Thursday, March 15, 2012

TN - Former Deputy (Robert Stacy Kilgore) Guilty of Child Porn Charges

Robert Stacy Kilgore
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A former Henderson County deputy has been found guilty on federal child pornography charges.

A federal jury in Memphis convicted Robert Stacy Kilgore Wednesday on four separate charges involving pornographic material he made of a 10-year-old girl and shipped across state lines.

Kilgore remains in federal custody awaiting his June 14 sentencing. He faces up to 30 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

VA - Ex-cop (Joseph Ruhren) who opened ice cream shop accused of molesting boy

Joseph Ruhren
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By Naomi Jagoda

A former Dumfries police officer who opened an ice cream shop has been charged with repeatedly sexually abusing a then-teenage boy who attended the middle school where he coached wrestling.

Joseph Ruhren, 41, of Triangle, was charged Wednesday after an investigation that began in August 2010, the Prince William County Police Department said.

Ruhren sexually assaulted the victim from 1996 to 2001, when the victim was between 12 and 16 years old. The victim, who is now 27 and living in Fredericksburg, attended Graham Park Middle School where Ruhren coached wrestling, police said. Ruhren also was a police officer during that time.

During the time of the assaults, the victim lived in locations in the Woodbridge and Dumfries areas, police said. Ruhren lived in Dumfries, Woodbridge and Triangle in this time period, and the assaults took place at his residences.

Ruhren was served arrest warrants Wednesday at Rappahannock Regional Jail in Stafford, where he is serving a sentence for violating his probation for prescription fraud, officials said. The new charges are 12 counts of forcible sodomy, four counts of indecent liberties, four counts of carnal knowledge, two counts of crimes against nature and one count of aggravated sexual battery.

Prince William County police received assistance in the investigation from the FBI, spokeswoman Lindsay Godwin said.

Dumfries Police Capt. Becca Edwards said Ruhren worked for the department from 1996 to 2004. Town Manager Dan Taber said Ruhren was a patrol officer and resigned from the department in good standing.

Around the time Ruhren resigned from the police department, he opened JoJo's Original Softserve in Dumfries.

Taber said he typically goes to JoJo's a couple of times a month when its open during the warmer months.

He described the business as a "social epicenter of the town," where there are tables and a grassy area where people congregate.

"It's just a social-gathering place," Taber said. "It's a very family-friendly place to go."

CA - Modesto cop (Lee Freddie Gaines II) accused of forcible sex crimes on duty

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By C. Johnson

MODESTO - A police officer recently terminated from the Modesto Police Department has been indicted on sex offenses allegedly committed while he was on duty.

Detectives arrested Lee Freddie Gaines II Thursday on suspicion of oral copulation by force, violence, duress, or fear of bodily injury, being armed with a firearm in the commission of a sexual offense, and a felony sex offense enhancement, said police department spokesman Lt. Rick Armendariz.

The investigation into Gaines II began Jan. 8 after the department received a report of the alleged crimes taking place on Jan. 5. The alleged victim is a woman and the alleged offenses were committed while Gaines II, a uniformed officer, was on the job, Armendariz said.

Gaines II had been with the department five years. He was placed on administrative leave when the report was taken and then terminated Feb. 10.

Gaines II has been booked into Stanislaus County Jail.

"Those who are sworn to enforce the law have a special obligation to obey it. I'm disappointed and disgusted at this former officer's conduct. His actions were abhorrent and not representative of the dedicated staff who work tirelessly to serve the community," said Modesto Police Chief Michael Harden in a statement.

PA - Ex-Philly cop (Keith Corley) on rape charges: 'She wanted it'

Keith Corley
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By Joseph A. Slobodzian

Testifying in his defense, a former Philadelphia police officer today admitted to a Common Pleas Court jury that he had sex with a woman while on duty - but insisted the act was consensual.

"She wanted it, she asked to have sex," said Keith Corley, describing what happened with the 32-year-old woman he picked up in West Philadelphia at 3:30 a.m. on Aug. 11 and offered a ride home.

"Did you think what you were doing was a crime?" asked defense attorney Douglas Stern.

"No sir," Corley replied in a barely audible monotone.

"Did you think you'd get in trouble with Internal Affairs . . . That it was a violation of police procedure?"

"At work, yes," Corley replied.

Corley, an officer for four years, is charged with sexual assault and related charges.

The jury of seven women and five men is expected to begin deliberations late this afternoon following legal instructions by Judge Donna Woelpper.
- I've never understood why they do juries this way.  Why don't they do six women and six men so it's balanced and more fair?

