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ABC - What Would You Do? - When Women Abuse Men

Hypocrisy as usual! When the roles are reversed, even a cop walks by without batting an eye.

Culture of acceptable abuse and shame against men

Dr Elizabeth Celi talks about men's health, domestic abuse and social bias against men.

We have a "Violence Against Women" act, but where is the "Violence Against Men" act? See Here

NY - Dr. Felix Roque responds to Mayor Sal Vega Accusations on Ties to Sex Offender

CT - Gun crime registry bill proposed

Original Article

Why cherry pick who does and doesn't go on a registry? If an unconstitutional online hit-list is okay for sex offenders, then it's good enough for all criminals. Besides, each additional registry costs more money, when you could just create one registry for all.


By Mark Davis

Hartford (WTNH) - Statistics show that those convicted in cases of gun violence have the highest recidivism rate of any other crime, so the idea of a gun offender registry seems to some to be a no brainer.
- I don't believe it.  I have heard the opposite.  Care to provide a link to this so-called "study?"

The recent shootings in New Haven and other cities has prompted state lawmakers to move forward on a proposal that was suggested by New Haven Police Chief Frank Limon.

"Who said that this would be one of the...the most helpful things that we could enact in order to help law enforcement dealing with this spate of gun related crimes we've seen in cities like New Haven," State Senator Martin Looney (D-New Haven) said.

The proposal establishes a registry, similar to the sex offender registry already in use, for those convicted of committing a crime using a gun.

"Those who are either coming out of prison or on probation would be required, for a four year period, to register with their local police department," said Looney.
- Why not for life, like sex offenders?  You said they are dangerous and have a high recidivism rate, which is probably bogus, did you not?

State Representative Joe Verrengia (D-West Hartford) is also a police officer.

"I think it's a great idea. Any measure that protects the safety of our citizens is a good measure," he said.
- How will having a gun registry "protect" anybody?

One of the strongest supporters of this proposal on the Judiciary Committee represents a neighborhood that has seen its share of gun violence.

"I live in Newhallville, where some shootings have happened. I think my community looks upon this as a favorable," said State Rep. Gary Holder-Winfield (D-New Haven).

Caller ID Faker - Helping criminals & vigilantes carry on their illegal activities?

YouTube Channel

What this company is doing, is illegal in most states, I believe. They also have a lot of videos of other criminal activity.

About Caller ID Faker
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We are located in the heart of New York City and need good laughs to make it through the crazy stress of each day. So we assembled a team of the best and what you see is the result of a true labor of love and a lot of hard work. We're delighted with our new company and our new product and we know you will be too. We hope that Caller ID Faker is just the beginning.

What is CallerIDFaker?
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How does CallerIDFaker work?
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It helped Willis4Play who is also documenting his crimes on YouTube, and this video, which he has since removed!

From "Googling" his Willis4Play, we found his user profile and Twitter account:

Click the enlarge

CA - Gestapo out for registration checks, and the media comes along for sensationalism

Some Experts Believe Treatment for Sex Offenders Makes a Difference

Original Article

Why does the media continue to put all sex offenders into the same group? Not all sex offenders are child molesting, pedophile predators out killing kids. As an example, that would be like me saying all men are child molesters because a couple have molested kids. Of course they are not, but it's the same issue here. The title of this article mentions sex offenders, but then they go on to talk about pedophiles and predators, thus pushing all sex offenders into the pedophile predator group, which is wrong!


By Stan DeCoster

There is no cure, but many experts say there is clear evidence that effective treatment prevents sexual predators from re-offending. Others aren’t quite so sure.
- So the title says "sex offenders" but here you talk about predators.  So what are we talking about here?  They are not the same!

The issue is pertinent in Montville because of the state Department of Correction’s plan to place a 24-bed treatment facility for sex offenders adjacent to the Corrigan-Radgowski Correctional Center on Route 32.

Advocates for such programs point to a number of studies that they say show treatment is a realistic way to reduce recidivism. Besides, they argue, it just makes common sense.

