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OH - City wants sex offender to move

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MI - Possible plea deal for Evan Emory?

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RI - Father vows to kill son's murderer

I can image the fathers hurt and anger, but this is a threat, and if anybody else said that, they'd be arrested. Also, like clock work, even though it doesn't involve sex (I don't believe), Mark Lunsford speaks out on the video, but doesn't mention that his own son molested a child and that child porn was said to be found on his machine when Jessica went missing.

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MI - Task force demands drug dealer registry in response to string of fatal overdoses in Fenton area

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Like we've said many times, if an unconstitutional, shaming, hit-list is okay for one group, then we should just have one for all criminals.


By Khalil AlHajal

FENTON TOWNSHIP - Area lawmakers have agreed to look into creating a drug dealer registry similar to the state's sex offender registry at the request of a Fenton-area task force created amid a string of fatal drug overdoses.

"These people are preying on our kids," said Fenton Township Trustee Tony Brown after a forum organized by the task force to explore ways to fight drug use on Tuesday. "Let's expose them."
- Notice the "for the children politics?" Well, the quote below is true. If you says it's "for the children," people will do anything, and eventually your rights will be eradicated as well.  Why don't we expose all criminals, like corrupt politicians?

"The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation." - Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Brown was Briona Jawhari's debate coach at Lake Fenton High School before the 17-year-old died on Valentine’s Day of an apparent heroin overdose.
- Drug dealers do not go out "preying" on kids, they just walk the streets, or stay in their own homes, and the people come to them, in most cases.

He and other leaders of the task force want to name the registry "Briona's List."
- Of course, name something after a child, and the sheeple will pass it, even if it stomps on their own personal rights.  Hell, do we have a DUI Offender list named after some child killed by a drunk politician?

"Drug dealers work in this cloud of secrecy," Brown said. "As long as they can keep this cloud of secrecy, they can continue to do what want to do."
- And if you put them on an online list, the "kids" will know exactly where to go for their drugs!

During a forum held by the task force on Tuesday, state Sens. John Gleason and David B. Robertson said they would explore legal issues and the feasibility of creating such a registry.

"I, like everyone else, am concerned about what's been going on for the last few weeks and for a long time," said Robertson. "I'm certainly willing to entertain recommendations from law enforcement... I'm happy to consider and introduce legislation as necessary."

Genesee Circuit Court Judge Duncan Beagle said during the Tuesday forum that the idea should be thoroughly studied.

"The idea should be put on the table for consideration," he said. "You're going to need some experts to sit down and explore it."
- You don't need experts to tell you this is a stupid idea, just like the sex offender registry, but again, politicians do not use their brains anyway.

Gleason also wants the task force to help spread word inside area schools about a Sheriff's office drug tip line that students can use to anonymously provide information on drug dealers.

The number is (810) 424-4444.

"We need to have the schools buy into it," he said. "The kids know where it's coming from. We need to give the kids an avenue where they can tell people what's happening."

Briona's father Sam Jawhari, who is also involved in the task force, said the effort would have made his daughter proud.

"She cared about people so much, so I know she would be proud," he said.

Jawhari attended the Tuesday meeting of about 30 people and said it was the first time since his daughter's funeral that he's been around a large group of people.

"There's a hole in my heart," he said. "I want something good to come out of it."
- Of course their is a hole in your heart, but you are going about filling it the wrong way, you should be filling it with Jesus, IMO.

Fenton Township Clerk Robert Krug said the group plans to fight hard for the registry.

"Briona's list will be a reality or Tony (Brown) and I will go hoarse talking about it," Krug said.

UK - Duchess of York clears debts, with a little help from the wrong friends

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Just because a person is labeled a sex offender, doesn't mean they are a pedophile, in reference to the video below.


On Monday, it was reported that, while the Duchess of York has settled her hefty debts, she did not do so alone. Some of the reasons behind that clearing have come to light, and have contributed to the growing unrest around her ex-husband, Prince Andrew.

Duchess of York finding herself with Eastern religion, signs final settlement

The Duchess, who has been using Eastern religion to "find her inner lotus flower" and get back on her feet, is said to have signed an agreement with her final creditor. Not all have received the full amount due, but it appears that all have settled.

The debts and embarrassment caused have cost Sarah Ferguson an invitation to her nephew's wedding, which she's shrugged off -- in public, at least. Part of her repayment will come from income through her own reality TV series on the new Oprah Channel, Finding Sarah, where she'll be shown trekking in icy climates, going through psychotherapy and talking to financial advisors.

An accompanying book will be published and the Duchess is also in search of TV and animation rights to her Little Red children's book series. While she did reportedly receive a number of offers to narrate Prince William's and Kate Middleton's wedding, the Duchess has declined to profiteer from that event.

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TX - Texas battles Feds over Sex Offender Registry

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MA - Annie's Mailbox - Mom afraid to let men baby-sit her daughter

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Q. Are there any signs to look for to determine whether someone is a sexual predator? I have always heard that when it comes to young children being sexually abused, it is usually a close relative or friend.

I have a 6-month-old daughter who has five uncles. I am scared to leave her with any man other than her father, so I refuse to allow any male to baby-sit her. Is this irrational? I feel bad, but whenever guys are around her, I always watch with a close eye. I’d rather be safe than sorry. How do I explain this to my brothers and brothers-in-law when they ask about baby-sitting her?


A. We understand your fears, but most men are perfectly responsible with children. There is no specific profile of a pedophile. In fact, many of the same qualities that would make a man an excellent father also describe pedophiles — those who are terrific with children and engage them in fun activities.

Pedophiles are usually friendly and charming. They tend to gravitate toward areas that put them in close contact with children (family, school, church, sports, etc.). Children of single mothers are particularly vulnerable because pedophiles often cozy up to Mom in order to get close to children who need a father figure.

You can get out of baby-sitting offers by saying, “That’s sweet of you, but it’s too soon. Maybe when she’s a little older." The best way to protect your children is to keep a close eye on them, and when they are old enough, help them protect themselves. Teach them that they can talk to you about anything, to come to you when something isn’t right, and that no adult with good intentions would ask them to keep secrets from their parents.

MN - Sex offender program is unconstitutional

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By Jack Rice

Eventually the courts will reach that judgment about what is essentially indefinite incarceration.

What do you call a forced in-patient treatment program that has never successfully treated and released a patient?

Either it is a complete and utter failure, or you call it what it really is -- a prison.

That is the problem that Minnesota faces. It has 605 sex offender inmates who have no pending charges or convictions.

They are not on probation. In fact, all of these people have already been convicted and have served their debts to society.

However, some Minnesotans feel that is not enough. Rather, Minnesota is holding them for what they might do.

While both state and federal courts have called this dubious decision constitutional, they have done so only because it is "treatment."

Otherwise, the program would be considered unconstitutional. Which takes me back to my initial point.

If there has been no successful treatment, then it is nothing but incarceration.

You doubt me?

Minnesota started its Sex Offender Treatment Program in 1994. The number of inmates is growing by about 50 a year.

They are held at the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter and at a facility in Moose Lake. However, both are running out of space.

St. Peter is looking to expand its facility by an additional 55 beds, while Moose Lake is seeking to expand by some 400 beds. At a cost of about $96,000 per inmate per year, this is not a cheap proposition.

And how successful has the treatment been? Not one person forced into the Sex Offender Treatment Program has ever been released.

I repeat: Not one!