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CA - Supremacist (Charles Francis Gaskins) jailed for killing sex offender

Charles Gaskins & Sandra Sheaves
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This is exactly why the sex offender registry needs to be taken offline and used by police only!


A Northern California white supremacist convicted of killing a child molester has been sentenced to 26 years to life in prison, while his wife - convicted of being an accessory - will be released from jail in about two months, The Sacramento Bee reported Saturday.

Charles Francis Gaskins, 48, was sentenced Friday after pleading no contest in March for the killing of [name withheld] in 2009. A probation report said Gaskins was a member of a supremacist group that required its members to attack anyone with a history of child molestation.

Gaskins and his wife - Sandra Sheaves - was living in a home she owned in Carmichael, a community outside of Sacramento, when they allowed the 66-year-old [name withheld] to move in. Gaskins had met [name withheld] while they were both serving time in prison, The Bee said.

When Sheaves discovered on the Megan's Law website that [name withheld] was a registered sex offender, she told Gaskins.

Gaskins and Sheaves confronted [name withheld] in the garage of the home, with Gaskins killing him by repeatedly hitting him in the head with a large rock, prosecutors said.

[name withheld]' body was later found dumped along the side of a rural road about 35 miles away in Placerville.

As part of his no-contest plea, Gaskins insisted authorities go easy on Sheaves, who also was charged with [name withheld]' murder.

Prosecutors agreed, allowing her to plead no contest to accessory to murder. Sheaves, 43, was sentenced to eight years in prison.

"In a way, you almost instigated this, by showing the information from Megan's Law to Mr. Gaskins," Sacramento Superior Court Judge Sharon Lueras said in sentencing Sheaves.

With time served and other factors, Sheaves is expected to be released in 66 days, according to her attorney, James Warden.

KS - Former Wichita police officer (Greg P. Nicks) sentenced to life for child sex crimes

Greg P. Nicks
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A former Wichita police officer received consecutive life prison sentences Friday for sexually abusing a 15-month-old girl.

Greg P. Nicks, 32, was given a life sentence on each of four counts of sexual exploitation of a child, and he was ordered to serve two of the sentences consecutively. He will have to serve 50 years before becoming eligible for parole.

Prosecutors said Nicks was arrested after sending sexually explicit cellphone pictures of himself and the girl to a woman he was having a sexual relationship with. The woman, Luz Coronado, 29, is serving a sentence of life without parole for 25 years on similar charges. Prosecutors said police were tipped off by the girl’s mother.

Defense lawyer Mark Schoenhofer said his client never had sexual contact with the girl. At the time, he said, Nicks was a body builder who was using steroids.

The steroids not only increased Mr. Nicks’ muscularity, (they) also increased his appetite for sex,” Schoenhofer said in a written motion seeking a lighter prison sentence. “Mr. Nicks began leading a life of debauchery and over-indulgence in carnal pleasure. … The illicit relationship with Ms. Coronado advanced down a dark and perverted course of sexual promiscuity, including explicit text messages rife with sexual content.”

Nicks told District Judge Terry Pullman that his relationship with Coronado was an aberration.

What I did is not what I am,” he said. “I’m just asking for a second chance. I won’t need a third.”

Prosecutor Justin Edwards introduced three written statements at the hearing, including one from the victim’s mother. She said Nicks had used her daughters — the 15-month-old and a 4-month-old — as sex objects to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

I feel that Greg Nicks is beyond help and will act again on the impulse if given an opportunity,” she said in the statement.

Schoenhofer argued that no one was physically injured by Nicks’ behavior, and that the girls will have no memories of what Nicks did with them. Pullman said that doesn’t lessen the magnitude of the crime. He likened the crime to raping a comatose victim in a nursing home.

A victim is no less a victim if there is no recollection of the injuries,” he said before imposing the sentence.

Nicks worked for the Wichita Police Department for just over three years beginning in 2006. He is a former football player for the Wichita Wild and the University of Kansas.

VA - Former Southwest Virginia police officer (Edward Shane Kiser) sentenced for sending sexual messages to teen

Edward Shane Kiser
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By Wes Bunch

GATE CITY - A former police officer for the town of Coeburn will spend the next year in prison after he was sentenced Friday in Scott County Circuit Court for using Facebook to solicit sex from a minor.

