Thursday, November 18, 2010

FL - Jane Valez-Mitchell is encouraging vigilante Barbara Farris to continue her harassment campaign!

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In most states, they clearly have on the registry, a notice to not use the registry to go around harassing offenders, which is exactly what this lady (Barbara Farris) is doing. Florida, of course, doesn't have said warning on their web site, so it basically gives everyone a free pass to harass ex-offenders.

Every offender needs to exercise their rights to remain silent. When someone comes to your door, ask them who they are and what organization are they with. If they are not with the police, then shut the door. You do not have to speak with these idiots. If they continue, file a harassment complaint against them.

Hopefully she will be arrested and thrown in jail and/or prison for this vigilante action, and hopefully Florida police will do the right thing, and arrest her. The Constitution and laws protect EVERYBODY, even criminals. This lady is CLEARLY breaking the law and should be arrested.

And Jane is condoning all this? What would happen if everyone became a vigilante and executed their own injustice in this world Jane? We'd be back in the wild, wild west! I wonder what you'd do if people exacted their own vigilantism on gays, lesbians, etc???

NOTE: If someone knocks on your door and it is someone not in law enforcement, then just call police and tell them someone is at your door harassing you! Then file a complaint, its that simple. She will get the point after being hauled into court a few times, and the judges will eventually nail her in some way.

You will notice in the video she was at someones door in an apartment complex, which likely prohibits solicitations, and she could be nailed for that as well. i.e. trespassing, if the apt would file a complaint.

Florida Stalking Laws:

If you are the victim of a crime or wanting to report a crime and are located in the jurisdiction of the Orange County Sheriff's Office; You may call 407-836-HELP (4357) to have a deputy respond and investigate this incident. Thank You!

Cpl. Marcus Camacho- FCPP, FCP, ILO
Orange County Sheriff's Office
Patrol Support Section/Crime Prevention Unit

2500 West Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 3280
Office: 407-685-7347 Main: 407-254-7000
Sector 5: 407-351-9368 Sector 6: 407-939-3200

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