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MA - Rite Aid ad groped by sex offender

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Really? All this for a drunk playing with a piece of cardboard? What a waste of time and money! Oh the horror! So now it's a crime to fondle an inanimate object? Anybody else, they would have thrown them in jail and sleep until they were sober, but because it's a ex-sex offender, they turn it into a circus.


By Andrew Amelinckx

PITTSFIELD - A convicted sex offender admitted he kissed and fondled a cardboard cutout of a woman, which was part of a North Street pharmacy's advertising display. [name withheld], 57, of Pittsfield, pleaded guilty to a single count of disturbing the peace, subsequent offense, and was ordered to pay a $200 fine by Central Berkshire District Court Judge Fredric D. Rutberg.

Saturday around 5 p.m., [name withheld], who was allegedly intoxicated, walked into the Rite Aid pharmacy, "grabbed hold of the sunglass display, hugged it tightly and then began to lick and kiss the face of the female party on the display," according to a Pittsfield Police report.

This behavior lasted about a minute, according to police, and ended when [name withheld] fell to the floor. He eventually got back on his feet and began yelling and screaming, according to the police report. Meanwhile, [name withheld]'s behavior apparently scared customers who "actively" tried to get away from the area. [name withheld] was arrested by the Pittsfield Police.

[name withheld] is a Level 3 sex offender, and therefore is considered to be at a high risk for reoffending. In 1991, he was convicted of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14. Last year, he was convicted of open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior, according to the Sex Offender Registry Board.

GERMANY - Three Days In August: A U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier's Fight For Military Justice by Bob McCarty

Video Description:
U.S. Army Special Forces Sgt. 1st Class Kelly A. Stewart admitted to having a one-night stand with a 28-year-old German woman the night of Aug. 22, 2008. She did, too. Both knew sex was part of the plan when they left the discotheque near Stuttgart. Two months later, however, her story changed and the highly-decorated combat veteran found himself facing rape and kidnapping charges.

During court-martial proceedings that took place during three days in August 2009, Stewart faced an Army court-martial panel comprised of soldiers who had recently returned from a 16-month deployment with the Army attorney serving as Stewart's lead prosecutor.

Despite a lack of both physical evidence and eyewitnesses to the alleged crimes, it took only two days for the panel to find Stewart guilty of numerous offenses — including aggravated sexual assault, kidnapping, forcible sodomy and assault and battery — and one more day to sentence him to eight years behind bars.

Incredibly, the conviction was based almost entirely on the testimony of Stewart's accuser, a one-time mental patient who, with the backing of the German government, refused to allow her medical records to be entered as evidence.

When several witnesses came forward during a post-trial hearing to reveal startling proof that the accuser had lied several times during the trial, their words were largely ignored by the court and Stewart remained behind bars.

Today, Stewart's fighting for a new trial so he can shed the "sexual offender" label that will stay with him the rest of his life if justice remains out of reach.

Based on extensive interviews and never-before-published details taken from the actual Record of Trial, "Three Days In August: A U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier's Fight for Military Justice" by Bob McCarty paints a portrait of military justice gone awry that's certain to make your blood boil.

For more information or to order a copy of the book, visit

Vigilante? - Crazy Footage of group targeting Sexual Predators

This may or may not be a hoax or something from a film school, but if it's real, the police and FBI should be alerted. It's from 2008, so they may have already been. I personally think it's fake and something for a film school, but, what if it's real? We will be re-posting this on our RSO Vigilantism channel, in awhile, in case it's deleted later.

Video Description:
I'm trying to track down these people in this video. They sent this tape to me when I was working for a local new station. Not sure why they did it but I would like to track them down. If you have any information that would me locate them please contact me. I will be releasing more videos soon so please subscribe to my channel to stay up to date on anything I find out.

For more info go to:

AZ - Buckeye implements new town ordinance to limit sex offenders' freedom

Video Description:
A new ordinance in the city of Buckeye will restrict sex offenders from visiting parks and recreation centers without police permission. Cronkite News reporter Taylor Summers has this reaction from residents.

A Sex Offender's Wife Speaks

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By Joseph Doherty

In March of this year a woman gave me permission to publish as a blog an email that she had sent me. This is her follow up:

It's been about six months since I first emailed you my story. Much has happened since then. [name withheld] plead guilty and was sentenced to serve one year in prison with a suspended sentence of two years. He'll be on probation for five years when he gets out.

