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Due Process: Supreme Court Update

AR - Arkansas Time After Time - August 2012 Newsletter

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SOSEN - Police Brochure

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FL - Mentoring Achievement Project, Inc.

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Mission Statement:
Mentoring Achievement Project, Inc. is a Tampa, Florida-based not for profit corporation organized to assist men and women who are either in prison, convicted felons, homeless, abused, the elderly, sexual offenders and predators and others in need at their most desperate time in their lives. Our simple goal is to take individuals who are capable of living productive lives and giving them the tools necessary to achieve this. Our corporate name includes what we are offering: mentoring as well as the key achievement. We want individuals to move from having made bad decisions or ended up in desperate situations to success.

The Mentoring Achievement Project has already helped thousands through various organizations with the help of a network of charitable groups and individuals.

We provide services related to:
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Employment
  • Clothing
  • Mentoring
  • Mental Health/Counseling Referrals
  • Social Services Assistance

We treat each member uniquely and once we have your completed application we will work with you on a one-on-one basis. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

OH - Lawyer Says Fmr Cincinnati Officer (Randy Grote) Will Plead Not Guilty On Child Porn Charges

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A former Cincinnati police officer is indicted on a child pornography charge. Federal agents say they found illegal images at his home. A federal grand jury indicted Randy Grote on one count of possession of child pornography.

The investigation was conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and Homeland Security investigators. Local 12 News Reporter Angenette Levy has more on the story you saw first on Local 12 News.

This federal investigation is called "Operation Predator." The goal is to root out the distribution of child porn on the Internet. And federal agents say they traced child porn accessed on the web to Randy Grote's home.

Last October, when federal agents and Cincinnati Police searched Randy Grote's Green Township home, they say they found computers, a hard drive and other devices containing images of children engaged in sex acts. Grote worked at District 3 in East Price Hill.

"When this information was brought to our attention, Randolph Grote's police powers were suspended and he was placed on limited duty. Through the course of that investigation, the federal agency kept in contact with us, we kept apprised of the situation."

Cincinnati Police Captain Paul Humphries says the allegations had nothing to do with Grote's work at the police department. A federal grand jury indicted Grote on Wednesday. He was placed on unpaid leave and submitted his letter of resignation.

"Shocked. It's unbelievable." Sandra Gerhardt was surprised to hear about the indictment against her neighbor. She didn't know Grote well and hasn't seen him in a while. "You never know. You just don't know. And you don't know until all of the facts are out what's what either."

Captain Humphries explains, "You know there's an old saying that it makes us all look bad. It doesn't make us all look bad because we don't do this as an organization. We don't do this as an agency and cops hate this as much as anybody else."

Randy Grote's attorney, Peter Rosenwald, declined a request for an on-camera interview. But he said Grote resigned rather than go through an internal affairs investigation. Rosenwald says Grote will plead not guilty when he makes his first appearance in federal court next week.

Randy Grote started working at the Cincinnati Police Department in 2003. His personnel file contained a handful of commendations for his work.

Before working for the police department, he worked as a probation officer for Hamilton County.