Friday, November 2, 2012

Facebook is like?

Facebook has recently been posting the photos below, and we've added our comment below each as pertaining to ex-sex offenders and their blanket policy to not allow ex-sex offenders to use their service.

Except for ex-sex offenders, and like cake, Facebook will eventually vanish.

Both ban ex-sex offenders & require a notice on your door/profile in some states.

Both are thought to be filled with pedophiles when they are not.

MA - Spencer votes to restrict sex offender residency

Original Article


By Kim Ring

SPENCER - The town has joined the ranks of several other communities that limit where registered sex offenders can live.

Voters at tonight’s special town meeting approved a new bylaw that restricts sex offenders who have been listed as Level 3 or Level 2 from living within 1,000 feet of parks, schools, day care centers, churches, libraries and elderly housing facilities.

Offenders found in violation would have 30 days to move to a new, complying location or face a $300-per-day fine along with notification to the state Sex Offender Registry Board and the courts.

Selectman Anthony Pepe, the board’s chairman, said the bylaw “won’t eliminate the problem but will go toward reducing it.”
- And what problem is that?  It won't reduce sexual abuse, and very rarely do kids get sexually abused at any of the places mentioned, most are abused by their own family or close friends.  This will only make ex-offenders homeless.

Town Administrator Adam D. Gaudette said the board worked hard crafting a bylaw that is similar to those in surrounding towns, and consulted with the state Attorney General.

The decision comes amid reports that that the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts is suing Lynn over that city’s sex offender bylaw.

The ACLU said much of Lynn is off limits to sex offenders, resulting in them being banished from the city.

Spencer’s bylaw allows sex offenders to continue living in their current homes if they were residing there when the bylaw was passed.

CA - Family of Registered Sex Offender Speaks Out

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By Rachael Laine

PASO ROBLES - Hours after wanted sex offender, [name withheld] was arrested, part of his family reacts by speaking out and says he's not who you think he is.

"He did not touch his nieces and nephews, he has never touched my children, he has never touched his other sister's children either," says [name withheld]'s brother-in-law, [brother-in-law name withheld].

[brother-in-law name withheld] says his brother-in-law and registered sex offender, [name withheld] is not the monster that he's being portrayed as.

"The allegations of dozens are absolutely not true, and his single mistake is something that is hard to overcome," says [brother-in-law name withheld].

[brother-in-law name withheld] says he's not denying the fact that [name withheld] is a registered sex offender, but won't go in detail about it.

"I'm not condoning anything that's wrong and I definitely am not condoning running from the law, but what I am saying he is still a person," says [brother-in-law name withheld].

[name withheld] went missing about a month ago after he failed to appear in court but Sheriff's Deputies tracked him down early Thursday morning inside a Paso Robles home and arrested him.

[brother-in-law name withheld] tears up and says,"as hard as it is, we are grateful he is alive."

As for [name withheld]'s aunt, she's upset with the image that law enforcement is making him out to be.

"Made him out to be monstrative, just incredibly dangerous, he's's one, I think actually small mistake," says [name withheld]'s aunt.

[name withheld] is in custody booked for questioning in San Luis Obispo County Jail.

Spanish show on UniVision seeking a R&J case to feature on their show

This was posted on the SOSEN forums.

We have been contacted by a national media show from UniVision. This is a Spanish-speaking network and we have seen some awesome and supportive work come from this producer in the past. The show is the Spanish network's version of our 20/20 - an investigative show much like a documentary - which focuses on individual cases.

They are looking for a good story, preferably a Romeo & Juliet story. The producer told me that it is very common amongst the Spanish population for the male to be older than the female. She does not understand why the US views some of these offenses as felonies and she wants to show her audience how crazy the laws have become. She may consider focusing on another type of story as well - it depends on what we have to offer but a good Romeo & Juliet story is her preference right now.

The most difficult part - at least one person has be be able to speak Spanish.

Contact Texas Voices for more information.

DC - President Bill Clinton signs Megan's Law (05-17-1996)

Video Description:
On May 17th, 1996 the then president, William Jefferson Clinton signed into law, Megan's law. In the video he repeats the same lies about sex offenders having "high" recidivism rates. Well, we believe he's just repeating the same lies he's heard by others, because the MANY studies we've seen, show that ex-sex offenders have one of the lowest recidivism rates of all other criminals.

Also, lets not forget the fact that Mr. Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky and lied about it, and that John Walsh started dating Reve Walsh when she was 16, under the age of consent.

It was never proven that Adam Walsh was sexually abused or even if the person responsible was a known sex offender. They assume it was Ottis Toole, who was a known serial killer and liar.

So why are they not on the sex offender registry?

YOUR SAY - Part 3 - Registered Former Sex Offenders and their Families Speak Out!

If you are a registered former sex offenders, or family member, and would like to voice your concern, then visit this link and leave a 500 character or less comment, and we'll publish them in the next video (Part 4).

