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PERU - Peruvian Prison Aerobics

The United States could learn a lot from the Peruvian system which treats people with respect and dignity instead of demonizing and torturing them!

Video Description:
Convicted of kidnapping, Alejandro Nuñez del Arco brings together more than one thousand inmates to practice Full Body aerobics in the courtyard of one of Peru’s most notorious prisons. With armed guards peering from above, Nuñez del Arco attempts to break the world record for the most people simultaneously performing the exercise, whether inside a jail or not.

Would your kids pass the 'Predator Test'?

Child predator test
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By Ben Bamsey

For a parent, no thought is scarier than child abduction.

We teach our kids about the potential dangers of people they don't know, and we hammer into them a warning that they NEVER walk away with a stranger, but do they listen?

Raising America with Kyra Phillips” put kids to the test. What you will see on Friday, August 2 at 12 p.m. ET will shock you to the core.

One of our producers brought his dog to an Atlanta playground. He engaged with 20 children, attempting to get them to follow him to his vehicle. Many did. One even crawled into a dog crate in the back of the car.

HLN was given permission to conduct the test on every child involved. The parents understood that our objective was not to exploit their family, but rather to put their practices to the test and open up a stronger line of communication.

Rebecca Bailey, the therapist to kidnapping survivor Jaycee Dugard, strongly endorses this kind of testing in her book, "Safe Kids, Smart Parents: What Parents Need to Know to Keep Their Children Safe." Bailey suggests that parents avoid the words "stranger danger," opting for the phrase "people who you don't know" when discussing best safety practices.

The words 'stranger danger' are somewhat out of vogue these days,” she said in an interview with HLN. “What it connotes is someone that looks totally different, maybe the toothless people you see on TV as an abductor. You want kids to know that it’s not necessarily like that.

Bailey said parents must do more than just talk about safety procedures, they should test them, too.

"Kids are in the moment and word of a puppy is like a shiny object. They’re not really thinking with part of their mind… because critical judgment hasn’t developed yet. They’re instantly thinking, ‘Oh puppy,’” she said. “I’m glad you guys are doing this, because we do know that experiential learning helps people do things and learn things in a different way. So my guess is that any of these kids that went probably will never do that ever again.”

So what exactly can you do to ensure your child will not walk away when they see a puppy? And if they do get into a terrible situation, are there any techniques that could set them free? We’ll discuss in a live, one-hour special August 1 on HLN at 12 p.m. ET.

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MO - Missouri Legislators Threaten to Override Veto of Juvenile Sex Offender Registration Bill

Juvenile Sex Offenders
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Legislators in Missouri say they may make a move later this fall to override Gov. Jay Nixon’s recent veto of a bill that would have removed juveniles from public sex offender registries.

In an interview with The Missourian, Republican state Rep. Dave Hinson said the bill had strong support in the state legislature, which swept through the House earlier this year with unanimous approval before passing out of the Senate after a 28-4 vote.

However, the bill was subsequently vetoed by Nixon, who said the legislation would not protect victims’ rights or uphold public safety.

Due to the bill’s strong support in May, Hinson has not ruled out the possibility the legislature may try to overrule the veto this September.

Hinson said that juveniles who are required to register on the public lists can be hindered for life, noting that sex offenders tend to experience higher rates of unemployment. Juvenile sex offenders deserved an opportunity to be rehabilitated, he said.
- The same can be said for adult offenders also.

Approximately 560 offenders would have been removed from the state registries, had the bill not been vetoed — a number, Hinson said, representing about 5 percent of the total number of individuals listed on Missouri’s lists. Additionally, the bill would have allowed juvenile offenders to petition courts to have their names removed from other law enforcement registries five years after the offender’s released from custody or from when the offender was originally convicted.

Nixon said he vetoed the bill because it was overly broad and allowed offenders to be removed from sex offender lists before hearings from victims could be held. He was also critical of the portion of the bill that would have allowed offenders to petition courts to be removed from law enforcement registries, which Nixon argued would have limited judges’ discretion in determining whether an underage offender’s removal from the lists was in the best interests of the public.

[The bill] does not strike an appropriate balance between providing this relief to a limited class of juvenile sex offenders and the need to ensure public safety,” Nixon wrote.