Corley was nearing the end of his overnight shift when he said he picked up the woman at 52d and Market Streets.

The woman said she had missed the shuttle bus to the 69th Street transportation center and Corley testified that he offered her a ride.

The woman said she wanted to thank him, Corley testified, and they ultimately agreed upon oral sex. He said he drove her to a parking lot behind the old stables at 63d Street and Cobbs Creek Parkway.

After the act, Corley said he drove the woman to 69th Street where he dropped her off and drove to complete paperwork from his shift.

Minutes later, however, the woman called 911, hysterical, saying she had been assaulted by a police officer. DNA established that the two had a sexual act in the patrol car.

In questioning Corley, Assistant District Attorney Peter Lim noted that Corley had not called police radio as required when he picked up the woman. Lim told Corley that was proof that he intended to cover up a crime from the start.

In her closing argument, Assistant District Attorney Catharine Thurston argued that the victim would never have accepted a ride from a stranger at 3:30 a.m. in West Philadelphia. Thurston said the victim felt safe because Corley was a uniformed police officer in a marked car.

"Instead, he was a coward who happened to be trolling through the streets in a patrol car," Thurston said.

"Forget about being a decent police officer. How about being a decent human being?"

CT - Cops: Man (Bryan Oei) taunted sex offender

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By Daniel Tepfer

TRUMBULL - A local man, who doesn't want a sex offender living in his neighborhood, was arrested after police said he taunted a twice-convicted sex offender outside the offender's home.

Bryan Oei, 19, of Primrose Drive, was charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct. He was released after posting $500 bond pending arraignment in Superior Court on March 22.

According to police, on Wednesday [name withheld], who has twice been convicted of sex-related charges and is on the Connecticut Sex Offender Registry, complained that he was being taunted by Oei, who he did not know.

Police said [name withheld] told them he had received a telephone call from Oei who said he knew [name withheld] was a convicted sex offender and referred to [name withheld] as being a "Rape O."

Police continued that sometime later [name withheld] got a knock on his door and when he opened he was confronted by Oei who began taking photographs of him. When [name withheld] told Oei to leave, Oei responded, "What if I don't, are you going to rape me?" police said.

[name withheld] then called police.

Oei was arrested a short distance from [name withheld]'s home.

Facing the Dark - Anna's Story

Video Description:
One of four short films about forgiveness, this tells the story of Anna (not her real name) who claims that her father sexually abused her for many years. Amazingly Anna has been able to talk to her father and ask his forgiveness for her part. Her father continues to deny the charges.

UK - Family living in fear after false sex offender posters

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This is another example of why the public should not have access to the registry information, only police should.


Police are keeping guard outside a family home after posters were put up falsely claiming a sex offender lived at their address.

The family, who have young children, have been suffering sleepless nights since the posters were dispatched around the Grove Wood area of Rayleigh.

Comments and threats have even spread to the internet.

The posters state: “Warning sex offender in your area” and then give the full name and two pictures of a man - it has the family’s address at the bottom of the page.

Police have confirmed there is no registered sex offender living in the road, let alone the address, and the family say they have never heard of the man.

The mother of the family, who didn’t want to be named, said a neighbour had first seen the posters and alerted them.

She said: “It was very worrying. Police sent a car down as a deterrent in case someone did decide to follow through on their threats on Facebook. It is nothing at all to do with us or our address."

The problem is once it is online, or on Facebook, everyone believes it."

We have had two sleepless nights already, we just want to try to get it out there to as many people as possible that it’s absolutely nothing to do with us."

This man has no connection with us or our address, nothing to do with our family.”

Police were keen to stress the family are completely innocent and they were determined to track down those responsible for putting the posters up.

The man pictured in the poster has not been identified by police.

A police spokesman said: “We have launched an investigation into malicious communications following entries on social media and posters distributed in the Rayleigh area."

This material is causing alarm and distress. There are no registered sex offenders living in any address in that road.”

NJ - District 9 Legislators Push Child Sex Crime Bill with Online Petition

Christopher J. Connors
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This is being posted, not because we endorse the bill, but because we figured those in New Jersey who are dealing with the sex offender laws might want to know about this?  It also shows that one person CAN make a difference.


By Anthony Bellano

The petition launched three weeks after the politicians were questioned on the Jessica Lunsford Act by a Galloway resident at Meet the Legislators night.

Three weeks after Galloway Township resident Anna Jezycki questions them about the status of the Jessica Lunsford Act, state Sen. Christopher J. Connors, Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove announced the launch of an online petition drive for “concerned constituents to sign and have a stronger voice in the legislative process.”

