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AL - Sheriff Says Murder Case Highlights Importance Of Sex Offender Registration (Just the usual lies)

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By Robert Richardson

GUNTERSVILLE (WHNT) — The Marshall County sheriff said the Wednesday arrest of a murder suspect highlights the importance of registrations for convicted sex offenders.
- No it doesn't.  People who commit murder should be in prison for life, and true predators should be locked up longer, then the registry wouldn't be needed and you could actually investigate other crimes.  And this wasn't related to a sex crime, but two idiots fighting.

U.S. Marshals captured [name withheld #1] in Blount County.

[name withheld #1] is charged with the murder of [name withheld #2], and is also a convicted sex offender.
- This is a murder and has nothing to do with a sex crime, but, for shock value, they insert the fact the men wear the "sex offender" label.

Sheriff Scott Walls said if [name withheld #1] had been in compliance with his sex offender registration, it might not have changed the situation between [name withheld #1] and [name withheld #2], but deputies were already looking for him the last week of July and the murder happened August 1.

If we had got our hands on him prior to that night, it could have saved that particular case,” Walls said.
- So you said this shows why the registry is needed, but he wasn't registered, or was just missing, so even if he was registered and not wanted, how would that have prevented this?  It wouldn't have!

[name withheld #1] was convicted in 1995 of sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl when he was 21.
- Yeah, so!  This is a murder, not a sex crime!

He moved from DeKalb County to Marshall County in April.

Unfortunately when you get a sex offender moved to your county from another area, you don’t know anything about that person other than what they’ve provided when they registered.” Walls said.

State law requires quarterly check-ins for registered sex offenders, which Walls and his deputies do face to face.

Marshall County also requires registered sex offenders to call the sheriff’s office every month to verify their address and place of employment.

If we don’t get those phone calls, we check immediately, so we’re only 30 days behind instead of that quarterly check that comes up every three months,” Walls said.

It’s so important to know where these people are at. All the statistics indicate that they will re-offend, and we watch our sex offenders here in this county extremely close.”
- This is a lie, as usual, and not based on facts.  The fact is, ex-sex offenders have one of the lowest recidivism rates than any other criminal, except murderers.

Walls said [name withheld #1] was due to turn in at the sheriff’s office by July 30.

When he did not, they went looking for him, and Walls said [name withheld #1] wasn’t at his registered address on Blessing Road in east Albertville.

Investigators later learned [name withheld #1] was staying with his girlfriend, [girlfriend name withheld], at a house on Williams Bend Road in the Martling community, north of Albertville.

That is where [name withheld #2], died from stab wounds.

Investigators said [girlfriend name withheld] was there at the time of the stabbing, and was with [name withheld #1] for the eight days he was on the run.

Sheriff Walls said the Alabama legislature passed a law two years ago which makes it illegal to house or aid a sex offender in hiding from authorities.

We like the changes in the law that have taken place so far,” he said.

I think there will be some additional changes coming up in the next session or two in the legislature to fill in the loopholes and make that law a little more strict, so we can be sure of how we’re going to track those individuals.”

Deputies in DeKalb and Etowah Counties also searched for [name withheld #1], until U.S. Marshals caught the couple in a cabin at Boogie Bottoms in Blount County and brought them to the Marshall County Jail.

It’s been a group effort and everybody did a fantastic job,” Walls said.

[name withheld #1] is charged with murder, failure to report, and failure to register a new place of residence.

[girlfriend name withheld] is charged with hindering prosecution and harboring a sex offender, which carries a punishment of one to 10 years in prison.

NY - Village seeks end to sex-offender loophole

Mayor James Altadonna Jr.
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In an effort to strengthen the village's sex offender laws, Massapequa Park officials on Monday will weigh removing a clause that permits some registered offenders to return to "established residences or domiciles" after their stints behind bars.

"We are looking to carve out that exemption," Mayor James Altadonna Jr. said in an interview yesterday. "We have no tolerance for criminals or pedophiles that prey on children."
- Not all ex-sex offenders are pedophiles or prey on children, and if you meant what you said, then you'd also ban all other criminals, but I'm sure you only mean ex-sex offenders, because they are today's scapegoat.

According to current village code, registered sex offenders may not live within a one-mile radius of a school, park or other offender -- the village is 2.2 square miles -- but those who had homes within those boundaries before 2009, when the legal article was adopted, are exempt.