Edward Shane Kiser, 28, Retford Road, Coeburn, was given a five-year prison sentence by 30th Circuit Court Judge John Kilgore with all but one year suspended. Kiser was also ordered to submit to six months of home electronic monitoring following his release.
- Of course!  The general public gets years in prison while police officers continue to catch breaks!

Kiser was also required by the court to register as a sex offender.

Scott County Commonwealth’s Attorney Marcus McClung said Kiser’s sentence exceeded state guidelines, which called for no jail time to be given.

The judge ignored the state guidelines and went ahead and sentenced him,” McClung said.

McClung said he felt Kiser’s actions betrayed the trust members of the public place in law enforcement officers.

We were really disgusted with this case because it was a law enforcement officer,” McClung said. “I work with law enforcement officers everyday who put their lives on the line, and for this officer to have sworn to protect us and then to try and solicit sex from this little girl, it disgusts me.”

During Friday’s hearing, Kiser was called to the stand by prosecutors. During his testimony, Kiser reportedly tried to attribute his actions to an undercover operation that was working to take down a prostitution ring.

Scott County prosecutors countered those claims by calling a Virginia State Police special agent to the stand and having him read several of Kiser’s Facebook messages to his victim, one of which asked the girl if she would “let him hit it.”

At no time was there anything that you would do during an undercover operation, such as asking how much money or any of those things,” McClung said. “He also failed to mention that in his interview with police and none of his superiors showed up to verify this was an undercover investigation. His statement this morning was the first time we had heard of that.”

Virginia State Police arrested Kiser in August 2012 following a week-long investigation that began when the girl’s parents contacted Scott County authorities.

Kiser was a member of the Coeburn Police Department when he began sending the sexually explicit messages, but he resigned from the force roughly a week before being taken into custody.

McClung said his office prosecuted the case because the girl who received the messages lived in Scott County at the time.

Authorities said Kiser met the girl last year when he was investigating a noise complaint involving juveniles at a gas station in Coeburn.

Kiser reportedly learned the girl’s identity as a result of the incident, which allowed him to identify her profile on the social networking website Facebook.

After finding her profile, Kiser used Facebook to carry on what the prosecution described as a “long conversation” in which he asked the girl to perform sexual acts with him.

A large portion of that conversation was actually carried out between Kiser and an undercover VSP special agent who had been given permission by the girl’s parents to assume control of her Facebook profile.

Kiser reportedly communicated unknowingly with the special agent for nearly a week before being arrested.

OK - Juveniles on Oklahoma's Sex Offender Registry. Report Says It Violates Human Rights

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See the video at the link above.


35 states put juveniles on sex offender registries,” said Fox 25 Legal Analyst David Slane.
- We believe this is part of SORNA (PDF), so if states want to comply, then they have to put juveniles on the registry.

Oklahoma is one of those states.

In Oklahoma you can be put on their as young as 15.”

But a recent Human Rights Watch Report claims placing juveniles on a sex offender registry does more harm than good and calls it a violation of human rights.

Teenagers sometimes do really stupid things and to be punished for the rest of their life is pretty harsh,” said Slane.

Slane said in Oklahoma juveniles end up on the registry for offenses ranging from sexting all the way to rape.

In some cases they face lifetime registration for something they did when they were 14 or 13 years old.”

Something he said can ruin a young person's future.

There's certain jobs they’re not going to get. They will never have the chance to be a fireman, a police officer or a teacher because of that one indiscretion.”

The judge should be able to put them in there regardless of their age,” said State Senator Kyle Loveless.
- If it was your child on the list, we're sure you'd say otherwise.

Loveless said the registry does not violate any human rights.

They're responsible for their actions so they should be responsible for their crimes.”
- They are children, not adults!

He said regardless of age the sex offender registry is there for a reason.

To keep them away from our kids. That’s what it comes down to.”

Some parents we spoke with are on board for putting minors on the list.

I would want access to the information,” said mother of 7, Elizabeth Hannah.
- And we'd like access to ALL criminal records on an online registry for the world to see.

Others say it goes too far.

That means in today’s world there’s no chance for that young man or woman to be redeemed after that. They’re basically lost to society,” said parent Ed Sniffin.

