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TX - Registering as sex offender

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By Anonymous:
As a low-level offender in Texas, are there any states that have lower requirements than 10 years for registration or that don't enforce registration on someone moving from Texas to their state?

TX - Officer fired for sexually harassing and stalking women he pulled over

AUSTRALIA - Accused (Michael Peter James Kaine) a 'vigilante', court told

Michael Peter James Kaine
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You will notice, this man is accused of murdering someone he "thought" was a pedophile, and yet they blur out his face, but if this was a man accused of a sex crime, his face would not be blurred out.



The man accused of murdering Waratah pensioner [name withheld] was described by police as a self-styled vigilante who mistakenly believed that Mr [name withheld] was a paedophile, court documents stated.

Michael Peter James Kaine, 48, faced Newcastle Local Court yesterday after he was arrested in Mount Gambier, South Australia, on December 22 and extradited to NSW on December 28.

A warrant was issued for Mr Kaine’s arrest on December 16 when investigators believed that he had travelled to Victoria, the warrant stated.

Mr [name withheld], 62, was found bashed and stabbed in his Platt Street unit on October 4.

Police allege he was murdered some time between 5pm and 8pm the night before.

Mr Kaine, formerly of Everton Street, Hamilton, did not apply for bail and did not enter pleas to murder and damaging property.

He was described by police as allegedly being a ‘‘dangerous criminal’’ accused of committing a ‘‘heinous’’ crime, the arrest warrant stated.

The warrant also alleged Mr Kaine was ‘‘a self-styled vigilante’’ who allegedly murdered a person he mistakenly regarded as a paedophile.

The warrant further stated that the alleged crime, ‘‘Is all the more reprehensible for the fact that the deceased, [name withheld], was not a paedophile’’.

Mr [name withheld] was described as being a ‘‘frail, elderly and possibly gay gentleman’’ who generously loaned money to people in need, the warrant said.

Police alleged that a female may have accused Mr [name withheld] of being a paedophile during a heated argument with another person who was a friend of Mr [name withheld]’s.

Mr Kaine is also accused of smashing a window at Mr [name withheld]’s home on the night of August 1 and 2 last year.

Mr [name withheld] was found dead in the only bedroom of his home by a neighbour on October 4.

Police alleged that Mr Kaine left Newcastle on December 1 after becoming aware that he was under investigation for the murder, the warrant stated.

The case was adjourned to March.

NE - Nebraska man wins appeal of sex offender status

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I am not saying this person did or didn't do the crime, but this shows that all it takes is for someone, especially a child, to accuse you of a sex crime, and you are automatically guilty! Even if the accuser later recants, you are still ruined for life!


LINCOLN - A trial court unfairly ordered a Nebraska man never convicted of a sex crime to register as a sex offender, the Nebraska Supreme Court said in a ruling issued Friday.

The court upheld the conviction and probation for [name withheld], now 32, of Wilcox. But the court removed a portion of the sentence that required him to follow provisions of Nebraska's Sex Offender Registration Act. The court said [name withheld] had been denied due process in determining whether he should be subject to the sex offender law.

The court sent the case back to the trial court in Buffalo County to determine whether [name withheld] had sexual contact with the boy and lawfully could be labeled a sex offender who is required to report where he's living and follow other requirements of the offender act.

[name withheld] originally was charged with third-degree child sex assault after an almost 11-year-old boy accused [name withheld] in 2009 of touching his genitals.

A police affidavit from [name withheld]'s case said the boy made the allegation after he was caught trying to molest other children.
- So was the boy charged with a crime?  Or is this talking about the accused?

[name withheld] asserts no such evidence was established.

When questioned by police, the boy said [name withheld] had "played a game" with him in which [name withheld] would take him to a bedroom, pull the boy's pants down and touch his genitals.

[name withheld] denied any sexual contact with the boy, and the charge was later reduced to third-degree assault for what prosecutors said was a threat of bodily harm [name withheld] had made to the boy.

[name withheld] pleaded no contest to the reduced charge and was convicted. He later was sentenced to probation and ordered to register as a sex offender, prompting [name withheld]'s appeal.

Prosecutors argued that state law lets a judge order someone convicted of a non-sex-based offense to register as a sex offender if there is evidence within the record that the person committed a sex offense.

"The statue simply requires that ... the court 'shall have found' that evidence of sexual penetration or sexual contact was present," Assistant Attorney General Nathan Liss said in his filings. "Here, the district court necessarily 'found' that the offense involved sexual contact."

