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NY - More draconian sex offender laws - Not exactly the 'whole story' like the reporter says

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By Rachel Polansky

It was a sickening crime Central New Yorkers may never forget, the rape and murder of Linda Turner by serial rapist [name withheld]. Today Governor Cuomo signed legislation into law to better protect New Yorkers from sex offenders like [name withheld] by strengthening the state's civil procedures.
- Yeah, pick the worst of the worse to make laws to punish all who wear the "sex offender" label. Imagine if we did that for all other criminals? Cuomo has been exploiting the "sex offender" panic for years now.

Off the top tonight, Eyewitness News reporter Rachel Polansky has an in-depth report on community members who are both for and against the new law. She joins us live the newsroom, Rachel?

The new law is designed to prevent similar horrific crimes from happening in the future. Now this proposal has been in the works for quite some time and eyewitness news wants to show you every angle. In this in-depth report, you'll hear from supporters and opponents of the new law - and those involved in getting the bill passed.
- Every angle? Really? By the looks of the video, it doesn't seem like you did a very good job. You showed one person who is against the registry, and even then you didn't post everything she said, as usual.

"Well I was a victim when I was a kid. I believe it's great. Sex offenders should have to go through anything and everything to keep the streets safe and my kids safe and everybody's kids safe," says Crystal Rios, Utica resident.
- So, why don't we just become Iran and start hanging all criminals from the Gallows? But, careful what you wish for, your past may come back to haunt you.

"I have 15 grandkids and it scares me to no end that these kids play outside and any moment someone can walk by and grab them," says John Polchinski, Utica resident.
- Even if we had ZERO sex offenders, that could still happen, and it does happen all the time. Sex offenders are not the only people who kidnap kids, but, when you've been living under a rock and drinking the media's kool-aid, then what do you expect?

The goal of this new law is keeping sex offenders off the street when they pose a threat to society, and some community members say they already feel safer.

"We'll have more peace that these guys are supervised to the point we don't have to worry about our children that much- i keep my eye on my children, I don't let them out of my sight," says Donna Zurek, Utica resident.

"Make our neighborhoods safer, make our children safer," says Polchinski.

The first part of the law authorizes officials to update photos of high-risk sexual offenders every 90 days. Zrek was a neighbor of [name withheld]'s and she says this law could have made a difference.
- A person, if they wanted to, could change their appearance in a matter of minutes, so you folks keep living in Wonderland!

"He lived up the street from me on rutger street and we never realized it. How are we supposed to know who he is? When you see the picture in the 80s compared to the picture when they caught him, you would have never known it was the same person," says Zurek.

Now although it's too late to save Linda Turner, the new law is designed to prevent similar horrific crimes from happening in the future. And Senator Joe Griffo says the murder was a driving force behind the passing of the new law.
- Yes, one or two high profile crimes are used to punish millions! Why don't we treat all murderers as if they are serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer? Because they are not all the same, that's why!

"This was a horrific crime and so unfortunate so we're hopeful that this will be the steps we promised we would take to ensure this doesn't happen to anyone else," says Senator Griffo.
- You need to get off the Fantasy Island plane sir, I can guarantee you it will happen again, even if you passed 1 million laws.

Griffo says the reform will..
- No it won't!

"Require updated photos of level 3 sexual predators and also, allow for forced sharing of information verbatim testimony from various agencies," says Senator Griffo.

Now Eyewitness News received mostly positive reactions, but one woman looks at the law in a different light.
- You see, they interviewed ONE PERSON for the other side, so I don't think that is exactly the "whole story!"

"Well I am in a relationship with somebody who is a registered sex offender. I mean it never occured to me like oh my god he's a child molestor, or oh my god, I don't wanna be friends with him," says Shana Rowan, activist

Shana Rowan is engaged to a level 2 registered sex offender. But their story is different than most. Shana's fiancee committed his crimes as a child, but was tried and sentenced as an adult. Despite this, she says most of society can't look past the words "sex offender" on the registry.

"When you look at the registry, it doesn't give you all the information and i think that's big problem. You probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference really between my fiancee and someone like a Robert Blaney," says Rowan.

Rowan says it becomes nearly impossible for former offenders to assimilate back into community again - but still- some community members don't want to see past their history.

"They should be hit hard because they're victims were hit hard. Their life was destroyed. They should be disciplined, they should have to do all this, they should have to do more than this because that's how often this happens to young girls out here," says Rios.
- Notice how they end this article which more fear mongering BS? Not all victims were hit hard and continue to dwell on the past like this lady appears to be doing. I was also molested as a child, and I also have a personal friend who wears the "sex offender" label. These people were charged and convicted, went to jail/prison, and are out, so they were disciplined and completed their time, just because you want to dwell on the past doesn't mean everybody else does.

Governor Cuomo says the bill will help officials make informed judgments about sex offenders who pose a threat to society. And the law will take effect in 30 days.
- You keep living in Wonderland, but we know these laws won't do what you claim they will.