IA - Coming Sunday: Register investigation into sex offenders with weapons

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Should Iowa’s registered sex offenders be allowed to carry weapons in public?
- Yes, vigilantism happens all the time, and they should have the right to carry a weapon to protect themselves just like everybody else.

In Sunday’s Des Moines Register and at, learn how many sex offenders across the state have permits to carry guns.

And see what state lawmakers and law enforcement officers, including an FBI official, said after learning how many of Iowa’s convicted sex offenders have weapons permits.
- Oh I'm sure they freaked out and got their panties in a wad!

Not everyone agrees on the question of whether sex offenders should be allowed to obtain gun permits and carry weapons in public. Some university researchers believe that “there’s no blanket way of stating that sex offenders are more dangerous than everybody else.”

[name withheld], 26, of Dubuque, also wants people to know that he has the constitutional right to carry guns despite being listed on Iowa’s sex offender registry.

You should not take your rights for granted,” [name withheld] said. “Stand up for your rights. Don’t be afraid to fight for your rights and make them known.”

[name withheld], 26, is on the registry from an incident that took place when he was 17, according to state records. He said that while mushroom hunting, he was caught masturbating by a 12-year-old girl who asked what he was doing. He said he replied with a flippant comment that he didn’t really mean: “Why don’t you get on your (explicative) knees and take care of this matter.”

Should that have been said? No, but at the same time, I don’t sit here lurking around the corner trying to find a 15-year-old kid,” [name withheld] said. “Ever since then I’ve been more of wanting to make sure they’re 18 or whatever when I talk to them and if I have doubts, I just don’t talk with them.”

The criminal complaint against [name withheld] outlines three times when he allegedly solicited sex from the girl. In one situation, he allegedly grabbed the girl’s hand and rubbed his penis with it. At another time he allegedly held her down on the bed and later offered to buy her dinner if she agreed not to talk. [name withheld] was convicted in 2005 on a charge of assault with the intent to commit sexual abuse — an aggravated misdemeanor.
- So was he charged with the "offenses" you mentioned?  If not, then they are irrelevant!

He was granted his permit to carry a weapon in February 2011, shortly after Iowa’s “shall issue” law took effect. He said he has hunted since early childhood, and now he generally carries a handgun with him wherever he legally can, largely for protection from anyone who might wish to do him harm, he said.

[name withheld]’s handgun was loaded and cocked but had its safety on when he pulled the weapon from a holder in his waistband to show a Register reporter and photographer. He said he did draw the weapon once on a man he believes was homeless because, he said, the man was intent on harming him. The man put his hands up and backed away and nobody was injured in the incident, he said.

I’d prefer to have seen him dead, in my opinion,” [name withheld] said.
- That is not the kind of attitude you should be showing in a news report, or you might find your right gone simply based on your own words!

Dubuque County Sheriff Don Vrotsos said he wouldn’t have issued the permit to [name withheld] but, by law, was required to since his conviction is not a felony.

I have to do what the law tells me to do,” Vrotsos said. “If it was up to my discretion, I would say no.”
- That is why police and the general public doesn't make laws. If they did, nobody would have any rights.

TN - Dangerous dog map compared to sex offender registry - What about one for all dangerous criminals?

So we have the sex offender registry, and other states are proposing other registries. When will we have an online registry of all dangerous criminals?

Why does a judge get to decide if a dog is "dangerous" or not, what about an evaluation from an expert dog trainer?

What about a dangerous police officer registry? Then we could have an app on our phone to alert us when a dangerous cop is around, so we can avoid them. If it saves just one person from getting their butt kicked by a cop, isn't it worth it?

CA - Examining Chelsea's Law: Part I

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By Shelomith Stow

Several months ago two organizations, Chelsea’s Light Foundation and Chelsea’s Shield, received a flurry of publicity and promotion. Both operate under the auspices of Brian King, father of Chelsea King, a California teenager raped and murdered in 2010 by a registered sex offender. Yesterday, with the announcement that Chris Kelly, a former Facebook executive, has joined with the King family, more publicity on their highly publicized political agenda will be forthcoming.

This will be a two-part series analyzing Chelsea’s Law, the legislation that the organizations and those associated with them, are pushing in every state.

As the two parts that make up the series were originally written as stand-alone pieces, there is some overlap in details.

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