Tuesday, April 17, 2012

FL - Miami Skirmishes Over Homeless Sex Offenders Who Claim Vacant Lot as Home

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The city of Miami has rezoned a vacant lot occupied by homeless sex offenders to make it a park in order to stop the state from directing more homeless sex offenders to the corner.

The city also intends to sue the Florida Department of Corrections to remove the 23 homeless sex offenders from the lot because they are going to build a fire station nearby.

The skirmish between the city of Miami and Florida's DOC over the northeast corner of 79th Street and 10th Avenue is the latest round in a running battle over the placement of sex offenders.

"The state is actually giving them pieces of paper telling them to go there," City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff told ABC News. "They are still on probation and parole, and many of them still have ankle detectors. The state is monitoring that they are there between 5 p.m. and 6 a.m."

Registered sex offenders are barred by law from living within 2,500 feet of a school or playground, including parks where children may play. By designating the corner a park, no new offenders are able to claim the corner as their home, but those already there are grandfathered in.
- Nothing like exploiting fear and forcing people to become homeless to make yourself look good to the sheeple.  The state passed a 1,500 foot residency law, Miami didn't like that so they went up to 2,500 feet.  Now, the laws they helped pass, since it's hard to find a legal place to live, ex-offenders are forced to be homeless due to the city of Miami's laws.

Currently, there are 23 offenders listed as "transient" residents of the street corner, many sleeping in tents, Sarnoff said.

The city commissioner said this isn't the first time the state has tried to place them in a public location.
- Yeah, we all remember the Julia Tuttle disaster created by Ron Book and his lobbying for draconian laws.

"Two years earlier the state was placing them under the Julia Tuttle Causeway Bridge, about three-quarters of a mile south of where they are now," Sarnoff said. "We filed suit, and they did stop."
- And I'm sure you'll do the same here, and guess what, the concentration camp will just pop up elsewhere, watch and see.

Now, the city attorney is working to amend the results of that law suit, preventing registered offenders from listing a public street or sidewalk as their residence in the Florida sexual offenders and predators registry.
- And that will basically make it impossible to live anywhere, so I guess they'll all wind up back in jail and/or prison?

"We would like to see a major change in the state law," Sarnoff said, "a change that would make the sex offender the zone instead of the place. Make it so he must stay away from the children, he must stay away from the school, so that when he walks he is the bubble. Then, he can live in his own home as long as there are no children there."
- Um, what if the ex-sex offender's crime had nothing to do with children?  Not all sex offenders are child molesting, predator pedophiles like you and so many others seem to think.

In the meantime, the latest fight over the street corner goes on.

On March 1, the city sent the DOC a letter asking for the homeless offenders to be removed from the corner and informing the office that the city plans to build a fire station adjacent to the location. In Florida, fire stations serve as safe houses for runaway and abused children, a place for them to go to receive help. The letter sites the proximity to the transient camp as "detrimental to children in need in our community."
- What about demonized human beings who are in need of shelter, job, home, food, etc?

Phone calls the Florida State Department of Corrections for comment were not returned.

CO - Colorado Springs cop (Joshua Carrier) guilty on 21 sex charges, acquitted on 36; jury deadlocks on 150 counts

Joshua Carrier
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The jury in the case of former police officer Joshua Carrier deadlocked on 150 of the 207 counts against him.

Carrier was convicted Tuesday of 21 felonies related to exploitation of children and was taken into custody. He was acquitted on 36 counts, according to a defense attorney.

He was not convicted of any touching-related charges.

The judge read the 139 verdict forms prepared by the jury to a packed courtroom.

Initially, one guilty verdict was returned on a touching-related charge, but as the jury was polled a woman juror said she was changing her decision to not guilty. The jury returned to deliberate on that charge and returned with a "no finding" verdict.

The judge warned the courtroom before the verdicts were read to avoid any outburst. There was some sniffling from the accusers side of the courtroom as multiple not guilty and no finding verdicts were read.

Court recessed about 4 p.m., and Carrier embraced his parents and grandmother.

It reconvened to discuss whether Carrier would be jailed on the convictions or allowed to remain free on bond. Parents were testifying that their children are in fear of what happens next.

The judge ordered he be taken into custody, and Carrier was placed in handcuffs.

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After days of struggling in its deliberations, the jury in the Joshua Carrier sex-assault trial announced shortly after 3 p.m. that it had reached a partial verdict.

People packed the courtroom to hear the results of the month-long trial.

On Monday, the jury told 4th Judicial District Judge David A. Gilbert that it was deadlocked on some of the 207 courts against Carrier, a former police officer and school resource officer accused of molesting 22 middle school boys while he was their volunteer wrestling coach.

After signs of trouble surfaced on Friday, a juror Monday asked for the court’s instruction on what happens if the jury has reached a unanimous verdict on some counts and is unable to reach an accord on others.

I don’t think they meant it as a hypothetical,” Gilbert told the courtroom on Monday.