It’s become abundantly clear that intensive treatment at the end of a prison sentence works immensely better than just opening the (prison) door and letting them go,” said Brian A. Garnett, spokesman for the correction department.
- Treatment at the end of their sentence?  Why not while they are in prison where they are doing nothing else, except trying to stay alive?  Treatment should be done before being let out of prison, and in some cases, even after they get out.

Substantial research conducted over the past three decades support this conclusion. Garnett offered information on several studies, including ones released in 1991 and 1999, that bolster the view that treatment helps. The 1999 report, conducted by a Wisconsin expert, examined the results of 79 studies covering a total of nearly 11,000 sex offenders. The conclusion, according to the report: Treated offenders committed an additional sex crime at a rate of 11 percent, compared to 17.6 percent for the untreated.
- And other more recent studies, from the DOJ, BJS and others, put this percentage even lower.

More recently, a 2002 study conducted in Canada and reported upon by the American Psychological Association, found that recidivism rates among offenders not treated was 17.3 percent compared to 9.9 percent for offenders who had treatment.

However, the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services, an agency that compiles and analyzes criminal data, reached a “mixed” finding after researching whether sex treatment makes a difference. It found that some studies show that treatment has virtually no impact while others have determined it does reduce repeat offending.
- Come on, you don't need to do a "study" to determine if it works or not, it's common sense.  Some people, it will work with, others it won't, but just making a blanket judgement that it doesn't work, it's just pure ignorance!

The only study to date which has used a randomized sample showed little or no effect on recidivism,” the criminal justice division determined.

This study, the division reported, considered three groups of sex offenders – those who volunteered to participate in relapse prevention treatment, those who volunteered but were not selected to receive treatment, and those who chose not to participate.

After being in the community for anywhere between five to 14 years, rates of new sexual, violent and general criminal activity were similar in the three groups,” according to the criminal justice division.
- Also, you don't need volunteers.  Just get the criminal records of all sex offenders in the system, and check their backgrounds.  Have they committed a new offense after being out of prison?  I don't think it's as hard as everyone is making it out to be.  You have the records, use them, but don't skew them to suit your own personal agenda!

The division stated on its website that it is difficult to gauge accurate recidivism rates because fewer than 40 percent of rapes, child molestations and other sex crimes on victims over the age of 12 are reported to authorities.
- So, why not just determine recidivism for those who have been put into the system on a sexual offense?  Of course it's hard to get statistics for something you do not know about.  This would be like trying to get statistics on the number of cars which have had some unknown problem, it cannot be done, so use what you do know.

Garnett said that sex-offender treatment is provided in six Connecticut correctional facilities with about 25 group sessions each week. At any time, he added, there are about 220 inmates in treatment, and treatment lasts for a minimum of one year but typically one to three years.

Some of the 220 will be selected to reside at the new Montville facility, a halfway house of sorts. Officials say the facility is designed to ease offenders back into the community while they receive both group and one-on-one therapy. The correction department has emphasized that all offenders will be accompanied by a supervisor when they leave the facility.

Psychiatrist Michael Norko, a Yale professor who has studied and written about sex offenders, said in an interview that institutional treatment – when offenders aren’t mixing with the general population – is ineffective.
- I would agree, and to me, is common sense.  This is the same as putting someone in prison for decades, and then claiming they are no longer a threat to society, when they have not been in society to determine that.

In-patient situations create an artificial environment,” he said. “Offenders don’t encounter the triggers that trigger bad behavior.

Norko favors a scenario where there is extensive outpatient treatment. The offender resides in the community, where temptations exist, but receives intensive treatment and counseling at the same time.