Altadonna said he hopes to remove the exemption entirely on Monday, when a public hearing on the code amendment is scheduled.

The vote on whether to adopt the changes could come as early as Monday, he said.

The village's restrictions on registered offenders are already stricter than those imposed by New York State and those of other municipalities.

"We have a very stringent law and we're trying to tighten it a little more," Altadonna said. "It's my opinion that anyone who preys on children should remain in jail for the rest of their lives."
- And this is one reason why people like him should not be in office, but it's also the main reason the sheeple vote for him, and he knows that, IMO.  Also, Mr. Altadonna, what about those who exploit children and fear for political gain, I think they should also be in prison for life!

State law does not restrict where offenders can live, though offenders on parole or probation might be limited by separate terms, according to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Many municipalities have passed laws preventing offenders from living within 1,000 feet of schools and other properties where children congregate.

Altadonna cited no single impetus behind his proposal, but said he noticed a trend.
- Really?  Where is the proof of this "trend?"

"Over the course of several years, we had individuals coming back after we were successful in having them move on," he said.

The village works closely with code enforcement officers, parole officers and neighbors to monitor offenders, he said.

AUSTRALIA - Virgin Airlines seems to think men sitting next to kids are possibly pedophiles?

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By Bridie Jabour

UPDATE: A public backlash has prompted Virgin Australia to announce it will review its policy barring men from sitting beside unaccompanied children on flights.

The company was today widely criticised after a Sydney fireman reported his experience of being asked to swap seats because he was sat beside two unaccompanied boys.
It strips away all the good that any male does regardless of his standing in society, his profession or his moral attitudes
- Doesn't surprise me one bit. And John Walsh doesn't want men to baby sit either, they might molest someone.

After this morning defending its policy, the airline this afternoon announced via Twitter it was reviewing its stance.

"We understand the concerns raised around our policy for children travelling alone, a long-standing policy initially based on customer feedback," @VirginAustralia said.

"In light of recent feedback, we're now reviewing this policy. Our intention is certainly not to discriminate in any way."

A Virgin spokeswoman said the policy was shared by Qantas, Jetstar and Air New Zealand.

Earlier today Fairfax Media reported the story of Johnny McGirr, 33, who said he was flying home from Brisbane in April when he took his seat next to two boys he estimated to be aged between eight and 10.

He was assigned the window seat but sat in the aisle seat so the two boys could look out the window.

However, a flight attendant approached him just as passengers were asked to put on their seatbelts, asking him to move.

Mr McGirr said when he asked why, he was told, "Well you can't sit next to two unaccompanied minors."

"She said it was the policy and I said, 'Well, that's pretty sexist and discriminatory. You can't just say because I'm a man I can't sit there,' and she just apologised and said that was the policy."

"By this stage everyone around me had started looking."

Mr McGirr said the attendant then asked a fellow female passenger, "Can you please sit in this seat because he is not allowed to sit next to minors."

"After that I got really embarrassed because she didn't even explain. I just got up and shook my head a little, trying to get some dignity out of the situation," he said.

"And that was it. I pretty much sat through the flight getting angrier."

Mr McGirr pointed out that he works as a fireman in Newtown in Sydney and was trusted in his job to look out for the welfare of children.

"[The attitude of the airline] is 'we respect you but as soon as you board a Virgin airline you are a potential paedophile', and that strips away all the good that any male does regardless of his standing in society, his profession or his moral attitudes," he said.

A spokeswoman for Virgin Australia this morning confirmed the policy and said while the airline did not want to offend male passengers, its priority was the safety of children.

"In our experience, most guests thoroughly understand that the welfare of the child is our priority," she said.

The spokeswoman said staff usually tried to keep the seat empty but, when that was not possible, a woman was seated next to the child.

"Virgin Australia takes the safety of all guests very seriously and, in the case of unaccompanied minors, we take additional steps to ensure their flight is safe and trouble free in every respect."

Mr McGirr, who wrote to Virgin to complain, said the policy was flawed.

"[It's] blatant discrimination that just because I'm a male I can't sit there," he said.

"They apologised that it happened on the flight and said it shouldn't have happened then but my issue is not with the mistakes made there; my issue is with the policy in general."