The bill concerns 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, of Florida, who was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered by a registered sex offender in 2005. New Jersey is one of the few states that still hasn’t passed the legislation.

The act, also known as Jessica’s Law, would increase penalties for those who commit sex crimes against minors and for those who harbor or conceal a sex offender. Connors, Rumpf and Gove are co-sponsors of pending legislation that would enact the Jessica Lunsford Act in New Jersey.

The petition also addresses pending legislation that would prohibit convicted sexual offenders from living near schools, playgrounds and child care centers, as well as properly "tier" sex offenders prior to their release from prison.

Each of these measures were introduced and have been sponsored by the 9th District Delegation for several legislative sessions and, presently, are also awaiting committee action, according to the 9th District Office.

The 9th District Delegation offered the following remarks regarding the petition drive in a release Wednesday afternoon:

Residents are frustrated with what they see as a lack of action and direction by the Legislature on comprehensive initiatives to more effectively protect our children from potential acts of violence committed by sexual predators. We understand and share this frustration as, for years, our delegation has worked closely with residents, local officials and law enforcement in a united effort to build upon the protections presently offered under Megan’s Law including community notification."

As an example, several years ago law enforcement officials advised our delegation about the difficulty in tracking convicted sex offenders, given their transient nature, once they are released from incarceration. A contributing factor to this problem is that, under current law, sex offenders are tiered only after they have been released from prison. A sex offender’s residency situation factors into what tiering they receive. As a practical solution, our delegation introduced legislation that would require sexual offenders to be tiered while still incarcerated."

A State Supreme Court decision handed down in 2009 that invalidated several local sexual offender residency ordinances seems to have brought any further action on major policy initiatives concerning sexual offenders to a standstill in the Legislature. Prior to this, several bipartisan bills were passed by the Legislature and enacted into law that included enhancing penalties for sex offenders who provided false addresses when registering as well as satellite monitoring for certain sex offenders."

Starting an online petition drive is an effective grass roots means of demonstrating the level of public support or opposition for a specific policy initiative. Moreover, it will allow residents to play a more active role in the legislative process on an issue that is important to so many parents.”

The announcement was made one day after Jezycki went before Galloway Township Council to confirm that council had drafted another letter concerning the pending litigation. There are currently four bills that deal with the act sitting before various committees. The bills have yet to make it out of committee for approval.

Sen. Connors called me and told me he is on board and he would like to work with me and my committee,” Jezycki told council at its meeting on Tuesday, March 13.

She also said Donald Norcross, the chairman of the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee, contacted her and told her he would be looking over the legislation and would get back to her. One of the bills currently sits before Norcross’ committee.

New Jersey Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney told Jezycki he would post the bill once it made it out of committee, but Galloway Councilman Dennis Kleiner said Sweeney supports the bill with amendments.

A letter was previously sent out to 119 municipalities from Galloway Township addressing the act. At the council meeting on Feb. 28, council agreed to draft another letter to send out to municipalities concerning the subject. On Tuesday night, council confirmed that another letter has been written.

VA - Former Isle of Wight deputy indicted on child porn charges

Matthew A. Lyons
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By Allison T. Williams

ISLE OF WIGHT – A former deputy with the Isle of Wight Sheriff's Office is in Western Tidewater Regional Jail facing child pornography charges.

An Isle of Wight Circuit Court grand jury on Monday indicted Matthew A. Lyons, 21, with three counts of reproducing and/or selling child pornography on or around Aug. 24, 2011, according to the court's website. Lyons is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday.

No bond has been set, according to jail officials.

Last September, in the midst of his unsuccessful reelection campaign, former Sheriff Charlie Phelps fired Lyons and called for a state police investigation after fellow deputies reported seeing an email where Lyons had requested "explicit naked images" of 12-, 14- and 16-year-old girls and images of minors engaged in sexual acts, according to court records. Lyons had left his personal Yahoo account open on an office computer used by multiple deputies.

Lyons began working for the Sheriff's Office in November 2010 and his duties included a temporary assignment at Windsor Elementary School.

According to court records, state police investigators seized two computers from Lyons' mobile home in the 11200 block of Cindale Drive in Smithfield on Sept. 16, 2011. The computers were sent to the state police's high-tech crime division for analysis.

This is the second allegation of sexual misconduct involving an Isle of Wight Sheriff's Office employee in two years. In July 2011, former Isle investigator Ronald Carwile pleaded guilty to six counts of sexual abuse of a minor and was sentenced to four months in jail.