Sunday, January 27, 2013

NV - Mary Kay Beckman Sues Match.Com After Date Attacks Her

Mary Kay Beckman
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This is not about a sexual crime, but it is similar to the Carol Markin incident? Meeting people, online or in a bar, is dangerous, period, and the court should through this out. She needs to take responsibility for her own actions. Was she almost killed due to her own stupidity, telling the man where she lived? It's horrendous what she has been through, and the man should be convicted of attempted murder, spending the rest of his life in prison, but sueing for your own stupidity? If she wins, which is doubtful, then are all web sites going to be required to do background checks on everyone? And there are discrepancies in the two videos below. The dates don't jive. So who is right?



A Las Vegas woman is suing for $10 million, after the online dating service allegedly paired her with a man who stabbed her 10 times in the face and chest in an attempt to kill her.

Mary Kay Beckman, 50, claims in a lawsuit filed earlier this month that she joined the website looking for a "healthy loving relationship," but instead was nearly killed.

Beckman says she went on a few dates in October 2011 with [name withheld], but after ending the relationship came home one day to find him in her garage with a knife.
- How did the man know where you lived?  Did you tell him?

[name withheld] "brutally stabbed [Beckman] 10 times with a knife about her head, face and upper body, until the overwhelming force he applied to the stabbing caused the knife to break," according to court documents.

According to her lawsuit, [name withheld] then "stomped and kicked" her in the head until she "stopped making the gurgling noise" and left her for dead.

A neighbor found Beckman and she was rushed to the hospital where she endured multiple surgeries over several weeks.

While Beckman was in the hospital, [name withheld] was arrested for the murder of an Arizona woman, also an ex-girlfriend. Many of the details of Beckman's attack came from [name withheld] himself when police later questioned him.

He told police he waited for Beckman in her garage and had killed the other woman because he felt they had both jilted him, according to an arrest report.

[name withheld], who had no prior record of dangerous crimes, was convicted of the other murder and died in jail last year while serving a 70-year sentence. argues the lawsuit is frivolous and says it offers tips for safe dating on the site. Online dating is no less safe than meeting someone "at a bar or at church," said Match spokeswoman Eva Ross.

"What happened to Mary Kay Beckman is horrible, but this lawsuit is absurd," Ross said in a statement. "The many millions of people who have found love on and other online dating sites know how fulfilling it is. And while that doesn't make what happened in this case any less awful, this is about a sick, twisted individual with no prior criminal record, not an entire community of men and women looking to meet each other."

In her suit Beckman says the tips posted on the site do not go far enough and the company needs to overtly warn users of potential dangers.
- This is why products contain warning labels, for people like this woman!