Friday, February 10, 2012

CT - Ex-cop (David Bourque) gets 10 years for child porn

David Bourque
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HARTFORD - A former police captain was sentenced to 10 years in prison Friday for amassing what authorities said was one of the largest and most disturbing child pornography collections they've ever seen in Connecticut, one that included images of infants and toddlers.

Former Granby Capt. David Bourque, 51, told a federal judge in Hartford that he had lost his way during the several months he was downloading and sharing child pornography images. He denied physically abusing any children.

"I spiraled out of control for six months," Bourque told Judge Alvin Thompson. "The fact that I viewed child pornography is beyond comprehension."

Bourque was arrested in April after authorities said they found nearly 22,300 images and more than 4,000 videos of child pornography on his computers, mostly involving prepubescent boys. He pleaded guilty to a single count of receipt and distribution of child pornography last July.

Bourque called child pornography a "horrible and illegal activity" and apologized to the children in the images as well as his family. But he asked Thompson for leniency.

"I am not a predator," said Bourque, who worked for Suffield police for years before his stint in Granby.

Federal prosecutor Raymond Miller said authorities recovered from Bourque's computers chats he had with others interested in child porn. In one chat, Bourque told someone that he was interested in boys under 14 and that he had "a couple" of real bondage, rape and torture videos, Miller said.

"The chats tell the story," Miller told the judge. "It shows his intents. It shows his desires."

Miller said child pornography repeatedly harms its victims.

"Watching these videos hurts the children in them. They're victimized again and again and again," Miller said.

Some victims of the images wrote letters to Thompson saying how their lives have been affected. The contents of those letters weren't disclosed.

Bourque's lawyer, Richard Brown, spoke for about two and a half hours, saying there were factors that led his client to watch child porn but that didn't excuse the crimes. He also said there was no way Bourque could have viewed all the child porn images on his computers because there were too many.

Brown said Bourque had developed post-traumatic stress disorder after years of responding to fatal car accidents as a member and leader of a regional accident reconstruction team in north-central Connecticut. Brown said Bourque responded to 150 to 200 fatal car accidents during his career. He also said his client was sexually abused as a child.

Brown said post-traumatic stress disorder "is a real condition and it affects people. In my opinion, it can skew their judgment."

Bourque wore a dark gray suit and cried at times during the hearing. Nearly 20 of his relatives and friends attended.

Bourque's viewing of child porn was out of character for a man who dedicated his life to public service and helping people, his supporters said.

"My sister and I still consider him the best father anyone could ever had," said his daughter, Caitlin Bourque, 24.

She said she was stunned when she learned about the charges, but she said people shouldn't forget all the good her father has done in his life including protecting the community and once saving a paraplegic from drowning in Maine. She said she has been devastated watching her mother and her father's friends abandon him.

David Bourque resigned from the Granby police department last year. Brown said Bourque accepted responsibility for his actions and sought treatment for mental health problems.

Bourque tried to avoid detection by installing sophisticated software on his computer, authorities said. And he used information gained as a police officer to assess the ability of other law enforcement officers to detect his criminal activity, prosecutors said.

Bourque at one point was investigating a child pornography case while collecting child porn on his time off, authorities said.

Prosecutors said in court documents that Bourque showed a "callous disregard" for the harm suffered by the children, telling his trading partners to "enjoy" themselves or "have fun" while viewing his collection.

GA - Man Tries to Carry Girl Away at Ga. Walmart

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I am so glad she was able to get a way! Stuff like this gets me so angry, because I know, more draconian laws are probably on the way, in this girls name. I hope not, but only time will tell.


BREMEN - Authorities say a 7-year-old girl recalled her stranger danger training and was able to get away from a parolee who tried to abduct her at a Walmart store in west Georgia.
- The parole has nothing to do with a sex crime either.  He's not on the sex offender registry, so this is not a known sex offender.

Police Chief Keith Pesnell says 25-year-old [name withheld] of Austell, Ga., tried to take the girl Wednesday from a toy aisle while her mom was in a different aisle.

Security video from the store shows a man carrying the girl away, releasing her after she struggled to get away.

Pesnell says [name withheld] faces a charge of attempted kidnapping and was out on parole after being convicted of voluntary manslaughter in a suburban Atlanta county.

Atlanta TV station WAGA reports [name withheld] said he is innocent and denied the abduction attempt as he was being led into jail.