TX - Defending the indefensible? Plea to clean sex offender registry

Original Article


By Jeff Goldblatt

SAN ANTONIO - More registered sex offenders live in Bexar County than in all but three other counties in the state, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The overwhelming majority of registrants will spend the rest of their lives wearing this scarlet letter: obligated to check in with law enforcement, and put on a publicly accessible website run by DPS.

In the eyes of society, it's indefensible to defend a sex offender. But Mary Sue Molnar hopes to change your mind.

The San Antonio mother of two is the executive director of Texas Voices For Reason and Justice, an advocacy watchdog for non-violent sex offenders in the state.

What I do... it's certainly not popular. And it's not understood," Molnar said.

Molnar launched the controversial campaign five years ago after her then-22-year-old son was convicted of a sex offense for a relationship with a 16-year-old. He was sentenced to prison and put on the sex offender registry.

This is messed up. These laws are messed up,” Molnar adamantly stated. “A lot of these people who are on this registry for life would never hurt anyone."

Molnar argues that the registry -- created in 1991 -- gives the public a false sense of security. As of October 23, DPS reports 72,761 active registered sex offenders in Texas.

"I can type in a zip code and come up with 200 sex offenders in that zip code. I have no idea if someone should be watchful, or if somebody made a dumb mistake 20 years ago,” Molnar said. “Law enforcement cannot keep up with this growing registry. If they would focus on the few who are most likely to re-offend, then we might have something here.”

Instead, those on the register express fear, shame and scorn, well aware they’re branded by the majority of society as “the worst of the worst.”

They see it and think that you're some sort of monster," said "Paul," a registered sex offender. Paul is now in his late 30s and asked that we conceal his identity for the sake of his safety.

More than 20 years ago, Paul drew the hammer of Texas justice for a relationship he was having.

I was 17. She was 16,” he said. "We were dating -- stuff like that."

Today, Paul says he pays every day for what he characterizes as typical, teenage stuff. Although he insists the relationship was consensual, a court gave him 10 years probation for a charge of sexual assault of a child.

"When you're 17, you don't think of mistakes in that situation, you're thinking of yourself. You don't think you're doing anything wrong," Paul said.

Texas law argues otherwise, and now Paul finds himself a registered sex offender for life.

I’m tired of hiding,” he said.

In Paul’s life, there is one person with whom secrecy is not needed. It’s his wife of eight years, "Suzy,” who also asked that her identity be concealed. He works in the construction field. She is in health care. They refer to the registry as a witch hunt.

"I do fear for my family, and I fear for my two young boys…knowing that people actually do know where we live ,” Suzy said.

IL - North Side Murderers, Batterers, Register With Chicago Police

Original Article

If a draconian online shaming hit-list is okay for ex-sex offenders, then all criminals should be on a similar registry and residency restrictions, to be fair. Of course we do not believe in any online registry, it should be taken offline and used by police only.


By Carrie Frillman

Murderers, as well as those who have been convicted of violent crimes against youth, are now required to register with the Illinois State Police. We've compiled a list of some North Siders who are in the registry.

A Lincoln Park parolee convicted of domestic battery to a child and a Lincoln Square murderer are among a handful of North Siders who have registered with the Chicago Police in compliance with a law that took effect this year.

Andrea’s Law, named after Andrea Will, an Eastern Illinois University student killed by her ex-boyfriend in 1998, creates a first-degree murderer database, similar to the Illinois Sex Offender Registry.

The database also includes those convicted of general violent crimes against youth.

Will's ex-boyfriend, [name withheld], formerly of St. Charles, was convicted of strangling the 19-year-old Batavia woman to death while both were students at EIU.

[name withheld] was sentenced to 24 years in prison before a change to the state’s “Truth in Sentencing” system that required those convicted of crimes to serve 85 percent of court-imposed sentences.

SCOTLAND - Vigilante (Gary Martin) stabbed sex offender seven times after rape of child

Original Article


A vigilante who repeatedly stabbed a paedophile the day after he raped a child has been found guilty of attempted murder.

Sex offender [name withheld] was knifed in the street in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, less than 24 hours after he raped a 14-year-old girl.

[name withheld] had been under a strict court ban preventing him from going near young females since 2007 and had already breached the court order.

At the High Court in Livingston he identified his attacker as Gary Martin, who had a room in the same bed and breakfast on Shore Street in the north-east fishing town.

[name withheld] told the court he met Martin in Dennyduff Road in the early hours of June 5 last year.

Martin, 32, who appeared a bit drunk and "agitated", asked [name withheld] to return a jacket which he had borrowed from the accused earlier.

The court heard that once he had handed over the garment, Martin said: "You know what you are. You know what you done," and started swinging punches at him before both men ended up on the ground.

As [name withheld] got to his feet he felt the "shooting pain" of something sharp going into the bottom right-hand side of his back.

He said he didn't feel the pain of the six further wounds which followed, more the shock of something going into his back and hips.

He heard one of two women who were with Martin say "you deserve what you get" and spit on him.