I still struggle with feelings of betrayal, anger, resentment and disbelief. At times I lose my composure and find myself crying. But I no longer feel that my life is over.

My parents have been wonderful! They took care of my two children when news of
[name withheld]'s abuse became public. They have been incredibly supportive both emotionally and financially. My children are now back with me and my mother makes the drive to our house twice a week to help me care for them. With her and Dad's help I think I'm beginning to put the pieces back together.

I've lost some friends because of this but others, once they were over their initial reaction of shock, have come to my aid. I've gotten into individual therapy with a knowledgeable therapist and I'm discovering I'm a lot stronger than I thought I was.

I'm told that
[name withheld] will probably serve 10 months of his one year sentence which means he might be out next April. I have accepted the fact that he is a child molester. What this means going forward, in terms of our marriage, I'm not sure. Right now I'm taking it one day at a time.


Thanks to everyone who responded to my first post back in March. You, too, have been an important part of my healing.

IL - 'Trick No Treat' for Frankfort's Registered Sex Offenders

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They do not mention this, but (I believe) this only affects those on probation and/or parole, but I could be wrong, since it's not mentioned in the sex offender registry act linked below.


By Lorraine Swanson and Joe Vince

Halloween is right around the corner, but do you know the rules area registered sex offenders are required to follow?

Frankfort Patch wants to help keep local kids safe this Halloween. As the bewitching hour nears, become familiar with regulations regarding registered sex offenders in your area.

Rules for Halloween

In July 2005, a new state law was passed barring registered sex offenders from participating in any holiday event involving children, including Halloween. This same law also prohibits sex offenders from dressing as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

During Halloween, sex offenders are not allowed to distribute candy to children; however, the law does give leeway to sex offenders who are parents or legal guardians of children under age 18 living in the home. While those sex offenders are still barred from handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, other household members can participate in Halloween activities.
- They make it appear as if all sex offenders are child molesters, which is not true.

To avoid violating the law, registered sex offenders often are advised by police to keep porch lights turned off to avoid attracting children on Halloween and to not answer the door. Registered sex offenders also are prohibited from leaving the house dressed in costumes.

"They can wear a costume if they are home," Master Sgt. Isiah Vega, a spokesman for the Illinois State Police told Oak Lawn Patch last year. "But if they leave the house in costume, it's considered participating in a holiday event involving children."

Registered sex offenders who break the rules may be subject to fines or revocation of their parole or probation.
- Well here it does mention parole and probation, which clarifies it, it's only for those on either.

Who Needs to Register?

Persons convicted of misdemeanor or felony sex crimes involving children under age 18 as well as adult victims are required to register their addresses with the local law enforcement agency in the communities where they reside once a year, under the Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act. The same rules apply to out-of-state sex offenders who move to or work in Illinois, as well as out-of-state students attending a state college or university.

The Illinois State Police maintain a detailed Sex Offender Registry of all of the state's registered sex offenders that is available to the public. There, citizens can look up and find the registered sex offenders living in their own communities. Local police departments throughout the state feed information about the individual sex offenders registered in their jurisdictions to the state database.

Similar requirements for registration are also in effect for sex crimes committed against adults — especially adults with disabilities.

A sex offender must register annually in person at the local police department for the duration of the required 10-year registration period.

In addition, registered sex offenders are prohibited from residing within 500 feet of a school, daycare center, youth center or other facility catering to children under age 18.

Other Items Of Interest:

NC - Halloween hunt for sex offenders time consuming, frustrating for deputies

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CHARLOTTE - Just a few years ago, sheriff's deputy Mike Henderson could bank on a busy Halloween spent tracking down sex offenders and making sure they were home at their listed addresses.

Currently, not only is his Halloween day busy, so are the weeks leading up to it.

"You have to spread it out over a time period to make sure everyone is found," Henderson said.

According to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office, there are now 730 registered sex offenders living in the county - compared to an average of about 500 just a few years ago.
- They don't tell you, but these laws only affect those who are on probation or parole, and I'm sure 730 are not all on either.  So is he checking on all offenders, even if on probation and/or parole?

That means Deputy Henderson, along with five other deputies assigned to verify sex offender addresses before Halloween, needs more time to go door-to-door. However, there are times when the group cannot find a door to check.