Gilbert read a special instruction encouraging the jury to continue deliberations — while advising potential hold-outs that it’s unnecessary to surrender their “honest conviction” to reach a verdict.

The instruction is a modified version of the so-called dynamite instruction, designed to blow up sources of deadlock.

If the jury failed to agree on some counts, prosecutors would have the option of re-trying them in front of a new jury. Any unanimous decisions of the jury would stand, however, whether they are convictions or acquittals.

The jury of eight women and four men heard about three weeks of testimony. It began deliberating on April 10.

The first sign of trouble from the Carrier jury came Friday morning, when a juror asked “What do we do if a juror says, ‘I quit?’”

Afterward, the judge sent instruction encouraging them to continue in hopes they would resolve any disputes.

Carrier, 31, is accused of sexually molesting 22 adolescent boys while working as a volunteer wrestling coach at Horace Mann Middle School in Colorado Springs during the 2010-2011 school year. Police say he also kept a collection of child pornography on his laptop and in the bedroom of his El Paso County home.

The six-year Colorado Springs police veteran resigned last July as officials were in the middle of an administrative process to fire him.

DC - Secret Service Sex Scandal

Question is, will they be held to the same, if not higher standard as the general public, be arrested, put into prison and on the sex offender registry for life, like everyone else? Or are they just going to get slapped on the wrist and the American people shown they are above the law? I vote the latter!

Secret Service Sex Scandal:

And let's not forget the following, which the media has seem to have done.

Conspiracy of Silence: (Read More Here)

FBI & Pentagon Child Porn Scandal - 5,200 Employees Caught:

Child Prostitution, Satanism and The CIA:

BERMUDA - Former policeman (Paul Boorman) admits accessing child porn

Paul Boorman (Left)
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A former police constable yesterday admitted accessing scores of child pornography pictures and videos.

Paul Boorman, 44, of Spring Hill, Warwick, appeared at Supreme Court charged with 14 counts of knowingly accessing child pornography between November 9, 2008 and October 14, 2009.

Boorman was a probationary officer with Bermuda Police Service when he was arrested for the offences and was subsequently dismissed from the service, before being charged in court in December 2009.

Yesterday, he pleaded guilty to all 14 charges, involving a total of 88 pictures and 51 videos of children engaged in explicit sexual activity.

One picture, accessed on a date unknown between February 10 and 13, 2009, depicted a female child engaging in explicit sexual activity with an adult male.

Boorman’s lawyer Elizabeth Christopher requested social inquiry and psychological reports prior to sentencing.

Puisne Judge Carlise Greaves ordered the reports and extended the defendant’s $15,000 bail with one surety. He set the matter for mention at the next arraignments session on May 1.

Bermuda Police Service announced in November 2009 that it had established a task force to conduct investigations into child internet pornography offences.

A press release issued the following month said several suspects had been identified, including Boorman.

ALERT: Human Rights Watch - Seeks Juvenile Case Examples for Research Project

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I would like to take a moment from my research to say “THANK YOU” to all that have participated and assisted with the Human rights Watch research thus far. With your assistance, I have conducted nearly 100 interviews of youth and their families in various parts of the country. You all have welcomed me in your homes and lives with open arms.


Many of you have suggested that I tailor my ‘search for interview bulletin’ to clarify that the report is focusing on the harm of registration laws on child registrants and their families. I took your suggestions to heart and revised the research description. Please feel free to circulate the REVISED RESEARCH PARAMETERS below and flyer far and wide.

Again, thank you for your amazing trust and making me feel like family. My travels will continue … I look forward to meeting many of you soon.


My name is Nicole Pittman. I have worked on reforming federal and state sex offender registration laws for nearly seven years. As an advocate and researcher for Human Rights Watch, I am currently conducting a nationwide investigation on the harmful impact of sex offender registration and notification laws on children. The published Human Rights Watch report will focus on documenting and advocating against the human rights violations that stem from placing children on sex offender registries.

Interviews will extend to but are not limited to persons who meet the following characteristics and categories:
  1. Children (under the age of 18) who have been adjudicated delinquent or convicted as an adult of a sex offense AND;
    • Subject (or subjected) to sex offender registration and notification laws.
    • Were subjected to registration or notification laws but successfully petitioned to get off the registry
    • Were subject to registration and notification laws but aged out of the juvenile justice system and no longer are required to register.
  2. Family Members affected by a child relative subject to registration and notification. Family members can also include siblings, cousins, grandparents, aunts/uncles, coaches, clergy, foster parents, teacher, principals, or anyone in a guardian/mentor-like position in the child’s life that was indirectly affected by the child’s registration status.
  3. Attorneys representing children in underlying criminal proceedings or adjudications.
  4. Government Officials A Government official in this case can be a probation officer, a judge, prosecutor, mandatory sex offender treatment provider, sex offender registration group treatment provider, police officer, interstate compact on juvenile official, etc.

I will be interviewing in various states during the spring/early summer 2012. Attached you will find a copy of the breath of the specific issues I would like to explore. Please feel free to contact me directly (email is best). pittman@hrw.org.