During his closing speech, advocate depute Alastair Carmichael said: "Mr [name withheld] admitted and has pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old girl shortly before this incident."

"We're not here to judge him for what he did, although what he did might have a bearing on what happened."

The jury took just over an hour to return a majority verdict that Martin was guilty of attempted murder.

Judge Michael O'Grady told Martin: "You'll understand that this is a very serious charge and it's inevitable that a custodial sentence will follow."

Martin was remanded in custody and sentence was deferred for background reports.

At the High Court in Glasgow on October 2, [name withheld], a prisoner in Aberdeen, pleaded guilty to attacking his teenage victim at a north-east house in June last year. [name withheld] was warned he faces a lengthy jail term after he admitted the rape. He was also remanded in custody.

EGYPT - Vigilantes Spray-Paint Sexual Harassers In Cairo

Original Article


By Leila Fadel

Over the recent four-day Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, more than 1,000 sexual harassment complaints were filed in Egypt.

President Mohammed Morsi has ordered an investigation, but some are not prepared to wait for the government and the police to act.

Young men have formed vigilante groups and are hunting down perpetrators of sexual harassment in the capital, Cairo. Some are applauding the action, while others say it's a sign of how lawless Egypt has become.

Spraying The Perpetrators
The young vigilantes wear yellow vests as they gather in Cairo's Tahrir Square, the focal point of last year's revolution. They carry cans of spray paint, but none is a graffiti artist.

They are part of the new campaign called "Estargel!" or "Be a Man." Emblazoned on the back of their vests are the words "Harassment Prevention." The spray paint is used to tag grabby young men and send them on their way, marked as harassers.

One vigilante, Muhab Selim, is lecturing young men gathered nearby on why it's wrong to harass women.

"I was advising them, telling them about the event, that they shouldn't try to molest girls," Selim says. Because "they gave themselves the right to molest the female, we gave ourselves the right to molest him — the molester."

Selim runs ahead of the other volunteers searching for men on the prowl.

The methods used to combat harassment are not entirely nonviolent. Selim sees a man he thinks has touched a girl. He grabs him and slaps him in the face. A brawl breaks out. One of the volunteers yells to the others not to hit anyone unless they're sure he harassed a girl.

SWEDEN - The pedophile night documentary

I find it very ironic that all other countries can see how draconian our sex offender laws are, except us. Nazi Germany didn't end, it's just moved.

See the full documentary, here, and and additional clip here. Even Germany did a documentary on the Julia Tuttle disaster in Florida a year or so ago.

Documentary Description (Translated):
The nationwide sex crimes registry in the United States would give security but has led to the fear of pedophiles increased. Now it's Halloween and all families do not dare go out. In the small community of Anderson has a radical solution to the problem, sex offenders are to be collected and locked away during the celebration.

Trailer Video:

Video Link

NY - Dozens of New Yorkers fight to get off child-abuse registry

Original Article

This is a child abuse registry, not a sex offender registry.



Forty-one New Yorkers are going to court to try to get off a statewide child-abuse registry, saying they were denied the chance to clear their names.

The database contains hundreds of thousands of people accused in “credible” abuse and mistreatment cases — and their names can be stuck there for 10 to 28 years.

People on the list can be denied any jobs and licenses that involve working with children for many years after the original complaint was made.

Lawyer Thomas Hoffman said those fighting for expungement usually faced a “fairly benign” accusation that was not referred to family or criminal court.

The reason that you end up on the list could be anywhere from you don’t send your kids to school to corporal punishment,” Hoffman said. “But the consequence is devastating. Employers don’t know why you’re on the list. They don’t know if you’re a pedophile or you didn’t send your kids to school for a week.”

Anyone who wants to get off the registry is entitled to a hearing. Hoffman said his clients requested a hearing but never received notice one was being held.

He went to court last week to force the Office of Children and Family Services to schedule new hearings for 41 men and women across the state.

One client, [name withheld], 46, said she’s in the registry because she left her 6-year-old child with an adult nephew who tested positive for pot about 16 years ago.

This is hindering me from getting employment,” said [name withheld], who lives in Brooklyn’s Brevoort Houses and also goes by the name Empress Magdalene Menen.

I can’t work around children, I can’t have a day care center. I can’t get a job at a day care center ... It’s like saying you’re doomed for life.”

[name withheld], 65, said he wound up in the registry for disciplining two teenage nephews living with him in 2000.

When they came to New York ... they were disobedient, running around,” he said. Then the two defied him and went to a Knicks game, he said.

I spanked one with the belt and they got very upset,” he said.

He said the boys ran away and he called the police. One falsely claimed he was sexually assaulted, and both were put in foster care until they were 18, he said.

I’ve never abused any children,” said [name withheld]. “I don’t want to leave this world with this on my record.”

Hoffman said some who want hearings were accused of abuse by an estranged spouse. Others had substance-abuse problems but are long sober.

Officials could not say how many names are in the registry.