Sunday, December 18, 2011

GA - The Sex Offender Registry (It's time for a discussion)

Video Description:
It's time for a discussion about the National Sex Offender Registry.

Laws such as Megans Law, and the Adam Walsh act, while well intentioned, are ultimately ineffective, unconstitutional, and unfair.

Why are sex crimes the only crimes in which one is placed on a public registry?

Why isn't there a list for those convicted of manslaughter and murder who are released from jail?

Wouldn't you want to know if you had a career criminal in your neighborhood as well?

The fact of the matter is that these laws are more reactionary than well thought out, and while I am all for punishing those who have committed a sex crime, I am not okay with ruining the lives of people caught up in the quagmire that are these sex offender laws and registries.

The sex offender registry allows for almost no opportunity for the offender to redeem themselves in the eyes of the law and of the public. All while the evidence shows that of all the crimes in America, the people who are LEAST likely to re-offend are those convicted of sex crimes (on the lower levels of course).

It is time to stop being terrified of something that has been drummed up by the media to be more of a hysteria than a public safety concern.

Lets face it there is no law that will protect us or our children from the dangers of the world. The sex offender registry is nothing more than a witch hunt. And whenever there is a witch hunt, people will find witches. It is time to stop this hysteria and start behaving rationally.


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