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CA - Orange county DA (Tony Rackauckus), where does he get his info?

WA - Sick man exploiting murder for profit?

WA - Neighbors concerned about sex offender housing

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MARYSVILLE — When John Mack purchased a home on State Avenue in late May, with the intention of using it to house sex offenders, he was not met with a positive response from neighbors or city officials.

Mack, who is the pastor of Arlington’s Holy Ghost Ministries, has made it a personal mission to provide housing for at-risk males, including sex offenders, in his eight Marysville, Everett and Arlington buildings. His most recent project includes the nearly 4,000-square-foot building on State Avenue, located next the home of Michelle Morck.

Words really can’t describe how I feel right now,” said Morck, who after discovering the details of her soon-to-be neighbors, made the decision to move her family from the home they’ve owned for more than 20 years.

I’m at a loss for words. Our lives are destroyed, they’ve been ripped out from under us,” said Morck. In addition to moving from her home, she said it has been a difficult case for realtors who view the new addition to the neighborhood as a source of devaluation.

We have lost the value of our home. We can’t rent to anyone without telling them who is next door,” she said. The family also chose to close their at-home pastry business, Gracie’s In and Out Pastries.

We had one teenage girl working for us and she was just wonderful, it was her first job and she was great. We had just hired another young girl when we found out,” said Morck, of the news that a sex offender house was moving in. “We just made the decision that we had no choice but to close the business. We just couldn’t risk anything happening to them.”

The Morck family closed their pastry business on June 22, listing the nearby sex offender housing unit as their reason for closing. They also made the decision to leave the home they’ve had for more than two decades.

But Mack believes that what he is doing is for the greater good.

When there are a number of these guys living together, they can be accountable for each other’s actions,” said Mack, who noted than in the 10 years he has owned transitional housing units, there has never been a situation where a sex offender has been caught re-offending.

Bill Wolfe, of the Department of Corrections Marysville Unit, supported that statement by noting that in the years that Mack has owned homes in the area, he has called the DOC on multiple occasions to report only minor tenant violations.

At a Marysville City Council meeting on July 23, more than a dozen Marysville residents, including Morck and Mack, spoke on the issue of group sex offender housing. Several families complained that they were being forced to move because they keep the safety of their children in mind. The plight of those who spoke out against the group home had a sympathetic ear in Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring.

We are very much against the concept of these group houses with multiple sex offenders,” said Nehring. “I am 100 percent sympathetic to those living nearby. We are 100 percent focused on finding a way so that they won’t be there anymore.” Nehring said, adding that a state law passed in 2006 bars local governments from controlling the location of sex offender residences.

I’m against it, but we’ve looked at it every which way and we can’t do anything about it. Our hands are tied,” said Nehring. “The state law needs to change.”

Mack argued that his homes are required to stay in residential neighborhoods. “Because of zoning requirements, the city forces me to be in these neighborhoods rather than an industrial zone. And a lot of these guys don’t have cars or licenses and so they have to be close to a bus line,” he said.

Nehring is determined to find a way to change that. “In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be any sex offenders in our city. That’s unrealistic, but each time you add another into the home, you add another problem for the neighborhood,” he said. “It’s not a matter of if, but when, they re-offend.”
- Just the usual ignorant politician using the issue to further his own standing with the sheeple, and to further violate his oath of office to defend the Constitution and rights for all.  Even people you despise have rights, and most ex-sex offenders do not re-offend like this person seems to think.

In Marysville, there are currently 157 registered sex offenders. Although Arlington is also home to sex offender housing, there hasn’t been any complaints to city officials, according to Kristin Banfield, assistant city administrator.

City of Marysville officials have scheduled a meeting with state legislators to discuss the issue of sex offender housing, set for September.

OH - Ohio Supreme Court to Review Penalties for Sex Offender Notification Statute

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By J. Adam Engel

Appeal to Watch on the Sexual Offender Registration Issue: State v. Howard. The docket and all briefs are available on the Supreme Court web page. The case was reported below at 195 Ohio App.3d 802, 2011-Ohio-5693 (PDF).