"The majority of sexual assaults are [also] committed by men. Does that mean that we can't sit next to women? Should we just have a seat by ourselves and that way women and children will be protected?"

Mr McGirr said he understood the children were vulnerable when not with an adult but said that fears about crimes committed by a small minority of people should not rule society.

Mr McGirr said Virgin should either allocate a chaperone for children to sit with them for the entire flight, have staff do regular checks on the children to see if they were all right or ask parents to purchase the seat that is vacant so it is always left empty.

Among other Australian airlines, budget carriers Jetstar and Tiger Airways do not accept unaccompanied minors on their flights, though the two airlines have different definitions of what constitutes a minor.

Qantas, which does allow unaccompanied minors over the age of five to travel on its flights, has not returned calls requesting information on its policy on seating male passengers next to unaccompanied children.

Online outcry
Criticism of the airline swelled online today, with the story attracting more than 700 comments across Fairfax Media news sites by 4pm.
- Isn't it ironic, when something doesn't affect you, then you are okay with it, but when you are affected, then you raise hell.  Now you understand why ex-sex offenders raise hell over the cruel and unusual punishment they are forced to live with, unconstitutionally.

More than 44,000 readers nationwide responded to an online poll asking whether the airline’s policy was fair, with 87 per cent agreeing the rule was ‘‘sexist and suggests all men are potential pedophiles’’.

Twitter users were quick to voice their poor opinion of the policy under the hashtag #VirginDiscrimination, while Facebook users also responded with criticism.

One person wrote on Virgin Australia's Facebook page: ‘‘As a male school teacher, it saddens me that men are turned away from being a positive role model for children, because people have the attitude ‘male = potential molester’.’’
- Welcome to the new society, which the ignorant sheeple, media and politicians helped created, for the children of course!

Another Facebook user wrote the policy was ‘‘disgracefully discriminatory’’, while another user said it was a ‘‘stupid load of nonsense’’ that insulted half the country’s population.

However, some on Facebook jumped to the airline’s defence, with one mother saying she appreciated the policy.
- So did any men jump in defense of it?

‘‘I do recall once at check-in the seats being changed around so that my children were not seated beside a man. But it was done very discretely [sic] and you know what, as a mum I was comfortable with the decision,’’ she wrote.
- Of course women are going to be okay with it, it doesn't affect them. This is like some female having female issues, and the reporter asking a man about it, it's stupid and doesn't make rational sense!

While Virgin Australia was adamant that it was not alone in implementing such a policy, Qantas has not responded to repeated attempts to clarify its position from Fairfax Media today.

However, the BBC reported Qantas and Air New Zealand had a similar policy in 2005, after a businessman successfully sued British Airways on the grounds of sex discrimination after he was moved away from an unaccompanied child on a flight.

MD - Dateline NBC continues to push the 100,000 missing sex offender lie, why?

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This is pure fear mongering Chris Hansen style, who by the way, was caught cheating on his wife. Their are about 722,000 offenders (PDF) in this country, which I wonder why, since they like fear mongering so much, they just picked a round number (500,000) instead of the actual number? And the 100,000 number is bogus, as well as the old "50,000 online predators" number, which has been proven that Chris Hansen made up as well, but people continue to use it as fact.  This is fear mongering and deception for shock value, nothing more.


By Meade Jorgenson

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), there are about 500,000 convicted sex offenders across the country who do what they're supposed to do: register themselves with the local police in their communities.
- This just shows that Chris Hansen doesn't even investigate facts.  If he did actually check NCMEC, then he would see it's over 722,000.

But, according to NCMEC, about a 1 in 5 convicted sex offenders do not register themselves. And local authorities don't always have the manpower or resources to go looking for every one of them. In response, the U.S. Marshals Service started a program called, "Operation Guardian," which has targeted the worst of the worst -- approximately 450 of the most dangerous sex offenders who remain on the run.
- And the "1 in 5" which continues to pop up, is also not exactly true.  I wonder, since we know he just picks numbers out of thin air and adds terms for shock value, are the 450 really the actual number, and are they really the "worst of the worse?"  I doubt it.

The U.S. Marshals invited Dateline NBC to accompany one of their arrest teams, based in Maryland and led by Inspector Roger Wilson and Inspector Tom McDaniel.

See the full video at the original link above

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