Monday, July 30, 2012

Forced into homelessness by corrupt politicians

Homelessness due to unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment laws is growing at a rapid pace, and politicians say it's not a problem. Well, they need to come back from Wonderland, it's a major problem! Click the "HOMELESS" label above to see many more examples, including this one.

OK - Oklahoma City sex offenders can't live in ministry tents or trailers, then where?

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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma City is ordering out about 30 sex offenders who have been living at tents set up in a trailer park.

A new law took effect July 1 that bans sex offenders from living together in manufactured housing. The sex offenders had been living in vacated trailers at Hand Up Ministries, so the founder moved some of the men into tents.

Oklahoma City ordinances don't allow tents at the property and the city has served the ministry notice.

The Oklahoman reports ( the ministry would have to apply for a zoning variance or fight the ruling in court to keep the men in the tents. The ministry has 30 days to comply or face a $500 fine.

Hand Up Ministry Director James Womack says the move is harassment.

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