One thing everybody agrees upon is that sex offenders, especially pedophiles, should be required to stay away from schools, playgrounds and other places where children congregate. Authorities compare this to situations where recovering alcoholics should stay out of bars and compulsive gamblers should steer clear of casinos.
- I don't agree with it.  Not all sex offenders have harmed children, so making someone stay away from these places, makes no sense to me.  Kids are everywhere, so it's impossible to stay away from kids, unless you live in a box or something.  We are still treating all sex offenders as if they are child molesting, pedophile predators who are out hiding in parks and schools, just waiting to pounce on your kid, which is sheer insanity!  Very few sexual related crimes occur at these places.  And yes, the comparison, to a point, is good, but again, not all sex offenders have harmed kids.

Some states have adopted a more aggressive way to treat violent sex offenders. The Associated Press reports that eight states allow for some form of castration for offenders. The AP said only Louisiana and Texas allow physical castration – the surgical removal of the testes. Six states have chosen chemical castration through medications that reduce testosterone, which fuels a man’s sex drive.
- And this should be used sparingly.  Not all sex crimes are motivated by sex, but power and control.  So removing someone's sexual desire still doesn't remove the power and control issues.

CA - Letter I wrote to Ca. Dept of Public Safety (From Anonymous)

I sent this to California Public Safety Committee today.


Re: AB 625 (PDF)

Assemblyman Ammiano,

I have waited many years for someone to come forward to speak the truth about Sex Offender Registration. ALL cases are different and I can only speak about my experience of being registered.

I was convicted of PC 288 Lewd and Lascivious conduct with a child under 14. I never denied it and accepted responsibility. I had never done anything wrong in my life previous to that and 15 years later, much smarter and wiser, have led a crime free life.

After my conviction in 1997, and the loss of my job, home and some friends. (I didn’t go to prison just probation) I knew I needed to figure out why I made a very bad choice. After 5 years of court ordered group therapy plus individual therapy, which I did on my own, I felt I was ready to move on with my life. I was lucky my wife and family stayed with me. A new beginning and a second chance, so I thought. In 2004 the state went on-line with the registry and the worst hell anyone with a family could imagine. My kids were shunned by some school mates, my son was kicked out of his hockey club, my wife lost friends…again, I was banned by AYSO soccer. I was just a dad wanting to support his daughter I wasn’t a coach or some guy hanging out at the park. I couldn’t believe I was being punished again. I have to watch my daughter cry every time she has a game because she wants me to go. We have had our cars broken into 3 times our house robbed and a crazy woman walked right into my backyard and verbally accosted me. Screaming at me and threatening to make sure I’m “out of the neighborhood.” Very scary considering sex offenders have been killed in their homes and I have three kids at home. I don’t sleep at night. All of this 15 years AFTER my conviction.

It seems as though I am living a life just waiting for the next ball to drop and there is always something with this. Just today I saw that Orange County passed a law that no sex offenders are allowed in county parks or beaches. I also saw that Assemblyman Cook has introduced 884 (PDF) which would notify my neighbors 1000 feet in all directions. I see the signs and protesting in front of my house already. My god the slow banishment from society is a reality as a registered sex offender with no chance to prove yourself. I guess this is what has prompted me to write.

While I would agree that there are some sex offenders who pose a risk to society the majority do not. In fact according to research 95% of those on the list in California do not. I would just like to be able to have a roof over my families head and put food on the table. Live a stable life without fear of someone finding out I’m on “the list” and losing my job. Being able to walk out of my house without the fear of being jumped or beat up in front of my kids. These things are happening all over the country just Google it. I constantly fear that I will be eventually tossed out of my house and will be separated from my family. This is also happening. Didn’t the Nazi’s do this to the Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and people with retardations or mentally ill?

I was once told by a county social worker that it will be my actions not my words that will show who I truly am. I believe I have earned a chance to be a productive member of society, however, it is nearly impossible to do that being on the registry.

I ask you, and my family asks you, to add in your legislation that sex offenders with families, who have been on the list for over 10 years and have led a crime free life, be given a chance to appeal their placement on the registry. Many good families will not survive if some action is not taken.

Thank you for your time,

(I would give my name but I don’t want to lose my job)

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