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10 Rules for Dealing with Police (Full-Length)

Exonerated of Raping Daughter: The Michael Trevino Story

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Michael Trevino was coerced into pleading guitly for raping his minor daughter. He got probation in 1994. From 1996 to 2012, he registered as a sex offender. His daughter recanted 3 times, at 18 y/o, 24 y/o and at 29 y/o. The Travis County DA agreed that he was wrongfully convicted and Mr. Trevino was exonerated by the grace of God and a fair DA.

OK - Jesse Jackson speaks in support of convicted sex offender on OSU basketball team

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So what is so special about this one man? Why isn't Jesse out screaming about civil rights of all other ex-sex offenders?


By Russell Hixson

STILLWATER — Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow PUSH Coalition had a clear message for supporters of [name withheld] Thursday night: Don’t give up.

Keep hope alive,” Jackson said. “Don’t give up on a God who can raise Lazarus from the dead.” The civil rights leader led the stuffed sanctuary of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in chanting: “Set [name withheld] free,” calling for the crowd to shout it louder and louder.

A motion for a new trial for convicted former Oklahoma State men’s basketball player [name withheld] was filed at 4:07 p.m. Thursday in Payne County District Court.

The motion came the night before [name withheld] is set to appear in court for sentencing at 1:30 p.m. Friday.

Jackson said he met with [name withheld] Thursday afternoon to pray. Jackson said [name withheld] told him he is staying strong and trusting God.

Jackson called for the courts to have justice tempered with mercy when sentencing [name withheld] on Friday afternoon. [name withheld] is set to appear in court at 1:30 p.m. He was convicted in July of two counts of rape by instrumentation and a charge of sexual battery.

He could be sentenced to one to 15 years in prison for each of the rape by instrumentation convictions, and up to 10 years in prison on the sexual battery count.

Jackson said he and [name withheld]’ supporters would be gathering at the Payne County Courthouse at noon Friday to pray.

Jackson said it would not be a protest or a demonstration but a time for prayer. He asked supporters to be sensitive to the rights of women and the justice system. He asked supporters not to bring protest signs or banners.

Payne County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Kevin Woodward said the sheriff’s department will provide additional security at the courthouse on Friday.

Jackson and Rainbow PUSH Coalition National Field Director Bishop Tavis Grant said they have taken a special interest in the [name withheld] case because they watched him grow up at Chicago’s Dunbar High School and escape its violent streets. Grant called [name withheld] one of Chicago’s bright shining stars.

God will see [name withheld] through,” Jackson said. “Tomorrow we are looking for a miracle.”

Grant said he met [name withheld] nearly two years ago after the coalition was contacted by his family. This is unusual as many of the people he advocates have already died violently, said Grant, referring to Trayvon Martin and Chavis Carter. Martin was shot in Florida in February and Carter was fatally shot in the back of a patrol car this month in Jonesboro, Ark.

But I know [name withheld], I prayed with him, counseled with him,” Grant said. “There is no doubt in my mind that in spite of his conviction, [name withheld] is still innocent.”

He said one does not have to be guilty to be convicted.

Grant was moved to tears as he described his meeting with [name withheld] Thursday afternoon.

He’s still standing tall and saying he is innocent,” Grant said. He said if anyone deserves a second chance, it is [name withheld].
- Everybody deserves a second chance, and a third, a fourth, etc.

[name withheld]’ mother Alice addressed the crowd through tears after Jackson and Grant had spoken.

He’s come too far to escape the violence in Chicago to have all these allegations on him,” She said. “He don’t deserve it.”

Jackson and Grant held her hand and comforted her as she cried during the forum.

Jackson urged members of the crowd to register to vote so they can be better represented in jury pools — something he sees as a problem in the justice system.

Other members of the [name withheld] family, including the athlete’s sister, Alicia were in attendance.

In one row sat women clad in teal shirts and teal pins. The pins are the national symbol of support for victims of sexual assault.

Googler watched child porn and beheadings daily for his job

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Makes me wonder, do the people at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have to see a therapist from time to time to cope with seeing child porn on a regular basis? This is why police must see therapists from time to time, and why many officers think all people are criminals. They see it on a daily basis, so it has to affect how you think.