Many offenders are homeless and often drift from shelter to shelter or from one homeless camp to another.
- Any why are they homeless?  Well, because of the draconian and unconstitutional residency restrictions, that's why!

When deputies tried to track down [name withheld], a sex offender who has failed to register, the search took them from a soup kitchen to a homeless camp to a gas station - and still, there was no sign of [name withheld].

"It is very time consuming," Henderson said. "You could spend hours on one case and one stop will lead you to another stop and then another stop."
- So stop buying into the hysteria!  Not a single person has been sexually molested on Halloween by some known or unknown sex offender.  This is all hype over nothing!

Deputy Henderson said the sheriff's office has already verified about two-thirds of sex offender addresses in the county, which means there are still a few hundred addresses that need to be verified before next Monday.

DEAR ABBY - Daughter at risk if sex offender uncle visits

Abigail Van Buren
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The article above requires you to log in to comment, but this one doesn't.


DEAR ABBY: My husband recently asked how I would feel about him buying a plane ticket for his brother "Jake" to visit us and his parents over the holidays. I told him I wouldn't like it - not because my husband would be paying for the ticket, but because Jake is a registered sex offender.

My husband is now upset with me, saying Jake "served his time." I understand that, but the underage girl he messed around with was his niece. My daughter is 10 and starting to develop. She's also affectionate with family. I don't want her hugging Uncle Jake.

My husband and I are now not speaking. He told me that if his family isn't welcome in our house, he will start treating my family badly. Am I wrong for not wanting Jake sleeping under the same roof as my daughter?

- Protective Mom in the Midwest

DEAR PROTECTIVE MOM: No, you're not wrong. That your husband would try to blackmail you into allowing a registered sex offender to sleep in the same house as your adolescent daughter is deplorable. Your daughter is old enough to be told that Uncle Jake has a problem with young girls, and that if he ever makes a move on her, you want to know immediately.

It isn't like Jake did time for bank robbery. Sex offenders are usually prohibited from having contact with minors. The man has a sexual impulse disorder that shouldn't be ignored, and your husband should not allow any risk that your daughter might be molested.

Our Comments:
Dear Abby, I agree with you that she is not wrong, but what about having him sleep at a local hotel/motel?  Did you ever think about that?  And yes, he has served his time.  She also doesn't say when the crime occurred.  If it was a long time ago, then people do change.  And what about talking with "Jake" and setting boundaries with him, and also being a parent and not letting your child get too affectionate with "Jake?"  If you are in the room, what is wrong with a hug or something?  If he breaks the rules, kick him out the door!  And not all sex offenders are prohibited from having contact with minors.  Also, how do you know he has a "sexual impulse disorder?"  Did you diagnose him or something?  It may have been something he did as a child, she doesn't mention that, but yet you assume it was recent, by your own words.

AUSTRALIA - Alphington Lodge sex offender row erupts

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This reporter is asking the question "Should the community have been consulted?" so go to the link above, and leave a comment. You do not have to create an account to do so.


By Julia Irwin

ALPHINGTON - Residents are outraged they weren’t warned a convicted sex offender was placed in their neighbourhood.

The 56-year-old resident of Alphington Lodge was on parole after being imprisoned for committing a sexual act with a child when he was charged with wilful and obscene exposure and stalking on October 7, having been accused by a resident of exposing himself and behaving in a lewd manner “four metres from the creche”.

Unbeknown to the community and Yarra Council, the lodge, a former nursing home, was last September transformed into a 27-bed Supported Residential Services facility for people with mental health, disabilities and age-related issues.

We should have been told who they were putting into that place. It’s dangerous we weren’t told,” neighbouring resident Julie Clark said.
- So what about all the other criminals that may be living around you that aren't sex offenders and who harm others?  Do you know about them?

How could they put a child sex offender in a street like this, when there’s a creche a few metres away and a kindergarten and two schools within 300m?

It was not an isolated incident, Ms Clarke said, adding she also found a resident from the lodge breaking into her car and when police arrested him, they told her he had a history of violence.
- And was he a sex offender?  If not, this is exactly the question I posed above?

Yarra Council chief executive Andi Diamond said its records indicated the premises was still an aged-care facility, but an officer visited Alphington Lodge last week and observed it operating as a Supported Residential Service.

We will contact the Department of Human Services to ask why the proper planning rules have not been followed,” Ms Diamond said.