This issue in this case involves the sex offender notification statute. The defendant was convicted for failure to notify, in violation of R.C. 2950.05(A) and (F)(1). In September 2000, the defendant had been convicted of rape and designated a habitual sex offender. Pursuant to the Adam Walsh act, the defendant was reclassified a Tier III sex offender.

In 2010, the defendant was charged with failure to notify, a felony of the first degree, for failing to provide notice of his change of residence address to the sheriff.

As a result of later Ohio Supreme Court decisions, the defendant’s reclassification as a Tier III sex offender was rescinded and his original classification as a habitual sex offender and the community-notification and registration orders attending that classification were reinstated.

The issue deals with the penalty. When the original classification and registration requirements are applied, the conviction for failure to notify is a felony of the fifth degree. The Adam Walsh Act changed the penalty to a Felony of the First Degree. The court of appeals held that the trial court erred when it convicted the defendant of a first-degree felony instead of finding him guilty of a fifth degree felony.

In its brief, the state argues that “A violation of the registration requirements is a new, separate offense. And the newincreased penalties in R.C. 2950.99 are not being retroactively applied when the offender’s criminal conduct occurs after the effective date of the statute.”

In response, the defendant argues “Under the former R.C. 2950.99 that was in effect when [the defendant’s] duty to notify of a change in residence address first arose in September, 2000, a failure to comply with this dutywould result in a fifth degree felony. R.C. 2950.99, as amended in 2007, increased the penalty for a failure to notify from a fifth degree felony to a first degree felony, creating a new liability.”

Due Process - Disenfranchised Felons

Tiffani Thiessen reveals she lost her virginity at 14 to her 19-year-old boyfriend

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Actress Tiffani Thiessen was just 15 years old when she got the part of Kelly Kapowski, the squeaky-clean all-American cheerleader on the hugely popular sitcom Saved By The Bell. Who would have guessed that at the time she was already sexually active – with a boyfriend that was five years her senior?

Tiffani revealed the shocking fact on her recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show. Here’s the clip, followed by some of the questions and answers from the interview:


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HOWARD STERN: So you lost your virginity at 14? You were moving on a fast track!

TIFFANI THIESSEN: Ugh. Yes. Now, having a daughter, it’s really hard to talk about.

Are you going to tell your daughter that you…

I’m not going to be dishonest with her, because honestly, for me — you I think my mom can at least rest easy that it wasn’t a one time thing, that I actually was with the guy for five years.

Are you sorry that you had sex at 14 now? When you look back on your life do you say, “Gee, I wish I had waited because then I would have kind of, maybe, appreciated it more.”

You know, I try not to have a lot of regrets. I really don’t. And I don’t think I can say that.

I’m thinking about this guy you were with. He could have legally been a sex offender! If your parents had pressed charges against him…

Yeah. Yes. You’re absolutely right.

…he could have gone to jail. Isn’t it a miracle that your old man didn’t take that gun and shoot him right in the head?

I know.

If you’re like me the interview had you wondering whether Tiffani’s boyfriend could still get in trouble for his actions. When she was a teenager Tiffani lived in California, and according to their laws the statute of limitations on statutory rape (that doesn’t involve violence or child molestation) is three years.

Damn, 14 sure is young! Tiffani’s daughter Harper is only two – I wonder if her “no regrets” stance will hold up when Harper turns 14.

NY - Ex-child abuse caseworker (Stanley Dorozynski) admits possessing child pornography

Stanley Dorozynski
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SYRACUSE - A former Oneida County Child Protective Services caseworker pleaded guilty Wednesday to possessing child pornography at his Frankfort home in 2010.

Stanley Dorozynski, who also was a Utica police officer from 1980 to 2000, could face a maximum of 10 years in prison when he is sentenced in U.S. District Court on Friday, Dec. 7. He was immediately taken into custody following his plea.