One other note, people always say that once you put something online it's there forever, well, what about child porn? They get rid of it, so why can't someone else get rid of something they don't want online?


By Claire Gordon

There's a lot of creepy, repulsive, morally abhorrent stuff on the Internet, and that means there are also a lot of people whose job it is to watch it, review it and get it taken down. One guy who reportedly had that job at Google -- and whose identity was not revealed -- describes the "scarring" experience in an interview with Buzzfeed FWD. The former Googler says that the job was made all the worse when the company denied him a full-time position, leaving him to scramble for a new job at the end of his year there.

The ex-Google employee says that he spent his days exploring the ugly underbelly of humanity on all of Google's products, like its search engine, Google Images, the picture-organizer Picasa and the social networking site Orkut (that has its largest fan base in India and Brazil). There were beheadings, he says, and suicides. Grotesque fetishes, mutilations and bestiality. And lots of child porn.

Child porn, in particular, has to be removed within 24 hours of the service provider becoming aware of it and also must be reported to federal authorities. He says that there were perhaps 15,000 of those images a day.

After nine months of it, he thought he was coping fine, "but it was putting me in a really dark place," he says. Google had someone from a federal agency sit down with him, and she asked him to react to a series of photographs. "That's f***ed up!" he exclaimed in response to an ordinary photo that depicted a normal father and his kid. He decided he needed therapy, but Google would only cover one session.

The former Google employee says that he was a contractor, and so was not entitled to the benefits of a full-time employee, or any emotional support, despite the nature of his daily grind. Google contractors can also only stay on for a year, and at nine months, he was told that he wasn't going to be hired full-time. He claims that this has happened to several of Google's employees entrusted with the most blood-curdling work at the company.

This ex-Googler's story punctures Google's rainbow-hued image as one of the most magnanimous employers known to mankind: a company that feeds its employees three free meals a day, offers new mothers more than four months of paid leave, and has a complimentary laundry service on site.

Employee satisfaction at Google, in fact, jumped by over a third this past year, according to CareerBliss -- more than at any other U.S. company. This may be partly due to a generous new death benefit -- paying 50 percent of the deceased employee's salary to the spouse for a decade.

Google's unofficial slogan may be "Don't be evil," but when it comes to dealing with the evil others do, it seems it isn't always saintly.

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CANADA - Boy (16), Girl (15) both have consensual sex, boy is ruined for life, female is not! Keeping that double standard alive!

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By Bob Mitchell

[name withheld] has paid dearly for his crime but he can’t outrun his past.

The new offensive left tackle for the Toronto Argonauts just wants to play football. He’s already said what he wants to say about what happened a decade ago when he was 16, living in a Louisiana project where gangs, drugs and prostitution were part of his neighbourhood’s daily life.

But there are some ugly truths that can’t be ignored. His back story is one of them.

On May 9, 2003, [name withheld] pleaded guilty to prohibitive sexual conduct with his sister, [name withheld]. At the time, he was 16. She was 15.

He wasn’t charged with sexual assault. Their sex was consensual. But it was still against the law. He was convicted and remains a registered sex offender in the U.S. where his photo is available on a website with the more than 720,000 registered sex offenders in America.
- Why is it that it's always the male who gets the punishment while the female doesn't?  What kind of message is this sending to men and women?  This double standard BS needs to stop.

The graduate from Abilene Christian University where he played NCAA Division II football has completed his five-year probation. But the 26-year-old father of two young boys won’t discuss his past with the Toronto Star, choosing instead to let an expansive 2010 article in ESPN The Magazine stand as the definitive piece on a troubling part of his life that he wished never happened.

Scouts had projected him to be a second-round pick in the NFL but he was never drafted.

The stigma of being a sex offender prevented him from getting a shot, according to the ESPN article.

But the Calgary Stampeders in 2011, and now the Toronto Argonauts, have been willing to judge him solely based on his talent.

