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OH - Sex Offenders Banned From Public Places

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BRUNSWICK - Registered sex offenders in Brunswick are now banned from a number of city-owned facilities.

Parent and Brunswick Recreation Center member Glenda Zaffle said that she agrees with city’s new ordinance that bans sex offenders from entering the facility or using the city parks.

"I think it would be wise to keep people convicted of this crime out of the rec center," Zaffle said.

Councilman David Coleman said that several residents approached the city with concerns about who was using the center with so many children inside.
- Come on, there are a ton of people in these facilities, for the most part.  So if you are being a parent or responsible adult, then you will watch your kids, or leave them at home.

"We have to take that into consideration. We have to protect the residents," Coleman said. "We want it to feel like it's a nice family environment."
- Well it probably is, but when you live by fear then anything will not feel safe!

The Brunswick law director wrote the ordinance that was city quickly passed into law, reported ONN’s Cristin Severance.

Under the new city law, before residents can become members or sign up for a guest pass, they'll be cross checked with a list of sex offenders.
- So what about thieves, murderers, gang members, drug dealers/users, alcoholics, DUI offenders, and all other criminals?  Do you check their backgrounds as well?

"As members sign up for their memberships, we'll compare them to the Medina County sexual offenders list. If they are on that list, we'll issue them a letter that says due to this legislation unfortunately they are not allowed to be a member," said Brunswick City Parks and Recreation Director John Peipsny.

Enforcement in city parks may have to depend on people calling police if they see someone whom they know is a registered sex offender.

Coleman said that officer's regularly patrol the parks in Brunswick.

Parents told ONN that even though not all convicted sex offenders on the registry committed crimes against children, they still believe the law is fair.
- Until their own children get caught up in the draconian laws they are okay with now, then it's a different story.  Out of sight, out of mind!

"I know there are loopholes and it's tragic sometimes that there are people that get on these lists like perhaps he was a young man and a young girl type of thing. I'm sorry for those people but I'd rather be safe and keep the kids in our community safe," Zaffle said.

Brunswick city officials said that they modeled their ordinance after a similar one passed in the City of Medina.

FL - Miami corner becomes new spot to dump sex offenders

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There really is a simple solution...  Repeal the residency laws and almost all of this will vanish!


By Fred Grimm

After Melissa Nelson moved into her little apartment off Northeast 79th Street a year ago, she noticed a certain fashion accessory prevalent in her new neighborhood: “All these guys walking around with black ankle bracelets.”

It added an aura of creepiness to life along her street. They were bracelets of the GPS kind.

Some 83 convicted sex offenders, many wearing ankle monitors, live within a half-mile of the intersection of 10th Avenue and Northeast 79th Street, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement registry. Twenty-two are listed as living at that very intersection, but as “transient.” About a dozen of them show up every evening to spend the night in cars, on folding chairs or in tents.

This has become terrible,” said Maria Salvana, who lives in a two-story apartment just behind the impromptu camp. “About 10 kids live in our building. And to have all these sex offenders living outside. It’s scary. Something has to be done.”

Rafel Lopez, who works just across 79th Street at Oscar’s Complete Auto Repair, talked about the sanitation problems with men living outdoors. Food wrappers, discarded plastic bottles and an orange shopping cart are strewn along the roadside. “They just go in that field,” he said, pointing, shaking his head with disgust. At night, he said, the atmosphere in the homeless camp grows unruly. Even criminal. “Things happen. The police are called. But it keeps happening.”

So yet another South Florida neighborhood (though never one of the wealthier precincts) suffers the consequences of the ill-considered, over-reaching ordinances that bar sex offenders from residences within 2,500 feet of schools. (That’s in Miami-Dade County. Restrictions in other cities and counties across the state are often even more Draconian.)

The ordinances create maps with so many overlapping no-go circles that the effect is to concentrate offenders into just a few permissible areas. Some 60 offenders are squeezed into the decrepit, low-rent trailer park off Northwest 27th Avenue. (The River Park trailer community, by the way, is teeming with children, albeit poor immigrant children.). Those who can’t find a place to live outside the prohibited areas, or can’t afford the rent in the few apartments available, get the “transient” designation and move onto the sidewalk on the western approach to the 79th Street Causeway.

These same laws brought Miami a brutal dose of international infamy in 2007 through 2009, when a homeless camp sprang up under the Julia Tuttle Causeway with close to 100 offenders, a travesty of sanitation on the way to Miami Beach, before it was finally fenced off.

None of this stuff does a thing to protect children. (The basic rationale keeps offenders, who can walk all over town during the day, away from schools at night, when they children have already gone home.) The laws were passed at the behest of super-lobbyist and political bag man Ron Book without bothering to consult with actual social scientists. Though it has become plainly apparent that these residency laws only created a new, unstable homeless population, no politician has the courage to offend the all-powerful Book and fix this mess. And no politician relishes the political risk of undoing an ordinance, no matter how ineffective, that sounds like it’s tough on sex offenders.

Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff suspects that the Florida Department of Corrections has been referring homeless sex offenders, fresh out of prison, to the sidewalk on 79th Street. And Sarnoff wants the city to sue. Now that would be an interesting lawsuit, the city suing the state over the unintended consequences of a local ordinance. Not unlike suing a waiter because the food you ordered makes you fat.

I don’t understand why all these sex offenders end up in my neighborhood. Now I got to worry about something happening to my children,” said Maria Gonzalez, who lives in an apartment with her three kids just a few blocks from the impromptu camp off 79th Street. “And that’s no way for them to live either. Having to sleep outside and go pee in the field and live like a bunch of dogs.”