UK - Ewell false rape claim teenager cautioned

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Diigo Post Excerpt:
A teenager has been given a caution for wasting police time by falsely claiming she was raped in an attack in Surrey.

The 18-year-old, from London, made the allegation in Ewell on 30 June.

She was found in the Cox Lane area and police said they spent much of the day interviewing people. Specialist officers also offered her support.

But later that evening, the woman told officers the allegation was false. Det Insp Antony Archibald said such reports were "deeply frustrating".

Surrey Police said said a "lot of staff" had been involved in investigating the complaint.

Mr Archibald said vital resources had been taken away from other people who may have needed them.

He added: "We have carefully considered what action could be taken against the woman and it was decided that a caution would be the most suitable form of punishment."

He urged genuine victims of sexual assault to continue to contact the force.

TURKEY - Proposal for harsher laws on sex crimes ready

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Since many in Turkey are Muslims and Islam says it's okay to have sex with children, will these Muslims be arrested, put in prison, and on a sex offender registry for life?


A commission of Cabinet members has just completed a new proposal to toughen punishments for sex crimes, news reports said on Wednesday.

According to reports, if the proposal is adopted, the age of consent will be raised from 15 to 18 in statutory rape trials; the minimum sentence for the crime of sexually abusing a minor will be set at 15 years; DNA samples will be collected from registered sex offenders and pedophiles and placed in a bank to easily identify perpetrators in repeat offenses; prosecutors will be able to bring sex crime charges against suspects without an official complaint from the victim; and even if a victim withdraws his or her complaint, the trial will continue. Under current legislation, these cases are dropped when victims withdraw their complaints.

The commission that drafted the proposal is headed by Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ. Other members include Family and Social Policy Minister Fatma Şahin and Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin.

Sources say Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan personally requested harsher punishments for sex offenders. The proposal is likely to be taken up as priority legislation when Parliament opens in October this year. Most of the drafting was done by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, reports say.

Several recent cases in the cities of Siirt and Bingöl involving the rape of minors repeatedly by many individuals -- including local officials and members of security forces, in some cases -- have caused outrage in Turkey. Courts have had to let some suspects in the cases go due to legal restrictions. Women's and children's rights groups have long been calling for tougher legislation on sex crimes. However, as the content of the draft has not yet been made public, the opinion of civil society is not yet clear.

IA - Former deputy (Christopher Lincecum) charged with sexual abuse

Christopher Lincecum
Christopher Lincecum
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ROCK RAPIDS - A former sheriff's deputy has been charged with sexual abuse, Iowa Department of Public Safety officials said Tuesday.

Christopher Lincecum, 35, was arrested and charged with third-degree sexual abuse.

Authorities said an investigation was started in June after allegations surfaced of a sexual assault involving a 15-year-old girl.

The Lyon County Sheriff's Office asked the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation to conduct the investigation.

Authorities said that the investigation revealed that on two occasions, the girl went on a ride-along with Lincecum while he was working as a deputy. On one of the ride-alongs, Lincecum had inappropriate sexual contact with the girl, authorities said.

Lincecum's employment with the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office ended in the spring of 2013 due to an unrelated matter.

Lincecum was charged in the case and then bonded out.

Conceived in Failure: The Adam Walsh Act’s Dangerous Consequences to Society

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By Jason Burkos

Executive Summary
This short analysis of the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act of 2006 and its implementation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania seeks to explore the background, philosophical failures and statistics to justify repeal of the AWA. Additionally, there are significant policy recommendations that provide real reforms that provide enhanced community safety while not violating Constitutional principles or denying the ability for former offenders to successfully reenter society. The AWA is a dangerous, destabilizing, retroactively applied law that:

  • destroys the successful reentry efforts of offenders
  • confuses the public by mixing sexually violent predators (SVP) and non-violent offenders who are placed into Tier 3 due to the age of their victim
  • compromises the ability of law enforcement to focus on SVP’s by exponentially increasing the number of offenders mandated to register
  • provides a false security by giving the perception of safety while in fact increasing the danger to the community

Essentially, the AWA seriously raises the danger to the community.

