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NJ - When Horseplay Becomes a Life Sentence - Children are ruined for life!

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By Brian Campbell

I have read newspapers my entire life. It's a hazardous occupation, with the negative and the stupid and the tragic far outweighing the uplifting elements of society. But I have never felt like this – sick to my stomach and full of anger. Jurisprudence in this country has died with this decision.

In Somerset County, two young boys became branded as lifelong sex offenders for, well, being boys. As fourteen year olds, they roughhoused and in a disgusting act, sat on the face of a fell student with their bare buttocks. As my grandmother once said, it is boys being boys, an unexplainable phenomenon left over from the cavemen days. I certainly do not condone it. I have never done it myself nor had it done to me. Among friends it is known to be a funny, but disgusting form of horseplay. Among those that are not friends, it is the most vile and embarrassing form of bullying and should be punished with significant amounts of suspension, community service, and counseling.

But branding them as perverts, child molesters and rapists? And for the rest of their lives? Today, their neighbors are fretting about the devaluation of the neighborhood, because a sex offender living in a section of town ruins that section of town. When they are eighteen and they go to apply for college, they will be sex offenders. God knows I wouldn't want my freshman in college sharing a room with a sex offender or even being in the same dorm as a sex offender. When they are in their twenties and start to seriously date, they are sex offenders. God knows I wouldn't want my daughter dating a sex offender, or worse yet, marrying one. At least my daughter could easily find out that he is a sex offender, so she could break off the relationship. When they head out to the job world, they are sex offenders. How often do companies hire sex offenders? When they go and buy a house, you guessed it. Never mind bringing over apple pie; the new neighbors will be protesting up and down the sidewalks. A child molester has moved in next door. If they get through all of this, and are fortunate to have a family, their children will find out that daddy is a branded sex offender.

All because they bullied another boy, did something they shouldn't have done for attention and laughter – something done by countless boys over many generations. Terrible? Yes. Bullying? Yes. Vile? Yes. A life sentence as a sexual predator? Lord help us.

I wondered when the extreme nature of Megan's Law would begin to destroy quasi-innocent people, a law where there is no rehabilitation, no flexibility, no timeline, and no way out. I could be wrong, but a young boy who sits on another young boy for schoolroom giggles is not the same as the man that assaulted and murdered Megan Kanka.
- Um, it's already ruining innocent lives, all one has to do is read the news, or this blog.  Also, we are talking about sex offenders here, and not all sex offenders assaulted and murdered Megan Kanka.

It is torture we have instituted, particularly those branded sex offenders who are not, nor never have been, true sex offenders. I got an idea: let's cut the arms off of children that shoplift.

Shame on the Somerset Appellate Court, and the judges that passed down such a decision. Shame on the trial court judge who found the boys guilty of criminal sexual conduct. Shame on the prosecutors for making a name for themselves with this nonsense. An absentee protest by one or many of them would have been heroic. But instead, collectively, they have ruined the lives of these two young boys. They did the cutting.

Shame on the makers and supporters of this law, for leaving such loopholes in place. Hopefully, the Supreme Court takes this case and changes the extreme aspects of Megan's Law to ensure this doesn't happen again. Hopefully, the decision is reversed and the boys get the boyhood punishment they deserve, not the lifelong sentence they have received.

NJ - Two teens labeled sex offenders for life after 'horseplay' incident (Will your child's life be ruined next?)

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By MaryAnn Spoto

SOMERSET COUNTY — Call it bullying or call it horseplay. Either way, a state appellate court panel says roughhousing with a sexual connotation by a pair of 14-year-old Somerset County boys was a crime that requires them to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.
- The legal system is a total joke these days.  Ruining kids lives before they even start, that is just pure evil, IMO.  What ever happened to the parents disciplining them, or sending them off to juvenile detention centers?  This is what happens when the government intrudes into our lives, they ruin them, just like everything else they try to control.

In a decision handed down Monday, the three-judge panel acknowledged the severity of its decision, but said it was bound to uphold the law.

"We are keenly aware that our decision may have profound lifelong ramifications for these two boys as well as others similarly situated," Judge Jose Fuentes wrote.
- What would you do if it was your own son?  Hell, it may be one day!

One of the boys, whose case went to trial, said he had sat on the faces of a pair of 12-year-old schoolmates with his bare buttocks in November 2008 "cause I thought it was funny and I was trying to get my friends to laugh," he told a family court judge.

