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WA - Seattle attorney wants changes to sex offender registry

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By Tim Haeck

A Seattle attorney is asking for a review of Washington's sex offender registration and notification system following the murders of two sex offenders this week in Clallam County.

At least one of the two men killed was a husband and a father. The crime that put him into the state sex offender registry happened ten years ago. He was categorized a level II offender, one being lowest risk, three being the highest.
- One of the men murdered in cold blood was convicted many years ago from having sex with a teen who lied about her age when he was a child himself, a "Romeo & Juliet" case, which they fail to mention.

Seattle attorney Brad Meryhew devotes his entire practice to defending accused and convicted sex offenders. He says it's time to consider changes to Washington's sex offender laws and the registry, which was the first of its kind in the nation back in 1990.

"At the time we created sex offender registries, there was a feeling that sex offenders were highly likely to re-offend, difficult to treat and that we needed to watch them for the rest of their lives," said Meryhew. "The research since then has shown us that, in fact, they are very amenable to treatment, they are not nearly as likely to re-offend as we thought, in fact they are among the lowest risk of re-offense of any felony offense."

Meryhew wants state policymakers to consider what he calls the collateral consequences of sex offender registration.

"Those are things like inability to find work, inability to find housing," said Mayhew. "I think we need to ask ourselves, are we achieving any public safety through this and at what cost?"

The attorney concedes there are dangerous offenders out there. He supports sex offender registration for them.

"We've got 20,000 people on the sex offender registration roles and thousands of them committed these offenses many, many years ago when they were kids, and yet because they can't get off of registration, they don't have the resources to go in and fight the prosecutors in court. They stay on the roles and they live these dysfunctional lives," said Meryhew.

The sex registry system lumps sex offenders together, despite the different alert levels, according to Meryhew.

"Some of them deserve to be in the system and it deserves to be a problem for them but what we always say is, are we hunting for sharks and killing dolphins?"

Meryhew will participate in a panel discussion on the sex offender registration and notification system before the House Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee later this month.

"I think to the extent that we reexamine the whole system and ask ourselves, are we vilifying people who really in fact pose little or no risk to our communities. Those are good questions to ask," he said.

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UK - Man run out of region with help from vigilante Facebook page while the police stand by and do nothing!

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What do you expect when you post people's home/work addresses along with their photo online, of course the sick freaks are going to come out, and this is exactly why the online hit-list should be taken offline and used by police only! So what good are the police?


By Andrew McNair

A man was forced to flee two towns in the region after he was accused of being a paedophile.

The 46-year-old was hounded out of Annan and then Castle Douglas.

His name and picture were posted on the social networking site Facebook with allegations that he was a child abuser.

A window of a house in Shawhill Court in Annan was smashed and an attempt was made to set fire to the property on Wednesday.

Police advised the man to leave the house for his own safety on Thursday after a crowd gathered outside.
- Why?  Why didn't the police do their job and arrest all the people harassing the man?  This is why they continue to break out in mobs, because the police allow it!  DO YOUR DAMN JOB!

He moved to an address in Castle Douglas but was forced out of the town at the weekend.

A police spokesman told the Standard the man had now left Dumfries and Galloway.

The Facebook page which published allegations against the man has been shut down.
- So, it hasn't been said if the person is or isn't an ex-sex offender, but from the police telling him to move, they apparently are, and with that being said, are they also going to shut down all the other Facebook vigilante sites who do the same thing?

And police yesterday appealed for calm.

Inspector Gordon McKnight, operational commander for Annan, said after Thursday’s incident: “There is quite clearly some concern in the area about an occupant of a house in Shawhill Court and this gathering follows on the heels of previous damage caused to this house."

The occupant of the house no longer lives there and has moved out of the area, and as such I would urge the community to take reassurance from the fact that extra police patrols are being put on to address this matter.”
- So what does the extra patrols do when you are basically condoning this and not arresting people?


He added: “Large gatherings like the ones witnessed last night (Thursday) only raise tensions and erode public confidence."

Anyone who has any information or has issues with anyone who is living in their community, for whatever reason, should contact the police in the first instance."

The type of behaviour witnessed last night (Thursday) is thankfully rare in our towns and villages across Dumfries and Galloway and we will now have to work hard with our community officers, partners and elected members to restore public confidence in this area."

I am more than happy to meet and sit down with anyone who has any issues with the manner in which police services are delivered in the area, in an attempt to stop any similar incidents."
- It might help if you start arresting people for vigilantism, bullying and harassment!

The public should aware that we will deal robustly with this type of behaviour and extra patrols are being put on to monitor the situation and deal with any fallout.”

The police are making inquiries into complaints against the man but they have indicated he is not on the sex offenders’ register.
- Okay, so he is not on the registry, then why did you tell the man to move and not arrest people?  You are basically condoning violence!

Thursday’s tensions surfaced just days after separate incidents in which a car and flat were set on fire in Ecclefechan.

[name withheld]’s home in Caven Place was targeted after he was accused in court of possessing indecent images of children.

He made no plea and the case was continued.

But within hours of the court case details being published his car was set on fire.
- Again, this is exactly why the registry should be taken offline and the public not notified, they cannot handle it!

He was moved from his home when it was set on fire on Saturday past.

A fire brigade spokesman said there was “no doubt” the blaze was started deliberately.
- So, did you arrest someone for attempted murder and arson?  Sounds to me like the police are not doing their jobs!

The incidents in Annan and Castle Douglas were not related to Mr [name withheld]’s case.

Our America with Lisa Ling - Videos about Sex Offender Issues

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IN - Targeted for being a sex offender? Man's Elkhart pizza shop vandalized

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How many ex-offenders and their families are going to be harmed due to the online registry before the state takes them offline due to vigilantism?  This is yet another prime example of why the online shaming hit-list needs to be taken offline.


By John Paul

ELKHART - A convicted sex offender said vandals stole money and spray painted references that he was a pedophile outside his pizza shop.

[name withheld], who co-owns DC's Pizza in Elkhart with his wife, said he has his suspicions the crime could have been committed by an employee or someone he knows.

Officers are investigating $80 in missing money from the tip jar and the till. Outside there's a shattered window and broken glass, and contrasting paint to cover up letters someone spray painted by the door. While thieves took all of the cash inside the restaurant, none of the equipment inside the restaurant was damaged and a flat-screen TV was not taken.

In front of the building, paint covered up the letters “PEDI.” [name withheld] said it's short for “pedophile. “

[name withheld] believes his business was vandalized because he's on the Indiana Sex Offender Registry.

"In my mind it's a hate crime," said [name withheld]. "I don't feel it be any different if someone came to your house and threw a brick through your window because you're African-American," [name withheld] said to WSBT-TV.

[name withheld] was convicted at age 17 for inappropriately touching a 14-year-old relative. He served most of his 9-month sentence 8 years ago.

"The way the system is set up people look at me the same way somebody raped someone's grandma, or some serial killer rapist. They look at me differently, it's not right," he said.

Charles Bowen, a senior parole agent in St. Joseph County, said vigilante crimes against registered offenders are rare.

"So many of these offenses are committed within the family or within a close association with the family," said Bowen. "It's not real common."

"This is the first incident, I hope it's the last one," said [name withheld].

One thing investigators might consider is [name withheld]'s ties to another business – DC Burgers across the street, which recently closed for good.

We asked if workers there hadn't been paid, [name withheld] said “it was a rumor.”