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Politics of Insanity, Media Hype and Fear

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By alaskalive

All across this nation politicians seek to garner votes from the people. In times past, the goal for working in government was for the betterment of our nation. Could it be the playing field rules have changed and now politicians do their deeds for the sole purpose of gaining a paycheck?

Many studies have shown using the Public Sex Offender Registry to banish people from society to be counter productive in protecting society from sexual abuse.

Given this knowledge, politicians still seek to push states into implementing federal law,

Congress plans hearing on ignored sex-offender law

WASHINGTON - Congress intends to examine why most states have failed to adopt a federal law meant to help track the nation's 700,000 convicted sex offenders, including 100,000 who have fallen off the radar screen.

The newly named chairman of the House Judiciary Committee said Wednesday that he wants to hold a hearing on why 46 states have busted deadline after deadline set in the 2006 Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act.

The law was intended to tighten oversight of the nation's convicted sex offenders by, among other things, requiring states to adopt uniform reporting standards.

Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, an original co-sponsor of the measure who will chair the powerful committee when Republicans take over in January, said the delays in implementing the law are troubling. Ohio, Florida, Delaware and South Dakota have complied with the law. The other 46 states have missed 2009 and 2010 deadlines. A third deadline is now set for July 2011. SOURCE

Using inflated figures to scare the public into financially supporting their agenda, politicians like the ones listed above are refuted by professionals:

Dr. Jill Levenson, Dr. Andrew Harris, Dr. Alissa Ackerman, and Dr. Kristen Zgoba are currently embarking on a series of research projects exploring the make-up and utility of U.S. registries as well as the intended goals and outcomes of the Adam Walsh Act. In a recent article submitted for publication to a reputable social science journal, we analyzed data on 445,127 registered sex offenders obtained directly from the public registries of 49 states, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico and Guam. In contrast with the homogenized perception about registered sex offenders that permeates much public discourse, the analysis illuminated the wide diversity of registrants across a range of demographic, offense-related, registry status, and risk-oriented variables.

Specifically, we attempted to clarify the repeatedly cited statistic that 100,000 sex offenders are "missing." Curiously, we were able to identify only 17,688 RSOs who were designated by states to be transient, homeless, absconded, non-compliant, or whose address or whereabouts are otherwise unknown. Nationwide, a total of 5,349 offenders were officially listed as absconded; 1,264 were listed as missing/unable to be located and 4,152 were listed as having failed to comply with registration requirements. We had no way of specifically confirming the number of fugitive sex offenders, since states had a wide variety of methods for classifying absconders, registration violators, and others whose locations are uncertain. Despite the NCMEC report that "at least 100,000 sex offenders are noncompliant and no one knows where they are" (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 2007), we have been unable to ascertain NCMEC's formula for their calculation of missing sex offenders. Using the data downloaded directly from public registries, and utilizing the inclusive figure of 17,688 offenders described above (approximately 4% of our total sample), we found no evidence to support the notion that one-sixth (or about 17%) of the nation's sex offenders are missing or unaccounted for.Politicians using Hype to sell their products

Professionals from around the nation have shown in many reports these laws are not only ineffective at protecting society, but also waste the tax payer's hard earned money.

Patty Wetterling has a background in sexual abuse and is nationally know as a speaker on sexual abuse laws and justice.

My son Jacob was kidnapped on Oct. 22, 1989. Neither his brother nor his friend saw the man's face. He was masked, he had a gun and he ordered them to run to the woods. By the time they looked back, Jacob was gone and so was the man. Since that day, I have been on a journey to find him and to stop this from ever happening to another child, another family. Patty Wetterling

We need better answers. We need to fund prevention programs that stop sexual violence before it happens. We need to look at what can help those released from prison to succeed so that they don't victimize again -- and that probably means housing and jobs and treatment and community support. Given that current laws are extremely popular, taking truly effective measures may exact a high political price. But that's surely not too much to pay to prevent the kidnap, rape or murder of another child. SOURCE

Patty Wetterling lives in St. Joseph, Minn. She and her husband are co-founders of the Jacob Wetterling Foundation, which works to prevent sexual violence against children. She wrote this for Human Rights Watch, 350 Fifth Avenue, 34th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10118-3299; Web Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services.

Congressman Bobby Scott has stated that basically once a person is placed upon the public sex offender registry, their life is over.(VIDEO LINK)

If the government knows full well the Public Sex Offender Registry dooms all who are on it to having their life ended.. why do they continue to allow for the existence of such a demoralizing, humiliating, banishing public machine?

I will tell you my opinion. There is huge amounts of money to be made from all aspects of adding people to the registry.

