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LA - The Young Turks - Crime Against Nature Sex Law

How hypocritical of people. Before this was known, everyone was all okay with the draconian laws, but when it starts to hit home, out come the hypocrites. The sex offender laws are unconstitutional, period! But, politicians are ignoring their oaths of office to defend the Constitution, which grants rights to ALL PEOPLE of the United States, to further their own careers, or because they don't want to look "soft" on sex crimes. By them doing so, eventually your rights will be eradicated as well. Each and every day, politicians continue to ignore and "work around" the Constitution to get their ways. In the end, we all pay! Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!

WA - Father: Karate skills helped girl fend off attacker

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Great job, and glad she is safe!



The father of a 16-year-old girl who fought off an attacker Thursday said he thinks the karate lessons she had been taking for about a month helped her defend herself.

Oh yeah, big time it helped,” said William Givens, whose daughter suffered a mild concussion when she was struck in the head from behind with a heavy object as she was walking on the trail in the woods near Pattison Lake. She also had minor cuts and bruises, he said. Givens added that his daughter was traumatized and was kept home from her classes Friday.

Givens said his daughter, who kicked her attacker in the groin and punched him in the face, has been taking karate classes at the Academy of Brian Johnson Karate in Lacey.

The girl’s alleged attacker, [name withheld], was being held at the Thurston County Jail Friday on suspicion of second-degree assault with sexual motivation. His bail was set at $500,000.

Her instructor, Brian Johnson, said the girl takes her studies seriously and wants to pursue a career in mixed martial arts. “She’s into it; she wants to compete on a fight team,” he said.

Johnson added that he’s proud of the girl and said he tailors his self-defense classes to help women protect themselves. “As a coach, it makes me extremely proud that she was able to rise to the occasion and protect herself,” he said.

[name withheld], 40, was convicted of indecent liberties in 1997 and has seven convictions for failure to register as a sex offender. His victim in the 1997 case was a 66-year-old woman, according to Washington’s sex-offender registry.

[name withheld] was arrested after a Thurston County sheriff’s K9, Rex, found a wallet belonging to [name withheld] in the area of the attack, Sheriff’s Lt. Greg Elwin said Thursday. The wallet contained [name withheld]’s photo ID. A deputy spotted and identified [name withheld] walking in the neighborhood after the attack, but he did not have enough information to detain him, Elwin has said.

After [name withheld]’s wallet and ID were found, deputies went to [name withheld]’s mother’s home. [name withheld] was there, and deputies brought the girl there. She said she was “absolutely positive that [name withheld] was the man who assaulted her,” court papers state. Also, the girl had told sheriff’s deputies she had bit her assailant’s finger during the attack, and deputies noticed that [name withheld]’s right pointer finger was bleeding “and some skin was missing,” court papers state.

New details about the incident were revealed in court documents released Friday. According to court papers:

The girl said that as she was walking on the trail in the area of Atchison Drive and Brianna Court Southeast, she noticed a man “sitting cross legged on the ground.” She said that as she walked past him, he did not look up, but about 10 seconds later, she heard the man’s footsteps behind her. She said it sounded like he was running. Before she could turn around, she was struck.

She said she had the presence of mind to roll onto her back when she fell, then kicked furiously at the man when he climbed on top of her. She also kicked him in the groin numerous times, and at one point he fell backwards. She said she then jumped up and kicked the man in the face before running away.

She ran to her friends, and they called 911. During the sheriff’s investigation, the K9 found the wallet and followed the trail to “multiple pages torn from a pornographic magazine.”

When deputies went to [name withheld]’s mother’s home, she “did not seem shocked at all about the allegations regarding her son. She stated ‘That’s disgusting,’ and went on to say ‘he knows better than that.’ She expressed her concern for the victim and stated she was glad she was okay.”

When deputies interviewed [name withheld], he said “he was drinking beer in the area and claimed he lost his coat, jacket and identification in the area. … When asked about the pornographic material, he stated that he had found it.

[name withheld] denied the attack. When the deputy noticed [name withheld]’s bleeding finger, [name withheld] invoked his rights and requested an attorney. The finger was photographed when he was booked into the jail.

VIEWER MAIL - Thank You!

The following was sent to us (as sent) via the contact form on 05/15/2011 from "D":

"Just wanted to thank you for your website. My husband and I were just introduced to the scary world of being labeled a sex offender. The best part is the law he broke ..... he admitted to downloading child porn from limewire adult looking for adult porn. Upon seeing what was in the file he promptly deleted it and limewire nc he thought maybe he had a virus. Anyway cops showed up a month later w a search warrant for the computer and my husband told them what happened. As far as they are concerned he admitted guilt. Took them two weeks to recover one file that was deleted. Now my poor hubby is about to be sentenced and charged w 1 F3 for 1 count of possession. He hasn't even been convicted yet and gas lost his job and nobody will hire him bc even mcdonalds runs criminal background checks!! And in pennsylvania where we love piss of child porn is listed as "sexual abuse of children" which falsely labels my husband as a child molester. And sadly there appears to be nothing we can do other than sit here and take it. I was happy to find your sight. It is some what comforting to know we aren't alone. Sadly all it takes for these stupid lawsvis for one child to get hurt ... how many rso's must suffer and/or die before one restriction is lifted? Soo frustrating. We all need to come together and do something. This site is a wealth of knowledge. Thank you."