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GA - Man awarded $404,000 for libelous Internet postings from Sybil Denise Ballew

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I wonder if ex-sex offenders and families who have been harassed online by AZU and PJ (YouTube) can be sued as well? It would appear so, if all are treated equal under the law.


By Rhonda Cook

In just a few days, Gene Cooley lost his fiancee, his job, his future in-laws and his home.

It started with the murder of Cooley's fiancee by the woman's ex-husband. While still reeling from that loss, he became a target of Internet postings from someone he barely knew. The anonymous poster went on a community website for Blairsville, where Cooley lived at the time, and accused him of being a pedophile with a criminal record and a drug addict. None of it was true.

A Union County jury last week said the damage those postings did to Cooley was worth $404,000, the largest award ever handed down in this North Georgia county. The poster was identified through her computer's numeric IP address.

"She absolutely ax-murdered this boy's life," said Russell Stookey, Cooley's lawyer.

Cooley barely knew his web attacker, a woman who worked at a Blairsville store where he sometimes shopped. Had it not been for the willingness by the website,, to out Sybil Denise Ballew, her identity may never have been known.

Stookey took an infrequently used route to find Ballew's identity. He used a subpoena to get the IP address, which is something unique to every computer, behind the libelous postings on The website, which acts as a news aggregator for local communities, readily complied.

"She [the poster] might have said these things in the past, but you write it down and it can be traced back to your computer," said CEO Chris Tolles. "People are going to find it's hard to have complete anonymity."

Cooley's saga began with the murder of his fiancee, Paulette Harper, at the hands of her ex-husband in September of 2008. A few days later, the postings on the Blairsville page of started showing up.

The poster wrote Cooley was a "pervert" and drug addict with a lengthy criminal record, a man who had been in prison and rehab. Harper’s daughter, who was 9 at the time, must be protected from Cooley, the poster wrote.

I didn’t really even know the woman. I knew her in passing,” Cooley, 44, told the AJC. “She worked at two places [where] I was a customer.”

Cooley had a criminal background check run on himself showing that he had no such past, but people didn’t seem to care. Eventually he had to leave Blairsville, where his mother, sister and two sons lived, to find another job. He now lives in Augusta and works as a hairdresser.

Sexual Sin

Is sexual sin really the issue, or does it go deeper? “How should Christian men and women go about breaking free from the bondage of sexual sin?” is the fifth question posed to Pastor Mark Driscoll, as he continues preaching in Religion Saves and 9 Other Misconceptions.

Do people really want to protect children?

Many people claim to be "a voice for the children" and want to protect them, but the fact is, most people do not want to get involved, when it's not their child. In today's sex offender and pedophile hysteria, men are automatically suspects, so it's obvious why men don't want to get involved. The feminist movement has saw to it that men are guilty automatically.

VT - Cops Scrapping Registry Computer System

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By Vermont ACLU

There are so many errors in the state’s online sex offender registry that the Department of Public Safety is replacing the computer system used to operate the registry.

A new system is being purchased with funds obtained through a special federal grant.

The errors were found last year in a legislatively-ordered audit of the accuracy of the information posted in the online registry. The question of accuracy was raised because two years ago the legislature decided that the home addresses of sex offenders should be listed online.

The proposal was controversial, though, because in other states vigilantes have gone to the listed homes of sex offenders and shot the occupants. In some cases, offenders following all the terms of their probation or release were killed. In others, the addresses were incorrect, and innocent people were killed or injured.

To mitigate the chance such tragedies could occur, the legislature delayed posting of the addresses until an audit of the registry’s current information was performed. If the audit was “unfavorable,” addresses could not be posted, legislators said.

The state auditor completed the audit this summer. The audit found significant errors in the processes used to maintain the registry information, and in the entry of information. There were even critical “single points of failure” where no checks existed to prevent mistakes.

Legislative committees have been briefed over the past two weeks by Auditor Tom Salmon and his IT and performance audits chief, Linda Lambert. Their report paints a grim picture of how the registry operates within the Department of Public Safety.

Sixteen individuals were erroneously posted on the registry. Four who should have been posted were not. More than two-thirds of offenders’ records had errors that were significant or serious.