But an act is considered criminal sexual contact if it is done for sexual gratification or to degrade or humiliate the victim, and punishable by lifetime registration — even for juveniles — under Megan’s Law, which requires a person convicted of a sex crime against a child to notify police of changes of address or employment.
- So are you going to label all the college hazing incidents as well?  When in the hell will this SEX hysteria stop?

The trial judge concluded the teenager intended to humiliate or degrade his victims and found him guilty of criminal sexual contact. The second teenager who was implicated pleaded guilty to criminal sexual contact, and received the same penalty.

The convictions were appealed, and the attorneys for the teenagers argued that their behavior amounted to horseplay, which other appellate court panels had exempted from Megan’s Law. David Fassett, an attorney for the boy who pleaded guilty, argued that the court should not take such a literal view of the law.

"I think the Appellate Division was simply offended by the conduct here and just couldn’t get past that issue,’’ he said.
- How many kids can you think of when you were growing up, or maybe yourself, who did the same thing?  Now you get ruined for life for stupid stuff, as in this case.  If the judges have no discretion anymore, then why do we even have judges anymore?

The appeal did not challenge the application of Megan’s Law to the 14-year-old youths since courts have already ruled the law applies to offenders as young as 13, but on the ground that the offense was not severe enough to carry a lifelong stigma.


Ronald Chen, the state’s former public advocate who is vice dean at Rutgers-Newark Law School, said in an interview that the ruling highlights the "collateral" consequences of Megan’s Law.

He said that although the boys’ convictions for criminal sexual contact met the law’s requirements, "I don’t think lifelong registration is a proportionate response.’’
- Of course it's excessive, it's cruel and unusual punishment!

Chen said that is something the Legislature has to take up.

"It is a very harsh result and maybe the Legislature should take a look at it,’’ he said. "But for now, it is what it is.’’
- So, when are lawyers going to grow a pair, and step up and fight these laws, which are ruining hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives?  Wait until it affects you, but by then, it will be too late.

The panel, which also included Judges Victor Ashrafi and William Nugent, noted its constraints under the law.

"Although we are not unsympathetic to the arguments criticizing the application of the lifelong registration requirements in (Megan’s Law) to 14-year-old offenders, we are bound to uphold such application because that outcome is mandated by the Legislature,’’ the court said in its ruling.
- I thought judges had discretion?  Apparently not anymore, so like I asked above, what good are judges for anymore?

The Somerset County prosecutor, Geoffrey Soriano, and Robert Wilson, a lawyer for the teenager who was tried, both declined to comment.

For the boys, who are now 16, there is still a possibility of having their convictions overturned. The appellate panel sent their cases back to Superior Court, where one youth will have a hearing on whether he understood the ramifications of pleading guilty, and the other will get to argue that his trial attorney was ineffective.

Sharon Osbourne of "THE TALK" thinks cutting off a man's penis is funny?

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Show is already over. I did not catch it until now. Sorry folks! See here for the article referenced here, and to see how the women (feminzai's) of "THE TALK" laughed about this man's situation. I wonder what these women would say if a man cut out a women's vagina over a divorce? I'm sure they'd not be laughing anymore.


I don’t know who you are sir, but I can tell you what you are worth. If your partner was to cut off your penis tonight, the world would laugh.

What a piece of shit is man.

Those are the most famous words of the most famous MRA, Angry Harry. Three sentences of absolute truth, the veracity of which has been yet again verified recently with the sexual mutilation of a southern California man by his wife, Catherine Kieu Becker.

According to police, Becker drugged her husband, tied him up, cut off his penis and tossed it into a running garbage disposal. She then informed police that “he deserved it.”

The reason?

They had a spat over a house guest and he wanted a divorce.

The public reaction?

Raucous laughter. In short, (no pun intended) a good time was had by all.

A Voice for Men Radio tonight will dedicate the show to this subject, which goes well beyond Becker and women like Lorena Bobbitt.

Hosting tonight will be Paul Elam and JtO, and we will be joined by special guest KARMA MRA MGTOW, who has flown into Houston for a visit a AVfM Headquarters. So tonight we have not only the U.S. and Canada represented, but also the great land of Oz.

And we all have a great deal on our minds.

