Friday, November 18, 2011

OH - AG Mike DeWine - Just the usual fear mongering jerk out to make a name for himself!

He must be falling in his ratings, so he is out once again targeting sex offenders to help his own career. Guess he's ticked off about being required to remove some offenders from the registry, or the latest Offender Watch mass screw up. See the following comments from eAdvocate. You will also notice, in the videos below, that he is using people who are on the registry and complying with the laws, not predators out committing new crimes. But hey, sensationalism always sells, right?


By Dana Jay

COLUMBUS - As he rolled out a new plan to protect Ohio kids from sex offenders, Attorney General Mike DeWine described predators as "clowns," "scum" and even "jackasses."
- So once again, another idiot talking about sex offenders, but then making it appears as if all are predators.  And calling them clowns, scum and jackasses?  Maybe he should look in the mirror!

"They're literally out there like sharks and they're going to hit just as fast as they can. We're going to hit back," DeWine said.
- Oh yeah, show us the proof of your insane statement Mr. Winey!

The "Crimes Against Children Initiative" includes a new unit at the Bureau of Investigation. The plan is to hire 15 experts who will investigate child pornography cases online.

The program also expands the number of special prosecutors in the Attorney General's office, creates a rapid response team, provides specialized training for local law enforcement, and aims to raise public awareness about convicted sex offenders who have not complied with registration laws.

DeWine said plans for the program had been in the works weeks before a high profile sex abuse scandal broke out at Penn State University, but the case is a reminder.

"My fear is that people will look at the tragedy of Penn State and say, 'Well that was over there' and not realize it happens every single day," DeWine said.

CA - San Francisco to Attempt Naked Santa Record

Original Article

I wonder if kids will be present? If so, will they be charged with public indecency and put on the sex offender registry? How can the state and police even allow this? If it's in a secluded place, a way from kids, then it would be okay.


By Mathew Luschek

It wouldn't be the holiday season without good ol' St. Nick, and it wouldn't be San Francisco if he wasn't naked.

If you're looking for something to do, and want to be part of a history, mark December 10th on your calendar, because one group is going to attempt to make the Guinness Book of World Records for most naked Santas in a gathering.

According to their Facebook page (SantaCon), there are already records set for Largest Gathering of Santas, Largest Gathering of Elves, Largest Secret Santa Gifting Groups, but none for Largest Gathering of Naked Santas.

Here are the rules:

  • You have to be naked, but CAN and SHOULD be at least wearing a Santa hat. Boots/boot covers and gloves are also OK. Otherwise, it's Full Monty or nuthin'
  • No Elves, No Reindeer, etc. We LOVE all Santacon revellers, but Guinness will be strict about the "Santa" requirement.
  • You'll have to sign some paperwork with your name, address and email and OK us to take your photo, that's part of the Guinness rules too.

TN - "Computer Cop" Aims to Educate Parents

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Memphis - A new DVD could give parents peace of mind and police an early start into a potential internet crime investigation.

The thinking is the more parents know, the less likely their child will fall victim to an online predator.

"We're hoping with the formulation of this DVD that we can at least raise the consciousness of some of the parents to let them know they need to get involved," said Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong.

Armstrong says as parents, you need to know who your kids are talking to online and you need to know the websites they're visiting.

"It might be tough to outsmart kids these days, but we need to educate ourselves."

That's where 'Computer Cop' comes in.

MPD partnered with a production company to offer parents a quick and easy guide to understanding what their kids are doing on the internet.

"I don't think some people realize how unsafe the internet can be," said Lt. Wilton Cleveland.

The free DVD tells you what to look for, and how to find it.

It also offers resources like a link to the state's sex offender registry.

Cleveland thinks education in key, "The bad guys are up on technology and the kids are up on technology and that's their target so we need to be up on the technology even though it may not be interesting to us."

Memphis police don't want to disclose 'computer cop's' full potential so as not to give kids a heads up on what it actually does and how to get around it.

They will say their three investigators assigned to internet crimes against children stay busy in the Memphis area and there's a need for parental knowledge.

"When a guy first solicits a child we want to know then, before it's too late and they've snuck out to meet this person or have been taken," said Cleveland.

MPD hopes 'Computer Cop' can alert parents to a potential danger sooner rather than later.

They have 3,500 copies of the DVD which was paid for with grant money.

They'll begin distributing 'Computer cop' to parents during community events this spring.

MPD is taking requests for it's internet safety seminars and instruction on 'Computer Cop.'

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