  1. Politicians Gain Votes and a Paycheck for submitting new laws to Punish Sex Offenders.
  2. States can request more federal money to support their efforts to implement sex offender laws.
  3. Companies like Secure Alert are seeing their profits skyrocket as new laws require states to implement their products and services, GPS TRACKING HARDWARE, SOFTWARE AND SERVICES. (How much does Secure Alert stand to make if the Adam Walsh Act goes National?)
  4. All the regulations and laws which are applied to those who are labeled Sex Offenders and placed upon the registry insure those on the registry will become JOBLESS, HOMELESS, FRIENDLESS and inevitably sent to prison for new charges.. FAILURE TO REGISTER... Any violation of the sex offender registry will net the person this charge.. failure to register which carries prison sentences.. up 10 years. (shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both. SOURCE)

The registration of a person as a sex offender carries considerable social stigma that can make it difficult to find a home, form personal relationships or obtain employment.

The charge of "failure to register" is sometimes made in circumstances in which registration may not be required or may already have been done. Moreover, it is not uncommon for this charge to be filed against you without your knowledge. SOURCE

Not all who are on the public sex offender registry have raped women or molested children, but that is what the many in the media and many politicians would have you think. There is huge money in publishing Sex Offender Articles and pushing for Tougher Sex Offender Laws.

Twelve Thousand people die each year on our streets in America due to Alcohol. Do you see politicians going about the nation GETTING TOUGH ON DRUNK DRIVERS.... Writing legislation to CLOSE LOOPHOLES on Drunk Drivers? Having U.S. Marshals going about the nation Herding Up and Doing Compliance Checks on Drunk Drivers? Do you see a Public Shaming Registry for all who have driven drunk and killed anyone? Why not?

I will tell you why not.

  1. Alcohol turns billions of dollars in profits both to individuals who own the companies and those who own stock and all related industries.
  2. The government is making a killing in taxes for alcohol being legal.
  3. Sex sells on any platform.. Television, Radio, Print, the Internet and IN POLITICS. Whole campaigns have been won simply by running on a platform to protect society from sex offenders.

I recently came across a petition to Abolish the Sex Offender Registry:

The National Public Sex Offender Registry, Sex Offender Registration Notification Act, (SORNA) and the Adam Walsh Act is counter productive to the safety of men, women and children in society.

Placing the name, age, address, crime, place of employment and many pieces of information on a Publicly accessible website creates a state of constant instability for the ex offenders and their families.


Employment is basically not an option as all job applications ask if the prospective employee has ever been convicted of a sex crime. Not only that, but employers do not want to wear the stigma of having an employee listed on the public shaming sex offender registry as working at their business. Employers fear loss of customers due to the stigma.


Anyone who is on the public sex offender registry faces huge challenges when seeking to rent housing. Not only is there residency restrictions which make it almost impossible to find suitable housing in many cities but also many rental applications ask if a person is on the registry...once that is disclosed.. the applicant is denied.


The innocent children of ex offenders suffer great amounts of pain and humiliation due to their parent being on the registry. The registration laws were created to protect children from being raped and molested. But in fact, the very registration laws created to protect children are the tools used by government and state law enforcement to rape and molest innocent children with their laws.

Children of ex offenders have been found to not only be bullied, ostracized, ridiculed, humiliated, excluded and treated as lepers by fellow students and neighbors in their communities but also have suffered by having to live sub standard lives economically due to the parent not being able to find employment or start their own businesses due to the stigma of being on the registry.

The innocent children of ex offenders should not have to undergo all the stigma of their parent being on the registry. But they do.


SORNA and the Adam Walsh Act seek to expand the Public Sex Offender Registry and all the attached laws and regulations. SORNA and the Adam Walsh Act seek to increase the number of support staff nationwide and have YOU the tax payers fund it.

What the proponents of these laws do NOT tell you is that on every level they are a failure. The public registry is a failure. Residency restrictions are a failure at protecting society. GPS Monitoring has NEVER protected a single person from a crime being committed. These laws are like a huge balloon which is ever increasingly becoming larger while the citizens become less safe due to the ineptness of these laws in protecting society.

Everyone who knows anything about GPS monitoring knows it protects NO ONE. The only thing GPS monitoring can do is tell you where a person has been. It cannot tell you what they have been doing. Many cases where people were on the registry, wearing GPS tracking devices and still raped and murdered people. The registry, residency restrictions and GPS tracking did NOTHING to protect those victims. Nor will they protect YOU.


Anyone who can use Google or Bing can find news stories of law abiding citizens who were on the registry but were murdered or beaten or assaulted for simply being on the registry. Nobody who is on the registry is safe from anyone who seeks to do them harm. Being on the registry is an open invitation for murder and assault. This extends to the innocent family members of the ex offender. Innocent women and children who reside in the homes of ex offenders can be burned alive, shot, assaulted just because their parent happens to have his or her name, address and place of employment listed on the national shaming public sex offender registry. SOURCE

If we are to increase public safety in the area of preventing sexual abuse we need to go in a totally different direction when it comes to laws concerning those people who have been convicted of sexual offenses.

Those who abuse others need to be dealt with by our Criminal Justice System. If the job of catching, trying and sentencing a person for their crime is done properly, there is no need for a public sex offender registry.

