Friday, April 27, 2012

WA - KOIN Channel 6 sells out 15-year-old child "sex offender"

CA - Monterey County police out of compliance with their own sex offender sweep! LOL

Video Description:
Monterey County Sheriff's office completes a "sex offender sweep" - conveniently, right as additional sexual crimes against minors charges emerge against one of their own. Funny how the sweep wouldn't have effected their buddy, who had no prior records for sex crimes, nor was he on the registry. Coincidence?

NOTE: You can also click the "/Crime-Police" label to see many more examples of police officers being busted for sex crimes, which you rarely see in the news media.

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CO - Former sheriff (Patrick Sullivan) admits he may have had sex with 13-year-old boy

Patrick Sullivan
Original Article


By Julie Hayden

DENVER — Still wearing the white t-shirt and jeans he had on when he was busted, former Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan confesses to trading meth for sex.

Investigators have released a videotape and transcript of a three hour interrogation with Sullivan.

At first, he lies to investigators and tells them he is simply trying to help young men with meth problems. Then, as investigators start laying their cards on the table, Sullivan makes increasingly shocking admissions.

He tells them, “First, I am bisexual. I have smoked, I have never injected, meth.”

One of Sullivan’s most shocking admissions is that he may have had sex with a young boy.

Investigators ask him a number of questions about having sex with a 13-year-old boy in Breckenridge.

They grill him saying, “And you went in and confided in (redacted) that you engaged in anal intercourse with this young boy in Breckenridge.” At first, Sullivan denies it. Then, investigators ask him about watching boys in the locker room while he worked security at the Cherry Creek School District.

Sullivan asks, “Two boys having sex in a locker room?” Investigators say, “And you said, ‘Let me join in and I won’t tell.’ “ Sullivan says, “Okay.” The investigator asks, “Is that possible?” Sullivan answers, “That’s possible.”

Later in the interview, Sullivan says he is sorry for engaging children sexually, but says he can’t remember specifics because he may have been under the influence of meth or rum and cokes.

He never comes out and admits he had sex with minors, but says he is ashamed about it, even though he insists he can’t recollect specifics and may have a mental block.

He does admit deliberately overdosing an “at risk” young man with a date rape drug in order to have sex with him. And it appears he did smoke meth while he was still sheriff.

It appears investigators have names, dates and places of other alleged crimes, even though prosecutors later said they did not have enough evidence to charge Sullivan.

Earlier this month, Sullivan pleaded guilty to possessing drugs and soliciting for prostitution. He was released from jail last week.

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WA - Parents want answers sex offender comes to Woodland High

Our comment left on the video:
This hysteria has got to stop. This is turning into a modern day witch hunt, but without the pitch forms, which I'm sure, if this continues, will be coming soon.

They fail to mention how old the kid was when his crime occurred, and who the victim was. I am willing to bet it was a Romeo & Juliet type crime, but they don't tell you that, they leave it up to you to assume the worse.

And could you repeat what the father said a couple more dozen times?