Thursday, November 24, 2011

UK - Paedophiles using satnav to track down children

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And yet, in this entire fear-mongering hysteria, they don't educate people on how to turn this stuff off. Better yet, why doesn't big brother stop tracking people as well, and also pass laws to prevent tracking people without their knowledge, or divulging personal information, respecting peoples privacy? Maybe you could start there?



Vulnerable children are being tracked down by sex abusers using satellite navigation technology, child protection officials have revealed.

Children who click on a function adding their location to posts could find their position is discovered to within a few yards by someone grooming them online.

Paedophiles are using "find a friend" technology on social networking sites such as Facebook to work out where potential victims are.

Children who click on a function adding their location to posts could find their position is discovered to within a few yards by someone grooming them online, using satnav.

The technology is even enabling paedophiles to create digital maps of potential targets.

In another technique to snare children, they have been sending youngsters smartphones which already have global positioning systems turned on.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) warned children: "If you do want to use these sort of apps, you need to remember to use your privacy settings and remove anyone you don't know or don't trust from your contacts."

Anne-Marie Carrie, chief executive of Barnardo's, said "sophisticated" abusers were tracking victims as young as 10 using mobile phone technology.

A spokesman for the charity said: "We want children and parents to be aware of the increased risks posed by activating certain features on devices."

"Vulnerable young people have been targeted by paedophiles who reward them with a mobile phone. Technology allows that phone to be used as a tracking device."

Details emerged as the Government unveiled a far-reaching action plan to stop exploitation going unpunished.

Children's minister Tim Loughton announced plans to review sex education and provide more support for child victims in court as he said abuse was on a greater scale than the public realise.

He said: "This country has to wake up to the fact that children are being sexually abused in far greater numbers than was ever imagined."
- And what proof do you have of that?  Or is it that it's just in the main stream media now?  Sexual abuse has been occurring since the dawn of time.

"It could be going on in every type of community and in every part of the country."
- Sure, it probably could be, but I doubt it.  Maybe a few do this, but you make it sound like it's some epidemic or something.

"Too many local areas have failed to uncover the true extent of child sexual exploitation in their communities and failed to properly support victims and their families."

AUSTRALIA - 'Gangster' (Phillip Player) offers to kill NT sex offenders

Phillip Player
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Facebook page created in support if this man?



A SELF-confessed gangster has offered to return to the Territory so he can kill "scum" child sex offenders.

Phillip Player says he would gladly "kill such animals for free", and has called on judges to be tougher when sentencing them.

"I am proud to be a criminal of honour ... are you proud to be a judge without honour?" he said.

Player was jailed for two years after he was found guilty in the Northern Territory Supreme Court in 1999 on charges of conspiracy to murder.

He has since protested he is innocent of the crime, claiming the key witness used against him has since written to him and apologised for ratting on him.

Player, who now lives in China, said he still follows news from the Northern Territory closely and is disturbed by the number of sexual assaults against children.

"I am a gangster and have no remorse or shame about that because I do have honour, as a man and as a humanitarian," he said.

"However, what does really disturb me is the number of sexual assaults on children that the NT courts are lenient of."
- What disturbs me is he only got 2 years.

"Shame on you judges, you care more about the theft of a five cent postage stamp than you do for children being molested and mistreated in both homes and communities."

"Your Territory convicted me of a crime I was innocent of. Despite the fact that I am a gangster, I never did wrong in the Territory."

Player said that he thought "rockspiders" were an insult to "real criminals".

"Me, I would kill such animals for free. (They) are not criminals, they are scum, without dignity, honour or worth,".

"Real criminals are those who live by crime, not prey on the weak and harmless."