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OH - Former Clark deputy (Dustin William Hensley) faces federal sex charges

Dustin William Hensley
Dustin William Hensley
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By Steve Bennish

SPRINGFIELD - A recently resigned Clark County sheriff’s deputy jailed Tuesday evening on charges of sex with a minor faces federal charges related to producing child pornography, a charge that could bring 15 years in prison.

The investigation into Dustin William Hensley, 30, began with a federal probe into child pornography on the Internet, Clark County Prosecutor Andy Wilson said Wednesday.

Hensley’s Moorefield Twp. home was searched last week by agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a joint operation with Clark County Sheriff’s deputies, Wilson said.

Hensley was to appear in federal court in Dayton on Wednesday afternoon to face a single count of producing child pornography, Wilson said.

Wilson said the county turned Hensley over to federal custody and would hold off on pursuing state third-degree felony charges of one count of sexual battery and one count of unlawful sex with a minor until federal court action.

We’re turning him over to the U.S. Attorney’s office,” Wilson said. “We’ll let the federal system proceed and coordinate with them state charges.”

On each state charge alone, Hensley could receive five years in prison. According to the investigation, the youth involved in the pornography was a local male under the age of 16, Wilson said.

Hensley was arrested Tuesday at about 5:35 p.m. at his Dayton attorney’s office on West Second Street, and booked into the Clark County jail at 7:29 p.m. Hensley resigned Tuesday.

Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly said Hensley began with the sheriff’s office in July 2001 as a dispatcher and became a uniformed patrol officer in 2005 after working for a time in the jail.

Hensley’s only recent disciplinary incident as an employee was when he attempted to pursue a suspect in a theft and lost control of his cruiser, hitting a guard rail. Nothing in Hensley’s record as a law enforcement officer has any parallel to the charges he faces now, Kelly said.

Kelly asked that anyone who could have additional information about the case to contact authorities. He said the investigation and legal action shows that his office will not place officers of the law above the law.

We don’t care if you wear a badge or carry a gun,” he said. “We’ll work with any agency to be sure there is public trust.”

Hensley, he said, “is innocent until proven guilty.”

CAYMAN ISLANDS - Vigilante Sandra Catron starts her own sex offender registry

Sandra Catron
Sandra Catron
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We did have several comments on their Facebook page, but like usual, they don't like opposition and our comments were deleted and we were blocked.

She claims that there is no law saying they cannot do it, so therefore it's okay. But why are the police investigating them? Also, just because a law doesn't exist doesn't make it right.

And like suspected, she has ran for office in 2009.

Online registries like this are nothing more than online hit-lists for vigilantes to use, as can be seen here.


The relationship between the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and community activist Sandra Catron (Facebook) took a different turn this week, following the launch of new investigations against her sexual offenders’ registry.

According to a police spokesperson, the RCIPS is investigating the posting of details of sex offenders on a Facebook page called the Cayman Islands Sex Offender Registry (Facebook).

The community activist did not deny managing and administering the Facebook page and noted that she was made aware that the RCIPS is investigating the site.

My efforts for the registry have been ongoing for over seven years,” Ms Catron told Cayman Net News in an email. “The government has had ample time to put a programme in place and the fact that they haven’t done it sends a clear message to victims in this country. The goal is to protect other potential victims. Education is key and people need access to information,” she stated.

Ms Catron, who recently had a victory against the policy for conducting an unlawful search of her house and car, noted that she was offended by the cops’ attempts to frustrate her efforts to maintain an informed society.

I’m appalled to hear from several reliable sources that the RCIPS is attempting to shut down the Cayman Islands Sex Offender Registry. This sends a very clear message to victims and the entire world,” she asserted.

She noted that successive administrations had frustrated her work and establishing the Facebook page became one way to ensure that the objective of having a registry was achieved.

First, successive governments ignore the pleas to set up a government managed registry. Now that the citizens have had enough and are taking this initiative, they wish to bring legal charges against me and attempt to shut the registry down. I must admit that this is the one time that I welcome the RCIPS to come and arrest me,” she declared.

Honestly their scare tactics and obvious ongoing harassment is not going to work. I stand prepared to seek out international human rights groups and other entities for their support. I am extremely disappointed with this latest development. Victims have set aside their fear and have come forward to assist me with the publications for the registry, so I will stand strong also. By stopping me, the RCIPS will not stop the publication, as there are others not located in Cayman who have ample administrative rights to the page. It’s very apparent that the RCIPS has a personal vendetta against me and are systematically harassing me whenever they can. They can do so, but it will be at their own legal peril,” Ms Catron stated.

Up to the time of going to press, the Facebook page had 625 likes.

The registry was finally set up over the weekend and the support has truly been overwhelming,” Ms Catron said.

As a result of several current rape cases in court, I have decided we can no longer remain silent on the issue. Many victims from years gone by have come forward and are providing content and details of their assaults. Sexual abuse and rape are deep-seated issues in these islands and we must take all steps to eradicate them” she said.

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NV - Federal Cuts Mean Less Child Porn Prosecutions

MoneyOriginal Article

Send us your money! Nothing more than a scare tactic to get more of your hard earned money. There is more crime out there than just child porn being spread, but they know that tugs at your heart, which you are more likely to donate.


By Cristina Rodda and Tim Zietlow

LAS VEGAS - U. S. Attorney for Nevada Daniel Bogden said sequestration is affecting his office's ability to prosecute child pornographers in Nevada.

The last cut equaled a loss of $1 million and more sequestration cuts are possible.

Bogden said the cuts are terrible timing because there are more child pornography cases than ever thanks to the growth of the Internet.

On the Internet, child porn is not limited to pictures of naked children.

"One was a room where they actually were able to take young children and actually sexually assault then while they were video cameraing them," Bogden said. "Then they were using a feed and sending it out throughout the nation."

Bogden said that's just one of the worst cases his office prosecuted.

Worse yet, a victim these days is a victim over and over and over again, because those images stay in cyberspace.

Shooting fish in a barrel"I just couldn't think of a worse victimization of a child," Bogden said.

In 2006, the Justice Department created Project Safe Childhood.

The department joined federal, state and local attorneys and law enforcement to go after people committing such crimes.

"I've been told by those officers and those agents that there are so many defendants out there it's like shooting fish in a barrel," Bogden said.

Fishing offenders out is one thing; getting a conviction is another.

Bogden said he's short 12 assistant U.S. attorneys.

This year, when the Justice Department lost $1.6 billion in federal funding, Bogden said it trickled down to the Nevada office as a $1 million budget cut.

Bogden said in 2014, the Justice Department is expected to be cut by $2.2 billion.