Saturday, February 19, 2011

GA - Mom Outraged Over 13-Year-Old's Molestation Charge (for kids being kids)

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JONESBORO - A Clayton County mother says local police went too far in charging her 13-year-old son and three friends with aggravated child molestation.

"I am appalled by that," said the mother, only identified as Yolanda.

The four admitted to going behind a vacant house where a girl preformed consensual oral sex on them.
- What the hell?  She performed the oral sex on them, and they are charged with a crime and not her?

According to the arrest warrant, obtained by Channel 2’s Tony Thomas, the arresting officer discovered the group when the girl was “adjusting her clothing.”

"Who is the victim?” asked Yolanda’s mother.
- Yes, who?  But like usual, the male gets slammed with the modern day scarlet letter!  And what about the other kids?

Yolanda said it was hours before she found out where her son was, and that was because she filed a missing persons report. She said the next time she saw him, he was in adult court. A judge set a $10,000 bond and the teen was sent to the regional youth detention center until the family came up with the money.
- Keeping the money flowing, by charging kids with felony crimes for being kids!

A former metro Atlanta prosecutor told Thomas the charges were legal under the state's Seven Deadly Sins laws -- but rarely followed through on.

"My biggest concern is the charge being on their record. The records are sealed. Yeah, that's what you say," Yolanda told Thomas.

Her doubts were confirmed after Thomas easily found the names, charges and court dates for all four juveniles listed on the county's court website Friday night.

A Clayton County police spokesperson said they will not comment about the case. The child’s mother said her son was just doing what children do.

"They are children. Children explore the world by hands-on," she said.

The 13-year-old has entered a plea in juvenile court to sodomy and public indecency. He will have to undergo counseling and serve one year of probation.
- For being a kid!

UK - False rape claim woman (Cheryl Fleming) jailed - Sentenced to six months in prison for "act of revenge"

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So when is the legal system going to start punishing these people more harshly, sending a clear message that false accusations will not be tolerated? The person they accuse, could be sent to prison for a very long time, and placed on the sex offender registry, and she gets six months probation? She should get what the victim would have received if convicted, IMO. When you continually slap these people on the wrist, and not punish them harshly, like you do those accused of sex crimes, then this will continue to happen.


A Wick woman who made a false rape claim against her boyfriend in an act of revenge was jailed for six months yesterday.

Sheriff Andrew Berry told Cheryl Fleming that she had caused a huge waste of police resources.

Fleming made the bogus claim as her way of getting back at [name withheld] after they argued, Wick Sheriff Court heard yesterday

The 39-year-old went to police after she and Mr [name withheld] had consensual sex at his home at Thurso on December 6.

During the subsequent investigation, Mr [name withheld] was detained for questioning.

Fleming, had previously admitted making the statement which wasted police time and rendered Mr [name withheld] subject to suspicion and false accusation of rape.

Her case had been continued until yesterday for reports.

The couple, who were described as having been in a long, on-off relationship, had sex after a drinking session.

After an argument, she left and went to a nearby food takeaway from where she phoned police. After discrepancies in her allegation emerged, she retracted her statement several days after making it.

Defence solicitor Neil Wilson said: “She says she made the false statement as a way of getting back at him."

Three days later, she turned up at the police station with a view to putting the wrong right.”

Mr Wilson said Fleming’s offending is largely alcohol-related.

Sheriff Andrew Berry said she had pleaded guilty to a very serious matter.

The sheriff said: “This would have been a huge waste of police manpower.”

The sheriff noted that Fleming has a similar previous conviction and has a history of failing to comply with community-based orders.

NC - Former Trooper Larry Lovick was indicted with felonious restraint for holding the woman against her will and exposing himself

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I wonder if he will be placed on the sex offender registry? I doubt it, but why not? It was a sex crime, and if the average Joe did the same, they'd be in jail/prison, sex offender treatment, on the registry, and have to obey the residency laws. But hey, he's a "Good Ole' Boy," and we all know they are above the law!


A former state trooper has pleaded guilty to breaking the law during a 2010 traffic stop with a young woman.

Former Trooper Larry Lovick was indicted with felonious restraint for holding the woman against her will and exposing himself. He resigned last summer.

Lovick was sentenced to 36 months probation, including 6 months intensive.

Friday the Highway Patrol released reports on the case, including statements made by the victim, by Lovick, and other reports from the investigation. The Highway Patrol also says there was a prior complaint from another woman for similar behavior. In that case the trooper was suspended for three days without pay.

Lovick worked for the Highway Patrol in Wake County.