the sum of Rs 15,000 and asked him to report to the concerned police station every Sunday until the investigation was over.

The court observed that both the complainant and accused were adults and further noted that the victim, in her complaint, had not disclosed that she had sexual relations with [name withheld] because he had promised to marry her.

The judge said it was not inclined to send [name withheld] in custody because no useful purpose would be served in doing so, except satisfying victim's vendetta.

MS - Ex-border patrol officer (Nicholas Bolden) from Ocean Springs gets 6.5 years for child porn

Nicholas Bolden
Nicholas Bolden
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GULFPORT - A former border patrol agent has been sentenced to a prison term of 6- 1/2 years for having child pornography on his government-issued computer.

Nicholas Bolden, 40, of Ocean Springs, also was sentenced for having CDs with sexually explicit pictures of children at the Border Patrol office in Gulfport.

U.S. District Judge Walter J. Gex III sentenced him Wednesday and ordered a $7,000 fine.

Court papers show Bolden accessed a Russian website with child porn at his workstation on March 1, 2012. Two months later, a CD with sexually explicit pictures of minors was found at his desk.

The Department of Homeland Security found additional items that were seized in the investigation. Bolden has agreed to forfeit a smartphone, laptop computer, mini memory card, thumb drives and several CDs.

Bolden pleaded guilty April 30 to charges filed by the U.S. Attorney's Office. He waived indictment and was taken into custody.

"There is no place among the dedicated professionals of DHS for anyone who so brazenly defies federal law," James E. Ward said in a news release. Ward is special agent in charge of the DHS Office of Inspector General field office in Atlanta.

U.S. Attorney Gregory K. Davis said Bolden "contributed to the abuse and sexual exploitation of innocent children while working as a trusted federal employee."

Davis said the sentencing represents ongoing efforts "to protect children and hold accountable those who exploit or endanger them."

Assistant U.S. Attorney Glenda R. Haynes prosecuted the case.

Bolden was convicted as part of Project Safe Childhood, a Justice Department initiative to use law enforcement partnerships to apprehend and prosecute those who exploit children on the Internet, and to identify and rescue the victims.

SC - Sex offenders living in fear - Mother gets threats because son and husband is on sex offender registry

This is exactly why the registry needs to be taken offline, like it originally was, and used by police only. If a parent wants to find out information, then they can go down to the court, sign some documents, and get the information, like it originally was. Vigilantism is a growing problem, as can been seen here.