An attorney for [name withheld] said no such evidence was established and that the order deprives [name withheld] of his constitutional right to due process and liberty.

"The court never made a specific finding that any sexual contact occurred," wrote Kearney attorney Michael Synek in a brief. "The court declined to consider any of [name withheld]'s evidence and based its decision that he must register as a sex offender only upon the state's unsworn factual basis statements."

IN - School bus drops kids off at sex offender's house

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By Rachel Glaser

South Bend Schools Transportation Department does not check sex offender list before setting school bus stops.

SOUTH BEND - A big yellow school bus stopped at the corner of 35th Street and Marshall Avenue on Monday afternoon. As soon as the doors folded open, a group of young children piled off the bus and ran onto the pavement as their backpacks bounced up and down behind them.

I don’t think that bus stop should have been there, I think the schools should be more aware,” Krystal Holcomb said. Holcomb’s two children, a kindergartner and first grader both take the school bus to and from the McKinley Primary Center every day.

Their assigned bus stop is just three houses down the street, but Holcomb no longer allows her kids to get on or off at that stop. “I feel bad for all those other kids, getting picked up by a child molester’s house,” Holcomb said.

At the beginning of the school year Holcomb checked sex offender registry, “We went online and found out he’s a sexual predator over there.” Her kids were getting dropped off right in front of a registered sex offender’s house.

We were definitely concerned about the bus stop being near a sexual predator,” Mike Jenkins said, his son a second grader was also let off the bus at that stop.

Jenkins showed ABC-57 News exactly where his son got off the bus, just feet away from a registered sex offender’s front door, “I’m literally in his yard, yes,” Jenkins said.

[name withheld] lives inside that house on the corner, he’s registered on the FBI’s list of sex offenders, convicted of child solicitation in 2005.

That guy is a sexual predator and he tries coming outside and talking to the kids,” Holcomb said. When parents complained to the school board the stop was changed, but the new stop is not very far away.

Holcomb said, “Now they get picked up on the corner on the other side, just catty-corner.”

The bus stop was moved just across the street, “Ah, no, no that doesn’t make it any better,” Yolanda Campbell. Her son is a kindergartner at McKinley Primary Center, she said she had no idea a registered sex offender lived so close to the bus stop.

I checked around me, around my house on my block but not the bus stop,” Campbell said. Even after other parents notified the school, the transportation department and the school board, other parents with children assigned to that stop were not notified.

Most of the parents assumed the school would make sure students got picked up and dropped off in safe areas, “That should be a policy,” Campbell said.

The dispatcher at South Bend Schools Transportation Department in charge of the route confirmed the stop was moved because of the complaints from parents about the sex offender. The dispatcher also said the department does not check the sex offender list before designating bus stops because there are too many who move too much.

It’s not fair,” Jenkins said, “They should find a route around it or at least have a staff member out here with the kids.”
- What about parents who are freaked out about it, being parents, and being out there with their kids? You are responsible for your kids safety, not someone else!

I definitely think it’s putting them at risk,” Holcomb said the bus stop is like bait for a sexual predator. “It’s creepy, so we try to stay away.”


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Part 2 is below as well. Also, please see the comments by eAdvocate below this post.


Please take a look at this video (or below) and see if you agree, disagree, or are neutral. I failed to hear any mention of a sex offender recidivism rate being below 2%, I failed to hear any mention of sex offenders having been arrested, serving their time, and then being on a registry for up to life. When does the sentence end?

I’m also troubled by the way Marc Santia closed the report by asking: "Are you safe?" Really? He also mentioned that it has been getting the attention of lawmakers. What else can they do? Kill every offender? Jail every offender? Place computer chips under the skin of every offender?

I guess my point is that while there exists some very dangerous and deranged people that are sex offenders, aren’t there also deranged and dangerous arsonists, murderers, and home invaders? Why is it only SO’s that are singled out? I have a lot of questions and I can’t find any real answers. The reporters spread fear, not hope.

I will be very curious to see how our wonderful lawmakers react to this. I predict another knee jerk, satisfy the public, make everyone safe reaction that they always seem to give. Safety or votes? Who knows.

By the way, can you truly blame some of the offenders who abscond. Some have to jump through flaming hoops to stay compliant. If they run away and hide, isn’t that perfect for the fearful? If they’re hiding, they’re not molesting people, kids and adults alike. Also, when was the last time a child was abducted off of a playground, out trick or treating, or walking home from school? What’s the percentage?

Okay, okay, I go on and on. I will add part two to this same blog tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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