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NY - IMF head Strauss-Kahn charged over New York 'sex crime'

Dominique Strauss-Kahn
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The head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has been charged by New York police over an alleged sex attack on a hotel maid.

Mr Strauss-Kahn, 62, was taken off an Air France plane at JFK airport just minutes before it left for Paris.

Police say the maid has now formally identified him in a line-up. He faces three charges which he denies.

The married former French finance minister is also considered a possible Socialist candidate for the presidency.

The BBC's Hugh Schofield, in Paris, says Mr Strauss-Kahn has been riding high in the polls and was seen as having a genuine chance of beating President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Martine Aubry, leader of France's Socialist Party, described news of his arrest as a "thunderbolt" which left her "astounded".

Mr Strauss-Kahn is expected to appear before a New York state court before 0100 local time on Monday (0500 GMT), despite reports of a delay as police apply for search warrants for further DNA evidence.

His lawyer, William Taylor, told Agence France-Presse news agency: "We saw him, he's doing OK. And we'll be in court with him later in the afternoon."
- Isn't it ironic how fast someone who is powerful can get into court quickly, but when you are the general public, you could sit in jail for days, weeks, months and in some cases years before getting your day in court.

Mr Strauss-Kahn had been scheduled to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday, but that meeting has now been cancelled, reports say.

On Monday he had planned to attend a meeting of European Union finance ministers in Brussels on Monday to discuss the bailouts of Portugal and Greece.

Correspondents say his detention is likely to complicate ongoing efforts to stabilise the finances of struggling eurozone member states.

The Euro fell half a cent to $1.4063 when Asian markets opened on Monday - a six-week low against the dollar - reflecting concerns about the impact the arrest could have on the bailout talks.

In a brief statement posted online on Sunday, an IMF spokeswoman acknowledged Mr Strauss-Kahn's arrest and said the organisation would not comment on the case.

"The IMF remains fully functioning and operational," she added.

Diane Dimond (Flip Flopper) - Time to Adjust Our Thinking About Sex Abusers

Diane Dimond
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And this is the same woman who reported on Michael Jackson and basically found him guilty without evidence before and during the trial, if I remember right. Maybe she is finally seeing the light? I am frankly shocked Diane is even reporting on this as she is!

Don't get me wrong, what she says in this article is good, but from her own past, I question her motives!

UPDATE: The following is the email we received from Diane Dimond ( How professional of her (NOT)! Notice the usual ad hominem attack? I also made ONE mention of Michael Jackson above, yet she thinks my world revolves around that one case? Come on Diane, that is absurd!  Here is another article she published on 05/18/2011, which is basically the same with a different title.

Subject: Your'e a moron

Her email to us:
Your world obviously revolves around Michael Jackson. Guess what - there's a whole world out there that has nothing to do with him. (No kidding)

Our National Sex Registry is a mess ... I tried to explain why. (You say that now, but in the past, you have jumped on the "hate all sex offenders" bandwagon.)

If your'e still all tied up in the realm of the King of Pop I feel sorry for you and your very narrow viewpoint of the world. (Wow, how unprofessional!)


By Diane Dimond (Wikipedia)

We're pretty good at punishing people who are caught and convicted of sexual abuse. We're not so good at stopping the abuse in the first place, especially when children are involved. After all these years of open discussion about this scourge, why is it still so prevalent?

Because we keep attacking the problem the same old way.

A new project from the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, funded by the Ms. (magazine) Foundation, concludes it is time for us to adjust our collective thinking about sex offenders.

Perhaps the ATSA's most important conclusion is that media coverage of abuse "monsters" has warped our sense of who they really are. Television news, movies and books mainly focus on the most extreme "stranger danger" cases — those in which a child is kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered.

In reality, the sexual abuse of kids doesn't usually come from outside their circle, and murder is extremely rare. Most often the perpetrator is a relative, a family friend or a trusted authority figure. But if a parent is intent on looking for a "monster," it's easy for them to overlook warning signs from those closest to the family.

Another important conclusion? Too often we lump all abusers into one category and label them "sex offenders" or "sexual predators." Not good and not smart.
- Ask the people. Most of the time, when you ask them what a sex offender is, they think child molesting, pedophile predator who kills children, all due to the media, and others distorting the facts and helping the moral panic continue, instead of reporting facts, like they are suppose to.

A serial pedophile is quite different from a teenage boy caught with his underage girlfriend and reported to police by angry parents. Some jurisdictions view an errant nude sunbather or a drunk who exposes himself to urinate in the street as a sex offender. And then there is the category of children with deeply rooted sexual behavior problems. All have to be handled differently.