Remember, guys, your calls make the show. So tune in tonight here, and call in at 310-388-9709.

MA - Wheelchair-Bound Vigilante (Frank Hebert) Faces Charges for attacking a "pedophile" with a baseball bat

Frank Hebert
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Man Says He Was Protecting Girl From Alleged Abuser

BOSTON - A wheelchair-bound Martha's Vineyard man is fighting to stay out of jail.

Frank Hebert, 57, is accused of striking an alleged pedophile with a bat inside a store earlier this year.

Even though child protection advocates are hailing Hebert as a hero, prosecutors aren't backing off on charges that could land him in jail for 10 years.

Hebert said he was trying to protect his granddaughter when he hit his girlfriend's son-in-law, [name withheld], with a bat in February. Hebert said the girl told him [name withheld], 28, had been assaulting the girl.
- So you should have called the police and let them handle it, instead of taking the law into your own hands.

"He had been molesting her," Hebert said.

Hebert called state police. He said they decided to have [name withheld] come to Hebert's store, thinking he was there to pick up the girl. When inside, Hebert was supposed to call police. During the time they were inside the store, Hebert confronted [name withheld].

"He turned white. After about two minutes, he said, 'OK, fine. I did it,'" Hebert said.

Hebert said [name withheld] tried to leave and a scuffle ensued.

"I hit him like a 2-year-old. I mean, I don't have any more power than that," Hebert said.

Hebert was charged with assault. [name withheld] said he would not testify against Hebert, but the Plymouth District Attorney’s Office refused to drop the case.

"If this is what they are after -- God help them," Hebert said.

CANADA - Tracking sex crime offenders by GPS

Jerry Ouellette
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By Katie Richard

With more than 14,000 registered sex offenders currently living in Ontario communities, Oshawa MPP Jerry Ouellette says more needs to be done to ensure families, and children in particular, are safe.

That’s why he’s pushing the idea of GPS tracking devices for all registered sex offenders, he says.

Ontario families have a simple request...when my child is at a park, when my child is at school, when my child is at a local arena...I want to know that everything is being done make sure it’s safe,” MPP Ouellette says, adding a provincial Progressive Conservative government would make the change to this system.
- It?  You are calling a child an "it?"  Wow!

We reject the...approach that says crime is not a priority and that sexual predators can be trusted on the honour system,” he adds. “I will not hesitate to slap a GPS tracking device on sex offenders who are back on the street in order to keep them from preying on our children.”
- He must be up for re-election?  As usual, another ignorant politician who thinks sex offender = child molester and pedophile.  Not all sex offenders have harmed children, so making the usual blanket statement like this, is injustice.  But hey, if he spoke the truth, the sheeple would not vote for him, or like him very much, it could cost him his career.

Ouellette says the devices, which would be left on the offender as long as he/she remained on the sex offender registry, would allow police to know exactly where they are day or night.
- Yeah, but it still would not prevent a crime.  If a person is so dangerous they need 24/7 monitoring, do you think they would care about a GPS device on them?  No!

Police would then be able to stop them, if necessary, from entering areas where there could be kids like playgrounds or a school, he says.
- No, you cannot "stop" them, you can warn them, and then if they do not obey, get in a car and go try to find them, but it would not stop them nor prevent any crime.

Ontario people need to know that police have all the tools necessary to keep them safe,” the MPP explains. “With 14,000 registered sex offenders living in our neighbourhoods, families have a right to be kept safe. Using GPS technology to help police track these predators, and react immediately if they pose a threat, is the right thing to do.”

Currently only law enforcement officials have access to the sex offender registry, but a Conservative government at the provincial level would aim to make that information – names and addresses – public, says a release from MPP Ouellette.
- Yep, let's all follow in the steps of the USSA.  Follow them down the hole!

We will develop a website that lists the names and addresses of registered sex offenders living in Ontario,” it says.
- And you will be inviting vigilantism as well.  See here and here.

Ouellette, who says he was instrumental in getting the sex offender registry put in place, adds the law enforcement officials he has spoken to about the idea are in favour of it.

We’ve got to protect our kids the best way we can,” he explains adding more than 40 U.S. states, three provinces and the federal government use GPS technology to monitor certain types of offenders.
- The only way to truly protect kids, is to remove them from their homes, since 90% or more of all sexual crimes against children, are by their own parents and/or family.