For us, it came down to, ‘can he be the kind of individual on and off the field who we want in our organization?’ and he’s been nothing but that since we signed him,” Argos GM Jim Barker said. “He made a mistake at a young age when he was a minor. There’s no doubt about that. But if you don’t give some people an opportunity, what are they going to do?"

There are a lot of guys, who have had issues, who have gone through this league. They play here a few years and prove what happened was a mistake. [name withheld] grew up in an incredibly bad situation.”

All [name withheld] has ever wanted was a chance to play football.

With my record it’s damn near impossible to get a job,” he said in the ESPN article. “So really this is all I have.”

The scuttlebutt was that his presence on any team would be too hard of public relations sell. He would be crucified by opposing teams and perhaps not accepted in his own locker room. He would have to explain himself in every new city.

I get it,” [name withheld] said about not being drafted. “It isn’t just about sports. It is politics and money. Why would they take on a sex offender? I wouldn’t.”

Canadian immigration officials had to give permission for him to enter the country to play initially for the Stampeders with whom he played for in 2011 before being released at training camp this season.

The people in Calgary and people whom I know and trust have nothing but fantastic things to say about him,” Barker said. “He’s been nothing but great since he’s been with us. If he had never been up here before it might have been a lot tougher for him. But the government let him in the country."

He’s not somebody who has had perennial problems and moved from team to team in the NFL with issues after issues. He was let go by the Stampeders but it had nothing to do with any kind of issue. They just had other tackles they wanted to use.”

Last Saturday, [name withheld] got his first chance to play for the Argos after being on the practice roster for the first six games. He played as QB Ricky Ray’s blindside protector, part of coach Scott Milanovich’s revamped offensive line.

The 6-foot-7, 310-pound left tackle held his own as the line generally gave Ray plenty of time to sit in the pocket and throw as Toronto beat the Stampeders 22-14 to move into a first-place tie in the East with the Montreal Alouettes. He’ll be starting again Monday when Toronto plays the Edmonton Eskimos at the Rogers Centre.

In the ESPN piece, the Argos offensive lineman revealed he never knew what he and his sister did was against the law. Basically alone in their world, they trusted nobody but themselves.

At 9, he had already been exposed to pornography and sexual misconduct involving a close relative in the suburbs of Dallas. At 12, his mother and siblings moved to Louisiana. They would move from one rough neighbourhood to another in the project of Marrero across the Mississippi River from New Orleans.

According to the ESPN article, police discovered the incestuous relationship several months after it happened when [name withheld] was arrested on suspicion of prostitution. When [name withheld] came to the station to get her, he was asked about having sex with her. He didn’t deny it.

I didn’t know it was illegal,” [name withheld] said in the ESPN article.

In the piece, [name withheld] claims the police coerced her into revealing what she and her brother had done after they threatened to put her in jail. The police asked her about her life, and how such a young girl ended up on the streets and had she ever been sexually abused at home. She denied being a prostitute. She was questioned for hours without a lawyer. Afterwards, [name withheld] was arrested and spent a month in jail.

The article reports [name withheld] understands now what he and his sister did was wrong.

I’m more than what people see me as,” he said. “What I went through as a kid. I wanted to find love so bad. But I had no idea what love even was.”

CO - Former officer (Joshua Carrier) returns to court as 2nd trial looms on a ton of sexual crime charges

Joshua Carrier
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A disgraced former police officer returns to court Friday as attorneys hammer out details for his upcoming trial.

It will be the second trial for Joshua Carrier, who was found guilty in April on 21 counts of sexual exploitation and not guilty on 36 counts involving alleged sexual contact with young boys. The jury failed to reach a decision on 150 counts involving sexual assault, enticement of a child, and unlawful sexual contact.

Carrier is accused of touching more than 20 children inappropriately while working as a volunteer wrestling coach at Horace Mann Middle School.

Friday, Carrier will be in court for a motions hearing, which is when attorneys will ask a judge to issue a ruling or order on a legal matter. During a motions hearing, both sides can argue their position.

Last month, Carrier's legal team filed a motion to change the venue of the upcoming trial, which the judge denied. At this time, it's unknown what Friday's hearing will be about.

11 News will let you know what happens in court.