It doesn't keep the community safe when we brand all of these diverse types with the same scarlet letter and make them all become registrants of an official, ever-growing and very public National Sex Registry. Too often that's exactly what happens.

The just released project paper (PDF) from the ATSA calculates that in 2007 and 2008 alone, "More than 1,500 sex offender related bills were proposed in state legislatures ... over 275 new laws were enacted." Generally, they did two things: increased incarceration time and put in place intricate (and costly) monitoring systems and restrictions on where the released offender is allowed to work, live and interact within a community once back into society.


And here is one of her previous articles. She is nothing but a flip flopper who says what she thinks people want to hear, or if it will benefit her, IMO.


It’s time for America to get obsessed again.

It was once acceptable to slam down a few drinks at the local watering hole then climb into our cars and drive home.

Once it was acceptable – even fashionable! – to smoke cigarettes.

And it used to be we never gave seat belts in our vehicles a second thought. Before they became required equipment in American cars, who ever thought we even needed them?

But because Americans became obsessed with safety, today designated drivers are the norm, smoking is passé (and besides we all now realize it will kill you) and few of us get into an automobile without fastening our seatbelts and those of our kids in their special safety car seats.

Over time those things we used to not want to think about – drinking and driving, smoking and wearing seatbelts – came to be top of mind. Our collective habits were changed and lives were saved.

Can’t we do the same for our children?

There is a plague of pedophilia across the country that we need to face. It is an ugly topic but when a 29 year old convicted child molester from Oklahoma can pass as a teenager and register at middle schools and troll for victims there is a problem. That actually happened recently in Arizona. [name withheld] didn't bother to follow the law and register as a sex offender in his new state. Neither did the other convicted child molesters he lived with.

We need to put our squeamishness aside and talk about what can be done to stop these diseased individuals from staining our children’s souls.

If any good can come from the horrific case of Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby in Missouri it might be that it could be the catalyst for a renewed, focused and definitive conversation on what to do with serial child molesters.

If what prosecutors in Saint Louis charge is true, our worst fears about the Hornbeck/Ownby case have been confirmed.



An average group of Americans gathered to publicly thank their United Stated Military for the freedom they provide. If you want to thank your military, pass this video on to every person you know so it will eventually reach every present and former military person across the globe. We want the military to know we appreciate their service and sacrifice!


IN - Indiana High Court Says No Right to Resist Illegal Police Entry - The Constitution is officially dead!

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Indiana Supreme Court threatened following controversial ruling

WTF? Welcome to Nazi America folks! This should outrage everybody!


By Jon E. Dougherty

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled Friday (PDF) that state residents have no right to resist an illegal police entry, overturning a Common Law that dates back to the English Magna Carta of 1215.

Justice Steven David
Writing for the court's 3-2 majority, Justice Steven David said if a police officer wanted to enter a home for any reason - or for no reason - homeowners could do nothing to block the officer's entry.

"We believe ... a right to resist an unlawful police entry into a home is against public policy and is incompatible with modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence," David wrote, according to the Northwest Indiana Times. "We also find that allowing resistance unnecessarily escalates the level of violence and therefore the risk of injuries to all parties involved without preventing the arrest."

He said persons arrested after an illegal police entry are still entitled to post bail and can seek remedies through the legal system.

The ruling stems from a case involving an argument between a husband and wife that took place outside of their apartment, the report said. When police arrived, they both went back inside and the husband told officers they weren't needed.

When one officer tried to enter the apartment the husband attempted to block him. An officer entered anyway and the husband then shoved him against a wall, prompting a second officer to use a stun gun on the husband and arrest him.

Ivan Bodensteiner, a professor at the Valparaiso University School of Law, said he agreed with the court's decision, the report said.

"It's not surprising that they would say there's no right to beat the hell out of the officer," he told the paper. "(The court is saying) we would rather opt on the side of saying if the police act wrongfully in entering your house your remedy is under law, to bring a civil action against the officer."
- In the past, when a family dispute or anything else for that matter, occurs, the police can enter without a warrant, especially in situations like mentioned above.  No law is needed here, and it opens the door for the Gestapo to enter and do whatever they wish.  Welcome to Nazi America!

Death of the Constitution
Justices Robert Rucker and Brent Dickson dissented, saying the ruling violates the U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendment.
- Like we've said before, the Constitution is not worth the paper and ink it's written with, and now, the Gestapo and corrupt government can do anything they want!

"In my view the majority sweeps with far too broad a brush by essentially telling Indiana citizens that government agents may now enter their homes illegally -- that is, without the necessity of a warrant, consent or exigent circumstances. I disagree," Rucker wrote, according to the report.