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VA - Plight of wrongly accused man by Elizabeth Paige Coast in Virginia finds support

Elizabeth Paige Coast
Elizabeth Paige Coast
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RICHMOND - The Innocence Project has joined the effort to free a man who is serving a prison term for a sexual assault a woman now says never happened.

[name withheld], 26, was convicted in 2008 of sexually assaulting Elizabeth Paige Coast. The accuser, then 17, claimed [name withheld] assaulted her outside her grandmother's house in Hampton in 2000 when he was 14 and she was 10. [name withheld] was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison.

The Associated Press does not typically identify alleged victims of sexual assault. Coast, however, is being identified because authorities say she admitted to fabricating the story and she has been charged with perjury.

Nov. 9, Hampton Circuit Judge Randolph T. West tossed [name withheld]'s felony convictions and ordered him released from prison. ...

TX - On the Petraeus scandal and online privacy (Grits For Breakfast)

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Though this is not a Texas subject, here's something that's bothered me.

To be clear, Grits could honestly care less if David Petraeus cheated on his wife. I don't know him, I don't know her, and the whole episode at root sounds tawdry and personal - the sort of thing that's none of my business except that the media tsunami has made it nigh-on impossible to avoid. There are two elements of this episode, though, I do care about. First, Petraeus appeared to be one of the few truly competent career military leaders involved in making US foreign policy and I'd prefer not to see him ousted for reasons unrelated to job performance. Second, and more importantly for the issues covered by this blog, I'm flat-out astonished at the investigative path that led the FBI to Petraeus, and in particular the outlandishly sweeping electronic surveillance powers exhibited by the FBI - with and without a warrant - vis a vis Broadwell's gmail account(s), to which Google apparently gave them unlimited back-end access.

CO - Sex Offenders – Remember It’s Just A Label

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I’m not perfect by any means. Even years after horrible turmoil, I struggle with many things – including the sex offenders registry. Some days my emotions go all over the place. Some days life seems really good. Some days life seems really bad. I guess that’s just part of life, huh?

I think what might be hard for me is that life was simply not like that a number of years ago. Honestly, life was pretty easy. Good things came naturally to me. It wasn’t hard to make friends. It wasn’t hard to excel at pretty much whatever I set my mind to, etc.

CA - Janice Bellucci - The Tipping Point

Video Description:
Attorney Janice Bellucci of the California chapter of RSOL talks about what it will take to change these unconstitutional laws and the biggest misconceptions about the registry.

CA - Janice Bellucci - Fighting the sex offender registry

Video Description:
California attorney Janice Bellucci talks about the shame of the sex offender registry.

Do Sex Offender Registries Make Us Less Safe? Laws purporting to protect the public may be increasing sex offender recidivism rates!

Click the image to view the PDF document

CT - Norm Pattis: Common Sense

Video Description:
Sex offender registries do not protect anyone and destroy families. Attorney Norm Pattis talks about what you can do to fight public registries. If you are a law maker you need to see this. Declare WAR on stupid legislation.

This message brought to you by W.A.R.

OH - News outfit (WEWS-TV) claims unconstitutional laws trampling on ex-criminals rights are loopholes?

An unconstitutional (ex post facto) law that eradicates people's human and civil rights is NOT a "loophole!" If you want to trample on criminals rights, due to your life of fear, then you should do it across the board and stop discriminating. You are throwing all ex-offenders into the "child molester, pedophile, predator" basket, and many are not either, but hey, the media needs to report on something, right?

VA - Former teacher arrested on charges of sex abuse from 1960s

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MCLEAN - The head of a northern Virginia private school says the school is "deeply disturbed" by the news that a former longtime teacher has been charged with sexual assaults involving four of his students from the 1960s.
- So since the laws are retroactive (ex post facto), are they going to go back 100 years, check birth/marriage certificates and arrest anybody who married underage children or gave birth to someone underage?  How many politicians would that ensnare?  Or what about John Walsh, or this elderly couple? And what about the statute of limitations? And what "proof" can they possibly have? It's one persons word against anothers.

Fairfax County Police on Friday arrested 73-year-old [name withheld] of McLean after a yearlong investigation.

Police opened the case after receiving a report from a 55-year-old woman who was a student of [name withheld]'s at the Potomac School. She came forward after running into [name withheld] at the Washington Episcopal School, where he was teaching at the time. Police say their investigation found three other alleged victims, all girls ages 12 and 14 when the alleged incidents occurred between 1968 and 1969.

