Monday, September 10, 2012

AUSTRALIA - Name, shame sex offenders laws to be passed in Victorian State Parliament today

Andrew McIntosh
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By Peter Rolfe

Laws designed to encourage judges to name and shame serious sex offenders will today be introduced in Victorian Parliament.

Corrections Minister Andrew McIntosh is expected to introduce amendments to the Serious Sex Offenders (Detention and Supervision) Act, requiring judges to take into account new criteria when deciding whether to suppress the names and locations of serious sex offenders.

If approved, it will reverse laws which have allowed paedophiles to remain anonymous behind court suppression orders.
- Not all sex offenders, which this article is about, are pedophiles.

Mr McIntosh said judges would also have to assess the offender's history of complying with orders and their current whereabouts.

"These amendments will ensure that courts will have to take into account the protection of children, families and the community when deciding to grant suppression orders,'' he said.

The changes relate to post-sentence sex offenders subject to supervision orders because of their risk to the community.

They were promised by the Government in response to recommendations of the Protecting Victoria's Vulnerable Children report by retired Supreme Court judge Philip Cummins.

The overhaul follows a long Herald Sun campaign to change the law.

UK - North vigilantes post sex offender leaflet to villagers

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By Sophie Doughty

Vigilantes posted details of a convicted sex offender’s whereabouts through doors in the village where he lives.

Northumbria Police have been forced to reassure residents that sex offenders in the area are closely monitored after the incident which shocked those who received the letter.

Dozens of people living in the Northumberland community were stunned when a letter landed on their doorsteps informing them a pervert was sharing their streets.

The A4 leaflet is a photocopy of correspondence sent to a witness in the case informing them the offender had been found guilty of indecent assault and sexual assault.

However, it has been doctored to include a picture of the sex attacker along with the registration of his car and his full address. The Chronicle has chosen not to name the attacker or the village where he lives.

People living in the close-knit village told of their shock and confusion at receiving the note.

Dad-of-one Michael Pears, 23, said: “I didn’t know what to think when I got it through the door.”

Obviously it is concerning because I have got a little one. I was just very surprised. I have never seen this man in my life.”

Villagers said they saw a group of people delivering the notes through almost every door on their estate.

The original letter was sent by the Northumbria Witness Care Unit at Newcastle’s Market Street Police Station.

It refers to the case of a sex attacker who was found guilty of the charges following a trial at Newcastle Crown Court.

The letter goes on to say that on July 10 he was sentenced to a 10-month prison sentence, suspended for 18-months, and was made subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order for five years.

Police have since visited homes asking about the letter.

Northumbria Police has moved to reassure residents that all convicted sex offenders are appropriately monitored.

A spokesman for the force said: “Northumbria Police will not confirm or deny the address of any convicted sex offender.”

All registered sex offenders are subject to MAPPA (multi agency public protection arrangements) and as such a thorough risk assessment is carried out and comprehensive multi agency risk management plans put in place.”

MAPPA is a well established system which is very effective in managing and reducing risk, ensuring that every legally available and proportionate measure is taken to protect the public.”

The Public Protection arrangements work to minimise the risk posed by each individual offender and to protect the public.”

MA - Crazy Landlord (Catherine Tratola) False Rape Accusation Caught on Tape

This video shows you how fast your life could be ruined by someone, in a matter of minutes. Luckily the guy was recording the video.

Video Description:
Catherine Tratola, landlord and owner of the Brookside Manor, a hotel in Quincy, MA, barged into the room of one of her tenants, assaulted him repeatedly and screamed rape several times.

According to the person who posted the video, Cathy Tretola, the property owner, was allegedly pretending that she was attacked by the tenant once she noticed he was recording her during an argument. Tretola claims the man recording was peeing out of the window.

This is the last minutes of a 15-minute fight, according to the person who recorded it, so it's uncertain what may have led the argument to go to another level.

The person who took the video wrote:

At no point did I touch her. Everything changed when I pulled out my camera. At the very beginning of the video you can see Cathy Tretola trying to grab the camera and hitting me. Then she turned into an actor and unsuccessfully tried to make it look like she was the victim. Notice how fake she is trying to act upset and notice how Joe Saccoach and the other guy are acting like they are consoling her. The police were called by me, and they did not believe a word of her story. I can't wait to have my day in court.

This video is a copy and was first posted in July, but only recently went viral after users of 4Chan and Reddit brought it to the surface and began commenting on it online.

I myself found it at the site

I titled the video as such to draw light as to how easliy a women can accuse a man of rape and if proven false the accuser will receive little to nothing in the form of punishment for making a false accusation of rape, all the while leaving the victim with a tarnished reputation.


Video Link

Scott Fraser: Why eyewitnesses get it wrong

Video Description:
When it comes to witnesses in criminal trials, the accuracy of human memory can mean the difference between life and death. Scott Fraser is an expert witness who researches what’s real and what’s selective when it comes to human memory and crime. His areas of expertise include human night vision, neuropsychopharmacology, and the effect of stress and other factors on the human mind. He has testified in criminal and civil cases throughout the U.S. in state and federal courts.

In 2011 Fraser was involved in the retrial of a 1992 murder case in which Francisco Carrillo was found guilty and sentenced to two life sentences in prison. Fraser and the team that hired him staged a dramatic reenactment of the night of the murder in question and showed the testimonies that had put Carrillo in jail were unreliable. After 20 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit, Carrillo was freed.

OK - Hand Up Ministries to challenge Oklahoma sex offender housing law

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By Juliana Keeping

After its efforts in federal court failed, the nonprofit that caters to sex offender housing will file a lawsuit in district court, David Slane, the group's attorney, said Sunday.

Hand Up Ministries will again fight a new law designed to keep sex offenders from living together in trailers, the group's new attorney said.

The 14-acre trailer park is run by the nonprofit. The founder, the Rev. David Nichols, said it's one of few places that helps registered sex offenders facing extreme housing restrictions get back on their feet after prison.

Dozens of sex offenders had to find a new place to live after a law that took effect July 1 banned the offenders from living together in trailers. About 140 men live there now compared to a peak of about 250.

This is not good public policy,” attorney David Slane said Sunday. He said he plans to file a lawsuit in state district court this week challenging the statute. He said the law violates Nichols' due process rights under the Oklahoma Constitution.

I think the community needs places like this,” Nichols said.

Police said the park's previous setup — it housed three or four men per trailer — made it difficult to investigate criminal allegations.

Lawmakers agreed. The statute approved by in 2011 clarified an existing law designed to keep sex offenders from living together. Sen. Clark Jolley, R-Edmond, authored the measure.

Initially, the ministry put some of the men in tents on its property. They left after Oklahoma City officials said the tents violated city ordinance.

Hand Up Ministries already fought the new law and lost in federal court.

It sued to stall the law's implementation until a judge could rule whether or not it was constitutional. U.S. District Judge Lee West dismissed the lawsuit in June.