Dangerous people should not even be sent back out into society in the first place.

Releasing a person from prison then branding them as an outcast, a leper and heaping so many regulations and laws upon them that they are Setup to Fail.. is not humane nor is it Justice. SOURCE

OH - Offender Watch Contract

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GA - Does what the Troup County Sheriff says, in this video, agree with current Georgia law?

The text below, is what we posted on their YouTube video, before they took it down. It was also on the front page of their web site, which is also now removed. But, they still have it on their Facebook page. Maybe they should read HB-571?

Video Description and Comment Sent
You can read more about the Georgia law and lawsuits, here:

The 2010 sex offender law DELETES the requirement that persons on the registry must provide their "e-mail addresses, user-names, and user passwords" to law enforcement officials as part of the required registration information.

So, if anyone gets an email, how are they going to know it's from a sex offender?

Also, the cell phone # of the offender and wife is also not required.

They also use Offender Watch, which is always spewing the FALSE statistics of "50% of sex offenders re-offend," which you can read more about here:

People can read the law for themselves, here:

It is our impression that what is said in this video, does not jive with the law.

The National Public Sex Offender Registry Needs to Come Down

You can sign the petition and click the checkbox to allow your signature to remain hidden from public view, if you'd like. Click the image below to view and/or sign the petition. The goal is 100,000 signatures, and at the present, there are 625, which is up a lot from 100 or so a couple days ago. Send this petition to everyone you know!

How can he say this with a straight face?

My Comment on the video:
Don't even talk about "civil" rights. The Constitution guarantees EVERYONE certain inalienable rights, yet you continue to trample on those rights in the name of "justice?" I am talking about the more than 700,000 sex offenders in this country, whom everyone continues sees as pedophiles and child molesters, when all are not, and probably most are not. This is all smoke and mirrors.

DC - Congress plans hearing on ignored sex-offender law

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WASHINGTON - Congress intends to examine why most states have failed to adopt a federal law meant to help track the nation's 700,000 convicted sex offenders, including 100,000 who have fallen off the radar screen.

The newly named chairman of the House Judiciary Committee said Wednesday that he wants to hold a hearing on why 46 states have busted deadline after deadline set in the 2006 Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act.

The law was intended to tighten oversight of the nation's convicted sex offenders by, among other things, requiring states to adopt uniform reporting standards.

Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, an original co-sponsor of the measure who will chair the powerful committee when Republicans take over in January, said the delays in implementing the law are troubling. Ohio, Florida, Delaware and South Dakota have complied with the law. The other 46 states have missed 2009 and 2010 deadlines. A third deadline is now set for July 2011.

"As we near the 2011 deadline for jurisdictions to comply with the Act, I am concerned that only four states have achieved this goal," Smith said in a statement.

Smith's call for a congressional hearing comes weeks after a Scripps Howard News Service investigation found that most states have failed to implement the Adam Walsh law.

That failure hinders law enforcement from keeping tabs on offenders, backers of the law say. Some 100,000 convicted sex offenders are currently considered AWOL, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
- This is all based on estimates, not real facts!

Responding to the Scripps report, the law's chief sponsor, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis, told SHNS that he planned to demand an accounting from Attorney General Eric Holder, whose U.S. Department of Justice is in charge of implementing the law.

After the Scripps report was published, another original sponsor of the law, Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., also called on Holder to step up efforts to implement the law.

The law seeks to plug a crucial gap in oversight: State sex-offender registries don't sync well with each other. That means sex offenders can cross state lines and sometimes evade oversight. The 2006 law addressed this, issuing uniform standards for keeping track of sex offenders. The goal was to transform a patchwork of oversight into a lock-tight national system for tracking sex offenders.

But the law requires states to bear the cost of implementation. (The Justice Department has provided $30 million to help meet the law's requirements, but states must spend millions more.)

Another obstacle: The Walsh act forces the vast majority of states to pass new laws to allow these details of the offenders and their crimes to be released to the public.

Ernie Allen, president and CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a private group that works with law enforcement to protect communities, said he was confident more states would meet the law by the July 2011 deadline.

"Our sense is a lot of states out there have made serious efforts, and there are a lot of states that are very close to becoming compliant," Allen said.

Smith said that protecting children from sex predators is one of his top priorities, and he has worked to secure funding to implement key parts of the Walsh act to keep kids safe.
- I think grandstanding and exploiting sex offenders is his top priority, but I'm only guessing. The laws do not protect anybody nor prevent crime, and it costs tons of money, which states don't have right now, thanks to greedy folks!

"We must continue to work with the states and the Justice Department to reach full compliance with the Act and to protect the most vulnerable among us," Smith said.

GA - Allen Hunt - Teenage Sex Offender

Video Description:
An 19-year old Oregon woman is being sent to prison for her relationship with fellow high school classmate who happens to be 16. Give me a break. We are so jacked up when it comes to our sex offender laws in this country it is beyond sad.