"We are deeply disturbed by this news and our hearts are with the entire Potomac community, past and present, as we work through this difficult time," wrote Potomac School head Geoffrey Jones in a note to parents Friday that was reported by The Washington Post.

[name withheld] worked at the Potomac School from 1965 to 1994, police said. The school confirmed he was both a teacher and an administrator and said in a statement Saturday that it is cooperating with Fairfax County's investigation.

A message left at a telephone listing for [name withheld]'s home in McLean was not immediately returned Saturday. [name withheld] is being held at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center, and the jail said he is set to appear in court Monday.

The Potomac School was founded in 1904 and has students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Approximately 1,000 students attend the school.

CT - Montville continues to re-punish ex-sex offenders over and over, treating them like modern day lepers, while other criminals, who are more dangerous, do not get the same treatment?

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These proposed laws are unconstitutional and it's basically discrimination.


By Jeffrey A. Johnson

Montville - The town will continue its push to place restrictions on where registered sex offenders are allowed in town.

The Town Council voted Wednesday night to refine the language in two separate ordinances that create so-called child and senior safety zones. The council crafted both with the intent to notify registered sex offenders they are being watched by the town.

The council set public hearings for Dec. 10 for people to weigh in on the restrictions. Councilors Dana McFee and Rosetta Jones continued to voice concerns Wednesday that the town is moving closer to setting itself up for a lawsuit.

"Certainly, there are concerns about fundamental, constitutional rights," Jones said about the senior safety zone ordinance. "I don't want to see the town get into some type of unnecessary litigation because someone has a suspicion."

The child safety zones are intended to keep registered sex offenders from town-owned places, such as beaches, parks, playgrounds and swimming pools. The senior safety zones restrict offenders from the senior center, senior buses, town-owned elderly housing and other elderly town functions.

Both ordinances have drawn criticism from some in town and the state American Civil Liberties Union. The state ACLU argued the restrictions violate basic rights. The ACLU also took exception with the town's belief that seniors were the targets of sex crimes.

Town Attorney Bryan Fiengo told the council Wednesday the senior safety zone measure mirrors a proposed law that reached the state legislature but never came up for a vote.

McFee questioned Fiengo on the town's liability in the event that a sex offender or the ACLU moved to sue the town for a violation of civil rights. Fiengo said he crafted the senior safety zone ordinance based on federal and state precedents. The explanation was not enough to allay McFee's fears.

"Are you going to represent the town of Montville free of charge if the ACLU sues us?" McFee quipped when questioning Fiengo.

The two ordinances were tweaked slightly to allow for new exemptions. For example, an offender who needs to enter either a child or senior safety zone to work may do so with the permission of a probation or parole officer.

If not on probation or parole, the offender would have to receive permission from either the mayor - technically the town's police chief - or the town's resident state trooper.

Other exemptions exist for offenders who wish to visit relatives in elderly housing. They must have permission from a probation or parole officer or the town.

"I understand people have issues with this, but our town has asked me to move forward on this, and we're going to protect our seniors," Councilor Billy Caron said.

The roots of both ordinances stretch back to the town's fight against the state's plans to open a residential sex-offender treatment facility in town.

The January Center opened Feb. 14 on the grounds of the Corrigan-Radgowski Correctional Institution.

IN - Mayor Ted Franklin bows to public pressure and fires a family member simply due to a label, and to save his own career/reputation?

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This is what we like to call "Media Vigilantism!" You can see the video for this article at the link above.


By Stephen Dean

LOGANSPORT - The mayor of a city north of Indianapolis has fired his sex-offender nephew after Call 6 Investigators found the convicted child molester on that city's payroll.
- So what? He was a street maintenance person, which doesn't have access to children. So you caused a stir and the mayor fired him simply due to a label and pressure? Imagine if we treated all criminals like that? We'd have millions of people out of work!

Call 6 Investigators found that just two weeks after being released from prison, the nephew of Mayor Ted Franklin was on the job in the town of Logansport, about 68-miles north of Indianapolis.

The nephew, 27-year-old [name withheld], was hired by the city's street maintenance department days after being released from prison, according to city hiring records and court records on his conviction.

[name withheld] is a registered sex offender who pleaded guilty in January to sexually abusing a child for years, beginning when she was 13 years old.