AWA was conceived by Congress to provide federally mandated guidelines to various state Megan’s Laws to ensure that certain basic guidelines be followed on a national level. The fear among law enforcement and community groups was that sex offenders (SO) were moving from strict enforcement states to less restrictive states or even falling out of supervision by moving multiple times in order to avoid law enforcement by exploiting loopholes. However, like many laws, the AWA included massive overreaching mandates, implemented Constitutionally questionable enforcement standards and included an inefficient “one size fits all” tier system. Beyond those criticisms, it is extremely expensive and incurs intensive legal challenges, such as the ones in Ohio that overturned the law due to its conflicts with the Ohio Constitution.

The AWA was the next phase in a variety of increasingly draconian sex offender laws, always in response to a high profile case. The stated goal is to protect children by publicly identifying and monitoring convicted sex offenders. However, considering that these laws focus on convicted offenders who have a national recidivism rate of 3.5% (US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics report), how does focusing on convicted offenders protect the victims of 97% of cases – assaults by parents, babysitters, and other individuals who have never been convicted of any crime? The focus, clearly, is on the wrong targets. This law was enacted to give the public the perception rather than the reality of safety.

Ironically, the two key individuals associated with the AWA were both involved in questionable sexual activities. Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL), the primary sponsor of the bill, resigned from Congress when it was discovered that he was sending inappropriate sexual messages to 16 year old boys in the Congressional Page Program. Not surprisingly, Congressman Foley was allowed to resign without charges being filed against him, and he now enjoys a lucrative career as a real estate broker in Palm Beach, FL. John Walsh, host of America’s Most Wanted, became an advocate for sex offender laws after the brutal murder of his son. However, Mr. Walsh takes his advocacy beyond supervision of sex offenders, and uses his television status to push for laws that on the surface sound effective, but in reality put communities in further danger. Ironically, Mr. Walsh admitted that he had a continuing and willfully illegal relationship with an underage girl. Again, no surprise, he never faced charges. Therefore, the AWA was sponsored by a child molester and advocated by an individual who admits predatory activity against an underage girl. So, who watches the watchers?

FL - Florida police sergeant (Penny Dane) reportedly resigns after posting nude pictures while on-duty

Penny Dane - Florida's Finest?
Penny Dane - Florida's Finest?
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And what do you know, it's in Florida where a great number of officers are committing sexual crimes.


A veteran Florida police sergeant has reportedly resigned after admitting to posting “extremely pornographic” pictures of herself online, including some in her uniform and while on-duty.

Daytona Beach Police Department Sgt. Penny Dane, an 18-year law enforcement veteran, admitted to accessing an online game called “Red Light Center,” a virtual sex club that resembles Amsterdam’s Red Light district, WKMG reports.

“It’s something in my 26 years in law enforcement that I’ve never seen,” Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood said.

Dane allegedly admitted to investigators that she sent the images while on the job. In all, 177 images were found on her office desktop computer, 97 images were found on a laptop inside her patrol car and at least 23 pictures were of Dane herself.

Extremely pornographic in nature, and in several of the photos that we have since discovered, she was in her uniform,” Chitwood continued.

Dane also intentionally turned off the GPS tracking device in her patrol car so she could access the photos for hours while she was supposed to be supervising other officers on patrol, Chitwood said.

Investigators were led to the discovery after Dane accused another officer of sexual harassment, leading to a review of her own emails. Chitwood said Dane’s sexual harassment claims were later proven false.

As we got into that hard drive, it was just mind boggling that you could be out of service for that long and just think you could get away with it,” Chitwood told WKMG.

CA - LAPD officer (Miguel Schiappapietra) pleads no contest to molesting girls

Miguel Schiappapietra
Miguel Schiappapietra
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CASTAIC - A Los Angeles police officer has pleaded no contest for allegedly sexually molesting one young girl and attempting to molest another after luring them to his home.

Prosecutors say 28-year-old Miguel Schiappapietra entered his plea Tuesday to two felony charges of lewd acts on a child under 14 years of age. He is expected to be sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to register as a sex offender when he returns Sept. 6 for sentencing.

Authorities say the two girls — ages 5 and 8 — told detectives they were lured into his home in Castaic in May, while he was off-duty.

Schiappapietra has been with the department for six years, and was working with the Foothill Division.

LAPD had no immediate comment on his job.

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