Dorozynski will also have to register as a sex offender, pay a fine of up to $250,000 and face a term of supervised release that could potentially last the rest of his life.

During his plea, Dorozynski acknowledged that he knowingly possessed a computer, compact disks and zip disks that contained images of child pornography. And because the images were transported through interstate and foreign commerce using a computer, the allegations rose to the level of a federal crime.

Dorozynski became a county child protective services caseworker in 2008, where he was responsible for investigating child abuse cases.

The allegations first surfaced in October 2010, when Dorozynski’s former girlfriend contacted authorities regarding inappropriate images she had seen on Dorozynski’s computer in June 2010.

The images were titled with names like “Barely Legal, Teens, Russian Teen, and Voyer,” and they appeared to depict girls between 11 and 15 in sexual positions with adults, according to facts in Dorozynski’s federal plea agreement.

Dorozynski’s girlfriend then unlocked a trunk in a jewelry box on Dorozynski’s dresser, where she located more than eight zip disks. She moved out of Dorozynski’s house by July 2010.

More than 2,400 images were found on 18 CDs and several zip disks that could be considered child pornography, prosecutors said.

The images were then sent to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to be compared with database of known victims. The center identified 664 images from 28 different series of known images of actual children from across the U.S and abroad, prosecutors said.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Lisa Fletcher.

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MA - Millbury firefighter and Bikers Against Abusing Kids (BAAK) member (Robert Giannette) charged in theft from Fire Dept and Charity

Robert Giannette
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And another "for the children" biker thugs busted for a crime!  Also see these posts for Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA).


By Gary V. Murray

WORCESTER — Bail was set at $1,000 cash for a Millbury call firefighter arrested yesterday on charges of stealing from the Fire Department and a charity he set up, extorting money from a local church, and workers’ compensation fraud.

Robert Giannette, 46, was arrested after what a prosecutor said was an exhaustive police investigation.

Giannette was arraigned in Central District Court on two counts of larceny of more than $250, embezzlement of more than $250 by an association member, extortion by false report of a crime, and workers’ compensation fraud.

Giannette posted $300 cash bail set at the police station after his arrest, but Judge Paul L. McGill increased the bail to $1,000 cash or $10,000 with surety, citing a history of defaults on Giannette’s one-page criminal record.

Giannette was taken into custody by court officers when he was unable to post the increased bail.

Giannette started a motorcycle club charity called Bikers Against Abusing Kids and used money donated to the group for personal expenses, police said. He told members of the charity that he was seeking nonprofit status, police said.

The charity is not a nonprofit organization, police said, asking that anyone who donated to it to contact them.

On Sept. 21, Giannette and several other members of the charity went to the home of a man who was being investigated for indecent assault and battery on a child, but who had not yet been charged, said Detective Kimberly Brothers. Armed with a sword in a sheath, Giannette allegedly knocked on the door and handed the man literature related to the charity’s activities.

The man called police after the visit, and police told Giannette not to interfere, according to the detective. The next day, Giannette went to the man’s place of employment and gave his employer more material from the charity, police said. The man was later fired from his job, Brothers said.

Police also said Giannette, who is receiving workers’ compensation while out on medical leave from the Fire Department, extorted money from a local church he did some painting for. Giannette told the church that if he was not paid money he was owed, he would go to the town and report what he said were code violations and a lack of proper permits at the church, police said.

A search of Giannette’s apartment Wednesday found several items that the Fire Department later said were stolen, including an ax and firefighting “turnout gear,’’ Brothers said.

Giannette’s court-appointed lawyer, Peter B. Clifford, said the Fire Department property police found in Giannette’s apartment was equipment he needed when called upon to fight fires.

Clifford, who asked that his client be released on the previously posted $300 cash bail, said the financial allegations against him may involve “as little as $1,800.’’

He also said Giannette had a legitimate workers’ compensation claim.