One section of the audit was titled “Significant Control and System Limitations Warrant Urgent Attention.

In 2009 the ACLU represented one of those individuals who had been listed erroneously. The individual had even pointed out the mistake to the Department of Public Safety, yet DPS refused to correct it until contacted by the man’s probation officer and threatened with a lawsuit. The story is told in an ACLU-VT blog post of November 2009.

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TX - Beat your husband or wife THREE times, get put on a registry

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A local lawmaker is proposing a bill that would allow a domestic violence registry for those convicted of family violence.

The registry would be similar to the sex offender registry.

You could find out online if someone has a history of domestic violence.

State representative Trey Martinez Fischer is backing the bill.

If passed, anyone who is convicted of beating their spouse, girlfriend or child at least three times would be put on this registry.

Fischer says the goal is to provide safety for anyone who may come in contact with those offenders.

Our Thoughts
So why allow someone to beat someone three times before being placed on the registry? Why not once, like the sex offender registry?

I believe politicians have ADD. They cannot think past a couple seconds without being distracted.

So they have a sex offender registry, which costs millions of dollars to implement.

Now they are wanting this Domestic Abuse registry, which is going to also costs millions to implement.

And each additional registry they create, more millions will be wasted.

No wonder this country is going bankrupt!

Why not create ONE ALL CRIMINALS REGISTRY and save millions?

Or are you trying to bankrupt the country?

For more info, see this item!

You could have one registry, instead of hundreds, and allow the user to select from a drop down list box, sex offenders, domestic abuse, murder, arson, etc.

But instead of thinking past two seconds, you would rather waste millions of tax payer dollars, so you can attach your name to it, to "look tough" on crime, and make a name for yourself?

Just think, all the registries create tons of jobs, and makes millions for people.

TX - Sexual assault of a transsexual prostitute earns ex-cop (Craig Nash) a year behind bars

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By Craig Kapitan

Case involved sexual assault of a transsexual prostitute.

A former San Antonio police officer accused of raping a transsexual prostitute while on duty was ordered Tuesday to spend a year in jail.

Attorneys for Craig Nash, 39, had asked state District Judge Lori Valenzuela for deferred adjudication probation during the brief sentencing hearing, pointing out that he otherwise had been commended for his service during his six years with the department.

Prosecutors sought the maximum one-year sentence for the official oppression charge, which is a Class A misdemeanor.

As part of a plea agreement, Nash waived an indictment last month and pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor. In exchange, prosecutors agreed not to pursue a felony charge of sexual assault by a police officer, which had a maximum sentence of life in prison.
- Of course not, he's a cop, and we all know they are protected by the "Good Ole' Boys" club. If this was the average citizen, they would receive the maximum.

Nash also agreed to never again seek work as a police officer in Texas. Police Chief William McManus had indefinitely suspended Nash — the equivalent of firing him — last March and said the accusation had arrived as “a hard slap to the face” of other officers.

Officers should be held to a higher standard,” prosecutor Trey Banack said Tuesday of his request for jail time. “A police officer who is a criminal does not deserve mercy from the system he serves to protect.”

Nash was arrested last February after the victim — currently serving time in a male state jail facility for prostitution — reported that she had just been held captive and raped by the officer.

She had been picked up by Nash at Guadalupe and Zarzamora streets early that morning and handcuffed in the back of the patrol car, she told police. She then was then told to lie down as Nash drove to an unknown location, where she was forced to commit multiple sex acts, she reported.

DNA taken from a rape kit later linked Nash to the complainant, according to court records. The woman picked Nash out in a police lineup and GPS tracking of his patrol unit was consistent with what she said, documents state.

Two days after the officer's arrest, a second person came forward to say he had also been raped by the officer in 2008. As part of the plea agreement, prosecutors won't pursue the second allegation, according to court documents.

Prosecutors opted to pursue the misdemeanor charge against Nash instead of the felony as they began looking ahead to trial and contemplating “additional issues we'd have to deal with,” said Adriana Biggs, chief of the district attorney's white-collar crimes division. She declined to elaborate.

