Friday, December 9, 2011

OK - State representative wants rapists, child molesters institutionalized

John Trebilcock (Mugshot)
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And I want DUI offenders, especially those in congress, on a DUI registry and some kind of residency restrictions enacted.  You see, Mr. Trebilcock was arrested for DUI and he could have killed many kids as well, so is he a danger to society?


State Representative John Trebilcock wants convicted rapists and child molesters to face long-term confinement in a mental institution after completing a prison sentence.

House Bill 2190 would allow sex offenders to be involuntarily confined in a mental institution upon release from the prison system.

"As we have seen with the Penn State scandal, a single child molester is capable of devastating the lives of countless innocent children," said Trebilcock, R-Broken Arrow. "These criminals typically remain a public-safety threat even after completing a prison sentence and it is necessary to ensure they are not allowed to return to the communities they have victimized."

Under the proposal, when a sex offender nears the end of his prison sentence, a prosecutor can seek a jury hearing to have the criminal civilly confined. If the jury finds there is "clear and convincing" evidence a sex offender does not have control over his actions and is likely to commit similar crimes upon release, the convict can then be confined to a mental institution upon completion of his prison sentence.

The bill is modeled on laws in Kansas and New York that have been upheld in court. "Because civil confinement provides treatment, not punishment, the courts have ruled that double jeopardy does not apply in these situations," Trebilcock said.
- Really?  Just ask the many who have been committed and not released yet!  It's punishment!

Trebilcock also cites recent Oklahoma cases that show the need for such a law; for example: Marcus Berry, a two-time convicted sex offender, kidnapped a two-year-old girl from her front yard in Tulsa.

House Bill 2190 can be taken up at the start of the 2012 session of the Oklahoma Legislature next February.

NC - Sex offenders petition to have names removed from registry

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The legal system should have to prove if they are or aren't a threat, based on facts, not the other way around.


MECKLENBURG COUNTY - Dozens of registered sex offenders went before a Mecklenburg County judge Friday, hoping to be removed from the registry.

One sex offender spoke with Eyewitness News on the condition of not revealing his identity.

Here it is, 12 years later, that they still got me on this probation, this registry,” he said.

The man went to the courthouse Friday, along with 29 other sex offenders who were petitioning to get their names removed from the registry.

But his petition was denied because he didn't pay for a psychological evaluation to prove he's no longer a threat to society.

He said being on the list is a catch-22.

I cannot find work. I'm about to be homeless,” he said. “It would make somebody who doesn't believe in God kill themselves.”

But the District Attorney's Office said the 16 men denied on Friday show that the need for the registry is more important than ever.

It's important for the community that they know we are still on top of it and making sure that the individuals who are on the registry need to be on the registry,” said Leslie Cooley with the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office.

Cooley showed Eyewitness News the requirements of the law, like the psych exam that sex offenders need to fulfill before they are taken off the registry.

She said it ensures that every name removed is the right one.

You need to make sure that you have done the right thing,” Cooley said.

NC - Registered sex offender says state is holding him back from turning life around

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See the video at the link above.


ROWAN COUNTY - A registered sex offender in Rowan County claims the state of North Carolina is holding him back from turning his life around.

[name withheld] is a husband and a father who describes himself as a good guy.

He is a registered sex offender because he committed a sex crime against a minor. [name withheld] served time in prison in 2005 on charges of indecent liberties with a minor.

He called the crimes a mistake he made when he was 18 with a 14-year-old girl.

In 2006, a parole violation for drinking sent [name withheld] back behind bars.

He said that was his last time in trouble and he has followed state rules by registering with the Sheriff's Office every six months.

However, [name withheld] claims his criminal past has proved problematic and has stopped him from getting jobs or attending school.

He contacted Eyewitness News after receiving letters from the Department of Corrections. The letters notified [name withheld] that he may be forced to wear an ankle bracelet.

"Why are they sending me this stuff now? That's my main question," [name withheld] said.

The N.C. Department of Corrections told Eyewitness News, according to state law, [name withheld] could be tracked by GPS because his sex crime involved a minor and because he was released from prison after August 2006.

[name withheld] just received the notice because Supreme Court battles over ankle monitors have delayed cases for years.

He plans to fight the issue in court and hopes speaking out helps others see his point.

"I feel like I'm a totally different person. I've grown up," [name withheld] said.

He will appear in Rowan County court in January.