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NJ - Sheriff's Officer (Thomas Ingham) Indicted on Sexual Assault Charges

Thomas Ingham
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By Daniel Hubbard

An Essex County Sheriff's officer has been indicted on sexual assault charges, Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia Valdes announced Monday.

Thomas Ingham, 48, of Wayne, was indicted on multiple charges: sexual assault, criminal sexual assault, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, and two counts of lewdness.

If convicted, Ingham could serve 10 years in state prison on the sexual assault charge alone. He would have to serve 85 percent of the sentence for that charge before being eligible for parole. He is currently free on $150,000 bail.

Ingham was arrested Oct. 11 following an investigation by the prosecutor’s office Special Victims Unit, a press release issued by Valdes stated.

The charges are based on allegations of sexual conduct between Ingham and two female children who were friends of his family. The sexual conduct allegedly occurred between 2002 and 2010 when the girls were between 8 and 15 years old and would visit his Wayne home, Valdes said.

CA - Ex-Maywood policeman (Ryan Allen West) gets 19 years in prison for sex attacks

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By Andrew Blankstein

A former Maywood police K-9 officer was sentenced Tuesday to 19 years in state prison after pleading no contest to sexually assaulting five women while on duty over a two-year period starting in 2006, authorities said.

Ryan Allen West, 33, pleaded no contest to five felonies including two counts of rape and three counts of penetration of a foreign object. The victims were 20 to 50 years old.

At one point, West faced a total of 42 counts but under the plea deal accepted by Superior Court Judge George Lomeli, 37 of them were dismissed. West admitted to sexually assaulting the five women.

Los Angeles County Deputy District Attys. Stephanie Sparagna and Rosa Alarcon with the Justice System Integrity Division prosecuted the case.

The West case was the most serious misconduct incident at the small southeast L.A. County police department, which long had a reputation for hiring misfit cops.

In 2007, a Times investigation into the city's Police Department found that at least a third of the officers on the force had either left other police jobs under a cloud or had brushes with the law while working for Maywood.

During that period, several officers left Maywood after being convicted of crimes.

The Times reported in 2008 that West was hired by Maywood in September 2004 after he resigned amid allegations of misconduct from his job as a police officer in Brawley, Calif., about 30 miles north of Mexicali, Mexico, according to a law enforcement source.

FL - Sexual Predator Signs - Florida sheriff going beyond the law?

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Video Description:
A sheriff in Bradford County, FL (Facebook, Photos, Photos), is installing bright red signs in front of the homes of sexual predators. Will the policy cause more problems than it solves by inviting scorn and violence against all the inhabitants in the home?

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The Wellhouse - I-20: The Sex Trafficking Superhighway

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"Sex trafficking, the forced prostitution of women and girls, is a billion-dollar industry and growing. As shocking as it may seem, it is happening here in America. It is happening in your city, at this very moment. That is why The WellHouse needs your help. By collaborating with law enforcement, we can rescue victims from the sex trade, nurturing and helping them realize their potential. Together, we can change the story of these lives." - The Wellhouse

See Jane go to jail!

The following was posted on Jane Valez-Mitchell's Facebook page, and she claims she will experience what it's "really" like in jail? Come on, with her being well known, and spending only one night in jail, there is no way in hell she will experience what it's really like! Why don't you get some unknown reporter to do this, for a week or two, and arrested for child molestation? Then you might have a chance to see what it's really like, if the people setting it up don't tell the prison guards and inmates.

Facebook post description:
Tonight Jane goes Behind Bars. Jane was 'arrested' finger-printed, processed and spent a night in prison to see what life behind bars is really like. See the full story tonight at 7pm ET on HLN (Story).

CANADA - Canadian Boy, 14, Charged With Child Porn After Making Sex Tape With 15-Year-Old

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By Evan Bleier

Canadian police are charging a 14-year-old boy with child pornography after he allegedly videotaped himself having sex with a 15-year-old girl and then posted it online.

The video was posted on a social media site back In April after a party, Const. Pierre Bourdages said. “This is very unusual,” Bourdages said. “It’s not something we’ve seen lately. It’s very troubling.”

According to Bourdages, the sex was consensual, but posting the video on the Internet was not. Bourdages wouldn’t comment on the status of the relationship between the two teens.

It’s unclear how many people saw the video. "The video was taken down very quickly by the social media site," said Bourdages. "The Internet being what it is, we know that the video was deleted from the social media site, but we will never be sure that that video is not somewhere else."

Criminal law and social media experts say that police and prosecutors may be trying to send a strong signal that the victimization of young women via the Internet is unacceptable, The National Post reported.
- What about victimization of young men?  Sex crimes are not just a male only crime!

Robert Currie, a professor of law at Dalhousie University in Halifax, said police have opted to issue warnings instead of bringing charges after these types of incidents in the past. “What this might indicate is we have more willingness to charge,” he said. “The perspective police had been taking up to this point was to try to educate.”

The boy is scheduled to appear youth court on June 20 on charges of possessing, making and distributing child pornography. The names of the teens have not been released because of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

IL - WE MADE A DIFFERENCE! (Illinois Voices)

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This just goes to show you that if you take a stand, you can make a difference. Congratulations Illinois Voices!

The 2013 Illinois Legislative Session ended this past Friday, and we are happy to report that Illinois Voices and its supporters made a huge difference this year. Nearly every bill that was proposed that would have negatively impacted sex offenders was defeated. Even the few bills that did make it through were amended to soften their impact.

One huge victory for this year was the stalling of two bills, one in the House and one in the Senate, that attempted to make Illinois compliant with the federal Adam Walsh Act. Neither bill made it out of committee, thanks to the efforts of Illinois Voices and several other organizations.

Another win was the stalling of a bill that would have required community service for individuals who could not afford the $100 annual registration fee. Representative Nekritz, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, contacted Illinois Voices for input on this bill, and she was quite supportive of the ideas we offered. We plan to push for legislation next year that will keep people from being denied registration if they cannot afford the $100 fee.

A number of other bills either died in committee, or were positively amended before they were passed. What is very clear is that Illinois Legislators were swayed by both the critical information Illinois Voices provided them, and by the huge amount of opposition they received through witness slips. Bills that would have glided through the House and Senate unopposed in the past were debated, discussed, and in many cases, died in committee.

We are working on our latest Newsletter which will contain much more about what happened this year in Springfield. In the mean time, please continue to support Illinois Voices with your generous donation of time and money. Even though this session is over, we are already preparing for the Fall Veto Session and for next year's legislative session. We all must remain vigilant!

As always, thank you for your continued support.

The False Allegation Epidemic

Video Description:
On the increasing prevalence of false accusations made by women against men in the areas of rape, domestic violence and child sexual abuse. Looks at the tragic consequences for men as their lives are destroyed by lying women, with many even driven to suicide by the false allegations.

This film is part of a Bitesize series of short clips that looks at individual elements of Feminism, Equality and Misandry in society.