As part of a plea bargain, he was sentenced to four years in prison, but most of that sentence was suspended by the judge. Court records show Franklin was ordered to spend one year in prison, but he was released early on Oct. 22 due to good behavior.
- Corruption runs deep, and he's the son of the Mayor, so of course he's going to get a break. I am glad for him, but it just shows that injustice is everywhere.

Mayor Ted Franklin
When asked whether he pulled any strings to take care of his relative at taxpayers' expense, Mayor Franklin said he had nothing to do with his nephew's hiring.

"It took place without my knowledge," Mayor Ted Franklin said, adding that he does not micro-manage the everyday hiring of the supervisors he has in place at the city's street department.

The mayor said he first learned his nephew was on the payroll when contacted by the Call 6 Investigators.

"I had no prior knowledge of him," said Mayor Franklin.

He said he quickly fired his nephew because, "We are held to a higher standard… (and) that level of service was not met."

The mayor said the firing caused disagreements within the family, but he said, "during business hours we're not relatives."

With the exception of police officers and certain sensitive positions, Indiana law allows cities to hire employees with felony convictions. Jodie Woods, general counsel with the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns said cities are told by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that they should use their best judgment.

Call 6 Investigators found [name withheld] on the job just two days after being hired by the City of Logansport. He was working an $8-per-hour position on a leaf collection crew in a residential neighborhood.

He told Call 6, "I got this job fairly."

He said his uncle being the town's mayor had nothing to do with his hiring.

"I went through the same qualifications as anybody else," he said, adding that he would be fired if he caused a problem just as any employee would.

While the registered sex offender quickly lost his city job, Call 6 Investigators found another close relative of the mayor on the city payroll.

The mayor's brother, George Franklin, retired as a city police officer and was then tapped as a city code enforcement officer. City records show he earns a salary of $34,600, and his brother defends that hiring move.

The mayor said he always wanted a former police officer in that position since enforcing city building codes is similar to police work. He said his brother had prior experience from working in that office on a fill-in basis, and he pointed out that only one other person applied for the job.

The City of Logansport has an anti-nepotism policy (PDF) on the books, which is required of all cities under a new Indiana nepotism law. The law bans influential city officials from having relatives working under their direct chain of command.

Mayor Franklin said he hired his brother before that law took effect, which means the brother is protected by a grandfather clause in the new law.
- Unlike the unconstitutional ex post facto sex offender laws.

Woods, the top lawyer for the Association of Cities and Towns, said the state is interpreting the law to say that relatives of a mayor or other elected leader are not barred from any and all city employment, but rather they cannot work in a job that has the relative in a direct supervisory role.

"I have no intention of hiring any relatives," said Mayor Franklin, who blamed political enemies for the controversy.

He said firing his own nephew was difficult, but, "It's just the right thing to do."

Not One More Child - Fear Mongering PSA

Their scary map was introduced into evidence in 2007-2008. We have no doubt that child porn exists, but is this a play on emotions to get your money? We think so.

If they know where all these "people" are, then why not get a search warrant and go arrest them? And how do they know these are "people" and not a computer virus spreading it around?

Think about it. If they knew the exact locate of drug dealers or serial killers, they'd be all over it, so why is this any different?

When the money comes out of their own pockets, then they see it differently! They seem to think money grows on trees or something. If you are so concerned about it, then donate your own money to "save the children!"

Our Quick Video:

Original PSA:

Won't somebody please think of the children?

Surviving Parents Coalition asked for opinions. We left ours, they deleted it then blocked us? Does the truth scare you?

Well, on the Surviving Parents Coalition Facebook page, in which they posted a link and asked for opinions. We posted our opinion. They immediately deleted it and blocked one of our admins. Why? Are they afraid the truth will get out?

The link they posted was "Parents battle church over sex offender meetings near school."

The admin's comment was:

This has been going on for YEARS and NOTHING has occurred, and the facts are that sex offenders have one of the LOWEST recidivism rates of all other crimes, so why the witch-hunt now?

Nobody wants kids to be harmed in any way, but this hysteria / moral panic over ex-sex offenders needs to stop!

Fear and hysteria will do nothing, we need to work on educating the kids, and parents with the facts, not fear.

Did you know that kids who have experimented with sex, or dated when they and their partners were underage, are being ruined by these laws? It's true, and is NOT the way we should be handling this.

So what above called for the comment to be deleted and the person blocked? Does the truth scare you?