Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PA - Pennsylvania Program To Track Sex Offender Via GPS

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Forty-three registered sex offenders in and around Allegheny County, Pennsylvania are part of a new program that tracks them as a condition of their parole.

The program utilizes GPS technology in monitoring devices that the parolees wear. The offenders are monitored by different services such as Guardian Protection Service.

As many as 1,100 registered sex offenders live in and work in Allegheny County alone. District Attorney Stephen Zappala blames the nature of the crime for the need to better track these offenders.
- I am willing to bet many pushing for this, have stock in the GPS market, or are making money from it some other way.

Because the psychology of the crime of the criminal actually is, they will re-offend and so we’re looking at persons who are recidivists,” said Zappala.
- This is just not true and doesn't make much sense.  Recidivism studies show that sex offenders have LOW recidivism rates, lower than any other criminal, except murderers, and also, if they "will" re-offend, like this man assumes, then why would you let them out in the first place?  GPS won't stop them, if they want to re-offend, but the fact is, most won't.

Sex offenders are monitored closely and as long as they stay in the inclusion area, they are okay. But if they travel into an exclusion area, police are immediately notified.
- So what if they cut off the device and vanish?

Exclusion zones for example [are] schools, daycares, playgrounds, facilities where children congregate for those sex offenders,” John Hudson, a security consultant, told KDKA-CBS News in Pittsburgh. “We’ve identified in their red zones. If an offender with a device goes into one of the red zones, an exclusion zone, we’ll be notified immediately.”

On the policing side, it’s really important for the community to know that once these bracelets are put on these guys the police can watch them 24/7,” Zappala said.
- Watched 24/7?  Really?  I doubt that!  And also, when the police are constantly fighting false alarms, etc, eventually they will ignore most of it, like they have done in other instances (See the GPS label for more).

KDKA’s Bob Allen tested the system to see just how it worked. After putting the bracelet on he drove to the Woodland Hills High School parking lot in Churchill. The system tracked him the whole way to the school. Within 30 seconds of arriving on the school property, the pager went off alerting him he was in an exclusion zone.

The system worked. In a real situation, a registered sex offender wearing the bracelet and being caught in a red zone would be arrested and possibly sent back to prison.
- So just because an alarm goes off, doesn't mean it worked, or prevented any crime.  Did the police show up within a couple minutes to see about the alert?

These particular offenders we know where they are 24/7, the police patrol with purpose,” said Zappala. “If you have children especially, I think that’s really significant.”
- Significant how?  By providing a false sense of security?  If a person is truly as dangerous as you think they are, then if they wanted to harm someone, they'd just cut off the device and vanish, and you'd not know where they are, and it would not protect anybody. I also checked the Pennsylvania sex offender registry, and I scanned three of four pages of offenders in Allegheny County, most of them are NOT sex offenders due to crimes against children, but adults.  Granted there are a few against children, but the vast majority are not, and that can be verified by yourself.

NC - Man is made to register as a sex offender for oral sex with LEGAL teens?

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Virginia doing the same thing

This means even adults who commit sodomy can be labeled a sex offender and their lives ruined, and that would probably include about 95% or more of all people in the state!


By Debra Cassens Weiss

A North Carolina man convicted of a felony for having oral sex with two teens above the age of consent has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the state’s sodomy law.

[name withheld] had to register as a sex offender after his conviction, and he says he’s been hounded out of his homes as a result, the New York Times reports. He now lives in a homeless shelter and his truck in Asheville.

[name withheld] contends the North Carolina statute is invalid under the U.S. Supreme Court decision, Lawrence v. Texas, that struck a ban on consensual gay sex. A line in the 2003 decision noted that the case doesn’t involve minors. Courts considering [name withheld]’s appeal have ruled the sodomy law can still be applied in cases like his that involve minors.

The newspaper summarizes the “icky” details of [name withheld]’s case. He was convicted of having consensual oral and vaginal sex with two girls, ages 16 and 17. The age of consent in the state is 15, although an adult who has intercourse with a minor is guilty of a misdemeanor if the sex contributes to the delinquency of minor. The oral sex, however, brought felony convictions under the sodomy law.

The cert petition (PDF) claims prosecution under the statute violates the due process clause.