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WV - Hurricane sex-offender law might go too far

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By Kate White

Ordinance could be Bill of Rights violation

CHARLESTON - Hurricane city officials adopted an ordinance this week prohibiting registered sex offenders from being within 500 feet of "child safety zones" -- which includes public libraries, swimming pools, movie theaters and bowling alleys.

Part of the law might have to be repealed, though, because a federal appeals court found a similar law unconstitutional last month.

"The First Amendment includes a fundamental right to receive information," a three-judge panel of the Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals wrote in an opinion on a sex offender law in Albuquerque, N.M. "By prohibiting registered sex offenders from accessing . . . public libraries, the city's ban precludes these individuals from exercising this right in a particular government forum."

Hurricane Mayor Scott Edwards said Thursday after learning about the recent court decision that he would address council members and "take that part out."

Edwards said he introduced the city law after hearing that sex offenders had been watching kids at local parks and pools.

"We got reports last year of registered sex offenders hanging out at the parks and those types of locations, watching kids -- sometimes even with binoculars," Edwards said. "We didn't have a law to make them leave, even though we knew it was wrong for them to be doing that. I knew I had to do something."
- You know, there are binoculars that can see further than 500 feet?  So this law, like usual, will really do nothing for those intent on committing some crime.

Edwards said City Council members unanimously approved the measure to keep registered sex offenders 500 feet away from schools and city recreational areas, such as conservation areas, jogging trails, hiking trails, bicycle trails, water parks, swimming pools, soccer fields and baseball and football fields.
- I wonder, since they have to pay taxes for many of these places, will they receive a tax break since they can no longer use the facilities?

Also off limits are public libraries, amusement arcades, video arcades, indoor and outdoor amusement centers, amusement parks, public or commercial and semi-private swimming pools, crisis centers or shelters, skate parks or rinks, public or private youth centers, movie theaters, bowling alleys and scouting facilities, according to the ordinance.
- Crisis centers and shelters?  So I guess if their is a hurricane or bad weather, ex-offenders are just left out in the weather to die, like what occurred to this man?

"They also can't loiter, which means they can't go outside the city park by 10 feet and sit with binoculars and watch," Edwards said.

Hurricane doesn't have a movie theater or a bowling alley, but Edwards said, "this will cover us in the future."

According to the West Virginia State Police website, there are 28 registered sex offenders currently living in Hurricane.

IL - Round Lake Park launches upgraded sex offender website

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Yet another county using Offender Watch spewing the lie "50% of sex offenders re-offend." This "statistic" is no where near the truth, see here. If you want to know more about Offender Watch and their disinformation campaign, see here.


By Bob Susnjara

Round Lake Park police have gained upgraded technology allowing residents and others to be better informed about registered sex offenders.

Police Chief George Filenko said a new sex offender registration and public notification website went live Wednesday. The OffenderWatch system, which the village received through an Illinois attorney general’s office grant, is part of a nationwide network.

Filenko said the technology upgrade is particularly important to Round Lake Park because of the high number of sex offenders — including a 92-year-old man — in a town of about 6,500 residents. He said there were 15 registered sex offenders as of Wednesday, but that number at times has eclipsed 25.

Citizens have a right to know who may be living near them and could potentially pose a threat to their families,” Filenko said.
- What gives them this "right?"  There are a lot more criminals out there who pose a threat to them and their families, not just ex-sex offenders, so why aren't all the other criminals on the online shaming hit-list?

Filenko said Round Lake Park may be attractive to registered sex offenders in the erroneous belief it’s a place where they can live unnoticed.

Residents or others may enter addresses into the system and receive free email alerts from Round Lake Park police if a sex offender moves to a home within a specified radius ranging from a quarter-mile to 2 miles away.

Filenko said an unlimited number of addresses may be registered confidentially. He said email alerts also will be distributed if a sex offender moves out of town.

Police now will receive automated notification when a sex offender is due for an annual address registration. Maps will show where Round Lake Park’s sex offenders live.

In addition, OffenderWatch’s website listings will be updated immediately as addresses or other information changes. Filenko said the system will automatically calculate an address’ distance to a school, park or day-care center. Under state law, sex offenders may not live within 500 feet of a school, day-care facility or park.

Part of the problem is tracking these guys,” said Filenko.

More than 5,000 law-enforcement agencies nationwide have joined OffenderWatch. About half of Illinois county sheriff’s offices and police departments are linked to the system, so the Round Lake Park website allows access to data from the other agencies. Vernon Hills and Lake Villa police joined OffenderWatch in December. The Lake County sheriff’s police became part of the system last April.