Unlike sexual assault, consent isn't an issue for an officer to be charged with official oppression. Prosecutors only have to show that an officer had sex with somebody in custody.

Outside the courtroom, defense attorney Alan Brown wouldn't say if he had been prepared to argue that sex between his client and the accuser was consensual, saying only: “We don't agree to the elements of sexual assault. We don't agree that happened.”

Nash had been a good officer and good father to six children and probation seemed appropriate, Brown said.

He had been officer of the month a couple times,” Brown said, adding that Nash had been recognized for saving a woman from a fire, among other commendations. “He had a lot of heroic acts.”
- Just the "Good Ole' Boys" protecting their own?

Dexter, Season 5, Episode 5 - First Blood - Dexter targets a sex offender living under the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami, FL

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This is just sick, IMO. I've never watched this show, but this show is about a woman who was abused, hiring Dexter to hunt down and kill them, and he hunts down a sex offender living under the Julia Tuttle Causeway, which was a real encampment, created by lobbyist Ron Book and his advocating for strict laws. It was eventually torn down, by the same person, and he used tax payer money to move them into hotels and motels. Now many are living in the DOC parking lot. Sick indeed! I wonder, was this show created before or after the Causeway was shut down? It has footage from the actual bridge, graffiti and all.

I was ready to congratulate the folks at Dexter on a job well done. They were this close to pulling off a short, sweet and successful Julia Stiles guest spot. But of course, this being Dexter and all, they have to go and over do it. "First Blood" is all about Dexter dealing with the difference between killing to keep his dark passenger at bay and killing for revenge. Since Rita's murder, Dexter has been straying from his code and this situation with Lumen offers him a chance to correct course.

Lumen (Julia Stiles) is still in Miami, despite Dex's attempts to convince her to return home. Like Dexter (Michael C. Hall), she's damaged goods and feels revenge is the only way for her to move on with her life. She asks for Dexter's help to find and kill Boys's accomplices, but he would rather work alone. He underestimates Lumen's hunting skills, though, and realizes he is a step behind when he breaks into Boyd's old cellmate's place looking for clues only to find that she had already been there.

So now we have a target. Brunner (Chirs Gilbert), Boyd's former bunkmate, is a sex offender currently living a under a bridge. Dexter gets to him first and brings him to the kill room he had originally set up for Boyd. Once he strips him down for the kill, Dex discovers that Brunner is equipped with an ankle bracelet that tracks his movement, making it impossible for him to be the accomplice in Lumen's attack.

Lumen is unaware of Dexter's discovery and is still operating under the assumption that Brunner one of the guys responsible for hurting her. Packing a large caliber revolver, she makes a trip to the pervert camp ground with blood in her heart. But before she can pull the trigger, Dexter pops out of nowhere and pleads with her to put the gun down. "You have no idea what those animals did to me, they passed me around," Lumen says. Dexter tells her about the ankle bracelet and she seems to trust him. They share a touching moment and she agrees to go back home to Minnesota.

Dex takes her to the airport, where he tells her is real name. "You're the only who knows," Lumen says to him about her attack, but its clear that Dexter could have said the same to her about his secret. The show could have left it at this, she could have got on the plane and Dex could have learned his lesson about breaking the code and making targets personal, but no. They had to go and muddy the waters. After a really well done scene in which an airport security check is pretty much compared to rape, we see Lumen hop into a cab. Not in Minnesota, but in Miami.

Other Thoughts:

I have made my feelings pretty clear on all of the peripheral stuff that goes on this show (it sucks), but here is a quick breakdown:

Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is making headway in the Santa Muerte case. She also admits to Dex that she and Quinn (Desmond Harrington) are sleeping together.

Dexter is worried that Harrison might be emotionally scarred by Rita's murder when he scratches another child during playtime.

Batista (David Zayas) is suspicious that La Guerta (Lauren Velez) might be cheating on him, but it turns out she is just helping out with an IA sting as a favor to keep Angel out of hot water for his bar fight.

Last, but certainly not least (in fact this was my favorite part of the episode), Masuka (C.S. Lee) has a tattoo of a dragon covering his entire back.