KY - Animal health groups support pet offender registry (Why not a registry for all sinners?)

Video Description:
Animal care officials, along with state legislatures, are using the "success" of the sex offender registry to create one for pet offenders.

If an online public hit-list is okay for one group of felons, then we should have one for all sinners, to be fair. Oh wait, they are in the works!

We have been saying for years that the online sex offender hit-list was the test bed, and that more would be coming, and yep, we were right. See here and the videos below.

Other Registries In The Works:

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Lisa Ling investigates the case of a teenage boy who was sentenced to 16 years in prison for touching a girl's breast - and is now a registered sex offender. Lisa will try to piece together what happened and find out: did the punishment fit the crime?

Tune in Tuesday, August 7th at 10/9c for this all new episode of Our America on "Labeled For Life."

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OK - Supreme Court Decision Could Knock Thousands Of Sex Offenders Off Oklahoma Registry

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By Havonnah Johnson

OKLAHOMA CITY - There's a fear thousands of sex offenders could drop off the Oklahoma registry and go unchecked.

Some have been convicted of rape and child molestation, but want the state Supreme Court to give them a fresh start.

Right now the state Supreme Court is looking at two specific cases and whatever the high court decides will set a precedent for all level three sex offenders statewide, including one local man whose daughter is pushing the court to look at individuals on a case by case basis.

[name withheld] molested his daughter, Elizabeth Reece, for years. He served four years in prison and six years of probation. Now he wants off the statewide sex offenders registry.

"I think he's registered under a P.O. Box right now which gives you no indication where he lives and that's disturbing," Reece said.

[name withheld]' lawyer, David Slane, defends hundreds of accused sex offenders.

"He's representing more than 400 sex offenders, from what I know, off the list. Not just indecent exposure like he markets, there is second-degree rape," Reece said.

Reece says Slane is profiting from her misfortune.

"I'm not making any money off of anybody's demise. I'm a lawyer. People pay me to do my job and my job is a legal process. [Reece] could also say that the police are making a living off of crime," Slane responded.

Now their debate will be settled by the high court. Reece is encouraging people to write their legislator to perhaps influence the court's decision. No word on when the ruling will come down, but it will affect thousands of people either way.

Right now the state supreme court is looking at two specific cases.

DC - Hearing on the re-re-authorization of the Adam Walsh Act

Rep. Sensenbrenner, like always, is full of BS. See the links below for proof.

See Also:

CT - Ex-Offender does what he's suppose to do, but is hauled off the jail because the state screwed up?

Original Article

And it's crap like this, if he had a job, he probably lost it due to this "mistake!"


CHESTER - A sex offender from Connecticut spent several days in Warren County Jail because of a computer mixup that resulted in local police believing he had not properly registered as a sex offender.

[name withheld], 51, was charged July 25 with failure to register as a sex offender, based on a warrant that has been pending in Warren County for nearly two years.

That warrant stemmed from the fact [name withheld] moved from a home in Pottersville to Connecticut in November 2010, and the Warren County Sheriff's Office found no evidence he registered his new address, sheriff's Maj. C. Shawn Lamouree said.

He did register as required by law on the 10th day after he moved, but Connecticut officials did not notify their counterparts in New York that he had taken up residence there.

That resulted in the Sheriff's Office getting an arrest warrant for [name withheld], on which he was arrested after police downstate came across him in an unrelated case.

He was arraigned and jailed, but released Friday when it was determined he had legally registered but Connecticut authorities had failed to note it for more than a month.

[name withheld] is a Level 2 sex offender because of a 1997 sexual assault conviction.

Marc Klaas says that all sex offenders should not be treated the same, and the laws are draconian?

And we agree, but Marc loves to say one thing in one instance, but turns around and says another later. He, like many others, are rich from the death of their loved ones. I can understand being angry, for awhile, but putting all ex-offenders into the "child killer, pedophile" group, like he does on many occasions, is wrong, and passing laws based on emotions is also wrong.

Also, why does the media continue to get biased people who are not experts on child sexual abuse on their shows? To further their agenda and continue to exploit them and the issues for profit? We think so!

And here is another video, which is talking about child rape, not child murder, but Marc is all for the death penalty. You see, he doesn't know what he wants, and runs on pure emotion, not facts!

AL- Former officer (Patrick LeBlanc) goes before judge on child pornography charge

Patrick LeBlanc
Original Article

Maybe I should rename this blog to "Police Sex Offender Issues?"


BIRMINGHAM - A former Birmingham police officer faced a judge on Thursday.

Patrick LeBlanc is charged with attempting to produce and possess child pornography. Hoover police say the victim in the case is 17-years-old and a family member.

LeBlanc was supposed to have a preliminary hearing today, but chose to waive it to the grand jury.

LeBlanc has retired from the Birmingham police department and remains free on bond.