Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NY - Schneiderman To Address Sex Offender Trailers Wednesday Night In Riverhead

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By Carol Moran

Suffolk County Legislator Jay Schneiderman has invited community members to air their thoughts and grievances on the delay in closing two trailers housing homeless convicted sex offenders in Southampton Town at a public meeting tonight at the Riverhead County Center at 7 p.m.

Mr. Scheiderman also said he plans to share what details he knows about Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone’s plan to close the trailers and address the issue of homeless sex offenders in the county. Mr. Bellone, he said, will announce the details of that plan at a the Suffolk County Legislature Public Safety Committee meeting tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. at the William H. Rogers Building in Hauppauge.

The trailers, one in Riverside and one in Westhampton, house about 40 of the county’s homeless convicted sex offenders. They have been the source of much contention for the town officials and residents who feel they are unfairly shouldering the burden of the county.

In May, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone announced that he would devise a plan to have the trailers removed by the start of 2013, although that did not come to fruition. Instead, he renewed his promise to reveal a more comprehensive plan that would not only address the trailers, but would also tackle the issue of the homeless in general in the county on a more widespread level.

Mr. Schneiderman said he expects that the plan will seek to distribute the homeless sex offenders evenly throughout the county, and will allow for greater monitoring of their locations. He said the Suffolk County Police Department and Parents for Megan’s Law, a not-for-profit dedicated to the prevention of child sex abuse, will work closely with the county administration to implement the plan and track the offenders.

Mr. Bellone will introduce the plan to the Suffolk County Legislature with a certificate of necessity, which will expedite the process and allow the Legislature to vote on a resolution at a meeting on February 5, Mr. Schneiderman said. However, he explained that the resolution will then need 12 votes, a super majority, rather than the 10 that are normally required to pass a resolution.

The con basically is that you have all these legislators who really aren’t inclined to solve this problem because it’s convenient for them to have this problem isolated on the East End,” he said. “So any movement away from that is a movement toward another sex offender in their community. So that’s kind of an inherent problem.”

In 2011, the county announced that a new program had been devised that involved six permanent residences for homeless sex offenders, each housing up to six individuals. Mr. Scheiderman said he believed that plan had been put on the back burner as a second option if Mr. Bellone’s plan does not pass.

The Brian Banks story - Wrongly accused of rape at 16

Brian Banks
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People don't believe it until it happens to them, but instead of proving someone did something "beyond a reasonable doubt," all it takes is someone to accused you of a sex crime, and your life is over. Brian is one of the many examples, which can be seen by clicking the "WronglyAccused" label above.

"I’m beginning to see myself re-trained, re-focused, and re-created. I thank God for keeping me another day." - Brian Banks

They say 1 out 3 African American men will experience incarceration at some point of their life. Having only 2 close friends, Brian Banks was that third. On July 8th, 2002 at the age of 16, and on a fast track to a promising college and NFL career, he was arrested on the charges of raping another student on campus.

Awaken by the heavy knee to his back and barked orders of a cop, Brian was forced from bed and stood cuffed in boxers as he was told to quickly pick something to wear. The police were in his room and with guns drawn. Their voices imitating the sound of calm, their actions filled with anxiety. Shit just got real. It was the beginning of a true act of evil. As police took him into custody and from his home, he could only watch as his mother drop to her knees shouting in terror as they lead him, her middle child, out the door. The LA Times and news reports said, “Long Beach Poly High School Football Player Arrested for Rape”. For the next 10 years he will endure some of America’s greatest nightmares, with the question “why”, an answered prayer, and an amazing struggle for vindication.

Brian was, by all accounts, a high school football star. At the early age of 16, Brian stood 6’3″ tall, 225 pounds, and played the position of middle linebacker for the legendary Long Beach Poly High School. In fact, Banks’ physical fitness and his great speed for his size meant he was heavily recruited by a number of NCAA Division I football programs. At the time of the incident, the University of Southern California had offered him a full-ride scholarship. Other universities also expressed an interest in Banks, including Colorado State, the University of Illinois, the University of Nebraska, the University of California – Los Angeles, the University of Oklahoma, the University of Arizona, Michigan State University, Utah State University, and the University of Kansas. It is indisputable that Banks was on the fast-track to a free college education and a potentially successful football career..

Prisons are often the scenes of brutality, violence and stress. Hear a story of struggle and triumph as one 16 year old boy spends the next 5 years and 2 months behind bars as a wrongfully convicted sex offender. His day to day struggles once released from prison, and the emotional roller-coaster of such an inhumane experience.

LA - Dog accused of rape?

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WESTLAKE (KPLC) - Donte is a 1-year-old Basset Hound who, like any other dog, likes a good treat and enjoys the finer things in life. Like jumping on his owner Yvette Richard.

The puppy has a love of his own, and it's caused quite a stir in his Westlake, Louisiana neighborhood.

"Basically, they're saying that my dog raped their dog," Richard said.

You heard right. Dog raped their dog. For clarity's sake, let's start at the beginning.

"We keep our dogs locked up in the back like you see we have a fenced in back yard. Well, we had no idea there was a little spot he could weasel out of and he did," Richard said. "We have pictures of the holes he had in his fence, well my dog got in but there's never been any proof that they even locked up."

Neighbors who called police said Donte was getting into their yard and mating with their dog, but that wasn't the reason they called police. They say it's because Donte snapped at their kids. It's a claim Richard thinks impossible.

"Our dogs, our animals are very friendly," she said. "They may be a little spunky, but they're friendly."

Westlake Police Chief Michael Dickerson said Richard was given a ticket for a second offense of a city ordinance that prohibits dogs running at large.

Back to that claim about Donte raping another dog. That comes from the comment line on the ticket that says "this dog breed another dog unwanted." Since no one really knows if the dog is pregnant, including the owners who didn't want to speak on camera, this is a case the courts will have to decide.

"I have a court date tomorrow because of this. I want to know who gets registered as the sex offender. Me or the dog," Richard joked.