Thursday, October 7, 2010

AL - Jackson Co. Ala. Sheriffs Office posting sex offender info on Facebook

This sheriff department posts offender info and photos on Facebook. Now, for anyone who has used Facebook, this is a major problem. When you post something, after you post more posts, eventually it is pushed down and if you need to change it, especially something months old, it's almost impossible to locate it and change it.

So why are they doing this? Isn't their state registry enough? What happens when an offender moves, or changes their info? Possibly someone who now lives where an offender once lived, could potentially be in danger, if some psycho sees it and thinks a sex offender lives there.

Facebook info is archived forever, as far as I am aware of.

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NY - Riverside man charged with harassing sex offender

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By Laura Cooper

A Riverside man’s anger with a registered sex offender living and working at an area motel has landed him in Southampton Town Justice Court, where he faces second-degree harassment charges after he allegedly confronted the sex offender outside a local deli this summer.

The violation charge stems from a July 31 incident involving the two men—Kevin Zorn of Riverside and [name withheld], a Level 3 sex offender now living and working at the Budget Host East End in Riverside—outside of Marta’s Deli near the hamlet’s traffic circle.

According to a complaint filed with the State Police by Mr. [name withheld] shortly after the incident, Mr. Zorn allegedly bumped his chest against Mr. [name withheld], spit on him and cursed at him.

I said ‘Drop the candy and let the little girls go,’” said Mr. Zorn, recalling the words he told Mr. [name withheld] outside the deli that day.

Mr. Zorn said this week that he worked with Mr. [name withheld] in the landscaping business for several months and, at the time, knew him as “Ralph Smith.” He said Mr. [name withheld] started working at the motel in the spring and, sometime after that, learned that Mr. Smith was actually Mr. [name withheld], a Level 3 sex offender—a designation given to offenders with the highest likelihood of reoffending. Mr. [name withheld] was convicted of having sex with a 12-year-old girl in 2009 and served a year in prison, according to state records.

I am fuming,” Mr. Zorn said of the idea of a released sex offender working in a motel. “My blood pressure was so sky high.”

Ever since learning his former co-worker’s true identity, Mr. Zorn has harassed Mr. [name withheld] off and on over the past three months, according to the complaint filed by Mr. [name withheld] with State Police.

In a separate interview, Mr. [name withheld] gave a different version of events. He said Mr. Zorn gave him work after he got out of jail, adding that Mr. Zorn always knew of his status as a registered sex offender. According to Mr. [name withheld], Mr. Zorn is angry because he will no longer work for him.

When I got out of jail, he knew my story,” said Mr. [name withheld], who now works in the motel’s maintenance department. “He trusted that I didn’t do that [crime] and hooked me up with work for about a year. I used to work for him for $40 a day, and now I don’t do that no more. He got all upset.”

On August 11, Mr. Zorn plastered dozens of red posters that stated “Police Alert: Sexual Offender Level 3 Works and Lives at the Budget Hotel” on trees and telephone poles surrounding the traffic circle in Riverside.

He thinks he’s going to harass me out of town,” said Mr. [name withheld], who noted that he has been living at the motel since May. “He said he would ‘threaten me every day until I’m dead. I won’t stop until you’re out of this town.’

I have no problem with the fliers,” added Mr. [name withheld], noting that his friends took down most of them. “But when you spit in my face? I’m just trying to live with [my conviction]—there’s nothing I can do.”

But Mr. Zorn, who is scheduled to return to Southampton Town Justice Court on Tuesday, October 12, at 9 a.m., on the harassment charge, believes that he is doing his civic duty. “There’s kids and there’s a swimming pool there,” he said of the motel. “I was making a public alert.

According to State Trooper Richard Gant, Mr. Zorn did not violate the state’s sex offender registry law when he put up the posters near the traffic circle, explaining that the registry lists the same information on its website. Still, Trooper Gant said Mr. [name withheld] could still claim that the incident constituted harassment, though he has never filed a complaint about the posters with police.

Mr. [name withheld] said he originally started living at the Budget Host East End on Suffolk County’s social services voucher plan. While staying there, he learned that motel management needed help with painting and other odd jobs, and he accepted a job as a maintenance man. He said he now makes enough to live there on his own.

I’m working, so I can stay there,” said Mr. [name withheld], adding that his home address is registered with the police, as is required by state law. “I’m painting, raking up leaves and taking out garbage.”

Mr. [name withheld] said that while his boss has been understanding of the situation, the ongoing harassment is beginning to take its toll. As a result, he applied for and secured a restraining order against Mr. Zorn, ordering that he stay away from the motel.

TX - Waco council on Sex Offender Treatment is against the Adam Walsh Act

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By Katelin Kelly

Waco - Waco members of the Texas Council on Sex Offender Treatment are against the Adam Walsh Act for the state of Texas. The Adam Walsh Act bases the risk level of a sex offender only on the title of their offense, rather than assessing each offender to determine how dangerous they really are.

Dr. Aaron Pierce, a member of the Sex Offender Treatment council from Waco, says, "Title of offense doesn't tell us how many victims the person has, doesn't tell us if their attracted to children, and it doesn't tell us if their violent. So, there is nothing about title that's useful in determining how dangerous a sex offender is, or what we need to do with them in terms of registration."

Mr. Pierce also says that under the Walsh Act, juvenile sex offenders will be registered for the rest of their lives. He believes that juveniles should be scientifically assessed when they become older, rather than being a registered sex offender for the rest of their lives.

He says the Adam Walsh Act will also cost the state of Texas 1.7 million dollars

Members on the Texas Council on Sex Offender Treatment believe that by adopting the Adam Walsh Act, sex offenders could be labeled as high or low risk offenders when they should be labled the opposite. This could possibly cause more overall offenses.