She said such Supported Residential Services were not government funded but the government was required to register and monitor them.

Health Department spokesman Tim Vainoras said the department’s documents “show an application was lodged with Yarra Council to change the use of the building” on July 1, 2010, and forwarded documents to Leader it says show the permit change. Mr Vainoras said the resident taken into police custody would not be returning.

Alphington Lodge spokesman Neil Young said the centre had “never accepted sex offenders” and “would not have taken this person had corrective services informed them of his status”.

The lodge and its residents were as upset as everybody else in the local community to have been put at risk in this manner,” Mr Young said.
- You are "at risk" every where you go, period.  Do you know about the people, who may be on your own staff, who have harmed an elderly person in their past, or have some other criminal record that has been sealed?

Corrections Victoria spokesman Sam Bishop said when assessing transitional accommodation for offenders on parole the first concern was for the safety of the community.

Mr Bishop said there were no other parolees at Alphington Lodge and “there were presently no plans to place any other offenders there”.

MA - Sex offender residency bylaw enacted by voters

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By Mary E. Arata

AYER -- It passed with just one vocalized objection from Ayer Town Meeting. Pending a constitutionality and legal review by the Attorney General's Office, the Town of Ayer has enacted a sex offender residency restricting bylaw for Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders. Such offenders will not be permitted to reside within 1,000 feet of public and private schools, day care centers, passive and active recreation fields and senior centers and senior housing.

The measure was broadened by amendment during the meeting to include 1,000 foot zones around bus stops for not only school children, but scouting and summer camp bus stops registered with the town and police department. With the change, the draft map that accompanies the bylaw will be retooled before its' submitted to the AG's office.

A man who identified himself as Jeff Hagelberag of Littleton Road said he opposed the idea, comparing the measure to "Nazi Germany where they classified groups of people as different" and justified taking "rights away from them. Here in the United States, this is really about freedom." Hagelberag said "they made mistakes, they went to jail, they did their time and now they're just trying to move on with their lives. This is really removing their rights."

Hagelberag also said the Sex Offender Registry Board's classification of offenders as Level 2 (of moderate risk of reoffending) and Level 3 (deemed at high risk of reoffending) is "kind of arbitrary."

His comments invoked disbelief. A woman who identified herself only as "Shilo" from the Devenscrest neighborhood said she had three children. "Wow, I don't even know where to begin."

She said her uncle betrayed trust and was convicted and deemed a Level 3 sex offender who reoffended twice again after his initial release. She placed the blame squarely at her uncle's feet "for ruining - not making a mistake - for ruining two girls' lives. I was shocked because he was one I trusted."
- And he should be punished for it, if it's true, but once he's been convicted, sentenced and has completed all the time given to him, he should be like everyone else, and be able to live or go anywhere he wishes.  If he offends again, lock him up.

"They lost their rights when they harmed the innocent," said Shilo, whose comments were greeted with applause.
- They lost their rights, true, but while they are in prison/jail and on probation/parole.  Once they are off paperwork, then they should get their rights back and be able to do or go anywhere they wish.

Brenda Gleason asked "do I have to say my address? I don't really want to." But her husband co-initiated the call to the selectmen to take action and enact a bylaw in light of a spate of recent Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders emanating from two Ayer homes owned by the same landlord, one of which is located directly across the street from the Ayer school campus. "We have a property right across the street from the school, literally, with swing sets and toys (in the yard) but no children living there."

Selectman Jim Fay is an Army veteran and has two sons in law enforcement. "Sex offenses are real and they're happening in Ayer. If we didn't need it, we wouldn't put it forward." Fay said "I take personal offense to the reference to Nazi Germany."
- Well, you do have a right to be offended, but, that doesn't mean the comparison is not valid, IMO.

Jeff Mayes noted that some daycare centers were not included on the map. Lt. Brian Gill of the Ayer Police Department said there are 16 licensed centers in town and the map will be revised to encase them all in a 1,000 foot wide protective zone.

John Norris of Nashua Street is a Marine veteran who lives in close proximity to another flagged house of concern owned by the same landlord. He thanked the selectmen for taking swift action in bringing the bylaw to Town Meeting. He, too, took offense to "someone calling this Nazi Germany while trying to protect my child."
- Well, you do have a right to be offended, but, that doesn't mean the comparison is not valid, IMO. 