None of this stupid crap seems fair to anyone.”
- Amen!

OH - Former officer (David Krego) pleads guilty to child porn

David Krego
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By Kevin Kistner

TOLEDO -- A former Waterville Township police officer has pleaded guilty to looking at child pornography on his work computer.

42-year-old David Krego viewed and downloaded a nude photo of a young girl on a township computer while on duty.

Krego will be sentenced April 16. He faces up to one year in prison and would be classified as a sex offender and would have to register once a year for 15 years.

Unprecedented - How Sex Offender Laws Are Impacting Our Nation

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By J.B. Haralson, J.R. Cordeiro

Book Description:
Unprecedented represents thousands of hours of research and writing, but it's also infused with years of experience and wisdom. This unique book brings factual and experiential light to how sex offender laws are impacting our nation. Take a journey inside - you won't regret it! "Unprecedented provides an informative and comprehensive look at the complex issues associated with sexual offending. While in no way whatsoever condoning sexually-offensive behaviors, and while properly acknowledging the distress experienced by those who have been victimized, at the same time, it successfully focuses upon the inherent humanity that still exists amongst many who have improperly crossed such a line. Unprecedented provides a unique, and thoughtful, perspective that should be a must reading for anyone interested in these vitally important public health and criminal justice issues." - Fred S. Berlin, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and member of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children, American Psychiatric Association, and the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers.

How Sex Offender Registries Fail Us

Video Description:
You can be put on the sex offender registry for urinating in public, having consensual sex as a teenager or even for "sexting." And in California, once you are on the list, you are on it for life.

The registry has become the medieval stocks of the 21st century and, as attorney Janice Bellucci says, once someone is on the registry, "he is treated like a leper".

There are violent sexual predators who should be on the registry for life, but 95% of those on the registry never commit another sex offense, according to the California Department of Corrections. spoke to a registrant ruined by the registry. His crime: having sex with his teenage girlfriend.

"It was actually illegal for me to be anywhere near her for three years," he says, "but she waited for me. And I waited, too."

They are still married today, 10 years after he was convicted.

Harsher laws for registrants continue to be passed while proposed reforms to the registry have struggled to gain ground.

California Assembly member Tom Ammiano introduced a bill for a tiered registry in January, but it was defeated thanks to opponent's scare tactics.

"There have always been stories, especially this summer, about child predators in the area," says Mission Viejo Councilwoman Cathy Schlicht, who introduced a bill banning sex offenders from public parks and beaches.

Bellucci is going to keep fighting for reform. "We're not thinking from a logical and rational place," she says, "instead we are acting from fear."

Produced by Tracy Oppenheimer. Shot by Paul Detrick, Zach Weissmueller and Sharif Matar.

TX - Planned Parenthood CEO (Tony Ray Thornton) arrested for public park sex crime

Tony Ray Thornton
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A Planned Parenthood CEO has been arrested in Lubbock, Texas after being charged with indecent exposure. Tony Ray Thornton, President and CEO of the Lubbock affiliate, was arrested and released on bail Tuesday.

LUBBOCK - Thornton, 56, was charged with indecent exposure after accusations that he exposed himself at a public park. He was arrested at the park in the vicinity of the baseball fields, around 3:30 PM.

Thornton has not returned to work following the incident and he has not spoken to reporters or issued any statements. The national headquarters of Planned Parenthood has not issued any statements.

According to Texas Penal Code, indecent exposure involves the display of one's "genitals with the intent to arouse the sexual desire of another person."

Thornton has worked for Planned Parenthood for several years, and has been a vocal proponent of anti-life issues. He has also spoken out against pregnancy, saying that, "Without this program women will not have access to birth control [drugs and abortifacients]. They will get pregnant."

There is no word on whether Thornton will continue his employment with Planned Parenthood.

UPDATE: An announcement from Planned Parenthood board chair, Mariah Sharpe states that Thornton is on leave and will not return to duty as head of the organization.

The police report lists a 43 year-old male victim. Police have not commented if there were children in the vicinity.


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Between 1995 and 1999, Mr. Ellison was convicted of several sex offenses. These previous offenses required him to register as a sex offender with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office. A previous conviction for failing to register also required Mr. Ellison to maintain contact with his community corrections officer (CCO). Sex Offender Registration. To fulfill his sex offender registration obligation, on June 22, 2010, Mr. Ellison reported to the Spokane County Sheriff's Office and registered as a transient. He listed his mailing address as [address withheld], in Spokane. On the transient registration form, he also listed this address as the "place or area of Spokane" where he was "staying." Ex. P-9. Pursuant to his transient status, Mr. Ellison was required to check in at the Spokane County Sheriff's Office on a weekly basis.

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AZ - Sex offender registration bill passes House

Rep. Bob Robson
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By Steve Stout

PHOENIX (CBS5) - The Arizona House of Representatives unanimously approved a bill that requires sex offenders to register every residence in which they might live.

The bill, HB 209, will force convicted sex offenders to register as a transient every 90 days with the sheriff's office in the jurisdiction in which they live, and to provide physical descriptions and locations of any temporary residence.
- Not sure if this is the right bill number since we searched the House of Representatives web site and found nothing.

Sponsored by Rep. Bob Robson, R-Dist. 20, the bill is intended to prevent sex offenders from skirting former registration laws.

The bill now goes to Gov. Jan Brewer for her signature.