Friday, May 24, 2013

LA - Vitter Introduces Welfare Reform Amendments to Farm Bill

This is the same person who was involved in his own sex scandal, and now he passes a law to deny food stamps to ex-sex offenders?

So the truth comes out... They make it impossible for ex-sex offenders to get jobs, housing, targets of vigilantism, and now food? What's next, no water as well? So the truth is, they want all ex-sex offenders dead apparently.

How is it that this man is still in office when he committed a crime himself? He should be on the sex offender registry!

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OH - Registered Sex Offender Compliance Checks

UK - Man (Daniel Martin) admits killing sex offender by setting fire to his home

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And yet another example of why the sex offender lists should be taken offline and used by police only. How many people are going to be murdered before this is done?


By Matt Lloyd

A man has admitted killing a Midland sex offender after starting a blaze at his home.

Daniel Martin, 24, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of [name withheld] when he appeared at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday.

[name withheld] died at his flat in Chedworth Close, Warndon, Worcester, in December 2011 after Martin set fire to wheelie bins placed by the front door.

The blaze quickly gutted the property, killing the 52-year-old who had convictions for indecent assault and gross indecency dating from the 1980s and 90s.

The killer, previously of Canterbury Road, Ronkswood, will be sentenced on July 26.

Yesterday Detective Chief Inspector Paul Williamson said: “This will save [name withheld]'s family the rigours of a trial and they also welcome Martin’s guilty plea.”

This landmark in the case means we are nearing the end of what has been a long and complex investigation.”

It is now more than 18 months since the fire occurred at Andrew’s flat and Martin has finally admitted his is responsible for his death.”

When he was killed, his family asked the police and the public to help them find some answers; I hope this conviction has gone some way to do that.”

I would like to thank all those members of the public who offered statements and came forward as witnesses; their efforts have led directly to today’s conviction.”

Three other people have been charged with perverting the curse of justice in relation to the case and are due to stand trial.

OR - Beaverton officer (Christopher R. Warren) arraigned in Vancouver child sex abuse case

Christopher R. Warren
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By Tom Hallman Jr.

A Vancouver woman alarmed after hearing a 5-year-old girl talk about bathing rituals contacted authorities who interviewed the child and then arrested a Beaverton police officer now charged with the rape of a child, according a police statement filed Thursday in Clark County Superior Court.

Christopher R. Warren, 33, who lives in Vancouver, was arrested at his home Wednesday night in the 9200 block of Northeast 14th Way.

He was arraigned Thursday and is being held in the Clark County Jail.

The case began in early May when Vancouver police were sent to interview a woman, who contacted them to said she had a series "red flags" raised following a conversation with the child.

The conversation became charged when the girl mentioned issues that the woman felt hinted at sexual abuse.

The girl, who was not sick, talked about medicine being used on her "potty."

Police specialists interviewed the woman and the girl, who said her "potty" hurt when it was penetrated by a pencil. After that, more medicine, she said, was applied, the court document said.

Warren was placed on paid administrative leave last month when he was arrested in Washington County on accusations that included food stamp fraud, theft of at least $1,000 from the state of Oregon.

Officer Mike Rowe, a Beaverton police spokesman, said Warren is still on paid leave and an internal investigation is ongoing.

Warren pleaded not guilty to unlawfully obtaining of public assistance, unlawfully obtaining food stamps, theft and unsworn falsification charges on April 30. He is scheduled to appear in Washington County Circuit Court next Tuesday.

Warren joined the Beaverton Police Department in 2004 after spending two years as a reserve officer. He was placed on paid leave in September 2009 when the Multnomah County district attorney's office investigated claims he inappropriately touched a girl when he was 17, the agency said.

The case was dropped in April 2010.

He was placed on paid leave again one month later, the police department said. At the time, Multnomah and Washington County investigators were looking into allegations that he failed to report suspected child abuse involving one of his childhood friends, according to a memo from Multnomah County prosecutors detailing the investigation.

The friend, Sugar Ray Black, was convicted in 2010 in the sexual abuse of three girls who were 14 years old or younger, court records show. He was sentenced to six years and three months in prison.

Warren was fired from the Beaverton Police Department in January 2011 and then reinstated nine months later as a desk officer, police said.

Warren allegedly applied for food stamps in Oregon after he was fired even though he was living in Vancouver. He is accused of also continuing to collect food stamps three months after he rejoined the police department.

UK - Dad falsely accused of being paedophile on Facebook found hanged

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This is what happens when you have self proclaimed "saviors of children" who harass many people claiming they are "pedophiles" but who are not. Innocent people lose their lives. There are many groups online who claim to "out" pedophiles, but they do nothing except break the law, harass people, and make libelous claims.  The person or persons responsible should be sent to prison for murder.


By Steve White

A dad found hanged in a cemetery was driven to suicide after he was falsely accused on Facebook of being a paedophile, his family claim.

Steven Rudderham, 48, was traumatised when his name, address and photograph were published online, with a message calling him a “dirty perv”.

Within 15 minutes, the message had been shared hundreds of times and he received death threats via the social network.

An inquest heard he was found hanged in the graveyard three days later.

His daughter Bethany Beaumont told the hearing: “They’ve destroyed an innocent life for no reason. It was disgusting.”

His mother Carol Matthews said: “I want to know why someone did something like that. I hope they rot in hell. It took a person’s life. We will never get over it.”

Mr Rudderham was a bricklayer and was working towards examinations as a building site manager before the internet accusations, an inquest in Hull heard.

The family explained that Steven spotted a 14-year-old girl giving out contact details to a 60-year-old man on Facebook and added a comment warning her not to give out her details to people she didn’t know.

Steven’s father, David Matthews, 66, said that another user then made a copy of his son’s profile picture and posted it with a banner labelling him a paedophile.

David, who lives with his wife Carol, 69, in Hull, said: “Within 15 minutes over 100 people had shared the picture of my son and it went viral.”

"Steven was getting death threats and threats that if he was spotted on the streets that he’d be castrated or hung.”

"He hated paedophiles so to be called one himself was devastating to him.”

Bethany, 19, told the inquest: “There were people who had known him for years commenting on it, he was so upset.”

"He stayed at my house that night because of what the comments were saying, about people coming to his house and smashing it up.”

The darts fan, who proudly posed with top pro Phil “the Power” Taylor, saw Bethany every day and she realised the profound effect the accusations were having on him.

She said: “He couldn’t believe it. He just looked at the wall and wouldn’t eat. It was like someone had ripped his life apart.”

Mr Rudderham discussed giving police a memory stick with evidence but it was recovered from Mr Rudderham's body. Police have also seized a computer hard drive.

Mr Rudderham's family say he served time in prison in 2010 for fighting but had no convictions for sex offences.

The inquest heard there had been no evidence of medical depression in the months before his death. No drugs and no significant amounts of alcohol were found.

Recording a verdict of suicide, Coroner Paul Marks said: “The medical cause of death was hanging.”

"He was actively pursuing a qualification to improve his status and job prospects. In the last few days of his life, he received a pejorative message on a social networking site which greatly troubled him.”

Police confirmed they are considering an investigation into the Facebook posts.

Mr Rudderham is said to have reported comments to Facebook who removed them.