Patrick Kelly co-sponsored the initiative. He said that postings of pictures of sex offenders at the police station and library can only include Level 3 offenders by law. But upon request at the police department, citizens can make a request for a list of the Level 2 offenders. Kelly said there's a "considerable" number of Level 2 offenders in town.

Selectman Frank Maxant is a tenant in one of the two targeted multifamily residences that has provided shelter to some of the sex offenders who have been flagged for prosecution in recent months for reoffending and/or failing to register as an offender living in Ayer. Maxant thanked Hagelberag for "giving me the courage" to speak up.

Maxant said he, too, had "misgivings" about the bylaw saying the current draft was "really overreaching" and places a "bull's eye right on our forehead" for a legal challenge from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union.

Tom Horgan challenged Maxant using his position on the elevated stage next to the collective selectmen as a pulpit for his opinion. "Is the position Mr. Maxant taking contrary to the [will of] the Board of Selectmen?" Heads nodded.

Maxant compared his commentary to "dissenting opinions" included in U.S. Supreme Court cases before obliging and leaving the stage to speak from the main meeting room floor.

Maxant concluded by saying the bylaw is the equivalent of handing the ACLU "the easy button" to sue the town "when we deprive people of their civil rights."

The call came to move the question. The group loudly agreed. With only Hagelberag making a vocal vote against the measure, the sex offender bylaw passed on an overwhelming voice vote before the meeting adjourned. But not before a woman offered a comment that she was 'offended that Maxant would be able to comment when he lived with these sex offenders."
- She makes it out like he's having parties and stuff with the offenders.

Ayer has 4,480 registered voters, and 157 showed to vote at the special Fall Town Meeting. Fifty is the minimum number of voters needed to conduct business.

AZ - Phoenix city council presented child sex crime report

Original Article


By Breann Bierman

PHOENIX (KPHO) - For the first time since an internal audit revealed rampant mismanagement within the child sex crimes unit of the Phoenix Police Department, the acting police chief faced the city council.

Acting Chief Joe Yahner did his best to assure the council security subcommittee that problems within the child sex crimes unit have been corrected, but the numbers are still hard to believe.

The audit shows retired detective Alan MacIver didn't follow procedure in at least 81 percent of his cases back in 2007.

A quick check of just 70 of his cases has already lead to four of them being submitted to the county attorney for prosecution.

A review committee is now looking at thousands of MacIver's other cases going back 10 years, but because he and most of his department have since retired, the only accountability will have to come from civil lawsuits from victims and their families.

"There's no acceptable explanation, I mean sorry doesn't cut it," Yahner said.

But Yahner is implementing more responsibility and accountability for supervisors from here on out. The department is acquiring a better record management system and they've created a quality assurance unit to look at investigator performance in all divisions.

Those steps seem to have satisfied council member and former Phoenix cop Michael Johnson.

"I truly believe that most investigators are doing their job and properly following up on the cases they have to manage," Johnson said.

CBS 5 has learned that one of detective MacIver's former supervisors is still with the Phoenix department.

Investigators are looking into any role Sgt. Steve McClellan may have played in those botched cases, but to this point, no one has been disciplined.

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TAIWAN - Vietnamese woman cuts off Taiwan husband's penis

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And Nicole Fabian-Weber, in another story, thinks this woman is basically a hero. See here. Also reminds me of this article, where Sharon Osbourne laughed at a man who got his penis cut off by his sadistic wife.


A woman cut off her husband's penis with a pair of scissors and threw the severed member into a river in revenge for his affair with another woman and his physical abuse, police in Taiwan said Sunday.

The 30-year-old Vietnamese woman, identified only by her surname, Pan, cut off about half her husband's penis at their home in the southern city of Tainan after he took drugs and sleeping pills and fell asleep, police said.

The woman allegedly claimed she had thrown the severed member of her drug-addicted Taiwanese husband into a river before turning herself in.

"She has been taken into custody on charges of assault," a police officer told AFP on condition of anonymity.

The woman allegedly told police she felt no regret about what she had done to her husband, who is 29 years old, jobless and a known user of illegal drugs.

Police said she claimed to have suffered beatings even though she had worked at a local karaoke shop to support the family since the pair married two years ago.

Her husband's affair with another woman, which he did not attempt to hide, prompted her revenge, the suspect said, according to police.

If convicted, she faces a jail term of up to 12 years.